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  1. Can you talk with your father ?
  2. Blood pressure was 109/80 this morning. Back to normal. I have been walking a lot with the littles and that has improved my mood and loosened up muscles.
  3. Yesterday was a week that my sweet boy has been gone.
  4. They don’t delete profiles . Just don’t log in again it is easy. That is what most one and dones do.
  5. My grandma was a super good cook and was a house keeper for a doctor in Montreal in the 1930’s. She was also the cook at a logging camp when my grandfather was a lumberjack. However, she didn’t teach my mom because my grandma was an UBER control freak who wanted no one in her kitchen . She passed over 40 years ago now and I only know two of her recipes. But my mom‘s cousin who recently passed was a chef and did a lot of Acadian dishes. My mom’s family is Acadian .
  6. https://ml-fd.caf-fac.ca/en/2019/08/33123 My husband is part of this programme as a sentinel.
  7. The kids go back to in class learning Monday! Yay! My most disorganized Daycare mom forgot her kid’s coat today so I’m supposed to get him to school how???
  8. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5856702
  9. I think I’m tier 3 as well. But the way things are going around here and vaccines not arriving next week because Pfizer is behind and won’t be shipping to Canada next week.... they want to get all the long-term care homes and all the medical staff done first. Then they will move onto the elderly that are not in long-term care homes. But as I middle-age they probably won’t get to me till probably July or August and could be September. Although in my province they are trying to get to everybody in the province who wants a vaccine by September.
  10. Our lifestyle is just such misery right now. We were supposed to find out where we were moving to in November then it was January and now he was told they will tell us in March. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 I seriously started yelling. I am just done. He went in to work today halfway through the day. The stay at home order is getting to everybody. He is trying to do his course ,me trying to run a business in a house the size of a postage stamp. I can’t go into any building now other than my own home without feeling like I’m going to pass out. my poor son said he would go into the grocery store for m
  11. I have to possibly wait until September 🤦‍♀️
  12. If you can FaceTime or Zoom with him that would be good.
  13. I lost my dad in August. All I wanted was comfort and to cry and be heard. Listen and give comfort when needed. ❤️ His grief will come in waves. I still cry on the weekends when I have less to do . It takes time.
  14. Yes, you are overthinking it. He is devastated. Ask what you can do. If there is nothing right now , ok that’s fine. But inane rambling just to be in touch is exhausting. Let him know you are there for him to talk when he needs to or listen when he needs to be heard. Don’t make this about you needing an answer from him.
  15. Also the more practice you have at driving the more competent you become.
  16. What is your worry around hwy driving ? I find it more pleasurable than city driving.
  17. My father passed in Aug and I don’t go nuts if someone mentions someone else dying.
  18. Maybe she doesn’t have the maturity to be with someone with your responsibilities?
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