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Suicidal after getting fired from my job of 11 years
Hi so I got fired from my job of 11 years because I said a joke to an assistant supervisor via IM that he did not want to ever help me because I was colored, well
Suicide, by Tab2n0
Delete thread
Can you delete my thread? Problem resolved.
Forum Assistance, by BeenBurned
What Shall I Do Now?
So I met this girl on the train on the way back from a football(soccer) away game in Nottingham in early March. Me and my mate where drunk and had a good laugh with a
Dating Advice, by TheCasual
Me [25 M] her [22 F] lost interest
Ever be in a relationship that you dont even know if it's a relationship? Lol As you're reading this, keep in mind that she initiated everything, so leave out all the
Dating Advice, by Braytc
Me [25 M] her [22 F] lost interest
Ever be in a relationship that you dont even know if it's a relationship? Lol As you're reading this, keep in mind that she initiated everything, so leave out all the
Mixed signals
I [15 M] can't tell if a girl [17 F] is flirting with me, dating someone, or a die-hard single. I am a teenage guy who has no experience with relationships, so please
There’s this girl
Okay so I’ve been talking to this girl for a little over 3 weeks now. We went on one date and hung out at her house once, and we literally text all the time and FaceTime
I will kill her and then kill myself, I can't take this any longer
I cannot take it anymore with this narcissistic b1tch . Four years now and I cannot escape the abusive relationship . I have blocked her from everywhere but she manages
Holidays hurt
A thread to vent/relate/point out the obvious that it's just one day closer to healing about how holidays seem to hurt after a breakup. My post is I'm doing much
Mentally abusive mother, or I am ungrateful and immature?
I am 25 year old woman and an only child. My parents never had any other kids by choice because they wanted to give me my best chance. I grew up with my mother mostly
Happy Easter
Happy Easter everyone!!!
Off Topic, by ~Seraphim ~
Dating someone with cancer
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer. I was there through all the chemo and radiation. He recently
Dating Advice, by ChewT
How can you try win a girl back
Basically I still really like her and I want another chance but I lied and now she’s saying she can’t give me one and she said she liked someone else and we’ve stayed
Getting Back Together, by Helpmemeplz
What's best approach to respark attraction after messup?
**Ooops, this should be under attraction and flirting I think** So this cutey I used to work with contacts me about a month ago, and we had been slowly becoming
Dating Advice, by Seff
I’m not sure if I should talk to him or if I should end things?
I started seeing this guy a few weeks ago. We had sex on our first date which isn’t something I ever do, but I really liked him. I mentioned to him that I wanted to get
Dating Advice, by Clueless24
Should I confront my girlfriend about some comments she made on Facebook?
On Facebook, my girlfriend posted a video of the beach and one of her friends commented that she wants to go. They started talking about how badly they want to go to a
I need someone to talk too
I’ve been dating this older woman for a few months now and things are pretty good but I think that the age gap or something keeps her from opening up to me. We mesh
Age Gap Relationships, by alex17466
i still don’t get how to lose all hope
I just still don’t understand how someone can tell you they truly and really love you like no one before, then be able orbit you and not ever talk to you or even check
My bf doesn't understand my suffering
Hello guys... I'm new on this forum and I have created my account solely for the purpose of asking for your help...I don't know what to think about this situation that
How to move on
Hi, so I’m a 24m who recently had to stop seeing my 21f gf. We’ve been together almost 2.5 years but she said she wants to grow alone. As most men would do I asked if
Relationship Advice, by Scottyt379
My Bipolar Boyfriend Broke Up With Me.
Hello all. Sorry this will all sound a bit gibberish but I'm not coping very well with everything. I've been speaking to my ex since December 2017 and we got together
Relationship Advice, by LucasMichael
Waiting for partner to recover from mental breakdown...
Hey everyone, ENA has given me so much comfort while I'm recovering from fresh BU (11 days ago. I'm still in the beginning stages of this nightmare. Ugh). I'm having
Not sure what to think now..
I had asked for advice about my boyfriend, who is bipolar and talking about how he couldn't wait to move in together. He told me recently that he's inconsistent and
Relationship Advice, by SusieNovy
Me [25 M] is confused on why a [21 F] acted pissed and doesn't seem to want to a
Hey all, quick summary, there was a history between me and this girl who use to 'harrass me' on fb, and really annoy me. She even admit herself that she was trying to
Relationship Advice, by epinephrine1
trust issues with model boyfriend
I apologise in advance for the following lengthy post, I tried to make it as concise as possible. I have been with my boyfriend since 2013, we had a breakup in
The pain is so strong I wish I was just dead
6 months......6 months have been since we parted ways and I still feel suicidal and my life is a torture. I was an as$hat for sure. But we had to part ways. I couldn't
Virgin at 26 - Ask Anything - Please Advise!
Right where to begin... I’m a 26 year old virgin who hasn’t ever come close to having a relationship, let alone sex. Since my friends drifted from me I’ve always
Sex and Romance, by DazzaHatty92
My ex found me after months of no contact but I cannot understand her behavior
I have been no contact with my ex girlfriend for 6 months. She has a HUGE ego and after an arguement we had we both walked away. I was the first to walk away and she did
Breaking Up Advice, by obnoxious
Not sure what to do
I’m 33 and a full time single dad of two girls. I’ve been divorced for a little over 7 years and been single going on 5 five years now. There’s a woman I’ve know for
What do I do??
Hi everyone. I have had the same boyfriend for 4.5 years now. And we are coming to buy a house together and move on to the next stage of our relationship and suddenly
Relationship Advice, by Sweetpotato22
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