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help me figure this out...
I was facetiming my gf because right now we are doing a long distance relationship due to work... have been doing it exactly 1 year...Total of a 4.5 yr
Infidelity, by ourdanny
Want to elope with fiancй- scared of family’s reaction
nevermind. I didn’t realize everyone on this forum was negative and mean
Parenting and Families, by Avvril3000
I dont know what to do; I'm getting desperate
Sorry I posted a book My girlfriend and I started talking to each other in June of 2018. We both worked at the same job but never really talked to each other
Getting Back Together, by ringtail422
Called things quits and now he's with another and I regret EVERYTHING
Where do I even start... So long story short, I was in a really bad relationship while I was doing college. I fell head over heels and he ended up hurting me more
Dating Advice, by sadandlow
Do I Define the Relationship?
For about a month I've been consistently hanging out with a guy, we'll call him Ryan, almost daily. When we first started talking we both agreed it was casual and we
Dating Advice, by Hannah0402
Should I wait?
I met this guy 4 months ago. I’m 29 and he’s 33. When we first started hanging out we really liked each other. We went on two actual dates and just was doing the dinner
Dating Advice, by Tishmoore691
Does he like me? Does he like me not?
So there's this acquaintance that I've known for a few months in our group of friends and I wonder if he likes me. Every time we're at an event, I catch him looking
Taking a break- confused : 😐 Advise needed
hello, i'll try to make this short as possible. Backstory: ME- 34 HIM-31 Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year now and quite recently (the past
Breaking Up Advice, by Iknowaline
Broken up but still in daily contact
About 9 months ago me and my partner of 20 yrs have split (became like brother and sister according to her, i suppise she wsz right bit i never wanted to split) We
Breaking Up Advice, by Darcus30
What to do? Feeling confused by the situation.
Hi everyone. New to this forum. I just would like a little advice on a guy I’ve been seeing. I met a guy online a few months ago, we hit it off so well. We had a
Dating Advice, by Littlerose
I have been excommunicated from my family.
I was asked to reformat into paragraph form to make it easier to read. Mods please delete OP Sorry for the long post. Ill post a Too long didn't read cliff notes
Should I attend his house party?
Hi everyone, I know a guy for a while and it's his first time inviting me over to his house for house party as his parents is out of town. He said he will introduce me
Dating Advice, by Daisy2019
Marriage Ultimatum. Dead stuck, please help!
Disclaimer: since English is not my native language, I apologize for awkward collocations and mistakes It really tears my heart apart. I’m really stuck and don’t know
Relationship Advice, by elmariachi93
Need advice on where to go from here. Did I mess up?
We broke up mutually six months ago. She started to distance herself and left no other choice but to part ways at that time. I couldn't see any other way. I was
The one that got away...I lost the love of my life
When I was in college 15 years ago, I fell madly in love with Scott. He was the president of a fraternity and massively popular, smart, and a great catch. I was a
Coping with be lonely
Some of you know already that I broke up with my boyfriend/fiance of 3 years, last month. I'm wondering how everyone copes or deals with feeling lonely. I'm trying to
Quick Rundown.. What to do?
Backstory. 2 year relationship. Ex and i started fighting alot the past months about issues of her not putting much effort into making me feel wanted as she once
Breaking Up Advice, by Ekud311
Angry at me for being voice of reason
I’ll keep this story brief. My wife and I went to a park and to play a little bit of pitch and hit softball on the baseball field. On the way to the field, there is a
Need outside opinions!
Me & my significant other are currently going through some things that are veryyy complicated! .. to make it sort of simple.. We were having disagreements & arguments
Sex and Romance, by kay21
What should i do?
Cant get over her after 9 months. Still love my ex but she moved on How to let go
Emotions and Feelings, by Advice172645
How can I deal and get over this?
Hello, I am very new to this and just want to hear peoples opinion on my situation and hopefully advice to help me get over this whole thing. This is my story Im
Emotions and Feelings, by Advice172645
Should I break off the engagement ?
When I met my fiancй I knew he liked to drink. We were in our 20’s so I didn’t think anything of it. I started noticing that when he started he couldn’t just have a few
My life is a mess
2 and a half years ago I met the most amazing woman. We clicked instantly and really got to know one another, dating and experiencing interests on both sides. Going with
My boyfriend (now ex) broke up with me today after I accused him of cheating
My now ex and I had been dating for about five months. Last Saturday I found a condom in one of his bags (we don’t use condoms) right before an event and I got really
Breaking Up Advice, by Maria89
Awkward Situation
I am looking for advice regarding a dating situation. I am a 43 year old single woman, never married, no children. I tried online dating on and off for two years and had
Dating Advice, by DarlingLisa
Am I not seeing the sense in this situation?
My girlfriend / soon to be fiancй said to me that I'm crazy and has been shouting at me and calling me names regarding this situation, which I believe is really nothing
Relationship Advice, by qwertyscream
Pesticide treatment
Hello everyone! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. Not sure how to handle it as I’ve never been in the situation. We live rented house and on Sunday we got
Off Topic, by BecxyRex
Worried about what our coworkers will think.
I really need advice, but of course as usual, I don't have really anyone to talk to, so I turn to this site. I'll try to make it brief. I am dating a good man. I
Dating Advice, by ConfusedLady21
issues regarding relocation with boyfriend
Hi everyone, My boyfriend got a great job on the other side of the country and I accepted to follow him. We have been together for two years. I had to quit my job
To have hope or not?
I am looking for advice on a recent relationship of mine that ended. It began over a year ago as friends with benefits - we would hang out, play sports, watch tv, and
Breaking Up Advice, by Rararar
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