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Am I cursed or just born to be miserable?
Hello. I am a 26-year-old girl who feels completely alone, devastated, exhausted, and unwilling to fight anymore. Please, don't judge or insult me as this is the last
Personal Growth, by raquellexxx
Dumpers, why would you ever agree to meet up with dumpee?
Let’s say you [B]briefly[/B] dated someone in your past (think ~2 months, start to finish), things were going pretty great and the interest was mutual, but you
I’ve (22M) been having problem with my girlfriend (22F) of a year and half.
My girlfriend and I have been together for a year and 4 months, and were in a ‘complicated’ friendship for 2 years before that. We come from a society where dating is
Relationship Conflicts, by Throwaway391
How do you deal with an inconsiderate/selfish younger brother?
So my younger brother (22 years old) has been getting on my nerves lately. My sister just recently moved out and while it was quiet for awhile, my brother now decided to
Parenting and Families, by JDMxTeGrA101
Roommate relationship turned disaster
I posted a while back about finding myself in a situationship with a 47 yo divorce with 4 kids. Much of the advice for myself was to steer clear and find a new roommate
Relationship Advice, by foreverblue
thinking about cancelling back surgery...
Many years ago, I injured my back. Actually, I fractured it. And have been living with pain ever since. I finally got approval from insurance for surgery. But surgery
Am I being strung along.. or does he actually care?
Hi all. Thanks for the advice on my other post. I was really going to just cut contact and move on. But, my ex has been going kinda crazy. And I caved and got pulled
So I believe my old best friend used to be attracted to me?
Hello, so I have been recently thinking about an old friend of mine that I knew for several years. A couple of years ago, She came out to me as a lesbian. However, as
Friendship and Friends, by katyfran45
Should I bother being friends anymore?
I don’t know this forum includes friendship type of relationships but I need advice. IF this isn’t allowed, please let me know. I recently became friends with this
Relationship Advice, by banana79
Wife left with children, but I can't hate her
Hello. I've been married to my wife for just three years and together for 6 altogether. We have two young daughters, 2 and 4 years of age. For the last 2 years we have
Nervous about taking this to next level.
Hi! I’m currently in a casual thing with a guy I’ve been friends with for months. We haven’t hooked up yet but I don’t think we’d label ourselves as FWB but maybe
Dating Advice, by banana79
Not sure about these comments?
This isn't really a request for dating advice rather something I wanted an opinion on. I've been getting to know someone, he's very polite towards me in general
Dating Advice, by Leah33
Did she only use me for sex?
Was this girl just using me for sex? So, me and A girl I went to college with were in a friends with benefits type relationship this year. We are both 22 and went to
Sex and Romance, by Andyj88
I feel like i have an atypical situation
Ive never posted on a forum before but i need un-biased advice so here goes. Ive been with my gf for 9 months- not a perfect relationship, but we love each other and
Attracting unavailable men
Hi everyone, I'm feeling a little down this week because it seems the guy I've been seeing/flirting with is not single. I know it happens all the time but lately it has
Am I overreacting bad?
My boyfriend of 10 years got a text at 10pm from his ex/kids mom saying she got a new job and was excited. And though he’s never done anything or crossed a line with
Relationship Advice, by Rosie1300
How Can I Be There For Someone That Shut's Down
[FONT=Century Gothic]Hie There I have been in a 4 month relationship with someone amazing but shut's down now again. The smallest of thing can be a trigger and

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