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  1. I got Serotonin Syndrome . I basically saw furniture walking and anxiety so severe I couldn’t stop pacing 24/7. I couldn’t sleep , eat or drink and lost 30 pounds in 20 days. I heard non stop buzzing of bees in my head. My heart was racing and racing. It was the most god awful 20 days of my life.
  2. 2 days of eating Willy Nilly time to back to eating like a diabetic. AIc of 6 In case the pic disappears which they do. Kidney function 101. All others normal and always the same.
  3. My doctor suggested it to me last Spring as they want me off my current anxiety med. It also currently doesn’t handle my anxiety issues. Daily exercise does help a lot . I have a phone appointment with my doctor for my diabetic check up next week. I am thinking of asking to try Effexor . I do have a severe SSRI allergy but as an SNRI it might be a little different.
  4. It is sad and seems we are coming to the close of the second Elizabethan Era. The passing of an old guard, an older and more glorious age. An age with honour and devotion and dedication. With the passing of her Consort her passing seems all the more real and pressing and close. When the sunsets and rises again without the modern Gloriana. I wonder what the age of a King will bring. What name shall he choose. His own name or that of his grandfather or maybe his father. King Charles III or George VII or ....what will be the essence of his reign?
  5. I think you are lying to yourself and her about what you really want, which is no more kids .
  6. My father- in-law is being moved to a nursing home from the hospital after almost 2 years . They are emptying the hospital beds for COVID patients . I hope they can handle my FIL and not abuse him.
  7. Doing very well!! My kidney function is much better.
  8. Well, have ADHD is not a mental disorder but a developmental disability. The OP also has 2 developmental disabilities.
  9. The decade I became a teenager and adult . I became a teen in 1979.
  10. Autism isn’t a tragedy folks. My son is Autistic and he is anything but a tragedy . He was conceived when I was 30 and my husband was 27. It can happen at anytime. It is just a natural variation of human neurology.
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