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Can't stand my school, want to transfer badly but should I now or wait?
Hello, I am 18 and currently in my second year of online college. The college is a well-respected school, not some for-profit scam school like Phoenix, Devry, or
Relationship might be coming to an end
(LONG READ!) Yesterday my boyfriend ignored me the entire day and the night before that he was acting a little strange. He made a post that said "I am sad" and went
Dating Advice, by peachytwice
Confused - Boyfriend & I not having sex
I am really confused. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 5 years. In the beginning of our relationship we had the most amazing sex, but after about a year
Relationship Advice, by BellSmith
New job where ex is
Hello everyone! I broke up with my ex about two years ago. Time has passed and he is seeing someone new. Our breakup wasn’t the most pleasant (when are they ever
Personal Growth, by Jtbelieve
Thinking outloud
Some times, from big to small, another's perspective can help. Especially when you're a tad biased. I understand being taken advantage of, but if you never let people
Personal Growth, by also6prep
My partner has a child but said she couldn’t support my children
I have four kids yes four which is a lot on it’s on to be honest however they don’t live with me directly and only see them on the weekend. My new partner has a child
Relationship Advice, by anonymous201
I'm getting married and feel really uncomfortable with my fiance's groomsman
I'm getting married in a year. My fiance has asked this guy, let's call him *John, to be one of his groomsmen and I feel really uncomfortable with John. At first I
Am I delusional for staying?
My boyfriend and I have been together for 1.5 years. Everything is fine when it’s just the two of us. However, I have been cheated on plenty of times before and I really
Dating Advice, by tired123
Boyfriend and medical issues
I've had to see my boyfriend in secret for 3 and half months because of work (there is a thread on here) but now we are public. He has told me about his medical
I feel like my wife doesn't care - I need a reality check ..
Cliff's notes: I believe I'm in a one-sided marriage in that I do alot for her and I get nothing in return in the relationship. I called her on it and things are, of
I feel bad..
So I feel like I messed up. My long distance friend/ex and me started talking again about a year ago. I had full understanding that she was in a new relationship. One
Desperate confusion.
My boyfriend (24) and I (27) have been together for almost 3 years. We broke up just 3 days ago. The break up was semi mutual. What I mean by that is I suggested a break
How do you keep your head up in light of a chronic health condition?
Hi all, I had previously posted a few months back dealing with a health issue called pericarditis which they think was caused by a viral chest infection. It causes
Health: Body, Mind and Spirit, by ApocalypseDreams
My husband won’t have sex with me and can’t keep his promises
My husband and I just met January 2018 in AIT, or Army Training. We got married June 2018, so fast relationship. All was well and good until we moved in together. Up
What's the next step above spanking?
My apologies if this is too much for the forum, I honestly just don't know where else to ask this anonymously. I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks. We've
Sex and Romance, by csdude55
Another try or separation? Gaslighting?
Hi everyone This may be a long post while I try to explain everything. Please bear with me. Basically, last January. I was out walking my dog. My neighbour caught up
Getting Back Together, by Sarahjane11
Is my girlfriend ungrateful?
Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 8 months now I am a student and my campus is some miles away from home (distance relationship). Things have been moving very
Sigh. Is she into me??
Hey all, I need some insight. I'll give some background and I hope this doesn't get too long lol I'm a 30 year old bisexual woman who has just left a very abusive
Is it me???
My partner has a friend they were interested in each other they kissed and touched and occasionally talked about being more than just friends befor we met. They still
Relationship Advice, by FlowerMaMa
Just for the text of it
Why isn't there a cyber girl who just wants to see the words and imagine
Cyber Relationships, by daggydog
Not sure what my EXs intentions are?
To make it short me and my girlfriend had split up over a year ago, we was with each other for around about two years. We’re both 19 by the way so we were still young
Relationship Advice, by samthomas98
Family and alone time
My boyfriend always makes plans for us without asking me first. So we only hang out on weekends, so 2 times a week. I don't have much time with him as is but if I'm over
Dating Advice, by mandeelove
Ex partner of my partner
I decided to start a new thread to be more relevant. I posted earlier about my new partner that he travelled aboroad alone and I wasn't sure about if he was still
Thinking of relocating
Out of state visiting my aunt, and really like the cost of living here. I looked into jobs and applied to a good one at the University near her house. Apartments are
Trying to make myself pretty for my ex
Okay so about two years me and my ex girlfriend split. Our relationship was full of ups and downs and looking back at it now, she was horrible to me (very emotionally
He has a girlfriend but wants to maintain a friendship with me.
I was in an 6 months love triangle with a guy who was my friend and a business partner. I knew about the other girl but he told me that he broke things off with her
Breaking Up Advice, by NancyBlue
Confused, excited, and down
Hello, new to the forum, never really asked for advice or help on public boards, but felt like giving it a shot. Anyway, let's get to the issue(?). I had a birthday
am i attractive? insecure about my appearance and personality
Hi, everyone, new to this forum, id thought id try it out. Just moved back to my hometown 8 months ago since it wasnt working out for me in the new city. Been trying to
Dating Advice, by desperado204
I really thought we were meant to be. I'm falling apart :(
It's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. I am in a huge rut and could really use some objective advice outside of "you can do better," and "just work on
Love Advice, by Roxie84
Mums - I Need Your Advice! How Did You Handle Two Babies/Toddlers?
Hi forum of eNotAlone! It is very early days for me, but I have found out I'm probably a good couple of weeks pregnant. I already have a little boy who turned 1 a
Pregnancy, by mylolita
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