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Girlfriend's ex
Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a wobble, and I've got an awful feeling that I already know the answer to this, but I'm trying my hardest to remain level headed. I've
Emotions and Feelings, by Portland Bill
Self sabotage with relationships
I'm a self saboteur in relationships and I'm about to ruin yet another one. This is my first flame from when we were teenagers, in fact he was my first sexual encounter
Relationship Advice, by ChiliPeppa
After 4 dates he referred to me as “great company.” What does that mean?
Casually dating a guy. We’ve gone on four dates. It became physical on third date- no sex anytime soon. I’m 30, female dentist. He’s 35 and owns and works in his
Dating Advice, by Sabrina918
impotence issues
I almost went all the way with this cute Vietnamese girl...did pretty much everything up until the end...and lost my erection at some point and couldn't get it hard
Sex and Romance, by drivenfuture
Should I confront him?
My boyfriend and I are very open with our phones and tablets so we know each other’s passcodes. I was on his tablet trying to find a video when I came across a hidden
Dating Advice, by Bunhead
Why is she not responding?
So I called this girl from school and asked her If I could take her out on a date, and she said yes. Ive been trying to text her on snapchat to figure out the details
Dating Advice, by hide
Dating two women at the same time??
Hi, just wanted to get some people's thoughts on this... So I went back onto online dating a couple of months ago after taking a long break from it. Matched with a
Dating Advice, by Jimbob83
What is going through his mind?
My ex and i were together for 8yrs. We are in our early 40s. We were also engaged. Our relationship had hit really bad/stressful time. So he broke up w/me about 7months
Confused by the girl I have been working with for 2 years. Please help me
I’ve been working with this girl for 2 years. At this point I could say she’s one of my good friends. But, it took us a bit to get here. the majority of this time she
Am I overreacting ?
From my previous post. I spoke about a guy I was dating for a couple months. WeВ’re not official just dating. We had issues because he was distant and bad at
Dating Advice, by Tishmoore691
Monkey branching and likelihood of reconciliation vs rebound
I'm still dealing with my own issues right now, but I'm curious about the feedback from the folks on ENA regarding monkey branching relationships. I was listening to
Ex contacted my Parents during No Contact
Hi, I have a question and would also like some advice. So, my ex girlfriend broke up with me around a month ago. I tried to convince her to continue for about a week
So for some pre-amble I have a history of depression. I think I am scared of being alone and lonely. I am shy and was a late bloomer in a lot of respects. I was a tubby
Ghosted or Scared?
Hi, I'm 30 now. There's this guy I've known since high school who had a crush on me back then and I shut him down. After I graduated high school, I got into a
Dating Advice, by Honey2theB31
I need help.. living with ex!
So, I was with my ex partner for 3 and half years, they were good. I'm a lesbian and I thought she was too! She cheated on me a couple of times and I took her back. We
Breaking Up Advice, by StokeCity1
French Bulldogs
Thinking about getting a French Bulldog. Is there anything I should know before I buy one? Are they high maintenance? Health issues?
Pets, by h3x
If someone (during a bad break up) said to you, "When I look at you I see all of my failures." how would you take that? Just looking for opinions because it is still
I met his co-workers, need advice
Hi everyone! I need some advice in regard to the guy I am seeing and was hoping someone could help. So I have been seeing someone I met from a dating app for 2
Dating Advice, by PiscesDream5
In love with a professional?
I know this sounds stupid, but hear me out. Professional is code for escort. I met her almost 1.5 years ago. She's 15 years my junior. As soon as I saw her, she
Relationship Advice, by Johnny Utah
Ever gotten back with your ex-girlfriend after begging and pleading for 2 weeks?
I have posted before with a longer recap of how my breakup went. In the span of the first two weeks of the breakup, I was in contact with her 7 times about getting back
Getting Back Together, by Saddumpedguy
Need to vent
I know the button said "ask for advice" , and perhaps I could use that to an extent, but mainly I just need to let some things out. Some back story: my parents have
Personal Growth, by The Cold One
Was in a relationship for 8 yrs and he recently told me was seeing another woman
hi, was in a relationship for 8 years and I was recently told he is seeing someone else and totally left me devastated. The person he is involved with is 39 and he is
Breaking Up Advice, by Brokenheart8
Please, no judgement on this situation.
I am hoping some advice will be given here without judgment on the situation. Please believe me when I say I have been grieving terribly and not coping very well the
I'm having a really rough day
I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and emotional today. Struggling to focus at work. I guess this is mostly a vent. 1) I found out last night that my dear grandma is
Emotions and Feelings, by MirrorKnight
I feel like I don't crush on women anymore
So, I'm a 40 year old guy that's never been married with no kids. I've been in two long term relationships in my life. One ended after about a year and a half because I
Love Advice, by m799999
Becoming a step mom
I’ve recently started dating the same guy I dated when we were 13. We are 20 now and I have a child. His ex and him are expecting a baby in February. When we started to
Parenting and Families, by Zoevalencia
Girldfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago
Here is the quick and dirty - we're both 34, matched on a dating app, but we actually went to HS together, so we had a decent foundation of shared experiences from back
Breaking Up Advice, by WiseHeart
Putting in Effort on a Date
I have been casually dating this guy for a month, and he's a nice guy, we have great conversations and mesh well, have great chemistry, but he doesn't put in a lot of
Dating Advice, by DaisyMayPorter
She asked "what am I to you?" Pretty sure I answered wrong
she asked me this while at a nice park. I thought she was referring to our labeling the relationship, as it's very early in the relationship (5 dates)...so I asked if
Dating Advice, by drivenfuture
How can I learn to go to work when I desperately don't want to?
Hello, I'm a 24 year old girl and until now I've only worked occasionally from home, but overall I didn't make much money, mostly my parents supported me financially
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