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What should i do?
Cant get over her after 9 months. Still love my ex but she moved on How to let go
Emotions and Feelings, by Advice172645
I was choked by my gf
Hey, I can't believe I am writing this but my life has been a pure mess for the past 2 years + and I don't know what to do anymore. I was a very chill kid and rarely
Relationship Advice, by fkingkillme
Should I break off the engagement ?
When I met my fiancй I knew he liked to drink. We were in our 20’s so I didn’t think anything of it. I started noticing that when he started he couldn’t just have a few
My life is a mess
2 and a half years ago I met the most amazing woman. We clicked instantly and really got to know one another, dating and experiencing interests on both sides. Going with
Awkward Situation
I am looking for advice regarding a dating situation. I am a 43 year old single woman, never married, no children. I tried online dating on and off for two years and had
Dating Advice, by DarlingLisa
Am I not seeing the sense in this situation?
My girlfriend / soon to be fiancй said to me that I'm crazy and has been shouting at me and calling me names regarding this situation, which I believe is really nothing
Relationship Advice, by qwertyscream
Pesticide treatment
Hello everyone! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. Not sure how to handle it as I’ve never been in the situation. We live rented house and on Sunday we got
Off Topic, by BecxyRex
Worried about what our coworkers will think.
I really need advice, but of course as usual, I don't have really anyone to talk to, so I turn to this site. I'll try to make it brief. I am dating a good man. I
Dating Advice, by ConfusedLady21
issues regarding relocation with boyfriend
Hi everyone, My boyfriend got a great job on the other side of the country and I accepted to follow him. We have been together for two years. I had to quit my job
To have hope or not?
I am looking for advice on a recent relationship of mine that ended. It began over a year ago as friends with benefits - we would hang out, play sports, watch tv, and
Breaking Up Advice, by Rararar
Are we still just friends? Or are we less?
2016-17 3 years back, met an insanely beautiful ex-model who started grad school at my college, where I am a research student, at a session I ran at this jobs related
Relationship Advice, by NycGuy2019
Blocking Advice Needed
Do you explain to the ex that you're blocking them beforehand or just do it? My ex is away on holiday with a guy but so far refusing to admit to me that theyre
Breaking Up Advice, by misterjister
Dealing with Bosses at work that frustrate us from time to time
Hello guys, here's a situation at work I recently quitted a job I had in an oil station upon getting my Bachelors degree in Sports Science because the situations at the
Can I trust my boyfriend?
My boyfriend of 6 months disclosed his thoughts with me about meeting up with a girl that he slept with 2 years ago, whom he said both have no sexual tension or
Dating Advice, by ButterToast
Did she think I wasn't interested? What happened?
Hey everyone, Going to try to keep this a little vague just incase the person sees this. Ran into a very confusing situation recently, and I'm not sure on how I was
Dating Advice, by Skydrum
Should I go to the wedding? My ex will be there.
Long story short, I posted on another thread about my ex and our breakup. I'd say I am 70-80% healed from it eversince she told me she was seeing someone else. I've been
I’m a good dad but sometimes I’m also a jerk.
Well folks, I just got a livid earful from my 17yo son. Been having homework struggles with his 12yo sister for a couple of days now and he didn’t like the way I was
Wedding dilema
57 year old Male due to marry the girl of my dreams next year.About 5 years ago before I met my wife to be I had a one night stand with someone I met at a party.Foolish
Relationship Advice, by Duffymoon62
Letting go
Hi lovely people! Need a little vent about my past relationship and how to let go. My relationship with my ex boyfriend ended three months ago, after being together
Three week holiday with an ex- leaving in 3 days and need some advice
I’ve got myself into quite a situation. Me and my ex booked a 3 week trip overseas back in September last year. She broke up with me in January. Since then, we have
How do you protect yourself as a broker?
My friend (we'll call Adam) recently approached me to help him in the sale of a private jet for his lawyer's client. I have decent connections of who can help. I
Emotionally Abusive
Hi, I am a male & my partner female. We have been together just over 12 months. At the very start of our relationship, I took viagra to help with my nerves & worries
Relationship Advice, by steveayit
Is it normal for men not to be affectionate?
My fiancй is not very physically affectionate on his own. He tells me he loves me everyday and kisses me but never hugs me or tries to cuddle with me. Its always a quick
Love Advice, by Nmr1983
So proud of my son
He advocated for himself by reporting an Autistic hate video and had it taken down. He was devastated and wouldn’t tell me what was in it but said it had to be taken
Parenting and Families, by ~Seraphim ~
Will I ever reconcile with my ex
I have read various tips and techniques to try and win your ex back but I am unsure whether to apply this in my situation.. Since about 2-3 months ago my ex and I
Dating Advice, by MittensPR
Project Management transferable skills?
Long story short, I have been a PM for 12 years total with 2 different companies. Although I was successful at times, overall it was very difficult and I got mixed
Is there something wrong with me?
I'm an undergraduate student. After my last short-term relationship (not sure if i can even call it that), I just realized that i treat girls like a goddamn video games
Relationship Advice, by JohnDoeUnr
Can exes really be friends?
So ive been seeing this guy for just under 2 months, everythings going great. But i just cant shake this feeling about his ex. Hes still in daily contact with her
Dating Advice, by Sugargliders
Sit down with your favorite beverage and read...
As I write this to you, I’m listening to so ambient trance music, pouring out my emotions in these words…I need to do this to cope with the loss. I know this place
Breaking Up Advice, by THE SPARTAN
Saddening ENA reviews
I was wondering if there are any opinions on Enotalone forum online. I googled them and I'm surprised. I understand everywhere people tend to give some % of negative
Off Topic, by firelily
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