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Potential Bullying at Work? How Do I Handle Situation?
by Astrogirl
I've recently started a new job as an assistant manager. For the most part, I love my job and do my very best. I'm not exactly new to managing as I have been given

How can some people give up on relationships so easily?
by Yaelic625
I dated this girl from February to October of last year; yeah, not a [I]long[/I] time but it was very intense and even now I'm not at all over her. She ended it and

Devastated after being ghosted
by Florrie
I've been dating a guy for about 4 months now. I should add I made sure to move things slowly at first and not rush into anything. We got along so well and I began to


Sister asked me to be her egg donor.
by Moontiger
Title kind of days it all. She has kids already but wants another and is unable to use her own eggs for medical reasons. She wants to carry the child. Almost

Adulterous STD
by Tappthat
I am single but have been in a noncommitted relationship with a married man for the past 10 months. It is a no strings attached situation. We hang out casually almost

Relationship Articles

Why Do Relationships Fail and How to Improve Them
One of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in life are failed relationships. Making a relationship work is one of the most important life skills a person can learn. If individuals cannot maintain lasting relationships, they, without any doubt

Young Couples Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage
It has been already known for some time that fewer and fewer individuals are willing to get married, and a new research just confirmed how much the marriage rate has dropped down in the last century.

Long Distance Relationships Can Actually End Up In Marriage
It has been universally acknowledged that having a long distance relationship is not such a good idea, especially if there is no known end-date to the separation. Endless phone calls, expensive plane tickets, low satisfaction

How To Survive A Partner's Betrayal
Some people say that when we deeply love or care about someone we automatically open the door to betrayal. I am not sure whether such statement holds true or not, but one thing I know for sure - relationships are never easy and, no matter what we might pi

Being Single During Holiday Season: What Can You Do About It?
Being single around the holiday season can get many people extremely sad and depressed. Everywhere you go, you see other couples doing shopping together or making out in front of shop windows, and when you come home all alone, you understand that you have

Featured Author

Hope Edelman
Hope Edelman is the bestselling author of Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss, as well as the books Letters from Motherless Daughters: Words of Courage, Growth and Healing; Mother of My Mother: The Intricate Bond Between Generations; and the forthcoming Motherless Mothers. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, Self, Glamour, Child, Parenting, and Real Simple.

She lives in Topanga Canyon, California, with her husband and ...

Featured Advice
Estranged sibling, not sure how to resolve
I'm not sure what to do, any suggestions would be great. I won't go into the whole story as we would be here all night but my brother got married last year and I was asked to be bridesmaid. I couldn't afford to go to the hen party as it was a trip abroad

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