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  1. I talked with my doctor and he said if I get to 160 and above and above 100 and especially above 110 to take another half of my Norvasc and head to the hospital. He said that’s absolutely an emergency. So for now I have to monitor closely my blood pressure and if it stays up consistently to call him back. But if it’s just fluctuating and some of the numbers are good it’s not terrible. He thinks eventually I will go back down and if I don’t he can increase my dose a bit.
  2. One of my daycare moms was so sweet ,she sent me a cute little homemade card about the loss of my kitty 🐈‍⬛ .🌈
  3. My blood pressure was 109/87 at last reading .
  4. One of my other cats is looking for “daddy”. One of my daycare littles who is 7 her mom said she is distraught when she told her Shay Shay had to be put to sleep . She had a real bond with him. I feel totally numb today but went through with having daycare open. I probably should have re opened Monday. My dr’s appointment is at 4PM with my doctor. My blood pressure has come down a lot but not enough for a diabetic person . 130/95 this morning .
  5. It is always so hard to lose a pet. 💔🌈
  6. 8 years now grandpa but now at least you have one of your kids ( my dad) with you and grandma.
  7. Thanks. I am devastated. But they kindly let me come in for 10 minutes and hold him for two before the vet came in to give him his euthanasia and then I got to hug him close and then hand him over.
  8. And he is gone. 😓😓😓 I am heartbroken 💔
  9. Half hour and I have to take him alone. Hubby can’t come due to work constraints.
  10. It is coming down with some mindful breathing about 10 times a day. And more water . It has been at 130/90. So now it just needs to come on down a bit more and I will be OK but I’m still going to keep my appointment.
  11. You said you let everything rip. What am I supposed to assume about that? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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