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  1. How could she not realize? And she was not proposing"double dating". She was proposing seeing other men "for fun". She knew exactly what she was proposing. The only naive thing was that she expected you to be OK with her seeing other men. Come on now! Why do you want to hang onto this relationship? Do you have reasons other than "but I LOVE her!" Or "we've been together X amount of time"?
  2. I'm glad you're mature enough to apologize. Please call her (no text!) and explain you are sorry for calling her names and you realize it was wrong of you. Don't deflect or make excuses, just a simple "I'm truly sorry. It was completely wrong of me to call you 'reckless'". And for the record, I too wouldn't be comfortable with what she did. Covid is transmitted from person to person by breathing in the virus. That's how I got it. I wasn't hugging or kissing or climbing all over the person I got it from. We simply live in the same house and breathe the same air.
  3. When things aren't all sunshine and roses with him she may try to get you back. Be prepared.
  4. He had six years to "change". But he waited until you'd had enough of his selfish manipulations to say he wants to "change". Nope, he doesn't want to change, he just wants you back so he can continue to mistreat you. He knows it will be very difficult to find another woman who will put up with him. Good for you for staying strong. BTW, is it absolutely vital for you to have WhatsApp?
  5. So that was the "horse farm" she was so busy with. Unfortunately it was obvious something was going on. I'm sorry this happened, but you are well rid of her.
  6. What exactly are you so afraid of? If you ask her out and she says no, I promise you'll survive. And she might say yes!
  7. I would be a bit miffed that Bill expected you to continue to wait around working at a job he knows you're not happy with. How long did he expect you to wait? I can understand why things never worked out with Bill. He seems to talk a lot but not deliver an actual offer. Congrats on the new job!
  8. Do you guys spend time together in person or is this an online-only relationship? Also, you are teenagers. It's normal for teens to be testing out relationships and how they work. And based on how much time teens spend online it's not surprising an artificial level of importance is placed on online interactions. But those are not the real world.
  9. He's trying to ease you into having sex with him. "Cuddle you close"? That's laughable. Don't ever underestimate what some people will do to get sex. I used to see a guy who would drive 4 hours round trip because I was willing to have sex with him. Why can't you ask him if he's changed his mind about a relationship with you? Are you afraid of "scaring him off"? If that question scares him off he was never there to begin with.
  10. If you don't want this, why would you agree to adopt? This doesn't make sense, you'd still have to be a father all over again and you'd still potentially have a "rebellious teenager" when you're in your early 70s.
  11. Then the boyfriend should put some gosh darned pajamas on or a t-shirt and shorts. Not sleep with the niece in his underwear and conceal it from the OP and/or wait until she's out of town to "co-sleep". And I doubt those posters who co-slept with their children during a storm or vacation or whatever were in their underwear in bed with their children. I had to co-sleep with my teenage son one time because we had family stay overnight and he was not parading around nude in front of me or asking me to help him dress. And I was not sleeping with him wearing only my panties.
  12. He's already shown you TWICE he's a cheater. Why would you want to give him a third opportunity to cheat on you?
  13. Also, the OP never said he raised the niece and that he was her "father figure", just that she slept over frequently. I believe the niece has her own parents who she lives with and is being raised by.
  14. A former friend of mine abandoned her husband and her children seemingly out of nowhere. At first she would visit them but after a few weeks she kept saying she was "too busy" to come see them and resorted to an occasional text. Turns out she was pregnant by the guy she'd been having an affair with and didn't want her kids to know until after the baby was born. She literally hid from her own kids for months. Oh, and on her way out the door she revealed to her husband and her 12 year old daughter that he wasn't her father. Kind of tossed that out there and told me she didn't understand why
  15. This couple doesn't appear to be "unequal" and the husband doesn't appear to be "bossy" (not sure where you got that, I didn't say he was bossy), but she seems to prefer to defer to him. However they are remaining in the Philippines due to her family connections so obviously he doesn't just lay down the law and she has to comply or else. He does appear to take charge in many ways (for example, he is paying to have her parents' home renovated but she is choosing the floor tiles and her parents have chosen the layout) but again, she doesn't seem to be intimidated by him. It's just the way the
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