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Does she know I'm into her? Should I stop?
There's this new girl at work for 2 weeks so far. We're both 24. I'm really quiet and haven't talked much to her so far. On the first day, I added her on Facebook and
Dating Advice, by Hopelessnick
Ticking time bomb
Hello and thank you for reading! I have known and worked with this guy for about 2 years now. We have always kind of hit it off together but we’ve both been in our
Relationship Advice, by Seeknotfound
Is it possible to love a person even if you don’t feel close to them?
Is it possible to love a person even if you don’t feel close to them? My bf of 8 months and I recently broke up after discovering that we don’t feel close to one
Dating Advice, by jnguyent3
Down the Toilet
To get straight to the point, my relationship of nearly 8 years came to a close a few days ago. I had previously posted that we went on a break, as it increasingly
Let it go and move on or try harder?
Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and what brought me here is I really need some solid advice on which way to go in my life and this relationship I've been involved in
Dating Advice, by L1987
Trust issues
Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and what brought me here is I really need some solid advice on which way to go in my life and this relationship I've been involved in
I feel awful about what I've done to someone
Hello, thank you for reading. Due to my circumstances, I don't have anyone to talk to about this, so I would like to get it off my chest here and some advice would be
Emotions and Feelings, by chippie008
How to Handle Work Place Rumors?
I am dating a man that I work with but we are both in different departments so we barely see each other. I pride myself on being extremely loyal, with integrity, and I
Dating Advice, by ConfusedLady21
What's a good small gift to give co-workers when it's you that's leaving?
Thought I pose this question since I got great advice from people about one of my threads about a work question. I am leaving my job next week and I want to give a
Dealing with death on my own - Unsupportive partner
My father passed away unexpectedly 2.5 weeks ago, to say the last 2.5 weeks has been a nightmare is an understatement. From the police at my front door, to identifying
Time to end the relationship?
Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster :) I have been dating a woman for about 3 months now. The back story on her, she is in her 40s, divorced with two
Dating Advice, by mrbreezer
Sinister or Just Spam?
Help!! First-time poster and I need some advice. I (30F) found a text message on my fiancй’s (34M) Apple Watch that reads: “Eve is available in your city. Talk to
Wish I could read his mind
My ex and I had a wonderful relationship for 2 years. We never had a fight or anything. I was so sure this was the guy I was going to marry. All of the sudden, he
Getting Back Together, by Stuckinluv18
Is this a red flag?
I have very limited experience with online dating, so, this is my question. This is about someone I met online today. Is it a red flag when he calls you for the first
Dating Advice, by Eliza50
My bf and i broke up because we don’t feel close to one another after 8 months
My bf and i broke up after 8 months of dating because we feel like we weren’t close with one another. It was good for the first 4-5 months. Then things kind of fizzled
Dating Advice, by jnguyent3
Relationship breakdown and guilt
Hi All, My partner has had mental health issues since I got together with him. He seeked help at first which helped him but he always still had some problems. Our
Breaking Up Advice, by MayJane
Broke up with my best friend
So I had this best friend for 4 years and we ended up in a relationship. It lasted less than two months. We worked as best friends but not as boyfriend and
Friendship and Friends, by Piaresssss
What do these same sex dreams mean
I’m a heterosexual male and I have a gf who I’m very close too. I enjoy anal stimulation and my girl friend has done it for me. It started of as just anal but now I get
Finding out after 4 months that he never actually had feelings for me
I started seeing this guy in August last year. A few weeks in, he told me he was moving away in April. So we stopped seeing each other for a while. Then a few weeks
Why isn't he contacting me?
Me and my bf of 2 years had a good relationship. We had an amazing connection and we talked about marriage and were super serious.. He lived with me for a bit then we
Worth working it out or are we too incompatible?
My bf and I share a bed. I feel like our biggest problem is with physical intimacy. I have a much higher sex drive than him but also I'd be okay with just cuddling for a
Sex and Romance, by Acolyte2020
Ex unblocked me after 5+ years
Hi everyone, My ex has suddenly unblocked me on all social media (IG, twitter, FB) after over 5 years NC. I don't know why, and I don't know if he's been snooping -
The odd one out - Ambushed by Sisters
During Christmas break I took my toddler son to my parents home to spend time with his cousins and grandparents. One of my sisters bought him presents yet didn’t even
Emotions and Feelings, by Lisa Love
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