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Not sure what my EXs intentions are?
To make it short me and my girlfriend had split up over a year ago, we was with each other for around about two years. We’re both 19 by the way so we were still young
Relationship Advice, by samthomas98
Family and alone time
My boyfriend always makes plans for us without asking me first. So we only hang out on weekends, so 2 times a week. I don't have much time with him as is but if I'm over
Dating Advice, by mandeelove
Ex partner of my partner
I decided to start a new thread to be more relevant. I posted earlier about my new partner that he travelled aboroad alone and I wasn't sure about if he was still
Thinking of relocating
Out of state visiting my aunt, and really like the cost of living here. I looked into jobs and applied to a good one at the University near her house. Apartments are
Trying to make myself pretty for my ex
Okay so about two years me and my ex girlfriend split. Our relationship was full of ups and downs and looking back at it now, she was horrible to me (very emotionally
He has a girlfriend but wants to maintain a friendship with me.
I was in an 6 months love triangle with a guy who was my friend and a business partner. I knew about the other girl but he told me that he broke things off with her
Breaking Up Advice, by NancyBlue
Confused, excited, and down
Hello, new to the forum, never really asked for advice or help on public boards, but felt like giving it a shot. Anyway, let's get to the issue(?). I had a birthday
am i attractive? insecure about my appearance and personality
Hi, everyone, new to this forum, id thought id try it out. Just moved back to my hometown 8 months ago since it wasnt working out for me in the new city. Been trying to
Dating Advice, by desperado204
I really thought we were meant to be. I'm falling apart :(
It's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. I am in a huge rut and could really use some objective advice outside of "you can do better," and "just work on
Love Advice, by Roxie84
Mums - I Need Your Advice! How Did You Handle Two Babies/Toddlers?
Hi forum of eNotAlone! It is very early days for me, but I have found out I'm probably a good couple of weeks pregnant. I already have a little boy who turned 1 a
Pregnancy, by mylolita
I don't know what to do, need help!
Long story & please don't judge! I'm married & 6 years ago became friendly with a friend of a friend online. She lived locally & we chatted a lot online and then one day
Breaking Up Advice, by Leeharry77
Am I overthinking?
I started liking this guy recently, and I really can’t tell if I’m overthinking or if these actions are something to think about. This guy (let’s call him Jake) is
Dating Advice, by pippin523
At 28 too late to build friendships based on craziness?
what if I realized at 28 that I haven't put enough effort in my friendships as I have only 1 real friend who I keep in contact with consistently and we have memories of
How do I tell my boyfriend I’m not a Christian anymore?
The boyfriend I am referring to is not the same one from my old posts. We have been together nearly 5 years. Both of us were raised in Christianity and have known it all
How to handle bad blood in a close friend group?
A dear long time friend backstabbed me terribly and there’s no going back (wasn’t a one time mistake, it’s been slowly going on for years). I don’t ever want to see that
Relationship Advice, by Elsewhere
I’m So Confused
I was getting together with my friend about a month ago, and I was really happy because it seemed like really cared and . I told him i didn’t want to get hurt and he
Relationship Advice, by SpammyGoog
Am I wrong, or is she just making me think that way?
Where to begin..... I am broken. I feel like everything I have, everything I've (we) have worked for is slipping away. And I fear it may be my fault, or is it. This is
Relationship Advice, by AverageGuy17
Extreme Health Anxiety...Any advise
Hey everyone. So my entire adult life I have been crippled with health anxiety (hypochondria). Every little ache or pain, every odd feeling or common cold, any headache
CRIPPLING paranoia about my reputation...
I live with 7 other students (we are all Postgrads) and for the last 4 months, there are 4/7 of us who have become VERY close. Theres two of us girls and two guys; I
Friendship and Friends, by Jalapeno1234
My bf’s male friend
Ok, so, my boyfriend plays video games and has a few online friends. One guy he has been talking to for a couple years. Sometimes when I am playing video games on my
Not sure what to do - do I leave it or see what happens
I’m feeling abit unsure 😐 Like do I stay and see what happens Or do I walk away Me and this guy are only dating We haven’t had that chat about being
Dating Advice, by michkath
Boyfriend is upset with me about past memory
My boyfriend is upset about past before I met him. Past memory: There was another guy who left me feeling terrible about myself. I am not the kind of person who does
Relationship Advice, by Anonymous000
Is She Really my Friend?
This is going to be a long one, bare with me. I have this friend (we'll call her Heather). We work together at a resturant, we're both cooks. We've only been friends
Why is my ex boyfriend acting this way? Does he sill love me? PLEASE HELP!?
He wanted me back and wanted to meet up with me and when we met he talked about about our past relationship and asked if I have a boyfriend and if I still love him and
Hearing about your Ex
I met my ex's father at Xmas in social circumstances. He told me what she has been up to since we split last March, after 7 years together and having planned a new life
How do you move on after being lead on for 4 years?
Hi, before you think I am blaming her for leading me on, I am not. I am very well aware that it takes two people to do that, and I am as responsible as her. When I
First "proper" date and parents want to meet him
Where I worked, inter office romance was frowned upon, I fell in love with my boyfriend when I saw him in the office. He couldn't ask me out nor could I ask him out, We
Dating Advice, by ShaunaN
What made you laugh or smile today?
Was in the mood to start an upbeat thread that hopefully all of us can feed off of, so please feel free to share and chime-in if you feel so inclined. One of my most
Off Topic, by milly007
Unusual Ex/Best Friend/Boyfriend(?) Situation
Hi all. Will try to keep this short. It's gonna get tricky. Buckle in. I met this guy 4 years ago. Things were going great. Four months in, after a small fight
Dating Advice, by Tryingit
Manager came onto me then went cold
Hello, this has been bugging me for some time now because I really have a strong attraction to this man and of course I am so confused. So about a couple yrs ago I
Attraction and Flirting, by Birdygirl85
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