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The pain is so strong I wish I was just dead
6 months......6 months have been since we parted ways and I still feel suicidal and my life is a torture. I was an as$hat for sure. But we had to part ways. I couldn't
Virgin at 26 - Ask Anything - Please Advise!
Right where to begin... I’m a 26 year old virgin who hasn’t ever come close to having a relationship, let alone sex. Since my friends drifted from me I’ve always
Off Topic, by DazzaHatty92
I left my girlfriend...I did something I cannot forgive myself..I need her back.
Hi all, I am new to this forum. A month ago I made the biggest mistake of my life, I dumped my girlfriend and told her to not call me again. I knew she was
Getting Back Together, by 4everwithher
My ex found me after months of no contact but I cannot understand her behavior
I have been no contact with my ex girlfriend for 6 months. She has a HUGE ego and after an arguement we had we both walked away. I was the first to walk away and she did
Breaking Up Advice, by obnoxious
Will post shortly
Not sure what to do
I’m 33 and a full time single dad of two girls. I’ve been divorced for a little over 7 years and been single going on 5 five years now. There’s a woman I’ve know for
What do I do??
Hi everyone. I have had the same boyfriend for 4.5 years now. And we are coming to buy a house together and move on to the next stage of our relationship and suddenly
Relationship Advice, by Sweetpotato22
Can you grow to love someone?
It’s been a long time since I was last on here posting about an ex boyfriend. In an effort to get over THAT ex boyfriend I started dating someone else (big no no, I
Relationship Advice, by Gemini528
Tricky situation
I have been in a serious relationship with a man for almost a year now after knowing him for 3 years. He is much older than me (18 years difference). He has 2 teenage
Relationship Advice, by BeatriceBee
Break up and 1 week no contact
Hello, I am recently out of a short term relationship. I met this guy literally 2 months ago, things were going great and then suddenly out of the blue, he stood me up
Sexless Relationship
Dating and living together for 10 years... sex has stopped. She says it's menopause, but now all affection has stopped. Confused...
Relationship Advice, by Camber 2019
Really weird and unique situation, desperately need advice, he is my soulmate
So my ex boyfriend and I were together for a little over a year, we are each others first loves. We have shared many things with each other we have never shared with
Breakup Help
Hi. Nearly 11 months ago my girlfriend of a year and a half and I broke up. She got a job and moved only an hour away from me but she works with horses so she had little
Returning to work with a woman whose rejection devastated me
I’m 36, still a virgin, and prior to last year had never dated before. The main reason is that I have debilitating arthritis, which derailed my life badly in my early
Relationship Advice, by rejected253
Please help me it’s complicated
Hi so I’m new to this but I’m in dire need of help on my current situation! So back story is this: met this girl at work, (Jan 2018) started hanging out a lot, within
Breaking Up Advice, by Bondl1209
Blocked me. Is she gone forever?
My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 years and we used to go to the same high school but that is no longer the case since I moved pretty far away so it’s basically
Getting Back Together, by Equatefish
Dose she still want me?
So I broke up with my girlfriend because I lied about doing a drug and I told her because I felt bad about it I went to hers and had basically a mental break down and
Getting Back Together, by Helpmemeplz
I don't know what I mean to him?
Hi My friend of four years never really told me who I was to him. Like I was always unsure whether I was his friend or would it be more. We did most things together
Relationship Advice, by harmin15
i'm a super lazy person and i'm tired of it
hello everyone english isn't my first language so please don't focus on my grammer i have a lot of problem in my life but the only problem that really hurt me is
Could he be interested or simply seeking more business?
Hi all, Back in January, I was contacted by a recruiter for 2 different positions with different companies. About two weeks after our initial exchange of LinkedIn
Dating Advice, by RuedeRivoli
Reminding Myself of My Worth
It's been about a year and a half since my breakup, and although I keep doing better and better, I am still healing from it. I've found myself ruminating and being
Not sure how to make lemonade out of lemons with this situation...
So there’s a girl I’m into in some of my classes at school. We’re in the same major and she’s a member of my university’s chapter for professional development in our
Understanding my friend
I have a close friend of mine who vents to me frequently about her bf. She says things like "I just want him to leave" or "I don't give a f#%@ about him" or "he stresses
I suffer by living but I love my girlfriend too much to leave her
Hi all, I am currently in a long distance relationship, and we've never actually met. But we've been talking for nearly a year now and we both love eachother and want
Emotions and Feelings, by potionseller
It's ramblin' time.
Somewhere along the way I guess I missed the point. To repeating this over and over. Waking up. Shoving dead things into my face to keep myself alive. This fake and
Journals, by LikeWater
insecurities (how to get over them?)
We all have a couple flaws here and there that we wish we could fix (e.g. crooked tooth, voice too loud??, etc), but my insecurities (I worry about my overall body
I think he is too shy to make a move
Hi everyone, I have a coworker that I have had a crush on since he started. He used to be my manager but now I have moved different departments, so I rarely see him
Dating and Shy People, by allisonnm
Break ups
Good morning I have a girlfriend who always break up with me is we disagree about anything, we have been dating for almost 10 years, I don't know how many times we broke
Breaking Up Advice, by Sydney1972
wanting other people
Hi all. I asked my boyfriend of 17 months if he only wants me or is he wanting other women and not acting because I wouldn't be into it. His past three (short)
Is he being distant? Or it's just my intimacy issues?
This guy who used to have a crush on me on high school, texted me this August after 6 years. First I was cold because I thought we can't have something. We texted from
Dating Advice, by Peace of mind
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