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Help Was I Taken Advantage Of
I suffer from crippling depression and was experiencing an extreme depressive episode a couple days ago. My friend who is aware of my situation called me and somehow
Sex and Romance, by ZoeHill
Confusing Breakup?!
Disclaimer: this is going to be really long because I don't want to leave out any detail. My ex (we'll call him "Steve" aged 20) and I (aged 19) had been together for
Breaking Up Advice, by chandler123
My highschool sweetheart turned into 7 years down the drain. Need help plz
Hey guys, I never thought I would ever post something like this anywhere but I honestly need some sort of opinion on my situation...il try and make this short... Ok
Breaking Up Advice, by Weldinlife
Why is it so difficult for me to talk to him
I like this guy and I’ve been having conversations with him here and there. However there are some days when I just don’t know what to talk about. I can’t get my
Conversational Tips, by sparklystars28
Been on 5 dates but not sure it’s going anywhere, should I move on to 2nd girl?
Just want to make clear first I’m not a lad that usually messages multiple girls and I’m really not sure how I’ve suddenly gone to 2 when I’ve spent most of my life not
Dating Advice, by Liv9943
I(26m) and ex(32f) have shared moments recently, but lead me on the wrong way...
Hello all, I'll give a background story regarding my ex and me. We met at a previous job, I was her trainer and she was the new employee. One thing led to another and we
confused about my boyfriends behaviour
I am very confused about something that happened recently in my relationship. I would appreciate any advice that any of you can give me. Thanks. So, I have been in a
Can't see my post after a week of submitting it???
Hello! I tried to post something on here about a week ago in hopes of being able to get advice. It's been about a week now since i submitted it and i still can't see my
Forum Assistance, by lovelovely7
Break up advice! I Broke up with my Long Distance Boyfriend and now I'am scared.
Hey everyone, Last night I broke up with my Long Distance Boyfriend, we've been in this LDR for 6 months and we didn't get to see each other, but he was someone I knew
Breaking Up Advice, by Peace of mind
Is this normal?
I'm a 22 (F) who's suffered from anxiety my whole life. I'm currently in a relationship with a 22 (M) I've been in therapy for a few months and have just now managed to
Dating Advice, by xxtokyox7
Confused by her actions
Hey what's up everyone. So the issue is quite complex, she had a long time crush on me, so I'll have to describe things that happened in past, but I will make sure to
Dating Advice, by Suba
Combatting a friend's suicide
So I have a friend who committed suicide when she was in her Sophomore year of high school. It's been a bit of time since this happened, about a year or two, and I still
Suicide, by Callie189
Just married. Did I make a mistake?
I met the guy in late November. He was my new neighbor. By late February we got married. It was quick but at the time it felt like the right thing to do. He’s 40 and I
My boyfriend tried to break up with me...then said he needed a break
This just happened last week on MotherВ’s Day. We have been together for 19 months and we known each other for 3 years. The first time we dated, it didnВ’t end up well
Relationship Advice, by mssgrande
She wants me to say no more
My girlfriend mentioned to me that I need to say no to her more. I am very giving in a relationship and I don’t see a reason to say no to something she wants to do if
Dating Advice, by DanDempsey
I'm very shy
I am a girl in late high school. I haven't been on a date before, but I have been flirted with. There are times that boys in my class come up to me and try to start
Dating and Shy People, by Callie189
Ex blocked my number and unfollowed my social media
The day after my ex and I broke up her friend reached out to me letting me know that she was sorry I was hurting but that I was going to find a perfect girl one day. As
Should I (F,26) meet up with "ex"(F,26) after 5 years of LC?
I recently broke NC with someone that I was involved with a few years back. We met as juniors in college and it was an instant sexual connection but she had a boyfriend
Why is he not into me?
I’ve been dating this 44 yrs old guy for 3 yrs now and we have been intimate only once. I know he do cares about me, but I miss my sex life. I do not know how to bring
Dating Advice, by Camiwhy
Deeply and painfully in love with my friend
Hey everyone... I have a bit of a story if anyone can give some advice. :) I met my friend 4 years ago and fell in love with him after knowing him just a month. I
Long distance boyfriend has been ignoring me.
So I'm in an ldr with my bf. We used to live in the same state, but he is currently doing his PhD across the country. Lately we haven't been talking much. He's always
Husband said him or the dogs
Would just like a little bit of advice on the situation. My husband has given my an ultimatum of getting rid of my dogs or he will walk away from me and the kids. First
husband's female work colleague
My sister has an issue and has asked me for her advice. Her husband was receiving many texts and spent the whole weekend texting on his phone. Today she asked him
Confused !
Basically I’m looking for abit of advice if anyone has a minute or two spare. So basically, around a year ago I found out my mother had lung cancer, she lived in the
Starting long distance
So I met this guy on a dating app and we really hit it off in the beginning. It’s only been 3 weeks since we’ve been talking. In the beginning he was very attentive, put
Dating Advice, by Nupurkaur
Communication Issues with my BF
My boyfriend [22] and I [20] have been dating for a year and a half. We have both been very good with communication and were like best friends until January of this year
Relationship Advice, by kayjackson98
Attracting someone’s attention in a social setting
So, imagine a group of 6 people sat round a table (just to make things easy). The 2 groups of 2 people on both sides of me are in conversation with each
Conversational Tips, by monkeysblood
How do i interpret these signals?
Hello guys. So, recently after some good years i started leaving my cave again and join my old friends and hang out stuff like that. There's a girl i like in this
Finally ready to be with best friend but now he has a girlfriend
My best guy friend and I used to be so close everyone thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He was always the one wanting more and I always said maybe one day, but
Dating Advice, by scentlessapp
Two dates, went amazing, then still strange texts and less talk. Lost interest?
So, let me start from the very beginning. It will be bit long, but I guess it's important to know the behind story. I'm a 22 years old guy, who have been using
Dating Advice, by ranny084
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