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My fiancй uses porn even when I ask for sex that day
I really need help. I have been with my partner for almost 3 years and he never initiates anything. When I ask him for it he tells me every excuse in the book and
Relationship Advice, by Anonym0usly
Recognized Flirting Too Late
I could kick myself. It was one of those happenstance meetings with a man who from the cover, looked like a novel I’d like to dive right into. One of the busiest cities
He’s younger than me but is he interested?
Hi all I’m so confused and distracted by this situation I have a huge crush on this guy at my gym (he also goes to my university), but he’s four years younger than
Dating Advice, by SarahLove007
Social media and dating
If you are 100 percent exclusive and committed to a person and you did some fun things together such as(vacation, scenic outting etc) would you add a picture to your
Dating Advice, by mandeelove
Feel like i’m losing interest in her but I still want to be with her
Met this girl about 2 months ago at college. We hit it off she is just like me in so many ways. We got along extremely well and hung out all the time. I started getting
Dating Advice, by WDavis362
I need help
I have been with this girl for 3 years, we have a child together, but I’m no longer in love, I’m hurting myself, her, and it’s just draining me..... I want out, but what
Breaking Up Advice, by HunterJones
What do ya'll think? Will she try to come back?
Im 41 with 4 kids 3 of which I raise. My ex is 39 and has 5 4 that she raises. We got together 4 years ago when she left her husband for me. She flat out told him about
Getting Back Together, by Stressed Out
How long does it take for my ex to cool down
Hi, I just had a massive fight with my ex last Monday. My ex and I broke up officially about 3 years ago. We have been staying in contact 6 months later after our
Relationship Advice, by ageloc1515
Mixed emotions over the loss of an online friend
Long story short, I met someone online back in November 2017. We clicked right away. We chatted on messenger regularly and even talked on the phone some. While we did
Not receiving account activation e-mail
A friend of mine would like to register on this forum, however, they never received an account activation e-mail. They have checked spam folders and everything, and
Forum Assistance, by WorkSux56
"no chemistry" date fails again and again
I've been on a fair few 1st dates these past couple of months, decided to really put myself out there. They have all been online ones. They are all starting to follow
Move On Or Keep Hope?
All right guys, this might be a long one. I recently fell in love with a girl in college about 9 months ago (when we started dating). Little background on her so you
Getting Back Together, by FourPoarn
Girlfriend never includes me in decisions
I have been with my gf for two years and we have lived together for most of our relationship. She has kids, and I am never included in any parenting decisions and
I want to get over it ... but i can't
Hello everyone. I want your advice on how i can forget and get over my relationship with this girl. She is a classmate in my first year at college ... she was cute
Lease or Buy a car?
I'm torn between leasing a new car that I would plan to buy out. Or buying a used car that I don't have to worry about mileage on. Mom says buy certified used, it's too
Getting mixed messages what do I do
So I started talking to this girl on a dating app back at the end of March, she is 24 I am 25. She was near me taking a month off from work and then she went back home
My husband has an emotional affair with his ex-gf, but unsure about it extent
Hello, I am looking for advices to get a big picture of the situation. Married for 15 years, we are a bi-cultural couple living in his country. We both have heavy
I want to get back together with my ex who is pregnant by someone else
I (35M) was dumped by my ex (36F) a year ago and I was heartbroken. Never wanted the relationship to end. We got together once physically a few months after the breakup
Getting Back Together, by weezusishere
Need help with breaking up.
Hi everyone, I've been grappling for a long time (on and off-- sometimes I feel great about things, sometimes not) trying to determine whether I should end things
Why are girls scared/intimidated by me?
I am in high school, 11th grade and it has been proven to me plenty of times that most girls first impressions of me are not so good. Some background information about
Is she interested or am i delusional?
Female manager always smiling wide whenever i smile or talk when were alone. Playfully hitting and pushing. And calling me names. Shes wiped sweat off my face with her
How the hell does one lose 3 CM at 52???
I booked in my new dr today. I used to be 163 CM and now I am 160. How the heck does this happen 52????
How Do I Undo A Break-Up with My Girlfriend?
My girlfriend and I were together several months, but known each other for over a year. I can talk to her for hours, she’s the most thoughtful, levelheaded woman I’ve
Toy Story (Yep, the movie) has a perfect parallel to how most of us have felt.
I was watching Toy Story with my niece and nephews and when the song Strange Things came on. It was like a gut punch/wow that's a great use of analogy. See if this isn't
Just a vent :/
I posted about this guy before on here, and have since been getting therapy for my assault, but I was foolish and kept in contact with him. First a backtory: I broke
Dating Advice, by caraviolin
Is it time for me to leave
Hey guys me and my girlfriend have been together for 15 months and things started off perfect, or it seemed. Early into our relationship she cheated and flirted with
Relationship Conflicts, by HoplessTeen4
Post break up - acceptance- moving on
I have accepted that the relationship is over! It’s day 16 since the break up and I already feel stronger than I have in past break ups at this point!! NC is definitely
Chronic Stress, how to cope?
I got this heart rate monitor and it says I'm stressed, chronically stressed. Which if other factors are present puts me at risk for a heart attack. It says to change my
Relationships with ghosta
Hi, to help understand the context... 4 years ago; I met this girl and we dated for roughly 8 months and I sired a son with her; we did not last; a lot of factors
Should I reach out?
Okay so I'm in a friend group of 5 people 3 of which I'm extremely close too. I go to a different highschool then all of them but 4 of us have our licensed so we catch
Friendship and Friends, by Anon6942069

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