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My life after him has been miserable
God I miss him Or at least what I thought was.... We were together 4 years.He was 19 and I was 22 when we got together. Boy was it magical. Our chemistry was
Avoidant Attachment
Has anyone ever made it work with an avoidant? I just finished round two with my ex. After the first round I ended up depressed. I thought I was making all the wrong
Relationship Advice, by Jazz diddy
Girlfriend talking to her ex
So basically my gf of 5 months left a relationship of over 1 year, she had already taken a fancy to me and we had known each other for a while. She was feeling taken for
Dating Advice, by m1x1m
Resentment and Anger casting shadow over good relationship
When I met my girlfriend I lived in Nashville, Tennessee and she live in Miami, Florida. After a short while I started staying with her in Miami, I had work so i made
Relationship Advice, by caleveras
My boyfriend and his ex
Ok so my boyfriend of 4 years works with his ex his boss had a stroke and he was in need of a secutary so he called his ex to work with him side by side one day I drove
Relationship Advice, by Confused1432
I'm in love with a woman who is not my wife. What should I do?
Hello. I am deeply in love with someone else who does not feel the same way about me. For the long story, please read below. Year 1: A few years ago, halfway through
Im shocked and pissed at the people who knew about my girlfriend cheating ??
This post isnt so much about the cheating its about the people who knew and what they knew. Heres background: Me 36 Girlfriend 33 Other guy 19 Been together 5
Infidelity, by Hatefulone82
Thinking illogically. Worried about myself
I’m worried about my current emotional state. I feel part of it is just me not thinking logically but at the same time I can’t stop thinking and feeling what I believe
Emotions and Feelings, by question2015
How do you date without being guarded?
30 yo m out of a marriage and dating. I'm finding it very hard to know how to open up to people, because one woman i dated post marriage who i really liked, who by all
Dating Advice, by veryhurt
Anxiety attack
Hey everyone! This is more like venting than anything but if anyone has some advise on what I should do I'm also grateful. Even though I sometimes have anxiety
Expensive(ish) present but now what?
Hey all, just wanted to get some opinions on this: I bought my boyfriend tickets to a concert of a band we listen to a lot and will be in town after Christmas. They
Please help, I think I messed up
So I’ll keep this short, this girl and I have been talking for 3 weeks, both texting and on the phone, and things were going absolutely perfect, we even went mini
Dating Advice, by DakotaxJames
Advice please! Why does my husband bring up divorce when we are arguing?
My husband and I have been together for 10 years and have been married for 5 of those 10 years. Sometimes when we are arguing he would suggest that maybe we should get
I can’t let go of the past and don’t know what to do
Hi, So it all began two years ago when this guy came to my college.We wouldnt really talk nor hang out for 6 months. He was then interessted in another classmate of
Dating Advice, by RachelAmber
How am I supposed to feel now?
I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 5 months now and the relationship became long distance when he moved away for a job but the train journey is only 1.5 hours so we
She kicked me off followers after 10 months
I just noticed my ex removed me from her followers list on Instagram after 10 months. We had been in mostly NC After she broke up with me and i hadn’t heard from her
Getting Back Together, by coastgirl
Should two people with newly diagnosed depression date?
Now before I start this I want to say I know there is nothing wrong with people dating who have depression or any other mental illness. I myself suffered from
Dating Advice, by Jellybean9
Clouded Mind
So I’m an idiot. I don’t like my ex romantically in any way. I’ve figured that much out. I also know I don’t want her in my life at all. The only issue is every time I
A Relationship You Never Thought You Would Be In (Success Stories)
Hello, I have dated M. for the past 2.5 years and it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. The main issue has always been him mentally not being ready for a
Relationship Advice, by sweetdesire
How to Have a First Kiss
Recently I’ve been trying to go out with a girl and I want to make sure I know what I am doing well before I may need to do it. I have seen a lot of things about first
Dating Advice, by Mike11
Worst news possible
Hey guys recently came across this blog and i thought i could get some advice and use it to vent. Until two weeks ago I was in a very long term relationship of 7 years
Breaking Up Advice, by Solomeo
Realisation that all is not good
Hi all, Long story short, have been with my partner since late teens (now early forties). She has cheated on me before, broke up with me and then we got back
Breaking Up Advice, by Angryman
Anger or Truth?? Advise sought after..
Please bear in mind i have been lurking on these forums since 2011 on a daily/weekly basis so i have read a lot of advice/experiences in all respects. To keep this to
Relationship Advice, by adrian83
How to cope with cheating partner with no remorse or respect
Hello all, Me and my partner were together 2 years. We moved in a flat together in August. Last Saturday I discovered that they had been cheating on me using dating
Dating Advice, by Alippp
What to do with girl from class.
I had been talking to a girl from a class I am taking for ~6 weeks. In class we are very flirty. I added her on facebook and asked her out for lunch and she said she was
Dating Advice, by valid9403
The Dreaded "Three-Month" Not Ready For A Relationship Mind Frame
Hey guys, this isn't about me, it's about a good gf, who has been dating her bf for around three months. Prior to meeting her bf, she was a big on-line multi-dater
Relationship Advice, by katrina1980
I Want To Move On But I Feel Stuck And Don’t Know What To Do? Please Help
My ex and I were together for two years and had split up in February, we stopped talking for about a month and I reached out to him. We would hang out and go to lunch
he texted me, now what?
Hey guys, I posted on here a few weeks back about going no contact with my ex. If you aren't familiar with my situation, he and I broke up on incredibly good terms -- we
Should i LEAVE or should i STAY ?
My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now ( my first relationship) and its a LDR. So once my boyfriend gave one of his social media password and forgot about
Is this normal?
As you all know, I'm following a low calorie diet 6 days a week plus I walk home from work around 40 minutes as a form of exercise. I estimate my calorie intake per day

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