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Should I move on?
Hello, so this guy that is not my boyfriend. We have been “talking/dating” for about a year now. However, he initially moved down here for school with his now ex gf
Dating Advice, by LoveDove19
Guest and Host Etiquette - Is This Rude?
Hi all, Just a quick question as Google doesn't ping any offering up to me regarding this small but curious matter! I host a lot, we have many people over at many
Travel and Cultures, by mylolita
Why is my ex-boyfriend so confused?
So, my ex-boyfriend reached out to me the other (via text message), and expressed an interest in rekindling the relationship. He told me that he was missing me very
Huge fight with my best friend after a set up
So to give the backstory my best friend (we’ll call her Dana) and I have been friends since middle school and we are currently in our early 30’s. She has been in a
Friendship and Friends, by skittles88
My husband cheated on me.
Hi there, I'm all new here. English is not my native language, so please forgive any errors. I'm here because I need to share my story. Don't have friends, can't
Infidelity, by Island
Raise talk at work
Hi everyone, I'm not quite sure how to handle this situation or know if I'm too pushy or not assertive enough. I'm hoping some folks with more experience in this
Did she fall out of love with me?
I've been in an "e relationship" with a woman for 8 months. Since she is 5000 miles away, we haven't met yet. We were very very close and open to each other. We said I
Dating Advice, by Joshua108759
I recently tried to log in to my boyfriends facebook, and succeeded. I found out he hangs around with a load of people that are heavy drug users. He is clearly involved
New partner
New partner is going away on a men only holiday. We have been seeing each other only 5 months but have a good thing established. He is fit and active but has been trying
Dating Advice, by Peanut450
LDR Australia to England losing the Spark
Met a girl about 9 months ago at a bar in Australia (I am Australian) Got her phone number from her friend, but only hung out once as mates, as she had a BF. Fast
Facebook, instagram... social media in general - Good or bad?
I have deactivated all my accounts to focus as going through tough time recently, however... in doing so, has reduced anxiety a lot... i am reading more, less on my
Need some help....
My boyfriend and I communicate differently and his preferred method of communication is always texting. I comply but cant always get a true feel for what is being
Conversational Tips, by Nosocialmedi
12 year old
If it were up to my 12 year old, she would do nothing. And I'm just so sad that this is what she's turning into. She's always been the smartest in her class, she's
I have a crush on my best friends boyfriend
There's a boy I'm really interested in at school, but he's my friends ex boyfriend. He's super nice, intelligent and a really amazing person. He's been in the same
How do I tell the truth
I have recently got back in touch with an old friend and things are now turning into a romance. When I last saw him I was in a relationship with one of his work
Dating Advice, by Sky89
Teen dating.
I can't find anyone I like at school nor can I seem to find any teen dating apps. What the freak do I do?
Cyber Relationships, by Starwarsguy
Should I even bother trying to get my ex girlfriend back?
A few months ago, I broke up with my girlfriend of two years. She'd been increasingly hinting at commitment, and I'd begun pulling away. I'm terribly scared of being
He's done a 180° on me overnight
I've officially been with my boyfriend for 4 months now but we dated a good while before then. Everything has been wonderful as it should be at the beginning but it
His family hates me and hes been ignoring me. (Long post)
Hi, as you know from the title, I've been having problems with my boyfriend. If I can even call him that anymore. I've asked help in other forums because I really need
i want my ex to speak to me.
hello. i recently broke up with my boyfriend. while living up at my dads, my dad has brought me down and put me into severe depression and so on. i met gabe (my ex) and
Where do I stand with my ex? (Long post)
This story has stumped 2 different professional therapists so I'd like other peoples incite as to what I can do. To start, my ex always saw me as her dream guy matching
Breaking Up Advice, by crownthx
get away right?
to keep it short, my spouse has been threatening divorce the last few months when a disagreement happens. to be fair, i realize we all say things we don't mean when
Trapped and unhappy in marriage
I have been with my wife for 9 years, married for 5, and we have two small children, aged 5 and 3. However I have been unhappy in the marriage for a long time and I feel
How do i know if she wants to settle down or use me for springboard to greencard
I met this girl online and we have had good chat which i felt was pretty good. One thing is she's in another country. She works as a secretary back in her home
Am I being unfair to want to leave once and for all?
My boyfriend has a history of sometimes telling me white lies or just outright lies about his finances. The reason why the truth is so relevant is because he wants to
Love Advice, by financialwoe
Is it okay to come second to the bros?
My boyfriend and I are in a new relationship so I don't want to stress the little things. I just need some clarity and advice. I've been traveling for about a month
Like a girl in another country, stuck/need advice
Hi everyone. So I've been talking to this girl for about 4 months on Facebook (met on a dating site) via messages. We've had 2 phone calls recently which we both seemed
Need help
So I was engaged to this guy and we were together for 6 years, when he would get upset he would have rage attacks and yell at me and it would get so bad that he would
Breaking Up Advice, by Mel20192019
In a relationship, I love him but I'm IN LOVE with someone else
I'm struggling with advice. Im in a 4.5 yr relationship and want out because I realised I've been in love with someone else since before we got together but never gave
Dating Advice, by Bubsconfused
Need help moving on
Ok so I posted here twice and basically after everything that happened with my first love... EVERYONE says there is no way of getting her back. But regardless of the
Breaking Up Advice, by aydenkk90
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