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NC with mutual social life
Hello everyone. I have currently been NC with my ex girlfriend for little over a month now. It's probably the hardest thing I have ever done, and I hate every minute of
Do women approach men first?
Does it happen that a girl approaches man first and shows clear interest in him or makes more effort than him to get a relationship with him? I am 25m, never had gf and
Dating Advice, by Equator
No longer attracted to him because of his neediness?
I’m dating a guy who is really needy. I feel like I’m the only source of his happiness and I feel so much responsibility. Don’t get me wrong he’s lovely and treats me
Odd encounter at the gym
I’m not exactly sure if this is the best place to ask for advice, but It’s one of the only places I know so I’ll just go for it. So to start off, I’m an 18 YO guy and I
Was she out of line??
My ex mother n law who is my kids grandma brought my exs 8 month old baby to meet me. I have fell in love with the baby now. But I'm thinking should she have done
When to break up?
I have been with my boyfriend for almost 8 years now. We went to church together when we were younger and I had a crush on him since I was like 9. In 2011, I moved
Breaking Up Advice, by Girlface33
My boyfriend broke up with me over this?
As a child, I suffered emotional abuse from my family that lasted for years. When I began dating my boyfriend last year, I told him that I lived with a relative and in
Relationship Advice, by confused0812
BF's female best friend - how do i not be jealous?
I have been friends with my bf for the past 3 years. We started dating 1.5 years ago and are currently in an ldr til the end of the year. For the most part, it's not the
Dating Advice, by paradoxical
Is it ok to ghost someone you've never met?
I matched with this guy on Bumble and we agreed to meet up on the weekend. I wasn't sure about him at all, but was willing to give it a shot by going out at least once
Dating Advice, by lolap
Anger Towards Past
I've been writing about my life, and it's made me revisit the past. Injustices. Emotionally abusive relationships. Rape even. Parental neglect. Narcissistic parent. And
Dumped twice and heartbroken
We were dating for a year, and I thought everything was going really well. I was doing my best to be open and communicative etc And believed he was being truthful and
Let it go?
Girl (19F) and I (20M) worked together at a grocery store and really hit it off. I asked for her Snap and about a week later, for 3 nights in a row we talked until about
the first move
so i got this best friend who's a little promiscuous, she spends a lot of time with me in my house and she even sleeps here almost everyday sharing the same bed (
Sex and Romance, by yamajii89
Is this normal?
Is it normal when I see or hear someone starting to get emotional, their pitch in their voice goes higher and higher, pace of words gets faster and faster, the voice
Why are you all so bitter?
Is it me or are the platinum members on this site super bitter? It’s like I posted on some forums to get advice and it seems that everyone is more attacking me instead I
Off Topic, by shesmaudlin
Would it be stupid if I reach out for him now?
Hey guys, Here's this silly little story I'm too ashamed to even tell my friends I'm still thinking about sometimes. First, I know the whole thing is cheesy but I
Love Advice, by yasu
Believing You Have ADHD
Hi guys, I'm am so frustrated with myself! I am now convinced that as an adult, I have developed ADHD or just ADD. I find it difficult focusing and concentrating
I regret everything now
So in regards to my last few posts I just want to say that I regret pretty much everything that’s happened with this guy. Judging from the comments on these threads it’s
Love Advice, by shesmaudlin
Is he just playing a game or was he just flirting?
So I sent a text saying “hey I just wanted to say that I love you! That is all.” With a heart emoji at the end to the guy I talked about in my last thread. It was copied
Dating Advice, by shesmaudlin
How do you know when a therapist is a good fit for you?
Personal Growth, by summablairr
Not sure whats happening
Hi folks, just need to get this off my chest I guess. Been married 6 years( second time) was great but now...long story short..sex very infrequent, and very unsatisfying
Relationship Advice, by Positive G
Why do guys text after no contact for months?
Hi all, Hoping you can help me with some advice. A few months ago I decided to try online dating again. I went on two "first meetings", don't want to call them dates
Dating Advice, by Laluna14
If you
If you settle for less than you deserve You get less than what you settled for If you hold out for what you deserve You probably get nothing Everybody needs
My friends leaving the country will make me depressed
Hi everyone. Lately,I've been feeling kind of depressed because three of my friends want to live abroad. This makes me sad since I'm gonna miss them so much and I know
Personal Growth, by Butterfly44o
Guy Facetimed ex during our meet?
So been knowing this guy for five months. When we first met, he just go out of a 3 yr relationship as they broke up in Jan. Didn't want to be a rebound. We stopped
Emotions and Feelings, by oheyitsfaith
How should I follow through?
Hello all - I’ll try to be as concise as possible. Apologies if it feels long. I went on a date Monday night in Boston. It was our first time meeting up. I’ve
Dating Advice, by lmasterz
Normal or not?
Hi, We were discussing one topic with my friend and I wanted to hear opinions of people here as well. Imagine a couple, while they're together, doing something or
Relationship Conflicts, by Random Person
I have a secret...
I did something that would end my relationship with someone I care very deeply for. We may have a chance at saving our relationship but if he knew this it would be over
Infidelity, by LadyCaCa
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