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Hope someone can help me with this
So, I’ve known this guy for awhile, we’ve been on 3 dates, all were at his place. The last date I had with him we were making out, and I gave him a handjob. He decided
Dating Advice, by Sparklystars
Girlfriend asks me to move out
Hello. I wanted to make this thread, partly for myself to put words down about how I feel, and to hear others opinions if they have any. I have lived together with
Breaking Up Advice, by lightwelter
Letting Go....
Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well. Having some coffee this Saturday morning and just feeling the weight of the world or maybe just the weight of my choices and
Did i do the right thing?
Gf breaks up with me then on the same week goes on a camping trip with another dude. Comes back and starts crying on the phone how lousy the date was and i blow up on
Breaking Up Advice, by Jinstron
I lost interest before the 1st date, should I keep my promise and at least go?
So I gradually arranged a date with this girl that I knew. It really came out of nowhere as we started out as coworkers but recently started talking and found out our
Dating Advice, by stuka80
Rock bottom
You can read my other threads “struggling“ for the details. Summary is I broke it off. One week ago. Five year relationship that I considered toxic. I have to see
I cant forget everything my boyfriend has said to me after our big fight
My boyfriend and I had a huge fight weeks ago and it was painful for both of us, especially me. Lets just say he said some things to me that are too harsh in our native
Dating Advice, by seanelly
Is my behavior inappropriate?
I am Male and married and I love my wife. A couple months ago a girl was hired in a different department. Our departments work closely together so we see each other
Reality Check
I completely love my boyfriend. I’m extremely loyal and I’ve lived through a lot. I’m a disabled army veteran. I’m a Christian, but not a holy roller. I’ve been divorced
Dating Advice, by ValorAttempt
Do I ask where the direction of us is going or leave it up to him?
(24F) (33M) So this guy and I first started talking in February this year. We probably see each other once a week or unfortunately once every 2 weeks with his work. He
Dating Advice, by dustycloud
My boyfriend can’t keep a job
My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and I have worked the whole time at the same job and just got a promotion as well. He keeps insisting he’s going to get
Ex's daughter added me on fb?
I'm 3,5 months no contact with my ex. 3 days ago her daughter sent me a friend request on Facebook and right after she canceled it. I sent a friend request back to
Ex said she wants to be with me but doesn’t know if it’s a good idea right now
My ex and I dated for 8 months we broke up 2 months ago, we saw each other a few times during the breakup and in the last month hung out 3 times for a few days in a row
Getting Back Together, by Rayray4567
Worth a shot? Not worth a shot?
Long story short, I went to a public event early 2014 where I met a bunch of people that would turn out to be a very dear group of friends for me. Among them was a guy
Conversational Tips, by FrozenMoon
The worse year of my life. But where would i be without the lessons?
In April 2019 my 8 year relationship came to an end. Burnt beyond all repair. I moved in with my mother sleeping in a small box room in a single bed, sometimes with my
Emotions and Feelings, by lonewolf1991
Struggling chapter 2 lol
A little follow up to my original thread “Struggling”. For the sake of processing in more detail and logging my thoughts: 5 years. I just broke it off... When I
Do I say anything to my soon to be sister-in-law? or let it be?
Hi there, New to this forum, but I'll jump right into it. My soon to be sister-in-law and I do not have the best relationship to say the least, that is she'd never
Long story short. Married 35 years. Amazing, well-adjusted kids. Husband is a narcissist. Everything has always revolved around him. He takes 6 week solo vacations every
Relationship Advice, by Cheryl0108
Horrible anxiety over moving in together
Long story short, I had a beautiful romance with a wonderful woman who treats me great, but she is a single mom with 5 kids. I found out about the kids early on, and
Relationship Advice, by Wolfe359
Am I to blame for my girlfriends poor behaviour?
I am in a two months relationship with my girlfriend. We are both 23 and have known each other as friends for about six months prior to dating as we worked at the same
Relationship Advice, by lostthought1
Feeling stuck and betrayed
Hi Guys, I really need some advice or at least a pep talk I'm really heart broken right now. So my toxic aunty is my mothers sister she has always been the Bain of
I'm too sensitive
Hi everyone, I am someone who is overly sensitive and gets quickly emotional. Let me say this right at the beginning - I don't like this about myself. So today I had
How would you feel about using an egg donor?
Question for the Ladies: If you had a baby later in life and used an egg donor and your husbands sperm would you still feel it was 100 percent your child knowing even
Pregnancy, by Skatterbunny
Here it goes! I was in a relationship for 16 years. High school sweetheart. Love of my life... my whole world. We pretty much came from nothing and four years before we
Please help
I'm divorced for about 1 year and have a 3yo daughter. I started dating this guy for 1 month and things were going great. He knew about my past. But sometimes he wanted
Dating Advice, by Rolypoly22
Why Does My Friend Lying And Prioritizing Her Toxic BF Bother Me So Much?
My used-to-be best friend is in a toxic relationship with a manipulative, gaslighting, controlling douchebag. I really wish I was exaggerating, but none of her friends
Friendship and Friends, by youngnotdumb
How to tell if he is genuinely interested or is grooming me for sex?
I [26F] have been going out with a guy [31M]. We met online before the pandemic lockdown started in my city, have chatted/talked/gone on "video dates" for about a whole
Dating Advice, by elyssac
He is not sexually attracted to me...
Hi guys, I am looking for some advice what more I can do. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 and a half years now, living together almost 4 years from
What do you make of this exchange between a close guy friend and I?
Am I missing something here, why would the stranger tell us to get a room? Does my guy friend see me as more than a friend and I just can't see it
Dating Advice, by Stephy2016
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