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In love with my teacher.
The first day of sixth form, I walked into my Biology class, sat down and was talking with my friends. I looked up and a new teacher walked in. Let's call him Mr M
Ok so, there’s a guy at work i am very attracted to, and have been for some time. He is 42 and single and has become a born again Christian, i am 30 and atheist. About 6
I got rejected but why?
I was messaging a girl in online dating. She said call her at 8pm. I kept thinking about the call and kept looking at my watch. I dialed her at 8pm and no
Dating Advice, by txtrak7
Unusual Situation
Most of my life, I have been dealing with neurological problems that made it almost impossible to date or have relationships with women ( I'm not counting a couple of
Dating Advice, by scooterman
GF pregnant..Interesting timing (30M) (26F)
This past month has been a whirlwind and one I will remember for a long time. Lost job and car in the same week. On Thursday, My gf of 7 months said she was
Hi i wanted some advise if anyone can help I have been in a relationship for 1 year now, my girlfriend has two children with her ex. They split up six years ago
Relationship Advice, by Adrianjuan
He has a girlfriend
So I met a guy through mutual friends on a night out. He has recently moved here and we got on straight away after being introduced by one of my best friends. He asked
Dating Advice, by Roseanna
What should I do? Should I carry on?
Basically I’ve been in love with my friend for a while (let’s call him j) but he’s been in love with his other friend (let’s calm her t) for a couple of years now
Dating Advice, by Rubylu
Move or Stay
Mom threatens if I move she will cut me out of the will. Technically that's already been done. I have already agreed to move into apartment, and I worry the
Hi i wanted some advise if anyone can help I have been in a relationship for 1 year now, my girlfriend has two children with her ex. They split up six years ago
Cyber Relationships, by Adrianjuan
He said he doesn't love me anymore.
Hi, I've been in a long distance relationship with a guy, he's 32 and I'm 19. We had been dating for a year and 7 months when a week ago he said to me he didn't know how
What should I do?
Hello there, I was in relationship in early stages ( 3months) with a guy, who was really kind, sweet, he pleased me in every posibbly way, but we could see each other
Breaking Up Advice, by AnaMeden
Should I let my ex know that I still miss him after 10 yrs?
10 years ago, when I was 25, I fell in real love for first time in another country with my unhappily married boss who was then 45. I worked voluntarily with him for a
Relationship Advice, by RekhaMira
What is Your Opinion on Boyfriends Who Ask Their Partner to Change Appearance?
I went on a date a couple weeks ago and got a message from him recently saying that he liked talking to me and that I have a great personality, but my looks are not his
Dating Advice, by Gabbalabba
Grieving or not interested anymore?
I've been dating this guy for the last 2 months. We both agreed that we were not casually dating but have not yet called it a relationship so I guess it's somewhere in
Does he want to get back together?
Hello, A few weeks ago I told my boyfriend I thought we needed a break because we was arguing a lot and wasn’t really appreciating each other. He was devastated and
Getting Back Together, by orangezdsh
Should I give up hope?
This is a bit of a long story, but I really need to put it out there because I'm going insane. There's this guy (I'll call him Jack) I went out with for a brief time
Dating Advice, by liasaurusrex
I should be so greatful..but I'm not
I'm away in a different country , just me and my gf... on paper, I should be loving life... I've actally had a great life so far... but yet I feel so lost and lonely all
I’m hurting, can you relate?
I was in relationship “so I thought” with a guy for a over a year. He has two children and I have none. We are both 29. He was always sketchy but I just got out of an
Eating Disorder, Shame, Denial
A few years ago I posted this: “I am currently working towards remission from bulimia that I’ve been suffering on and off with for about 7 years. I’m focused on
Personal Growth, by megjo
The relationship is falling apart. What do I do?
Some necessary details. I am a 22 year old university student (been expelled twice, now recovering and finishing up with my studies), SO's 23 year old, we've been
How do I pull him back after I've hurt him too much?
We have been together for more than 4 years in a LDR and I've pushed him away too far and hurt him too much because of my insecurities. He has always been there for me
I fear I’m going to get dumped today
A follow up to my post from a few days ago, we have been talking everyday, she’s been busy at work so not as much as we ar broth accustomed to, but we’re both good with
Love Advice, by Sourmilk
I was biking and called by error on Whatsupp my ex who dumped me. She had asked me to move on and told me that she would never be with me anymore. No contact for one
Dating Advice, by astoria55400
Unfulfilled. Ideas or advice?
Hey guys, Doing some soul searching lately as I’m completely unhappy and unfulfilled in my career. I was hoping those of you with some experience or wisdom could give
What did I do wrong? Did she set me up?
Hi all, I am going through an arranged marriage process and we went to see a girl at their house with my family. Everything went ok but her third question was about my
Handing social situations and any other crossover after breakup...
Hi, all- So, the breakup was a really long time coming but neither of us wanted to let go of the relationship because it would also mean letting go of our amazing
Recovery, OCD, and putting life back together - can I do this
Hey there, thought I would check in for some advice, apologies if this is a bit meandering. I've posted before about my OCD getting extremely bad, as I looked to move
Issues With Boyfriend and Reconnecting With An Ex
Hi guys, I've been trying to work this out myself but realized I may need your input. Apologies for the length; I wanted you to have all the facts. I've discovered a
Relationship Advice, by katrina1980
Asking Girl Directly For More Time Alone?
Hi dudes/dudettes! I've been lurking here for a while, but this is my first time posting. I would be super grateful for your advice on the most suitable course of action
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