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What does he want from me?
Hi, I have just found this forum and I am desperate for advice please. I have been in a relationship with an older guy (I am 33 he is 49) for about 18 months now. In
Getting Back Together, by Hannahsmith
Undermining a good thing?
Hi, I'm new. I got divorced in November of 2019 after a 16 year relationship and moved cross country to live closer to my 20 something son. I can not afford a
Relationship Advice, by Sun Sprite
Conflicted on whether i am doing the right thing.
Hi everyone, This is my first time posting and first time visiting this community. So - i have been with someone for the past 2.5 years. In the beginning things
Breaking Up Advice, by troubledsurf
Do you often Day Dream About What Once Was ?? Life, Relationships, Etc.
I've had a lot of things go down the last 6 or so yrs (Moved homes 2x, delt with cancer and family w/cancern, had a baby, delt with step kids (one of which has a lot of
Personal Growth, by MrAdversity
What Happened? Is it me?
Hey guys, so, I don't know where to start really so I'll go back to the beginning... I was with my ex for over 5 years and it just wasn't going anywhere, I didn't
Relationship Advice, by Surfer2019
Embarrassing Moment
A lot of times when I have an embarrassing moment, I have trouble overthinking what others thought of me in the moment. I am also aware that other people generally don't
Communication, Quality or Quantity
I have a question about determining a guy’s interest. We’ve been on two dates, he’s out of town this week but we’re getting together again once he’s back. My one
A Perfect Guy that I Constantly Question
Hello all! Thank you for taking the time to read this entry! Any and all advice is welcome. I've been dating a guy for a little over six months now but have known
Relationship Advice, by benwyatt
I Have No Idea What This Is?
So this is a follow up to a thread a little over a month ago about a girl reaching out to me after a breakup. Summary: Girl from college that I had a crush on while
Is my fiance a closeted psychopath?
Just to give you a back story, my fiance has never been physically abusive. Short tempered and a bully verbally when he gets mad, yes. But never physical. We have two
Dating Advice, by anonymousflo
Ex boyfriend journal
I’m a 18F, my ex (19M) have been broken up for nearly 4 months after a 3 year relationship. Guess considering my indecisiveness its best to start a journal instead of
Journals, by Ellaho
The "exclusive" talk
I've been seeing a guy for about four weeks now. We met on a dating app and have gone on about eight dates, mostly just hanging out at his place but we've gone to the
Relationship Advice, by justwaiting
Does my dad have bad intentions?
I’ve been in many weird financial situations with my dad over the years, and I need an outside opinion. Just to start, I met my dad when I was 10 years old because he
Coworker bullying / manager meeting
I’ve been in a new job teaching for nearly 6months. I am also in teacher training same time. I am a trainee so a lot of things I am having to learn the hard
Boyfriend implied he would want sex more if I orgasmed during sex
i have been with my boyfriend 7 months. we were friends for 1.5 years before we dated. He is 55 and I am 44. We had a whirlwind super exciting courtship once we
Relationship Advice, by septembermourning
2.5 year relationship with my ex-GF ended for good 4 days ago and I'm lost.
Hey guys, this is my first time posting here (just registered bc of the circumstances haha) so bear with me. I'm a 20 year old junior in college, and was dating my
Advice on what to do, so confused...
Hi Guys, Hope you are all well. Came across this site whilst trawling for some advice from neutral people, not friends or family who can have a bias. Any advice would
Should I just leave him alone?
Although my fwb acted jealous by going through my cell phone. He also is too busy for me. I texted him yesterday and I didn't get no reply back. So I texted him saying
Relationship Advice, by honeybun35
Spiraling Out of Control
Things are spiraling out of control. My boyfriend recently had a birthday.. He set up a day for us to spend together to celebrate his birthday a few days prior to the
Relationship Commitment, by Nosocialmedi
She slept with someone while we were broken up
Hi guys, just need some advice. Long story short, my girlfriend (both 26) and I were together for 4 years and then we split 2 months ago, to be clear i instigated the
Infidelity, by sam1234
Healing When You’re The One Who Left
It’s been my experience that leaving a relationship is so difficult whether you’re the dumper or dumpee, whether the relationship was toxic or healthy and whether or not
My ex gf just went cold and ended a year
Hi all, I'm struggling to process my feelings and emotions a bit right now. On September 1st my ex gf, just ended the relationship. We hadn't seen each other since
Ex boyfriend wants to “take things slow”
Hi guys, it’s been nearly 4 months since we broke up. As I said in my previous post my ex still snoops on my social media account since he has my password (i know
Guy with close female friend
Sorry for the long post. Would really like to hear women's point of view from what my friend may be thinking in her mind but also would like to hear from the guys point
He won't delete the girl he cheated on off Facebook
Hi guys, I need help on a situation with my boyfriend. Before summer, I decided to break things up with my boyfriend as things weren't going well between us We
Getting Back Together, by FleurDeLys
Found out yesterday my mom’s illness is fatal
I am struggling to process all the devastation in the family right now. I am either numb or crying.
I'm not sure if this is considered being sexually taken advantage of
I'm not sure how to handle this. A few years ago, I was with a friend who I thought had no sexual desire for me so I thought I was safe. Well this night, I was upset
Emotions and Feelings, by Maria2157
Are these her real thoughts, or is it just drunk her talking
So there is this girl that I used to have a thing with but we broke it off because we were both going to college, but we are not that far away and deep down inside I
Dating Advice, by OT630
Ten days and counting…
It’s been ten days now since I told my ex that I couldn’t/wouldn’t continue a relationship with her as her ‘friend’. I’m feeling a little better each day, and for the
I am currently pregnant. And the past few months we’ve had some rough patches of fighting. But recently, we’ve better our communication and I thought things were getting
Dating Advice, by Mjdino
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