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Leaving a relationship after the passing of a relative HELP
So I recently broke up with my bf of 3 years (me 23, him 21) We had a great relationship spoke about the future and were highly committed to one another. Then, his
Personal issue with forum information and wondering what can be done.
A person I trusted I knew for some time knows I've been on this site. We had a good relationship for some time and I've pointed out this site to him for some help
Forum Assistance, by Silentlyfor
20 year old male .. insecure
Hello. I am a 20 year old male from Eastern Europe in my 3rd year of college. I am at a point in my life where I feel very unhappy and don't know what to do. I
Personal Growth, by fspro10
Did I do the right thing
Hi, my ex is trying to ruin my life and I'm unsure how to handle things. Their actions have created doubt that my actions were in my best interest and they've left me
Relationship Advice, by Hellothereit
Boyfriends contact with ex
Ive been seeing this guy for a few months and been 'official' for about 3 weeks. He broke up with his ex during the time we were getting to know eachother. They
Dating Advice, by Charlierose
His rebound from me was his rebound after his last relationship
I am suddenly going through a painful divorce after being together for two years, married for one. He said he was not happy and left me. A few days later he begged for
Getting Back Together, by Delicate1
This hurts like hell, even though I know it’s for the best
Some of you will know who I’m talking about from my past posts. There’s a girl I’ve known now for 14 years and we’ve dated off and on throughout that time, but this was
My husband just doesn’t please me
I’ll start with a little back story since I’m new to this site. I met my husband when I was 19. I’ll be 30 in a couple of months so we have been together nearly 11 years
Sex and Romance, by Nikki89
Hi, would like to seek for your insight and advice. I have went to a single networking event. I am lucky to meet a few guys I prefer to get to know better. 1.) One
Why did he reach out
He wont call me... we have not spoken verbally for a month as of today. We hadnt texted in almost 2 wks...Last night he texted me “How are you doing” I responded with
Should I ask if my dad cheated?
I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in. But here it goes. When I was a teenager, my dad was close friends with a woman in my town named Liz. They
Infidelity, by TulipWriter
How do I get him to reconsider the breakup?
Hi everyone, So my partner of 9 years has ended the relationship. To me, it came out of the blue initially. He said “things don’t feel the same” and haven’t for the
What do i text a girl I like?
Hi! So I have a problem. A few days ago I matched with a girl on tinder and later that day I got her Snapchat. The problem is that I don’t know what questions I should
Love Advice, by Anton02
Happy Thanksgiving week-end fellow Canucks!
Have a great turkey weekend. 🦃 🦃
Off Topic, by ~Seraphim ~
Breaking up with someone you love, please help
So the last time I left a thread was when my bf and I broke up (I dumped him) and then we were on and off about getting back together. The first time I broke up with
Breaking Up Advice, by moonandsun
My partner shuts down in arguments
hi I’m 20 and would really like some advice on this I feel like my relationship is crumbling, this is a bit lengthy so I apologise.. My partner shuts himself out
Relationship Advice, by Confusedisme
Argument about contraception
I'm dating someone casually, and this is what I need right now. We've started dating this summer. He's a very wise and self-aware person but God help me his cold logic
Relationship Advice, by firelily
Going on 3 years
I met a wonderful lady, almost 3 years ago. She was in a relationship, that ended very ugly. Prior to the end, she endured a lot of abuse from her partner. We became
my usually lovely boyfriend is now distancing me and I don't know what to do
My boyfriend and started dating 4 months ago. 3 months ago we became official. We are both in our 20s. It is a really nice and unexpected relationship, the only time
Relationship Advice, by jeezrick
How long is too long to meet the family?
Good Afternoon everyone, so I will make this short and sweet ;) I've been with my bf for about 8 months or so, however we have yet to meet each other's kids or families
Relationship Advice, by Blossom314
Job Offer
So I have a job offer. It seems like it would be a good fit for me, but it is a about a 40 minute drive. The drive is my biggest hiccup. I have a pretty good job now
Career, Money and Education, by complicated11
Should i bother trying to get him back into my life or let go?
Hi guys, thanks for taking time to read and offer your great advice. In January i began hanging out with this guy. From that moment our "situationship" lasted 8
Breaking Up Advice, by havannahg
Should I pull back and give her space?
So there’s this girl I’ve been dating from my job. She started about a year ago and I always found her attractive. I’ve been hearing from co workers that she thinks I’m
Dating Advice, by Mrgreenjeans
I royally messed up a possible good relationship. (Sorry for long post).
Sorry this post is SO long. Am sure most people won’t bother reading it (I probably wouldn't! LOL) but worth a shot…. :D Many thanks to those which do managed to get
Breaking Up Advice, by MurphyB
A guy I'm dating appears to purposefully mimic me. What's normal in dating?
Disclaimer: I'm not intending on ending things with him over this, I'm just genuinely curious if what I'm about to describe is 'normal' when dating/in a relationship
Dating Advice, by dustycloud
Pregnant daughter desires financial help
Hello folks......my adult daughter, 36 is 2 months pregnant with her second child. She is engaged, but her fiancee' is not happy about being a father again. He has two
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