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Why Do Relationships Fail and How to Improve Them
One of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in life are failed relationships. Making a relationship work is one of the most important life skills a person can learn. If individuals cannot maintain lasting relationships, they, without any doubt

Young Couples Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage
It has been already known for some time that fewer and fewer individuals are willing to get married, and a new research just confirmed how much the marriage rate has dropped down in the last century.

Long Distance Relationships Can Actually End Up In Marriage
It has been universally acknowledged that having a long distance relationship is not such a good idea, especially if there is no known end-date to the separation. Endless phone calls, expensive plane tickets, low satisfaction

How To Survive A Partner's Betrayal
Some people say that when we deeply love or care about someone we automatically open the door to betrayal. I am not sure whether such statement holds true or not, but one thing I know for sure - relationships are never easy and, no matter what we might pi

Being Single During Holiday Season: What Can You Do About It?
Being single around the holiday season can get many people extremely sad and depressed. Everywhere you go, you see other couples doing shopping together or making out in front of shop windows, and when you come home all alone, you understand that you have

Children And Social Media Websites - What Parents Should Know
For the new generation of children social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are among the most common activities and, in fact, a way of life. About 30 percent of kids aged between 8 and 12 years have managed to create accounts on s

Marriage And Education Could Help Childhood Maltreatment Victims Recover
According to the researchers from the University of Washington's School of Social Work, the long-term consequences of childhood maltreatment, though proven to leave a victim with both visible and invisible scarring, can be combated with some protective fa

Following Ex's Facebook Activities Delays PostBreakup Recovery
Checking and following the activities of an ex partner through social networking site Facebook can seriously interfere with a person's ability to move on as well as delay their emotional recovery and healing, suggests a new article

Many Divorced Couples Could Be Better off If Stayed Married
Most people get divorced hoping to have a better life and find more happiness than they had in their marriage. However, a new national study by Iowa State University cautions such people, stating that in approximately one in four couples who divorce, the

TV Romance Can Ruin Real-Life Relationships
It turns out that couples, who frequently watch television and are heavily invested in fictional romance, are jeopardizing the status of their own real-life romantic relationships.

Wedding Jitters Could Be a Predictor for a Future Divorce
Brides who hesitate about getting married might want to consider having second thoughts before starting a life-long commitment, suggest psychologists from the University of California, Los Angeles. According to the new research, uncertainty and wedding co

Parental Divorce Affects Boys' Health Later In Life
Adult men who had their parents divorced before they turned 18 are at a significantly higher risk of suffering a stroke when compared to men whose parents stayed married, claim scientists from the University of Toronto.

Online Dating Websites Most Frequently Used By Older Adults
Contrary to the common belief that online dating is only for the young individuals, the new research by two Bowling Green State University professors of gerontology states that people over the age of 50 are the fastest growing demographic searching for lo

Divorced Parents Prefer Technology and Social Media As Communication Tool
Individuals who are separated or divorced are increasingly using technology when it comes to communicating with their ex-partners in regards with their kids, found a new study by a University of Missouri family studies expert.

Married Women Drink More Alcohol Than Married Men
According to the findings of a recent study, married women may find themselves drinking a lot more alcohol than single or divorced women, while married men tend to moderate their intake of drink.

Men Spend More Money When There are Fewer Women to Date
How much are men willing to spend while dating highly depends on a number of women available around them, claims a new research by the University of Minnesota scientists.

Men Prefer Overweight Women When Under Stress
It turns out that, when under stress, men tend to be attracted to women with a more curvaceous body type, found a new research, according to which stress-inducing situations can actually affect the way males perceive body sizes of their potential partners

Forgiveness Does Not Always Solve Relationship Problems
The next time you and your partner have a serious clash, do not rush to forget about it and forgive each other. While we have known for many years that the best way to solve relationship problems is to forgive and forget

Flirting Can Help Women Become Successful In Career
Flirting at workplace can indeed help women to get ahead and build their way to success. However, their colleagues will not like it at all, saying that such women are more manipulative and should be trusted less.

Divorced Women Suffer Financially, While Men - Emotionally
After divorce it is women who turn out to be the biggest financial losers, but it takes their husbands much longer to recover emotionally, found the joint research led by the Australian Federal Government's Institute of Family Studies.

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