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Is he guilty?
In the past 8 years.. My boyfriend has left me several times, many times during his "away time" whilst at a family members house he would assure me that he didnt want to
Serious? Limbo? What does he feel about me?
So i (38)met this guy (35) a year ago on tinder. We had two very sweet dates, him kissing me in the end included, I wanted to take it slow though. For the third date he
Dating Advice, by sputnik78
Should I pursue her?
Hi all, here's some backstory. I recently decided to start fresh with school after completing one year of college, I am now coming back home to a community college to
What do I do with an emotionally unsupportive boyfriend?
Lately I have been really down. It is due to a mixture of problems in my life. I won’t bore you. I’m unemployed due to COVID 19, clueless about what direction to take my
Relationship Advice, by AnneMartina
I feel like I'm being pressured into being with her
I'll start with the backstory. I (31/M) began seeing someone (33/F) last year back in June. We hung out about a few times between our first date and the first of August
Breaking Up Advice, by kevin715
Moving to same city as ex. Should I let him know?
Hey there, So I was with my ex for five years, on and off. We had an intense connection, I felt, but we were extremely mismatched -- and broke up for good when I
Approached a girl for the first time in my life, confused about her behavior.
Dating isn't done here, so many girls and guys have no idea about this stuff. There's this girl at my gym who I have been seeing for around a few months. Over the
Is she attracted?!
I know her for the past 15 years. We are now on our 30s. We were really close. Even after all these years we can talk for hours. It seems that we always had a connection
Thinking of breaking up, but not 100% sure
Hi, thanks for looking. The last week or so I've been contemplating whether I need to break up with my gf. Maybe you can shed some wisdom on me. I've been seeing
Breaking Up Advice, by Wateroflife
How can I make this right???
Me and my girlfriend of over five years are on the brink. COVID hasn’t helped, but the issues were there before. I have some anxieties when I’m confronted an I lied
Why did he say this ???
My ex and I were together for a couple of years. He pursued me , chased me but once he got me , he wasn’t all in. I would tell him he didn’t love me and he told me that
Breaking Up Advice, by MaidMariane
Does absence make the heart grow founder? (Ladies would love your thoughts)
Hi guys, I've heard a few theories lately and i'm curious. As bad as it is, does intentionally ignoring someone or ghosting actually make them miss you/attract
Attraction and Flirting, by jackjohnson4
my first breakup, I need to vent about what I went through
This is my first time posting here. I'm posting here because my now ex-boyfriend knows all my social media, and I know he watches them even when I've blocked him. I
How to approach getting back together with ex?
About a month has past since me and my ex broke up. We dated for almost 2 years before we split. I still want to be with her and want to make things work. However
Getting Back Together, by RandoAnom
Your goodbye stories to people leaving your life please share!!
Hi, First I am not here to talk about my story (I babbled enough about that in Personal Growth) But I am interested in other people's experiences in Good byes. Not so
Lost the love of my life need help
Met my ex girlfriend while doing my favorite hobby. Sparks flew and we were serious and exclusive almost instantly. Was with my ex for 2 1/2 years lived together for 2
Relationship Advice, by Kevinw1205
I cant stand my daughters boyfriend
Hi. My daughter is 21. Just finished uni with a good degree. Shes seeing this lad who is 26 and a complete waste of space. Works very little is absolutely bone idle. He
Parenting and Families, by Knight2001
Will he text me again?
Hi. I met this guy online some time ago. He is really friendly and we texted a lot. Well, to be honest there was a time in our correspondence when he did not text me for
Dating Advice, by Martina111
Again with an ex, update
Hi all. I haven't posted in a long time, but I often thought about updating my status after my original thread. I cannot post URLs, but it's the only other thread I have
Breaking Up Advice, by WandererBoy
Maybe just communication issues, but want an outside perspective
I (37M) have been with my girlfriend (27F) for just over six years now. Lately we've been arguing. A lot. We have several long-standing issues in the relationship that

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