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He deleted me from his social media accounts
Hello everyone, So before I jump into my question. I need to explain 'briefly' my situation. It will be long shot so thank you in advance for reading till the end and
Dating Advice, by freespirit15
My mind is realistic but my soul is holding on...
The story is complicated but I will strip it back as much as I can. If you need more info please ask and I'll happily give more. Thank you for any advice in
Getting Back Together, by Annie12345
Should I wait on him a little longer or start dating secretly?
I need some advice. My ex and I broke up after a year last summer. We met whilst I was working away from our home town about 3 hours away. The entire relationship
Getting Back Together, by Darlington
Childhood trauma/abuse and young-middle adulthood memory loss. A connection?
I'm here to ask about childhood trauma and adult memory loss. I have read a bit about how those who have suffered from PTSD can also experience memory loss. But the
My boyfriend is a slob and I'm sick of it.
We've been together for 5 years. It hasn't always been easy- I'm the cleaning for the most part. He was on a business trip the past few days and while I was lonely, I
He cheated while I was pregnant
Hello. I am 18 and I just had a baby in September. My boyfriend and I were very shocked but I told him multiple times after finding out about our daughter that he didn’t
Infidelity, by Lovedaughter
Can't make my girlfriend happy
Hello. Me and my girlfriend are together for almost 9 months, and I love her very very much. My girlfriend often have a hard time in life, which make her very upset
Relationship Advice, by dannyh532
Do I end my relationship?
So I’ve only been with my boyfriend for 4 and half months but I’m having some doubts. Let’s just say it’s his attitude towards things and the way he makes me feel. At
Relationship Advice, by Hollsmaur
he cheated, do i stay or go?
My boyfriend of over 2 years, that I've never had a problem with, we don't argue, spend most of our spare time together, came to my house tonight crying, saying he had
Am I really just overly jealous?
Naturally, I was never really a person who would get jealous in general but recently being in a longer relationship it started to come out of me - not mild but very bad
I Can't Keep up with My Partner Mentally
I am so grateful for my boyfriend. I really am. We’ve been together for almost 7 months. We might have our differences and that’s to be expected. But for the most part
Dating Advice, by ConfusedLady21
Love / rape
Hello. I remember coming here and asking advice few months ago, about this story. Now I really need your advice about a hypothetical part 2 of it, let's suppose I
Horrible breakup
I dated a woman for almost exactly one year. In the beginning she had committment issues and we broke up twice due to her not being ready to commit. She came back both
Never know how much you’ve missed someone until you spend the afternoon with them and half the time it’s pure elation, laughing joking like old times, the other half
Married a narc/sociopath, divorced 3 months later
Hi all, I am at a point in my life where I am reeling from what happened to me. I am in a state of cognitive dissonance still, so I do not think I fully comprehend
I dont get whats going on
So me and the girl I was seeing had broken up with me she told me it was because our friends and interests were different but she still enjoys spending time with me. We
Sex and Romance, by aocwater245
Long distance. Lost and confused. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you!
This is going to be long but I appreciate any responses and suggestions whether nice or harsh. I met a girl from out of state while vising a friend. We hit it off
My wife's sexual affair with her personal trainer
We've been together for 7 years, with two children, son was 6 and daughter was 2. My wife started attending a boot camp in Irvine CA. One month later she established
Infidelity, by PersonalT
Hi All: I have a bit of a situation here and would really appreciate your help. So I changed departments at work around November of last year - everything great with
Finally found a guy I'm interested in...
After a horrible break up three weeks before my wedding, it has now been over a year and I'm starting to put myself out there. Found a guy, started talking, we have a
Attraction and Flirting, by SnugglePuggle
2 years after i posted the topic 'I'm Stuck'
It really was a roller coaster ride since i took up the courage to move out from my parents house & confronted my husband on his irresponsible behaviour. Well now, to
Asked for my number, but no text?
I went out with a girlfriend on Sunday night and we met a group of attractive and friendly guys. We're all around the age of 24/25. One guy in particular stood out to
Dating Advice, by cwags
Lazy family roommates
Hi everyone, I wasn’t really sure which category to put this post under, but considering everyone I live with is family, I figured it would go here. I currently live
Parenting and Families, by undertheivy
Is there any way this is fixable?
Here's a summary of what happened. What needs to be done to fix this relationship? Is it even possible? A few days ago, while being brushed off / ignored my my
Relationship Advice, by throaway2791
My boyfriend has a gun and He says I need to accept him if I want to be with him
I need an advice... I met my ex 2years and a half ago, we come from different cultures and political views. He used to have a gun at his place and at soon as he told
Breaking Up Advice, by angy864
I Admit I'm Jealous, But Am I Wrong To Be?
Hi, everyone: My boyfriend (of almost six years) and I hit a rough spot a few days ago. Here's the background first: My boyfriend is 12 years older than me. He
Jealousy, by KKadessa00
What does a guy think when you suggest him other girls.
Hi. So I am keeping in touch with this guy my age(in our 20’s). I don’t think he likes me because he rarely talks about him and rarely asks about me. I don’t like him
Boyfriend making me keep a secret and being mad because it got out
A while back my boyfriend made a bad decision whilst drunk and confessed to me that night whilst I was sleeping. I woke up the next morning worried sick if he was okay
Feeling Lost and Hurt
I am trying to get over a relationship that lasted over 7.5 years. We lived together for seven of those years but according to her we were just dating?? Really 7 years
Dealing with girlfriend family crap
Hi, I recently posted on here about dating a woman and being a single father. I really do love this woman but her family is a big big mess. Recently her dad had

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