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  1. And what really makes me angry is that she knew my dad was in the hospital five days ago and she couldn’t friggin call me ??????? Five friggin days ago you knew this Marilyn and you thought you would tell me Friday right before my holiday . You’re a . Feel like calling her right now because she’s going on holidays today and telling her what her nice fabulous brother did. Do you want to know that your other brother is a rapist and a child molester I hope you have a good holiday .
  2. In the early 1990’s I became a 5th generation soldier and joined my younger brother and my fiancé ( now husband) in the military. It was a bad time to join the military it was really reviled in the popular cultural of that decade . Slurs would be shouted against you ,you could be spit on ....it was .... but I was determined to follow a family tradition . And I would be the first female family member in the military and still to this day the only female member of my family to have been in the military. While I was at home yesterday to visit my mom I had time to reminisce briefly with my brother . He mentioned, those were “ hard times, not easy for sure “. It is something my sibling and I can have comradery on that nobody else understands really. This will just be a disjointed collection of military memories. And it kind of gives insight into a bit of my personality as military training never leaves you. I remember attending my husband’s medal ceremony recently and they called the room to attention and I immediately shot to attention in my seat automatically. I left the military 16 years ago .
  3. I had sex with my male friend we were fwb for awhile then he got a gf now he is my bestfriend but later I added his brother as a facebook friend and I don't know how it happened we started sexting then we slept together that same night while my friend his brother was in the next room sleeping I don't feel guilty but should I? My friend said he would never sleep with me but he was more than happy too so was it a bad thing to do?
  4. My brother and I have always had a pretty good relationship despite living in a turbulent household (parents always arguing and dad, cheating). We're both in our twenties and I'm his older sister by 5 years. In our culture, we stay with our parents until marriage, and family is everything. So despite all the turmoil between our parents, we've all always tried to work things out to keep our family together. I've always been a mega nerd, scoring high marks and basically just dedicating my life to academics. My brother's always been extremely social and has gotten into trouble over the years (getting arrested, stealing money from our parents, partying day and night, getting kicked out of university). Basically, although we've gotten along well, we're obviously different people. Everything was fine, and then he moved to Australia for a year. I cried at the airport. Despite the move, we still had a great relationship, and talked on the phone for hours at a time. He moved back a few week ago, which I was so excited about. However, he's come back a monster. He started going on rants about how he truly understands what life is about now, and that we're just doing everything wrong as a family. He said he's going to "fix" everyone. He started by screaming at dad in front of construction workers about his cheating behaviours, even though we were all embarrassed and told him to stop making this a public problem. He continued by going to dad's workplace and arguing with various workers about what their exact role is and what they accomplished that day. He grabbed dad's phone at various times mid-call and would ask questions to the person on the other end, to make sure he wasn't cheating. He then attacked mom about how she takes pain medication (recovering from shingles) because that's "poison" to her body and that she should instead do weed. My mom is conservative and very straight-edge so she'd never do that, but he continued on about how she's closed minded. He got into fights with her over some other things too and called her two-faced and a liar. He then attacked one of the twins, who broke up with his girlfriend early this year. He accused him of still talking to the girl. Twin showed his phone and everything, but our brother still went on a rampage about how he knows he's still totally talking to her. He yelled a bunch at the other twin too which resulted in the twin crying, even though the twins are 19. Then came my turn! For some background info, I tried out anxiety medication (Zoloft) at the end of 2018 and had a severe reaction. Right away I became incredibly lactose-intolerant and extremely sensitive to all kinds of foods, resulting in severe diarrhea or throwing up. My doctor disagreed that the Zoloft caused this, but the specialist I saw told me it definitely could have been a rare but severe side effect from this psychiatric drug which is known to be harsh on the stomach. He gave me a simple diet to follow and expected me to build up a tolerance against these reactions. Regardless, what was important was that either way, I was not well. I followed his instructions though and my reactions lessened, but haven't fully gone away yet. So, back to my brother. He randomly confronted me in the kitchen, asking me to tell him what's "really" going on. Honestly, I had no clue what he was talking about. He started glaring at me and telling me to tell him the truth. Turns out, he thinks I'm just pretending to have these reactions so that I have an excuse to not have to study (I'm trying to get into law, and was waitlisted twice due to a low lsat score). He even confronted the twins about how it's suspicious that I was waitlisted in a row, that he doesn't think I even wrote the lsat, which thankfully the twins saw and had the emails of. But that didn't stop my brother from continuing his rampage. He claimed I'm just pressured to go into law (untrue, it's very much so my own choice) and so I'm totally faking all this. I was pretty shocked, and told him that this is all real, that he could take a look at my previous blood test if he wanted. Unfortunately, while looking for it in my binder, I remembered that I had thrown it out as it didn't show anything substantial. This triggered my brother into a craze as he started ranting about how he's "catching the lies" and that I should fess up right now. At least my parents and the twins all know this is all real, and told him to stop acting like this, but he doesn't listen to anyone. Finally, I was discussing how upsetting this was to my mom. That's when my brother came barging in and started accusing me all over again. He said I maybe even secretly do drugs (ridiculous). I asked him why he even thinks all this nonsense, and he said, "I'm just saying that you should really tell me the truth because it's going to be so awkward for you when the truth comes out at the doctor's". He believes the doctor will let us know that this is all a fake ruse or that I'm doing drugs which cause these reactions. I got so upset that I got teary, and then he said that if I was being honest, that I wouldn't cry. That made me even more upset, and then he accused me of fake crying to garner sympathy from mom. He also accused me of lying about the anxiety medication, saying that first I called it Zoloft, and then I called it Sertraline (which is just its drug class, my god). He says everything I say is suspicious and so interesting, as he puts it. Every single day he rants about how I'm a liar. He yells, "my sister has been lying to all of us for 3 years! She's basically 30 and she's going no where!" Not only am I not at all 30, but it hasn't even been a full 2 years since I got these reactions. Further, these reactions happen about once a week to once a month, if even, when I accidentally consume dairy or something greasy/upsetting. It doesn't stop me from studying or living an otherwise normal life. My mom wants me to take him along to my next doctor's appointment, and while I can't stand him, I'll do it just so he shuts the hell up about me. However, even if he apologizes later to me, I don't think I can ever see him the same way again. My academic accomplishments define so much of my life. My wall is covered with my awards and scholarships over the years as school has always been the one thing I'm good at. It's the only thing I'm so proud of. I worked my ass off and even helped my brother to graduate from high school, which he always credits me with. And so for him to accuse me of being a fake actor, feigning an illness for 2 years just so I can avoid studies, is so insulting and hurtful to me. I have a bachelor's, double minors, and double certifications. My life has revolved around my education and my family knows that. He told my mom he'll accomplish double what I have by the time he's my age though, and that I'm wasting away my life, pretending it away and lying to everyone. My next appointment is with a stomach specialist (gastroenterologist) and so it'll be a long wait, but the time between now and then is killing me, hearing him yell out accusations day after day. I've totally had enough of this. I feel so distressed and angry when I even hear his voice. He's supposed to be my brother, acting like family and supporting me, not discouraging me, doubting me and accusing me. Our last argument happened when he burst into my room, yelling out accusations again but this time I exploded on him. My hands began to shake in anger, and once again he said if I was innocent then I wouldn't even get angry. I have NO idea why he's gone insane like this since he's gotten back from his trip, but he's completely destroyed our relationship and I want nothing to do with him. I can't even believe this is really my brother, who I loved so deeply and cared so much about ever since we were little. It's like something has come over him in the worst way. I feel very picked on and bullied. Not even my worst enemies have spoken to me in the way my brother is. He claims he's doing all this because he cares for me and wants the truth to come out. Just crazy. Obviously, this is all still happening and I'm very angry and heated still, but I really do believe I don't have love for him anymore in my heart. In fact, I can't stand him. If I never saw him again, I'm confident I'd be just fine. In my heart, he's no longer a brother of mine. I do recognize he's young/not the most mature, but I still feel this way, especially since I know I'd never do this someone at any age. Am I overreacting?
  5. I am worried my boyfriend and my Sister in law have a thing for each other. They are both flirts. My sister in law drinks wine and she gets all lovey dovey and schmoozy after a couple glasses of wine and everytime i have a new boyfriend she gets flirty with them and its getting to the point that its making me very mad. Its gotten to the point with my most recent boyfriend that i am avoiding visitation with my own brother just to avoid this situation. My boyfriend who is also a flirt even w/o drinking but give him a couple drinks and he crosses my boundaries when it comes to flirting. So we kind of avoid drinking in public. When we are at my bro and SIL's house she won't leave my boyfriend's sight and one day recently she asked for my boyfriend's phone number and out of the corner of my eye i caught them giving each other the eye stare. Then when we are leaving she wraps her arms around my boyfriend's neck and kisses him on the cheek near his mouth i think only because i was standing near him saying goodbye to my brother. I used to really like her but now she is making me sick. How can she be so disrespectful to my brother and undermine thier relationship. My brother acts aloof but i just bet given the chance she would jump at the chance to bed my boyfriend. I dont trust neither one. I am trying to rebuild trust in my boyfriend after he did something to break my trust and this surely doesn't help. Just a couple days i caught my boyfriend eyeballing a pretty lady at a store. I know his body language . He moved in real close to her as we were walking out ( i was behind him) and slowed down as we were walking past her desk. Its as if he wants to be acknowledged just to see if she was interested. She looked up at him and smiled and said goodbye. This makes me feel so insignificant. We had an all out argument over it and i told him how this makes me mad when he does stuff like that & how it makes me feel.. i have no desire to do anything like that to him. I only have eyes for him so this makes me wonder just how much he loves me if he keeps chasing someone elses tail. So, now that we have a somewhat close relationship with my brother i dont know how to react or how to intervene because i have a temper and i m afraid when i blow its going to end my relationship with my brother. I want to see my brother but i cant stand my b/f & my SIL flirting with each other. It really bothers me and make my visit with my brother very uncomfortable. How can i approach this situation without coming right out with accusations and making things ugly? I feel like my feelings are always getting challenged. I know i do have problems with insecurities and i'm trying to work on them but things like this doesn't help. 😔
  6. Relationship ended with the woman I thought I was going to marry about 2 years ago. She moved on with someone else quick, I have dated here and there but nothing has stuck. I started going back to the gym a few months ago, and at 4am in the morning....my ex and the guy walked in. She turned away from me, acting as though she didn't know me. Thoughts on this? She doesn't seem to be able to look me in the face. A couple of weeks ago, I was outside my house and she drove by. Nothing creepy, I live on a major traffic road.....and her brother lives near me. She made a motion with her arm, wasn't a wave. Perhaps out of frustration that I saw her. Does any of this mean anything? Sorry for the length, trying to be as descriptive as I can.
  7. Hello all, i am new to this site and the first time i have asked for help regarding my relationship. If anyone can help me with advice and pure honestly i would really appreciate it. I have been with my now fianće for 8 years. We got engaged 6 months ago. When we first meet it was amazing apart from a few things that bothered me. My partner was overly jealous. She didn't like me walking to the shops, going out anywhere without her, talking to friends on the phone for to long. Even going to a restaurant had its difficulties as she would constantly accuse me of looking at other woman, even if they were sitting behind me. If im honest i accepted it because i love her so much. The real problems started two years into the relationship when families got involved. I come from a large very close family. I love and adore my parents and my siblings. At first my partner showed alot of effort with them and it meant the world to me. After a short while my mother, younger brother and younger sister would visit a couple of times a week and my partner would show less effort with them and basically start to show her discomfort by acting moody. Of course my mother and brother noticed this. I have made many excuses for my partner as i wouldnt want to upset my family. I have spoken to my partner 100s of times about this but nothing has changed. In her defence, she comes from a family that are not very close. She speaks to her mother once a week if that. She has no true friends which i find odd also. Another important note to make which is most shocking is that i am not welcome to her mothers house. We dont have any problems. We get on very well but for some reason they do not have visitors to there home. My mother on the other hand invites us as a family for dinner regularly but my partner makes excuses and does not attend 99% of the time. After several arguments about this situation she has now started coming up with the most ridiculous reasons for not liking my mother and my younger sister who is 5 years old by the way. Here are a few of her reasons Your younger brother kept asking for chrisps when they visited. Your sister is makes a mess and your mother does not clean up her mess before she leaves (the mess being a few toys) Your mother asked your older brother to cut her grass. You speak to your mother to many times a week I dont know if the problem here is that my siblings and i help our mother as much as we can and it makes her jealous or is it something else. Yes we are close as a family and yes we help our mother when ever she needs us. Our father died a few years back and it has been hard on us all. Is it so bad that we are helpful. Is it so bad that we all love each other and would do anything to make each other happy. Would this get better. Do i just hope she will realise she has a good man by her side. I have dedicated myself to her. I show her and her family love and respect. I do everything and anything to make her happy. Why am i not getting the same. Am i doing something wrong. Do i leave her.
  8. I'm in love with another man. I've loved him since I was 12, he was my sister's friend from school, his family weren't the nicest and they ended up kicking him out. My mum having a heart of gold took him in, he came to live with us for years and I was smitten with him ever since. We had such a close bond, he was kind and lovely. I never acted on my feelings at the time because he was 16. So the best I could do was call him brother, I always figured nothing would come of it so I took what I could get a settled for it. He has seen me through some bad decisions as a teenager, rescued me from some bad situations, divorce, the loss of my mum, supported me whenever I've needed him. I'm now 25 and about 6 months ago we had a conversation and it turns out he has felt the same for many years but never did anything because of the age and because we used to refer to each other as siblings he always assumed I only thought of him as a brother. We've kissed and stuff but never gone beyond that because we're both in relationships. When I found out I was pregnant to my partner I just drifted off and I haven't spoken much to him since. I now have 2 children and am currently in a relationship with a man I despise, he's been to prison so many times, I'm terrified of him and I genuinely have no love for him anymore, he was a rebound that never left. And yet I feel powerless to leave. And despite having a baby and trying to let us get on with our lives I still can't stop thinking about him. Everyday. I can't stop. I've been in love with him for years, before I even knew what the word meant. Despite my relationships, despite having kids I still find myself sitting here thinking about him. I used to be able to cope but since I found out he felt the same it's been so much stronger, I don't know what to do. It sounds so cliché, you know, the one that got away but is still very much around the corner. I don't even know what the point of this is, I just need to get it out, has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Am I a bad person? What would you do?
  9. I am not sure what's going on with them, but there appears to be a sickness in the air. My parents and brothers have stopped giving a about their health. My brother stays in bed all day and expects miracles overnight and then eats like crap. I am physically and mentally fragile but I am doing my best to fix myself and turn this nasty situation around this is by being a better person but it seems that people don't want that. I can't move out either because the situation I am in. My entire life savings were stolen by a criminal broker.
  10. i really have everything in life. i have really nice parents, two brothers who love me, the best and funniest friends in the world, i draw quite well for someone my age (15), and (used to) have good grades, but due to anxiety issues my grades dropped a little, from A to B- or C. I don't know why my mental health is so debilitated, i don't have any major trauma or anything like that. I started being anxious/depressed one year an a half ago, maybe because of stress from school, but there aren't many people who have the same problems as me at my class. I take lots of medicine, but those don't seem to work as well as i wanted to, it just prevents me from suiciding instantly, wich i've tried two times. i really wanted to take this out of my chest, thanks if you read it till here.
  11. So, I’ve been with my bf for 3 years. We’ve been living at home and saving to move out. We have looked at a few places and know where the area we want to live in. The thing is— i feel stuck. I’m torn. Over the summer I mainly stayed at my parents to care for our ailing chocolate lab who passed away over the summer. I was fortune enough to have the summer off of work, and never would have been able to live with myself if I wasn’t there for our family dog. We have another family dog, she’s almost 12– she was affected by his passing too. They were best friends for 11 years. My brother has some mental health issues that are severely neglected, and my parents severely enable him. It’s made living here unbearable and I told my bf that I can’t live here anymore and we need to get a place now. He agreed. To be clear, I’ve been physically assaulted several times, had my life threatened, and don’t feel safe anymore. My parents refuse to do anything out of fear of my brother and I just honestly feel like it’s too much for them to deal with, so they don’t do anything. My mom has witnessed the physical assaults and does nothing. She says, “Oh. He didn’t mean to hit you. Stop crying. You’re ok.” Yeah, seriously. My parents know I was in an awful physically abusive relationship from 18-22. The thing is...I feel heartbroken even thinking about leaving Jane. She has anxiety and has bonded to me and I can do things and pick her up— and no one else has this relationship with her. I don’t want to leave her. If I could take her, I don’t know if she’d like it. We’d be living in a busy city and she’s been in a quiet, wooded suburb for her life. She’s my best friend. I want to be with her for however long she has left— she’s still very active. Thoughts?
  12. Well i met this guy through my brother in law, we hung out twice, last night before he left he told me he would see me tomorrow.. I txt'd him earlier today and said if he was still going to come over to come at 8, he txt'd back and put ok see you later. Well it's 9 and he hasn't came over yet nor called. Should I txt him and ask him if he is still coming by or what??
  13. Sorry this is sorta long... My brother is 21 years old. He hasn't graduated... he's been into drugs since he was about 16... and he's basically messed up a good portion of his life. He hasn't lived at home for about the past... year and a half maybe .... because him and my mom dont get along... ever since he's been about 17 he's been in and out of our house. He can't keep a steady job.. and is basically bumming off whatever he can get. But as of the end of next month he wont have a place to live so he wants to move home.. that's fine... both me and my dad have clearly stated to him and my mom that if things are going to go back to the way they were than we can't have him here.... him and my mom faught constantly.. like yelling screaming.. the whole 9 yards. My house wasn't a very happy place. It's been alright with just me and my parents... we get along for the most part... and my brother comes home every sunday to do laundry and have a decent meal. So fine he wants to move home.. not a big deal.... tonight... our phone rings.. it's him... he had 6 warrants out for his arrest .... adn one of his ex-employers was a cop and ran a background check on him.. and when he went to pick up his t-4 slip.. he got arrested. One of them is for assult.. and i don't know what else.... he's 21 (i'm in sask canada) so there's a good chance he could end up with jail time.... He's my brother.. i love him to death.. but i sure don't like him very much.... My parents don't know what to do.. there isn't much tehy can do.... the other day he told me that ... it's a good thing that i've watched him screw up his whole life because then i don't have to make stupid mistakes.. i've learned from him.. which i have.... but like.. what do i say to that? I guess my problem.. if you want to call it that.... is ... i'm scared for him..... i always am..... i worry about him....and there's absolutely nothing i can do.... he's been arrested before... when he was 17..he got off with some community serivce and 2 years probation.... so he was lucky... he was a minor.... that's been wiped from his criminal record.. but now there'sa chance that's all gonna come back to bite him in the ass..... I'm scared for him.. that he's gonna end up with jail time... or something's gonna happen to him..... i've always been scared that he might do something drastic... something.. like...suicide.... i do'nt think he would.. but that's always something that has terrified the hell outta me.. i know he gets depressed.... and i knwo he doesn't handle it very well.... If anyone can offer me... anything.... advice...some comfort.. anything.. it would be appreciated.... if you have any questions.. i'll answer them as well.... Thanks for anything
  14. I have been in a very serious relationship for 10 months. A boy that Iused to have a huge crush on suddenly started asking me out and stuff. One day when we were alone, I kissed him. I told my boyfriend because one of our promises was to always be honest to each other no matter what. He forgave me and told me that we were going to put it behind us. Then one night when I was sleeping over my friends house, she had her boyfriend there and her brother was there. (Her brother is the boy that I was messing with.) We ended up having sex that night. I was so mad and sad b/c no one stopped me and i was just so caught up in the moment. I told my boyfriend and he broke up with me. He says that he still loves me but he cant be with me right now b/c he dosent trust me anymore. I am so torn and I wish this never happened. Please help me get the love of my life's trust back so we can be happy again. I promise I will never cheat on him again.
  15. i had some questions a few weeks ago about my friends brother. i only got one reply, so i am asking for more help. -------------------------------------------------------------- well, one of my best friends has a twin brother and i really like him. i think i've liked him for a while but i kept fighting it b/c he was my friends brother. i think he used to like me a few years ago and i wish i had taken advantage of it back then. we all have the same friends so we we hang out alot. and i spend a lot of time with his family or at his house in the winter b/c we all go snowboarding. i tried to tell him i liked him one time, but he said that was too weird and then later, figured it was just a joke. i want him to know that i like him, but then i am scared if he does find out its true. i really really like him and i want to flirt with him, but i wouldnt know how to keep it from being to weird. im so confused with myself because i also dont think i would ever want to go out w/ him. i dont think my friend would have a problem with it, but i wouldnt know who to hang out with when i went to thier house for a party or to stay over. please help me, im so confused about what i want!! ------------------------------------------------------- i would also like to add that i recently found out one of my other friends likes him too. she knows i like him. we havent really talked about one of us goin out w/ him or anything and there isnt really a whole lot of competition for him or anything. but i will admit i do get jealous if she starts flirting w/ him. well, any other help would be great!
  16. Last week I broke up our engagement but we continued to live together. I told him since he didn't talk about marriage plans and didn't want to marry me, there was no point in being engaged. He let it happen without a doubt. THis weekend he used my sadness over my first daughter moving away 6 hours to College as an excuse to jump out. Also he is buying a new business which he can make some good money in the near future and I am sure he doesn't want to get married so I will have rights to it. He gave me cheap excuses like I don't pick up his clothes for him (he throws everything on the floor). He brought up things from the past, some unfounded and unfair. He just wants out. I called him 6 times after I saw the letter to talk and he wasn't picking up his cell phone. He wants to sell our joint house and is demanding that I move out. I have a dauhhter who is just starting HIgh School in 5 days; I can't just move out right now, and I have the right to stay in the house until it is sold! I decided, based on reading these posts at Ealone, not to pursue him anymore, just let him go. He knows how I feel. I will not call him again. And if he calls me to talk "business" aka how to split our house and everything inside it, I will tell him I want NC and he has to deal with my brother from now on. I simply refuse to talk to him or be nice and cooperative on the phone. He will discuss everyting with my brother ANyone who's been through a break up recently...how long does the pain last? Do we really get over it? I need help and friends right now, but I don't want to bother my friends (they will not believe me since we had many fights in the past). I know I suffer initially but I after a while I am fine. Last year I left him for good and after a few days I was fine, actually looking forward to life without him and with finding someone more stable and dedicated to me.
  17. I cant stop thinking about my friends older brother..hes shy and cute and just started college..hes a freshman...I Heard recently that he likes me too..the only thing is that he dosnt get along with his sister and shes my best friend... I cant stop crying..he seems like the only guy that would be good for me.. Since my high standards and all..Like theres a few guys who like me..ones a perve , the others a jail bird..spends more time in jail then anywhere else , ones anooying and thinks hes a cowboy...and the other guy i like doesnt really care for my existence... Latley ive been real sad and feeling alone. .Ever since school started ive felt like im the only one..everyone else has a cute guy they are crushin on or a hunk who likes them back..I seem to be getting the most stangest guys latley... And now my bestfriend is trying to hook me up with her brothers friend instead..what a friend that is huh>? i mean wouldnt she want me to go ut with her brother..she even had told me shes happy for us ...but is trying to hook me upwith someone i DIS LIKE.. i like him as nothing more than a friend... I guess i just need some help...I donno why im being such a brat right now..i cant stop Crying and feeling sick inside..not wanting to eat ..resting a lot and in the morning i spend more timegetting ready than preparing myself for school..IM SO SUPERFICIAL..and i just a want my bestfriends brother..He goes to college and than school but i think if i could just get a date with him it woould make me feel happy again! Sorry yall...I just had to vent i guess if yall could be courteous and help me out..that woul dbe great! Ide appriciate it! Thanks bunches and tons
  18. Ok i will try to cut to the chase... Have girlfriend, she from poland i from england, everything going ok except for a few things on my side (my insecurities?) She has dropped hints about when she was involved in some kind of strip card game and ended up naked, but never told me the whole story, i have a great imagination and it has filled in the gaps for me, but is this a common thing... i never did it... but i havent been a saint either... so why am i thinking about it so much? And the big thing... well for me... she has two brothers... so there are three of them and they are all around the same age..., my gf is 23 and her and her 2 brotheres were all born within 3 yesrs of each other. So she has told me they are very close... mmm but now i have thoughts they are too close... know what i mean? When she was with me she had a SMS from one of them tellling her they wish she had left her hand behind... and that his hand was hurting from too much masturbation on that day!!! Mmmm so ok, and then tonight i call her to talk... she tells me first she is in bed and then it emerges she is in her brothers bedroom watching a film... in bed with her 2 brothers watching a film...mmmm ok. So i carefully get to asking what she is wearing, she tells me she is wearing her robe... i know she wears nothing else when she is wearing a robe... mmm and in bed with her 2 brothers watching a film... Am i paranoid or what.. i dont know!!! Can brothers and sisters be this close without anything "weird" Any advice greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
  19. alright, me and my g/f have only been going out for 8 months, but we live together and we are around each other all the time. She is from Rhode Island and i am from north carolina. She is down here for college, and she has alot of friends back home, which i dont mind, she talks to them all the time, but there is one person i have a problem with. its a guy she talks to everyday multiple times a day she says that its just a guy that her family took care of when he was going through a hard time, but at frist she told me it was her brother, which i later found out was a lie, it is not her brother. and she will answer the phone everytime he calls no matter what time it is, and she talks to him around me and i listen and she talks to him like there is a realtionship there. and she even tells him seh loves him. i have brought up my suspicion that i think she is cheating on me but it never gets anything sttled, she wont even alk to me about it, and when she does she gets mad and then i end up feeling bad for bringing it up. now she went back home for the weekend to see her friends(or so she says) and she was supposed to go to a concert with this guy, i asked her if she would have aproblem with me going to a concert with someone, and she said no, which is a lie. oh and we used to have sex almost everyday in the start of our realtionship, and now i cant even touch her sexually with out her saying No Stop That!, we havent had sex in almost 2 months, i ask her why she wont have sex and she says she dosent know why. i think that is just BS, i think i should be able to have sex with my g/f. but i dont knwo what is going on, ive been so damn confused latley. ive tried gettting advice from people but it wont help b/c i can never explain my whole story, i hope that i can on here. i hope that someone can read this and give me some advice.
  20. hey it's CC, Remember that boy who sexually assulted me? Well he hit my little brother. He's 18 this guy and my little brother is 12. We were going to phone the police on him, me and my family I mean, if he does it again we are going to phone the poilce. I want to hit him over and over again but I don't want to stoop ton his level. what should in the the mean time? This guy still followes me whenever I go out the house. So I feel like a prisoner out of my own home because of him. I don't know what to do. Please write back cc
  21. Hey, well i'm knew sorta to the forum. I usually browse to find some of the answers to my problems, often can't find all of them. I already posted once, and typed about 3 paragraphs and it ended up not posting, so this one if going to be a little shorter. To make a long story short, i have been bestfriends with this girl for over a year now. It started with me having an attraction for her bestfriend. About 3 months ago, i have started seeing her in a different perspective. I have always been attracted to her, and we flirt, but recently she has become something more meaningful than just a bestfriend. About three days ago she called me crying saying she broke up with her b/f who had been treating her bad. I felt terrible, because she let him walk all over her but was glad that she had broken up with him. They had only been dating a month or two now. She was crying and i did my best comfort her. She said she appreciated me being there for her, and i assured her i would always be there for her. Even though me and her are bestfriends, we are always telling eachother we love eachother, walking together in the hall, we sit together at lunch, and ect. We flirt alot and she always tell's me she is my "french maid"..lol. Well the next day after we got off the phone, i really wanted to tell her i love her but i know better then to do that. Not wanting to take things to quick, and now if ever she needed a friend, so i decided to write her a note. In the note i wrote and told her how much i cared for her, and that i felt bad when she worried, and that i would always be there for her. Well, as soon as i got home she called and told me the note was the sweetest thing she ever heard and that she was glad that she had me, and i told her i was glad that i had her. So her's the thing...I really like her, i think she is showing signs of liking me. I dont wanna take things to fast and i think i'm doing everything right so far. We're supposed to go to the movies next week so anyone know anything i can say or do to tell if she might like me as much as i like her?? Here's some other detail's- * She had other bestfriends that are guys that call her sis. She told me that she could never date a bestfriend because it would be like dating her brother or something. That kinda let me down, but when i asked her if she was my sis, her reaction was "NO,No,No.." and she tells me she's my french maid..(long story).. * I told her i was going to a party one weekend and might ak out this girl i told her about. She was completley objective. She didn't like the ideal of me dating this girl, and she didn't even know her and she still didn't like the idea. Then i told her i'd jsut stay home or go to the movies, and sure enough me nd her went to the movies.. * We go everywhere together more/less at school. We walk together in the halls, sit by eachother at lunch, i have 3 or my 4 classes with her..ect.. * Her family likes me, mom, dad, and brother..i've never really met them except her lil brother, and he's a cool lil kid. * Not to brag, but i'm a decent looking guy..i think..I guess i could say i'm more well known at school, i guess because i play sports, guitar, ect..She is kinda shy, but my friends like her, though they dont really know her. I'm a hopeless romantic..the sweet guy..and thats the kinda guy she says is perfect or, and i think i know how to treat her right.. Any advice, idea's, feedback, or questions is appreciated. I hope to become a regular here on the forums..thanks again, and it's appreciated..also, any test i could do to see if she likes me is appreciated..cya..
  22. Hey enotalone, today when I was at my buddies house, hand his brother fired off two rounds of his Dad's beretta and it was quite loud. It wasn't stock in that respect and it was louder than should be. But anyways ever since they were fired, I have a very loud ringing in my left ear that doesnt seem to go away since it started at around 4 this afternoon. Im thinking I'll sleep it off and see what happens and if stays bad I will see about seeing a doctor, but has this ever happened to anyone and if so was there anyway to help it other than louder sounds? Thanks
  23. For the past 3 months, my brother and I had to move out of our house for a bit becuase of some family problems. My brother and I went to live with our grandparents for the time. Well anyway, since I don't get to see my granmother often, she lives on the other side of the country, she spoiled me and my brother with lots of fattening and deliscious food. Now I'm back at my house one month later, but the only problem is that we have changed, A LOT! When at my grandmother's house she would feed us a lot of junk food. She would buy a lot of the junk foods becuase she likes to spoil us. So over the duration of the 2 months, I ended up eating a lot of junk food. A very high metabolism runs in our family so, I wasn't worried aboutweight or anything, and becuase I wasn't worried I didn't realize what had happened. Both my brother and I were gaining weight like crazy, and not muscle, 100% fat from all the crap we had been eating. When I came to my grandparents house I was 6 feet 6 inches tall, and weighed 165 lbs, and my brother was 6 feet 2 inches, and weighed 157 lbs. Now I weigh 251 lbs and my brother weighs 238 lbs. During the trip, I did notice I was packing on a few pounds, but I don't really pay much attention to how my body looks. But soon all of my clothes became too small for me, and I realized that I had gotten fat. Not only had I gained that much weight, but after trying on my jeans, I realized that I had also grew 4 inches! I'm 16 right now, and I know this is the age where I get growth spurts, but I was already pretty tall. When I had realized I was gaining all that weight I decided to cut back on the food, and excercise some, but I still kept gaining weight! I felt so awkard, I was suddenly overweiht, and 7 feet tall. Now that I am back at home I have been dieting and excersicing, but it isnt helping! I am still madly gaining weight. Now I weigh 297 lbs, and I am stilling gaining that weight! I have tried all kinds of diets and seen specialsts, but nothing is working. Is there anything that you people could come up with to help me out? I'll do anyhting to stop this weight gain problem! If this keeps up, I'll be over 400 lbs soon! Please help!!
  24. Well, I guess first I should link my old thread: link removed In there I went against everyone's advice which I guess I should have taken in the first place. Since then, we were together again and things were a little rough in the beginning, with trust issues and such. She would be there for me every night when I cried on the phone; she was there for me, she was caring for me. Ever since, she has not contacted her ex at all for me, she even cancelled her trip to India for me. We were active, going out a few nights a week, having a lot of fun.. and every now and then we would get into a stupid argument. I am at fault in a lot of places also, I would get mad at her when she didn't call me because I would think she was calling someone else or something along those lines. I never actually said why I would get mad, but I would just be upse with her on the phone. I know that I probably shouldn't have been this way but my emotions take over me so easily. The other night she had to go to her fathers house (her parents are separated) and she had to spend the night there and her father doesn't know about me, only her mother does. So she sent me a text message at 9:00 or so saying she couldn't call but would try to call later. Hours go by and I wait.. we exchanged a few more text messages, I was upset I just wanted to talk to her for 1 minute (she goes to a different room usually to call me for a minute) but she kept sending the same message over and wouldn't call "I'm going to bed, goodnight babe" So I was upset again. Man I am really starting to realize my faults as I write this. I shouldn't have been mad at her I should have understood. Well the next day she calls me from work during her lunch and I was upset with her on the phone and I got a vibe from her that she wasn't thrilled about it either. After this I realized that I wasn't being fair and I sent her 2 emails the first telling her that I was sorry for everything and not just today but including past incidences like this. She was happy, or seemed it anyway after the emails and a phone call. I figure cool, everything is ok again. So I call her when she gets home from work and she only had a few minutes since she had to pick her brother up at the airport and it takes her 2 hours to drive there. So I call her while she is driving and she doesn't pick up I tried 4 times probably. She calls me at 10:30 telling me his flight is delayed until 12:30 and that her and her mom are going to get some food in the city. I try to call her numerous times between these times and she doesn't pick up. Finally she calls me back at 1:10am telling me she is waiting for her brother at the terminal. Well she sends me a text message or two after that saying that she will be home very late and will call me tomorrow. Now I am always up til 4am (night shift) so I send her more messages asking her to call when she gets home because I will still be awake, even if its just for a minute. She doesn't call me back until 10:30 this morning. She was upset because she said she feels she always has to answer to me about everything (which is related to the trust issue in the other post). Then she goes on saying that she can't be in a relationship right now and that she needs to be single and have some time and freedom to herself. So she dumped me on the phone, then she called me maybe 5 hours later to see if I was ok. I told her that I would not make her answer to me, she didn't have to call me all the time, etc etc, and that I just wanted to be with her. She told me not to make this any harder than it was already. I was upset, scared, didn't know what to do so I called her mom who wasn't aware of the breakup, she told me to tell everything that I had already told her (that i wouldn't be so posessive of her, that i would give her space, and things like this) So i call her and I tell her again, and ask her to meet me today just to say goodbye, she said she couldn't because she was afraid that we would end up back together again and she wanted to take a break now. So I asked her how long this break would be and she didn't have a definate answer just said I don't know, maybe a month, maybe less, maybe more. I should also mention that we were going to move in together starting September 1st. So I say ok I want you to be happy, and whatever it takes is what you have to do. We agree to call eachother when we are feeling really low and maybe meet up every now and then until things are better. She said she needs to find herself and she doesn't know who she is anymore and she can't commit to anything. So we are on a break now, I feel horrible I don't think she will come back, I don't know what to do. I just feel scared, helpless, inside. I haven't eaten anything all day, lost all of my appetite. Smoked a lot of cigarettes. I guess I am wondering what everyone thinks, and if there is a possibility or not.. or just try to move on now? Thanks everyone.
  25. ok, well, I just need some feedback, or advice, I have a problem, Im 16 and I feel really depressed alot of times, I dont think I would ever commit suacide (because of the whole heaven and hell issue) but I wish i would die all the time, like will get hit by a car or just be shot for no reason and i do sometimes think about suacide alot, but that is not why I am posting, but, I realized that I am an alcoholic at age 16, when i get drunk, it is always alone, in my room or in the bathroom at school in the morning, I do not drink sociably, I dont try and have fun when i drink, nobody knows im drunk, because im quiet and keep to myself, i just get really deep into thought. I started drinking when I was really young because it was always easy to get it, but for the last while i have been drinkin everyday, i didnt really see it as a problem, but i guess it is when im doing it everyday, for no reason, alone, just because it makes me feel better abotu things. I dont have a bad life, i guess i am pretty lucky, because i am not poor, (im not rich either) but i do have problems with my family, me and my oldest brother do not get along, my dad is always yelling at something and it gets to everyone, my mother simply annoys me and i only get along with my other brother, at school, i guess i have lots of friends, but im kinda shy, so i really dont talk much, people usually say hi to me before i say anything to them unless thye are a close friend. ONe problem I had lately is i just ended the first relationship ive ever been in, it was hard for me, and now i hate my ex, even though i am friendly to her. I cry thinking about her, There is a girl I really liek and have always liked, but never got a chance to talk to her, shes very beautiful, ans smart and everything abotu her seems perfect for me, but she is way out of my leauge and I try to stop thinking abotu her because it is just a dream ( shes not one of those extremely popular girls that everyone has a crush on, its different than that) , and lately ive been cutting away from people, i liek being by myself. for the last couple months ive been coming home and staying in my room in the basement in the dark listening to music and drinking. Nobody knows about how I really am, what I am doing, my parents are jsut annoyed i stay in the basement all the time. I never used to ever like to say i was stressed out or depressed, i never thoguht i had a good reason too, i still dont think i have a really good reason to, but i think i am really depressed, i am confused why thoguh, its seems like i just am, has anybody gone through anything simular, or have advice, help or something to comment about? thanks.
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