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  1. Definitely posted before under a couple of other user names.
  2. I remember your story. You posted this a couple of times before under different user names. Forgiveness will help you. Of course it's going to take some time. Are you in any kind of therapy to deal with trauma?
  3. Where did she write that her car needs to be fixed? Where did she write that she actually IS "broke" or has no income?
  4. How are you saving up to move out if all this money is being spent on weed? The dispensaries are not cheap. Does she work? I would guess "no" because even though pot is legal in many states, companies still drug test because they don't need their employees coming to work stoned.
  5. He's not a boyfriend. He's words on a screen and an image on a monitor. I think it's fine to have online "friends" (I have a few) but it certainly cannot be a romantic relationship if you've never even seen him in person. Just treat it as any other person you don't really know. PS: The fact that he's unreachable implies he's not available. Whether it's because his wife or girlfriend found out, she is keeping him busy and he is unable to get away to message you or because he's just busy, you have no way of knowing.
  6. Um, perhaps working from home? Furloughed? College student? And yes, this dynamic is unhealthy and unsustainable.
  7. Trust me, hanging onto this dead weight loser isn't better than being "alone". Plus, you have zero percent chance of finding the right man while you insist on clinging to this dead end relationship.
  8. Yeah, HE called her "broke" as a put down, an insult and an attempt to maintain complete control over her. I didn't see her present evidence that she is, in fact, broke.
  9. A young woman who lived in my dorm in college caught an STD and had to have a complete hysterectomy at age 18. Never going to be able to carry children of her own. Because someone decided their own selfish pleasure was more important than being safe, healthy and honest.
  10. Did he start cheating before or after you "snooped"?
  11. Does he try to make you feel guilty for giving your business the attention it needs? Or does he calmly and reasonably explain what his relationship needs are?
  12. You think snooping because of his history of cheating is worse than his actual cheating? Or...are you trying to grasp for an excuse to stay with this lying cheater? If so, why do you think a lying cheater is the best you can do? "But I LOVE him!!!" is just an excuse to not take responsibility for your own life and your own happiness. Is this the relationship of your dreams? When you were young did you imagine yourself spending your life with a man who lies and cheats and who you have to snoop on to find out the truth? Does all of this make you so blissfully happy that you
  13. When did your wife become disinterested in sex and intimacy? How did she react when you told her you were unhappy and wanted to try to work on making the marriage better? Because of course you talked to her to give the two of you a chance to work together to improve the relationship. You didn't just decide an affair for your own gratification before trying to fix the marriage...right?
  14. I think putting so much effort into someone you never met isn't a good idea. You were not a couple. And that's why I don't advise meeting with him to give him the gift. But I see you are planning to ask him to meet. It will be interesting to see if he finally agrees to meet you in person.
  15. Pics on his phone proves he really loves you?
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