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  1. He is very clearly double standard. He can date when broken up but you can’t talk to an ex who is very sick? What a fabulous human being who doesn’t talk to his kids ? Yup, he is a real prize. Just break up . He isn’t an honourable human being .
  2. The sleeping pill always leaves me so groggy the next day.
  3. Today my mom and step dad have been married 27 years .
  4. Might take a sleeping pill tonight as I have not been sleeping well.
  5. I am super excited for this weekend. Going back to our old town and seeing my bff and her daughter and seeing Halloween Kills, then staying at her place Sat night and coming home Sunday.
  6. Well, my mom was cheated on and beaten by my dad and I was sexually abused and beaten and had my knee dislocated and my head repeatedly slammed into the floor so I don’t like abusers , ok with you?
  7. He needs a woman who also enjoys porn and won’t smack him around.
  8. We are letting him know he doesn’t deserve physical abuse . Some men think it is ok if women hit them. My brother was physically abused by his beast of a wife. It is NOT OK. And men need to know that . So you are not making me laugh.
  9. I am so glad it was peaceful for her . And that had to put you at peace. She isn’t suffering anymore and she had the best life a cat could have and some one who loved her dearly. ❤️
  10. This is a relationship that is not working . What is good for her is not good for anyone else. Break up.
  11. Yes, they sedate them and then put in an IV. Then when it is time they inject the medication into the IV and their heart stops almost instantly.
  12. They are gone in literally seconds . Almost the few seconds the cocktail goes in. It is very peaceful.
  13. I don’t know. Menopause sure didn’t increase my sex drive. It made it completely ZERO. Before that I was a car engine always ready to go. After menopause zip nada, couldn’t care less. However , I am very affectionate with my husband by nature .
  14. I am just saying it will make me ignore a lot of things that can be annoying. Some nights if it is REALLY bad I will poke him to make him roll over . But a deep emotional closeness for me makes me ignore things that would drive me senseless if done by someone else.
  15. Yay!! I got the twins from the first interview! I start working Tuesday!
  16. My husband snores some nights more than others. He doesn’t smoke or drink and he is very mildly overweight. He has allergies and has since he was a child. He takes medication for it but doesn’t want a sleep study. If I am sick I will snore because of course I am clogged up. We have a very deep emotional intimacy so this doesn’t bother me too much unless it is very loud which it sometimes is. But I find very often the trick is to be asleep before him. That way if I’m already asleep I don’t hear him. So when I’m working I’m in bed and asleep before he is. My in-laws slept apart the last 25 years of their marriage. My father-in-law used to kick in his sleep while dreaming and after his Parkinson’s got really bad the shaking drove my mother -in -law crazy.
  17. I went and saw my mom yesterday, ( 20th) she needed some technology help and I cut her toenails and got the dry skin off her feet and moisturized them with coconut oil. I downloaded their official copies of their vaccine records. So they are saved to my mom’s phone now. I told her when I see her again I will do her toenails again and get the dead skin off her feet. She can’t reach her feet so maybe for Christmas I will get her a gift card for a pedicure.
  18. You will feel relief. Even though I was incredibly sad I didn’t have to worry about my poor boy anymore. I didn’t have to get mad at my husband for letting the other cats in the room because they were beating on him . I didn’t have to watch his eating and drinking so closely to keep his weight up. Even on blood pressure meds it was driving me back up to where I should have been in a hospital or I was going to have a stroke. So even with extreme sadness there is intense relief that mutual suffering is over .
  19. You are doing completely the right thing. Your cat knows she is done. She does . All animals know. She had a good long life and she was loved and as my vet told me it is better than most cats get. ❤️
  20. I have another interview on Monday. It is a woman I spoke to before. She has a baby baby. She had to get a part time place in the mean time but asked if I would be willing to do an interview on a maybe . I said yes. She is looking for full time .
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