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Unsure How To Deal With Boyfriends Mother
Here’s the consolidated version of my situation. My BF & I have been together for 4 years. Our relationship is marriage bound, I have a great relationship with his kids
Relationship Advice, by angelita0609
Sleep problems
No matter what position we fall asleep in I always seem to wake up either with no covers or with my boyfriendsister feet in my face coz he's turned around in bed and now
Sex and Romance, by PandaEyes91
Do you see ‘pictures’ when you imagine?
I only ‘think’ about the things I am imagining— no pictures accompanying it. What about you? How would you describe what you ‘see’ when imagining a bird? Is it in
How do I get over feeling terrified?
It’s been 21 years since I’ve had sex. I just always thought being sexless was going to be my life until I die. Recently, though, circumstances have changed and I am
Sex and Romance, by Venna
I can't lose this person. She means too much to me
Sigh, didn't really want to drag this out of my chest but here we go I guess. I met my ex during highschool, we were each other's firsts and we dated for about two
Getting Back Together, by uhhhhwhat
Struggling with new puppy
So, myself and my two kids got a puppy. My son, 13 is afraid of dogs and i thought bringing a small puppy into the house could help that. We had been thinking about it
Pets, by charity
Is different culture/religion an issue?
A year ago I went to a different country for a business trip, there I met an absolutely amazing guy who was also there for business. We spent a lot of time together and
Relationship Advice, by Cheshireca23
What to do
So, I’ve been with my bf for 3 years. We’ve been living at home and saving to move out. We have looked at a few places and know where the area we want to live in. The
Ex lover gave number away
So I was having an affair that lasted maybe 2 months. We were both in a relationship & understood each others situation. I feel the guy was sleeping around with other
Breaking Up Advice, by Barzola93
Online Relationship Insecurities
Hello, thank you for clicking my post. Sorry for the long post ahead. I've been having issues with my boyfriend, I feel that I'm not good enough for him. We have talked
Cyber Relationships, by TofuBeans
Should I give my boyfriend a handjob or a blowjob?
I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 18. I know my boyfriend since 10 months and we've been dating for about 2 months now. We have kissed and made out several times. The last time
Sex and Romance, by Baefikar202
Same sex break up
So I've been reading a lot of these stories to give me hope. However all of them seem to be about heterosexual couples.but would love any of homosexual couples getting
Met a girl Online and not sure how to proceed with things - opinions needed
Okay so I know it's hard to sometimes fully 100% understand a situation simply because information given is sometimes limited and one sided - in this case coming from me
Dating Advice, by cingularity83
don’t know what to do: letting go or finding a middle ground
Hi guys as i detailed in my previous posts about my breakup with my ex of three years and how it kind of progressed into a fwb (we only did it 4 times it wasnt a regular
Girl apologized for flaking...should I give her another chance?
I've hung out with this girl twice--on the 2nd date we agreed but she changed the plan to something else she wanted to do...which was fine with me..on the third date she
Dating Advice, by drivenfuture
Bad conversation with (not anymore) ex bf
I dated this guy for a year when we were both starting college. We broke up because he was 19 and all about parties, being free, didn’t want to be committed. It was 5
Choosing between 2! Help !
Hello all, It's a long story but I need all the help I can get. I've been in a relationship with a guy, Alex for 7 years (it would be 8 years last month) I study
Dating Advice, by L0stG1rl
Pregnancy journal
So, it's been a very exciting and nerve wracking couple of months. We got engaged in August, and I started my new job not long ago. And I'm now roughly 9 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy, by Butterfly~Wrists
What should my friend do?
My best friend have a perfect marriage.Her and her husband bee married for 10 yrs. Just 3 yrs ago they brought a nice big house in the country newly built. She feels
Relationship Advice, by honeybun35
So confused
Hello all, this is my first post on here, not sure how long it will be but I'll tell you everything and hopefully you can help me out. So I'll start from the
Dating Advice, by AdviceSeek3r
Feeling Undesired
Hello, First time posting and asking for advice but I don't have any male friends to talk about these issues that would understand what i'm going through. I've been
Emotions and Feelings, by anonymous172
Jealousy,,,,unsure but uncomfortable feeling.
Hi all, I will try and keep this short as possible. As some of you may have read before I’ve been having some issues with my marriage, mainly intimacy issues. Through
Jealousy, by Timeout74
Friend unintentionally making me feel bad
I don’t know how to deal with my best friend. I’ve been having a really hard time lately with my family, friends, health and my job - just seems like everything is
Jealousy, by Boo1986
What the best way to develop more hobbies?
What the best way to develop more hobbies? Tell me one pass time you enjoy simply for enjoyments sake and another that you think has enriched your life or grown you
Personal Growth, by FirstDates
Ex wants to take things slow- Thoughts?
After over a month of being apart, my ex who broke up with me, reached out. We talked for two days before eventually meeting up. The night we met up, she brought up
Hey Seraphim!
Is that a photo of a young Bette Davis you are using now as your avatar? If so, do you know what film it is? It looks like she was still in her blonde period
Off Topic, by arjumand
Would this be creepy?
I am in a long distance "relationship" where I am going to visit the girl for the second time. I'm considering taking her to a park near her house to have a picnic and
Dating Advice, by BrokenGator
How do you deal with an ex who won't leave you alone?
I am busy right now with school, work and living on my own. So this is just causing me unnecessary stress and anxiety. It took me some time to really be strong and put
Breaking Up Advice, by SavanahGram
How Long do Posts Take To Be Approved
I tried posting something last night, it wasn't ever posted so I posted again today. I received the same message regarding the post had to be approved. How long does
Forum Assistance, by angelita0609
My best friend's boyfriend is super clingy
Hey everyone. I'm in a situation that I'm not really sure how to navigate. My best friend has recently started dating this guy for about 6 months now. In the beginning
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