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I looked up his ex & now he wants nothing to do with me. (Essay sorry)
So I had been seeing this guy for a good few months, everything I could want in him funny and very kind and we got on like a house on fire. Long distance but we talked
Relationship Advice, by Jessicajay
Humilited myself fter breakup
I am a 27 yr old female, guy is 29. My ex boyfriend broke up with me in August and I went crazy after the breakup, I am so guilty about how far I took things and it
Everyone have their tree up?
Those who celebrate. Have your tree up?
Off Topic, by ~Seraphim ~
Ex Giving Mixed Messages, and Now Blocked Me
I'm really struggling right now. My ex broke up with me about 2 months ago. We didn't speak for 4 weeks, and then started talking again. For the last month we've been
Girlfriend has too much trust in me
As the title states - I go clubbing, she's 100% fine with it. She goes clubbing, it's a different story. If she were to go out with her girl friends, I would feel
Bumped into my ex at the bar during NO CONTACT... confused now
Hello again! Kinda sucks that I'm back here and haven't fully moved on yet but it is what it is. This break up has taken a toll on me. Super brief recap: Its been
Single and anxious
Hi all, I have been single six years. Prior to this time I was in two long term relationships. They didn’t work out as I just wasn’t ready to meet the man of my life
LDR question.
I was hoping to get everyone opinion. I recently started to talk to this girl, it’s been over 2 months now, and we have gotten extremely close, we have our late-night
She’s home for holiday break... still confused about situation
Another post about the same girl I have been posting about... Cliff notes: -she is 26 and a PhD student. I’m 24 female in the industry -went on 3 dates with her over
Dating Advice, by jackie103
Confused. Was I rude?
This is about someone I met online a week ago. We met on a dating site, both new to online dating. We talked every day for a week and yesterday he asked for my phone
Dating Advice, by Eliza50
Dear Forum Users, I‘m hoping for some advice. I‘ve been with my boyfriend for six years. We‘ve always had problems. But still stuck together. A year ago we moved in
Infidelity, by Claire86
Moving on from my long distance breakup
TL;DR: I left my girlfriend of a year and half because I was unhappy doing long distance to the point that it gave me major anxiety. However, I regret leaving her but
Need some perspective
I will try to keep this short and to the point I have been with the same man for a little more than 2 years. He is Asian and I am Canadian. I have been in Asia for
Frustrated paying for partners expenses.
This is my first time posting in an advice forum so please be kind :) I just am in a bit of a pickle lately and honestly I don't really want the advice of friends or
Relationship Advice, by Lexingtonxox
Sister got called bad names by her kids
Today my sister, who is a single mom, got called the b word, "p***y", and stupid by 2 of her 3 kids just because they didn't get to go to a party, as my sister stopped
Parenting and Families, by Oh me Oh I
Confused about break up/break? Advice greatly appreciated
My boyfriend and I have been separated for almost 3 weeks. He has had substance abuse issues in the past, I stuck by him through an opiate relapse (I am not an addict)
Breaking Up Advice, by Jess182
What should I do here
Me n my husband both in our thirties are married for more than 4 years now but I still fail to know what causes him to lose his temper and show extreme
I feel terrible today.
And I need someone to tell me everything is going to be alright. I know I cant tell myself that, but I would like to see personal stories about people rebuilting their
I'm so afraid of telling my bf the truth that I can't live with him
I have tried to approach my bf so many times to let him know I cannot live with him and/or we should break up (since I know he wants to live and marry me next year)
Dating Advice, by fearful728
Excess saliva while kissing
I don't know if this goes here, but I have a problem while kissing my Girlfriend, I have too much saliva, and she doesn't like it, she ends up wiping her face, or
Sex and Romance, by kyouma11
Warning email from boss? Confusing.
Why is December always a month of tension? Yeah, I know there a lot of reasons. I just need to get this out there. I took on an Operations role 6 months ago in a
A 5 year Journey!
My Fiancй of 5 years broke up with me yesterday for good. She was everything to me. 2 weeks ago she called me randomly and said I don’t love you anymore I’m not happy
Why cant I ever find a girlfriend through online?
My online dating history: 2013: talked to a girl for 3 months and were supposed to meet and she canceled date 24 hrs before we were supposed to meet and never talked to
Dating Advice, by Ramsfan99
what do you think? Did she cheat? I can't get closure and heal.
Hello all. So i will get right into it. I met this woman, we hit it off! We lived about and hour and 20 minutes apart so we only saw each other on the weekends and
Keeping the friendship or Backing off ? Relationship with a Girl
Hello everyone. This year is my first year at college. At the beginning of the year, there is this female classmate who seemed interested ine me, she asked for my
Relationship Advice, by OOOggEEEgg
Girlfriend doesn't know if she still loves me like she once did
So I know I've been posting a lot for advice, but about two weeks ago my girlfriend and I have argued on and off for the past 2-3 weeks on the phone over small
Need Advice, Encouragement, Long Distance relationship Complicated. Help
OK here it goes, my wife lives and is from wisconsin and I live in Fla, we are still legally married and for close to about 13 yrs. We meet on a website got married
Girlfriend left and I feel all the guilt ...
Hello enotaloners :) Long story short, me and my gf broke up friendly, but after we had some little fights in our last 2 months of relationship. The story goes
Breaking Up Advice, by howtoforget
Feel like my best friend isn't on my side anymore..
Hi everyone. This is a question about my very best friend. We have been friends for 17 years.. Over the last year I've noticed some changes in her. She seems almost
Friendship and Friends, by nowimnothing

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