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She lost interest after I failed to make a move
I was dating this girl for 4 months. We were seeing each other like once every week or 2 weeks since we are both competetive athletes and both studying, so there wasn't
Bad idea?
I non-exclusively dated a girl for about 3 months and really was falling for her hard... she ended things because she was 80% sure she was going to have to move in the
Dating Advice, by jackie103
husband hates his job
Husband hates his Job. Since we met he has been.in nine jobs and we have moved house for each of these jobs. His work takes us to remote areas where the only work I
Difficult situation
Hi everyone Please bare with me as I’m new to this site! Just looking for a bit to advise really and what would be the best course of action because I feel so
Breaking Up Advice, by Rachel269
Break up
Hi been living with bf 2 years but after our arguing and my insecure jealousy he moved out but he still paying rent and still has most of his stuff here and keys I want
Breaking Up Advice, by ShaniBaker
This Is Just So Sad :(
Hi guys, I feel close to many of y'all so basically posting this to get my feelings out and for support. As many of you know, my brother has terminal cancer and will
Concern for a friend
I have a friend who is becoming increasingly dillusional and paranoid. She is consumed with thoughts and obsessive thinking that are not rational yet she believes them
Friendship and Friends, by dgunn60390
Lacking Mutual Respect?
My boyfriend is off for 4 days and I had made plans for one of the days and just told him that we could stuff the other days, would you feel upset that I didn’t ask if
Relationship Advice, by Leesee0702
She broke up with me over something I did wrong. Feeling awful about it.
Hey all, My ex broke up with me a few weeks back over something I did and I am beating myself up but also being told by friends and family and 3 doctors that she is
Breaking Up Advice, by MrWobblyTickle
How should I text her?
Just started texting this girl my friend knows on snap last night and she responds pretty quick and has been the initiator both last night and this morning. I just added
More help needed
Hi guys, I posted here about 5 weeks back with all sorts of problems that my recent breakup has caused, specifically the physical problems of tightness in my chest
So where do I go from here?
Hello! I am new to these forums and this is my first post! So please bare with me! Ok, so here's my situation. Firstly, I don't have an extensive dating record as
Dating Advice, by GenericUser
Boyfriends and festivals?
My boyfriend goes to a lot of festivals over the summer period, I do too BUT when he goes to 5 day festivals with just his friends, I always find myself missing him a
Relationship Advice, by Jask2019
considering marriage, something bothering me
Considering marriage to this woman soon. She still has some old relationships that I consider poison. For example, she has done electrical work for some Indian business
Relationship Advice, by AncientOne
Update: scary conversation. Unsure if I should take steps to help?
I wrote previously about a very fresh break up with a guy 3 days ago who has rapid cycling bipolar. I am not able to link my post in here, but feel free to read my last
Breaking Up Advice, by deedee28
Confused, I don't know how he feel about me.
I'm a 17 y/o from The Philippines and I like this Japanese Guy (same age) from Japan. I met this guy on a Language exchange app because I really love Japan's culture and
Had he used me?
I’ve been on and off with my boyfriend for 9months. We lived in different areas so distance was becoming a problem. I decided to make the move to be with him so I moved
Congratulations Toronto!
I'll be rooting for you in the NBA Finals against the Warriors.
Off Topic, by beatlesfan77
Can't tell if I am depressed/in a rut or outgrowing things in life
Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any advice. I am in need of some unbiased advice/opinions on what I have been going through for the past few months: since
Personal Growth, by Starseed450
What just happened?
I messaged her around 10 AM when I woke up to say good morning , then sent 4 other random things like memes and such for her to view when she wakes up. She messages me
Very toxic relationship ended. Please share your thoughts
Hi all, So a couple weeks ago my ex basically just got her uni friend (a guy) to pick her up and not seen her since. She lost her licence to drink driving. It was
Abuse and Violence, by MattyD1980
I feel attracted to my boss and I'm starting falling in love with him
I've been working in a small private organization for a year and a half. This January I realized I'm attracted to my boss and although I try to control it and not to
Mutual Friend told me my gf was trying to make a move on him
My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years. My girlfriend and I have a long term friends of ours. His name is Kaleb. Kaleb knew my girlfriend
Dating Advice, by LolaBeez
Why are so many men on the date sites foreign nationals?
I have experienced over 40 men on the date sites all having foreign accents from other countries. I have not run into one American accent speaking person on the large
Should I message him again?
Hi, I'm gay and I met a guy from an app a few months ago. We went on several dates and clicked well. I had to leave after a month as I was working away in another
I insulted my boyfriend's family accidentally
My bf and I have been dating for almost a year now, it was sweet at 1st but later we had issues that led to our break up, he said I talk to him anyhow and I have anger
She chewed me up and spit me out
Its been 6 months since I found out about her cheating. I was in a long distance relationship for nearly 3 years and I met her a few times. I closed the distance by
Infidelity, by AnalogueAnimal
Getting back together after mutually agreed no contact period
I'm F (25) and my ex is M (27). We've been officially together for 7 months and my ex was always the clingy one in the relationship. Throughout the course of our time
Getting Back Together, by redvelvey
Not feeling it anymore
My partner said that when they kiss me they say “I don’t feel anything” and they look as me as a friend. The problem is, is that we’ve been a thin since September 2018
Dating Advice, by Gacho22
He (25) broke up with me (28) to protect me. Feeling crushed.
I had been dating a guy for 3 months. We hit it off right from the start. He was American and moved to my country for another girl 2 years ago and the girl was quite
Breaking Up Advice, by deedee28
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