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  1. My entire family is double vaccinated and so is everyone I know.
  2. Return of the government. Third time PM like his dad.
  3. We all voted ! Unlike any election ever, we might not know until the end of the week. Usually you know in Canada that night.
  4. Today is Election Day in Canada. My son is chomping at the bit to make his 3 rd federal vote and I think it is my 11th.
  5. That sounds like someone who has a lot of drama happening, unfortunately.
  6. Honestly, I would just let it fade away. I am sorry she isn’t grown up enough to realize that friends don’t have to agree on everything and don’t have to apologize with for most views unless they are racist, sexist or ableist etc.
  7. Quite often we don’t get people to validate us, not even parents. You will need to validate yourself. If you are not getting what you need from them stop discussing this topic. If you don’t get invited stop making a big deal about it stop hunting them down and looking for invites. Just stop the interaction.
  8. I spent yesterday with my mom. It was great. I brought my son with me. She loves to get to see grandkids. The opportunities have been scare since Covid. Another grandchild is being born next week. It will be grand daughter # 11 I think.
  9. There can be some really fierce storms up here for sure . It is a shot from someone on FB , an incredible one .
  10. I am sorry. She knows what she is doing is wrong and painful and still does it. Losing people and going through stuff can lead to withdrawing yes, but outright ignoring and ignorance. Nope, not necessary. I am really sorry but ditch this one.
  11. Today I might drive up to where my husband was posted 14 years ago when I lost my baby Liam. It is only an hour from here .
  12. For Military Family Appreciation Day A personal reflection : Feeling much more calm this morning and slept well. I woke up with no headache or anxiety this morning. Might be the beginning of settling into our new home. Still a lot to do but the anxiety is lifting. Being a military family is hard. You have to upend your life on the military’s schedule . Leave family and friends and people behind. It is a tough life for all concerned. When I was a child and a very young adult it is not something I would have considered. I knew I had a deep love for Canada as the best place on Earth. I had travelled the country so widely as a child. I knew my family’s connections with the military. It didn’t become a consideration until I met R in the late 80’s. The military was the love of his life, his reason for happiness and acceptance and where he could thrive. I saw how civilian life didn’t really work for him. He needed the structure the military provided and it was everything he had always dreamed of. We had/ have spent months and months and years apart . When we only had letters it was so lonely. It was better with advances in technology but of course not the same as when we were together . Our son grew up without his dad as a big part of his life from the age of 8 until he was 15. They missed so much together. Thankfully their relationship rebounded and now is tight. Having your partner gone for the better part of 5 or more years but for some weekends isn’t good for marriages . We clung to each other and muddled through. It is getting close to 33 years with this man as a gf and later a wife. Since I was 22 the military has been a feature in our life . The next 7 years ( or more if he chooses to extend which he seems happy to do)of being a military family are unknown to us, but here’s to hoping they are good and Canada remembers the sacrifice of its military and their families.
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