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Why me?
My ex dumped me about a year ago and got into a relationship a couple of months later, it is their one year in a few days. I know he is emotionally immature but I still
How can I travel back in time?
I’ve been dating this guy for almost three months. I love spending time with him and and he is great....except he never initiates seeing me. We talk everyday, he’s
Dating Advice, by BadBroccoli
With all these dating threads...is anyone really "staying home?"
It just boggles my mind.. The last few posts I have read are about people hooking up, people meeting new people...do people think that "stay at home" doesn't apply to
Off Topic, by abitbroken
Should I cut ties with my mother?
This is not something I take lightly and I have considered it alot over the years but I don’t know what to do anymore. I am 33 yrs old and my relationship with my
Parenting and Families, by Something87
I want more from my FWB
I messed with this guy(he’s 33, I’m 30) from July to November. we went on one date and he got comfortable And we were doing just Netflix and chill. I’ll spend the night
Dating Advice, by Lightiron
I can’t trust my boyfriend
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half. I’m 18 and he’s 19. A few months ago, I found out my boyfriend was lying to me about where he was going for
Relationship Advice, by brookieeeeb
turned down after first video chat
I met this girl online and we exchanged a few messages and then went onto Whatsapp. She was very chatty from the start, long messages etc. and we seemed to have a fair
Dating Advice, by ignite
My girlfriend is close to her ex, and that bothers me
My girlfriend [25 F] and I [24 M] have been dating for a little more than 5 months now. Things are going absolutely wonderful. There’s a great balance in almost all
Relationship Advice, by CuriousOwl
Stuck in a situation with a girl?
I need some advice dealing with a girl I like. I haven't dealt with someone like this before and I am not the most experienced when it comes to having 'game' with girls
Dating Advice, by ajandy32
How do I start talking about myself?
I went through a lot of trauma in life and learned very early on that my thoughts, feelings and opinions don't matter. To this day, it's hard for me to open up to people
Personal Growth, by kathyb
Please read, really need advice
Alright I would really like to know what YOU would do if you were in my situation. It's driving me bonkers and I feel like I have been overthinking it so much that I
Dating Advice, by grsandy
Desperate for advice PLEASE READ
Ok, I’m going to be as upfront and genuine as I can about this. Before I explain my situation I ask anyone who responds to do one thing before you respond just take a
This is complicated
hi people this is going to be long but i really need help so my taurus guy approached me when i was already taken he was aware of that but i didnt paid any attention to
Love Advice, by shanayajo
Advice on my situation
Hi Around mid November my best friends wife set me up with a work colleague for a group date. Since then we dated 4 times just the two of us, when I asked if she’d
Is it lieing or cheating
I am just wondering is it cheating if I was seeing this girl for 7 weeks before my J1 in Santa Monica. I told her I wouldn't get with anyone but we weren't in a official
Gf is friends with someone I've had a lot of problems with
Ok so the title is very vague, so let me go into details. I'll refer to my gf as Anna and the other friend as Jake. So I've known Jake for two years, and so have some of
Today is Autistic Acceptance Day.
Personal Growth, by ~Seraphim ~
Reconnected with old flame. 8 years apart. Long distance. Healing past pain?
I'm male and 28 and she's also 28. I have recently reconnected with an old flame. There is a lot of history between us so I will give the jist of it. We were in a
Relationship Advice, by Anything2016
I’m hopelessly in love with one of my Ex’s best friends. Help
Hi all, So this is a long explanation. I have had feelings for this girl (let’s call her ‘A’ ) for over a year now. When i first realised I was developing a crush on
Relationship Advice, by bakahead
I did hurt badly my man because of sport...
Hello my name is Isabelle. I am sorry for that terrible english but as you did guess it’s not my native language… So Im a beautician and my hubby is an ex military
Relationship Advice, by annabelle49
I (26m) texted to my ex
So I texted my ex today fIrst timeafter 2 years, but I have a gf. We texted about casual stuff, I do miss her someties but I do not want her back. I dont think this is a
Insecure about husband's female friend
My husband, who is an introvert has become very good friends with a female coworker at a new job. I noticed that he was chatting a lot with his coworker on his work
2.5 years since breakup date
Hi, my boyfriend and I broke up 2.5 years ago and we are still communicating minimally. He usually repeats the same phrases like " Everything is fine" and " Good"
What the heck is wrong with him or his mind??
Hi guys, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and 2 months, but there is something that I cant quite wrap my finger about and it’s the fact that my
Relationship Advice, by Morninsun
Should I still remain friends? What’s he doing?
I have a male friend that has mental health issues, he can become suicidal and very depressed. We became really close last year (not in a sexual way) he told me he was
Dating Advice, by Rose00
I don’t even know what to make of our relationship
Me and my boyfriend started talking this time last year and we started talking and he made me wait a good six months until asking me out that whole time talking to loads
Breaking Up Advice, by Ellie666
How do I date a girl online?
[First of all, sorry for my English as I am not a native speaker] I am a 21 year old average-looking guy with a height 5'8 and an average and somewhat athletic body
Dating Advice, by Colonel23
Neighbor’s ex partner had covid-19
Hi everyone, It’s me again talking about covid-19! Hope everyone has been healthy. Not sure about this situation, but I thought I’d see what you all think. My
Faded and rejected by long distance love interest. Did I do anything wrong?
IВ’ve been living in my head thinking about what went wrong with this woman I fell for. We first met back in mid-2018, connected briefly, then went back to our
Left my boyfriend!
I have been with my partner for several months. He has children with his ex so i always knew she would always be a part of his life. Thats fine. I was prepared for that
Breaking Up Advice, by Hannah97
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