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Will you eat lab grown meat when it's available?
This is just for fun and curiosity. I was reading an article recently that they are hoping to get lab grown meat onto the market in a few years. It will be expensive
Off Topic, by itsallgrand
GF says she's depressed
Hello, I am embarrassed to admit that I only visit this forum seeking advice. There are plenty of great reminders on here and when things are unclear in my
How should I ask her out?
Hi everyone! So I hired a personal trainer whom I’m extremely attracted to, I know I know lol. I want to ask her out but not sure how. We only had 3 sessions and she’s
Attraction and Flirting, by giraffeprint
This person is judgemental and a bully. She has a really bad attitude.She’s bossy. And sometimes she makes fun of me. Well she makes fun almost all my classmates
Forum Assistance, by GrandeTears
How honest is your new date?
There is a new show on Netflix called. "Dirty John". It is based on real life events. Has anyone seen it yet? Those who are considering dating and finding
Relationship Advice, by SherrySher
Increasingly cold and distant boyfriend
I have been exclusive with him for 3 months, everything was wonderful, felt emotional intimacy and sense of closeness even though we're moving fast in the beginning of
Relationship Advice, by JenniferWang
Can’t see my post?
Hi, I recently submitted a post but I can’t see it. Does it need to be manually approved by a moderator?
Forum Assistance, by PianoTiles
Heartbroken and betrayed! Just need someone to talk to!
[COLOR=#1A1A1B][FONT="]Hi! I was supposed to get married with my ex boyfriend. He is a Hindu and I am Christian. His parents doesn't approve of our relationship but
Breaking Up Advice, by lucidaconsole0
living with inlaws while house being built/baby due
I have a baby due very soon and we have bought a new home. It is a huge project, with a completion timeline of 4-5 months. We put our current house on the market
Is breaking up the right thing to do?
This story is complicated. I would appreciate some perspective. My partner and I are in our 30s. A year ago, he went to his friend's wedding in Brazil but I could not
Breaking Up Advice, by Willowtreebe
Worth My Time?
Apologies in advance, this might be long in the effort to give good information! I've been dating a really funny, charismatic, adventurous man for 4 1/2 months. When
Why do I always go for the unavailable?
This scenario has happened to me several times. Basically I’ll develop a crush on a popular boy in school who’s a sort of class clown and plays sports (not because of
Dating Advice, by sparrowheart
He won’t marry me.
I’ll try to sum it up, but here’s where I am puzzled and don’t know where to turn to. I’ve known my partner since I was 17, we were on and off again for many years. When
Relationship Advice, by flowerpetals
Someone I could talk to
She was my main squeeze the only one who could help calm me down. I was her hulk she was my black widow. Life goes
Breaking Up Advice, by Editionml3
Roller Coaster of Emotions
Hello everyone, yesterday was my second month of no contact and IВ’m kinda amazed how far IВ’ve came but by no means am I out of the woods yet. I got through
Having issues with someone asking for lifts and more
So I have a friend, who is constantly asking me for lifts. I have said no and explained why, this is because she decided to move somewhere where it is difficult for her
Friendship and Friends, by jellybean2018
Over thinking or is something there?
So I have this friend who we’ll call Bear. Bear and I met each other a couple of months ago at work. Now I’m not the type to talk to strangers, but with him I couldn’t
my boyfriend will not stop talking to this girl
I have long distance relation with my boyfriend for two years. He lives in Japan. He told me he wants have kids and I told him I am not ready at this moment of my life
What to do?
Hello. I am a 20 year old male. I'm in a place in my life right now where I am really stuck and my life feels like a hell. For the past 7 years I have been suffering
Love Advice, by fspro10
I cheated and I regret it so much
I am in an almost 3 year relationship. We are serious and we talked about getting married. We are highschool sweethearts and I love my boyfriend very much. But for I
Relationship Advice, by sarah322
Broke up with my girl last week
So I broke up with one of the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. She was sweet and caring. Words can't even explain how Im feeling right now. Her ex was very
Breaking Up Advice, by Editionml3
I think this guy I’m talking to is bi :-/
So been Chatting to this guy and well I think he is bi. He hasn’t said that he likes men in that way. But he said he has done things with men And has occocially
Dating Advice, by michkath
Does this girl like me?
Hi folks? Last week, I had to do a speech on a company at my graduate school. Two friends of mine whom are women (I’m not very close to them) approached me to have a
Wedding photographer didn't come with photos?
I'm just wondering if this is industry standard before I start getting assertive or leaving reviews. I'll be the first to admit I'd be the last person suspected of
I know I messed up, but is this really the end?
Valentine's day. He works 12 hours all week, and is always stressed and busy. We have been together for 2 years now. So not FOREVER but long enough that we have planned
Relationship Conflicts, by icriedwolf
i dont learn
I am an idiot. Was with my ex for 4 years... every 9 months she would just break it off and then i never heard from her again for a few months... until we maybe
A strange attraction!
I’m interested to hear peoples story’s! Have you ever been attracted to someone who is not attractive? There’s this guy helping out at my work and he is not conventional
Big difference between her moving on and her letting go of me
My ex-girlfriend came out as lesbian last year, ending our several year relationship. We continued living together because our split was amicable: it wasn't my fault or
Abandonment issues?
Hello all! I’m having this issue more than usual. At least recently it’s been pretty worse than what it usually is. I have been dating this great guy for over a year
0 Relationship skills
Scrolling through twitter, The “Who to Follow tab” pops up. Clicked on the first profile and it was a girl that went to the same church as me but she later moved, when
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