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Featured Relationship Advice

I Just Don't Get It
by JustMizz
I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now, things seemed to be going well. He lives 2 hours from me, so we've been meeting up in the middle. This past weekend we

Female friend and boyfriend
by Ecc94454
My boyfriend of 2 years has a female friend that he has known since middle school. They are now both 29. I've never cared for her too much, because she has never made

Why can't things be easy and consistent?
by Tygerlyly53
I started talking to a man I knew from years ago. We didn't date, we were just acquaintances. We reconnected recently and went for coffee. We both confessed we liked

Getting Closure
by katrina1980
Thought I'd start a discussion on getting "closure" in our relationships; I've heard differing opinions about it and have been thinking about it a lot myself

Would you be annoyed if...
by FirstDates
Would you be annoyed if you were meeting up for the first time and still didn't know an exact time or location. I'm meeting him tomorrow and still don't know time or

Relationship Articles

Why Do Relationships Fail and How to Improve Them
One of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in life are failed relationships. Making a relationship work is one of the most important life skills a person can learn. If individuals cannot maintain lasting relationships, they, without any doubt

Young Couples Prefer Cohabitation to Marriage
It has been already known for some time that fewer and fewer individuals are willing to get married, and a new research just confirmed how much the marriage rate has dropped down in the last century.

Long Distance Relationships Can Actually End Up In Marriage
It has been universally acknowledged that having a long distance relationship is not such a good idea, especially if there is no known end-date to the separation. Endless phone calls, expensive plane tickets, low satisfaction

How To Survive A Partner's Betrayal
Some people say that when we deeply love or care about someone we automatically open the door to betrayal. I am not sure whether such statement holds true or not, but one thing I know for sure - relationships are never easy and, no matter what we might pi

Being Single During Holiday Season: What Can You Do About It?
Being single around the holiday season can get many people extremely sad and depressed. Everywhere you go, you see other couples doing shopping together or making out in front of shop windows, and when you come home all alone, you understand that you have

Featured Author

John D. Moore, MS, CADC
JOHN D. MOORE, MS, CADC is the author of Confusing Love With Obsession: When You Can't Stop Controlling Your Partner & the Relationship (Writer's Club Press), a book containing a variety of case histories regarding people who use controlling behaviors in personal relationships. Moore is a certified addictions counselor in the state of Illinois and a Professor of Health Sciences at American Public University. ...

Featured Advice
The ex that wouldn't go away
I am engaged to the woman of my dreams. After a couple dates I told everyone I was going to marry her. She told her friends the same. My only hang up was I always was uncomfortable that her most recent ex was still her friend. In July I found out he had b

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