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He's talking to his Ex
Hi all, I discovered Thursday last week through Find My iPhone that my husband of 18 years was at his ex girlfriends house. This sent me into a downward spiral that
Infidelity, by Betrayed Wif
Just want to move on
I am 29. He is 25. We dated for about 4 months in total (about 8 months on and off). The first month, I was only exploring and hadn't committed to him. He put a lot of
Long time crush on female boss
Long story short, I've had a crush on my female boss ever since I started. I was best friends with her son all through middle and highschool. I was always at their
Relationship Advice, by jacobsJJ
When do you know it’s the right time to leave for good?
I’ll try to be brief. My BF and I love each other and enjoy the company but I’ve left him for brief periods after feeling frustrated with his money management (or lack
Breaking Up Advice, by Tornthreads
Is abuse forgivable?
I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months. I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant. I realized he had an alcohol problem half way in. I could never understand why he would get
Relationship Advice, by Shadow2019
I can't decide if I should stay with my girlfriend
I'm a guy (23) and I've been dating this girl (23) for about 2 and a half years now. About a year ago we broke up and spent a month apart and we were absolutely
Dating Advice, by AT591
What benefits do you find from a paper journal?
I haven’t kept one since I was a teenager.
Personal Growth, by ~Seraphim ~
I (28m) can't figure out if my friend (24f) likes me!
Before I dive into the post i'll just say that I am planning on asking her when the time is right and i've met my fitness goals - but i'd love to hear some outside
Pages he likes on Facebook
Hi everyone. I've been on two dates with a guy and we've arranged our third date for Tuesday. We've been texting each other for a few months now and everything seems to
Dating Advice, by Anastasia253
I struggle to trust my boyfriend
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2,5 years and it’s really been a rollercoaster. He’s done a lot of stupid stuff throughout the relationship, but he has
Relationship Advice, by 123Advice456
Help. So lost.
To start off I've been with my partner for a year. It's been the most rough heart wrenching year but I still love him. We met online, I was very wary as online dating
Infidelity, by Km82
Does my boyfriends friend like me?
My boyfriend has this new friend he met like 6 months ago. Every time I see him and talk to him, he stares at me with a smile and never breaks eye contact. He always
Attraction and Flirting, by starlight97
How to talk about "the little blue pill"
So, I have been dating the man of my dreams for the last 2 and 1/2 months. Everything is perfectly wonderful and great he's kind and gentle, attentive, he is everything
Sex and Romance, by thelonely
Please Help Me
My ex. girlfriend broke up with me 6 months ago, and we didn't talk for roughly 4 months. Then, after the semester ended, she texted me and asked me to talk, I was very
Want advice.
I meet my ex boyfriend about 2 years ago. We dated. Didnt talk for a few months. Fwbs. Didnt talk for a few months. 7 month relationship. Ended. Then a couple of months
Breaking Up Advice, by Joanne1985
Advice needed! I get depressed and angry whenever I see people out with their sp
As a kid I always thought I'd get married and have kids, I literally looked forward to it but then reality hit and I realized it's not everyone's destiny. After dating
Is it possible to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with a codependent
I am in the early stages of a relationship with someone new. We've probably only known each other for about a month or so, and in that time, we've seen each other about
Dating Advice, by am529
It’s very complicated
So I’ve been married for quite a few years and I’m in my late 30s my wife and I have an open relationship. About two years ago I met a young lady in her late 20s
Relationship Advice, by Gopirates19
Great first date with a guy, but I haven’t heard from him..What’s my next move?
Date went really well, or so I thought, but it’s been a full day and a half and o haven’t heard from him.I wanted to pay but he insisted and said I could get the next
Dating Advice, by Taralynnski
unidentified relationship?
ill try sum this up as best i can. so ... - matched a guy on tinder around 5 months ago and we talked, wasnt until - 4 months ago that we met up - went on dates
Relationship Conflicts, by femindelicat
Questioning this ldr
I've been in this long distance relationship for almost 2 years and at the beginning, it was pretty great. This past 6 ish months, I feel like the relationship is
Relationship Advice, by xMojoPin
Heartbroken after 5 years....
Hi all, Hoping you can give me some advice and guidance as I’m so crushed right now. My ex and I were together just over 5 years. The relationship started
Breaking Up Advice, by Sasha23
Feeling confuse about my ex
We date for 5 years, I'm now 28 and his 24. The first few years was amazing, he said how much he loved me and can't see a future without me. He want to grow old with me
Is she testing me/trying to make me jealous, or just not interested?
So this girl and I were friends for a year..we almost started hanging out alone but but it became a mess..she had a bf...I backed off, then she messaged me asking how I
Jealousy, by drivenfuture
10 Months In a Relationship and Things are Feeling Different- Is It Normal?
I am a 46 year old lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been together for 10 months now. Things have been going great these last few months. Communication is great, we have
Relationship Conflicts, by girltalkCA
Dating after breakup
Are there other women out there in their 40's that have noticed a lack of emotionally available and healthy single/divorced men? I am dating again, but I've never seen
Should I keep fighting.. Is this fixable?
TLDR at the end of post. Sorry for the wall of text, but I felt like I needed to provide a lot of context. I’m hoping to get some perspective on my situation, I know we
Relationship Advice, by Crushed303
Waiting for couples therapy
Forgive me for the blob of text. I know this is a lot of it, but I'm needing a lot of help now. Some of it is to vent my anxiety and figure out my thoughts. I started
Hi everyone 😁 So I kinda have a problem. My friend has a boyfriend for a few months now. And we often go out with our other friends to club, parties etc. But
This ing guy
This guy I'm in love with and used to date asked me out then I said yes but then he broke up w me and said he wasn't 'ready' for a relationship but get this. a couple
Love Advice, by Gabbi
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