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Will he text me again?
Hi. I met this guy online some time ago. He is really friendly and we texted a lot. Well, to be honest there was a time in our correspondence when he did not text me for
Dating Advice, by Martina111
Again with an ex, update
Hi all. I haven't posted in a long time, but I often thought about updating my status after my original thread. I cannot post URLs, but it's the only other thread I have
Breaking Up Advice, by WandererBoy
Maybe just communication issues, but want an outside perspective
I (37M) have been with my girlfriend (27F) for just over six years now. Lately we've been arguing. A lot. We have several long-standing issues in the relationship that
How many dates did you wait before sleeping together? WOULD LOVE YOUR ANSWERS
I've been dating this super attractive guy since late march, (He's 34, I'm 25) first it started off as us talking on and off throughout quarantine, we facetimed a couple
Sex and Romance, by electricorchid
No consideration.
My fiancйe gave away my cat today without asking how it would make me feel. I have a strong connection to our animals and I’ve been super upset about it all day. Is it
Emotions and Feelings, by alycat0294
Erase His Past
My husband and I got back together in January after a 3 year separation. I temporarily moved back into our house, as it is our plan to sell and buy a new one next year
Getting Back Together, by CloudedBlue
Is it silly to feel totally outclassed by another guy like this?
I have always been comfortable with both my looks and my personality, since I have always heard and experienced that I am consistently one of the more handsome and
Second chance?
I had first met this guy when I was 16, during my summer vacation. We used to meet every summer, there was always flirting going on between us but it never became much
Dating Advice, by Eliza50
Is it abuse?
I am 18. My friend's uncle has been fingering me since I was 10 till I was 16. But I felt physical pain. It didn't come across me that it might be abuse. Last year I got
Abuse and Violence, by CindyWindy
Shy and worried about having sex
I am 18 and virgin. I am dating my boyfriend for last 1 year. The problem is I feel very shy to have sex. My boyfriend has tried to be intimate with me several times but
Sex and Romance, by CindyWindy
One Bender Too Many
Since splitting up, I thought I was ok, all amicable etc. The thing is, at first having a few drunken benders with mates seemed ok. But it has evolved into me having
Unexpected feelings for an ex
So, I met up with an ex yesterday. We hadn't seen each other in 10 years, and dated when we were both very young (15 years old). Hadn't been in contact since then as I
Dating Advice, by AceAlice
Level of abusiveness?
Many of you know the story of my life. I can’t seem to place my dad on a level of abuse scale. He did deny us necessities of life like food and clothing . He heaped
Parenting and Families, by ~Seraphim ~
It's complicated
Never posted on a forum type thing before but my head is all over the place and need some advice. Dated my Ex for 2 years back in 2015, I was 18 and immure, it ended
Relationship Advice, by WonderingWiz
Am I over thinking it?
At the beginning of the year, I started talking to a guy on a dating app. We hit it off pretty much instantly. After texting for a month, we decided to meet up. We live
Relationship Advice, by Jennababee
Is it porn or is it me?
Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I feel like I'm just reaching for answers from someone, anyone. So a bit of background first: been with my partner for 6
Sex and Romance, by DreamofCalif
Ex moving on so fast
Just came out a 7 month relationship, we were so close but decided it wouldn't work as we both work together and couldn't stop the mix between work and pleasure. We were
Breaking Up Advice, by Maroon1986
giving up on family
hello, idk how to properly start, i just really need to rant right now stuck in quarantine, I have to do college thru online meetings and unfortunately im doing it
Did all wrong with my life
Hello Sorry for the long thread. I feel really down. I was trying to live my life toward advancement and continual growth and I ended nowhere. Here is my
Just connected the dots...
I’m a 35 year old married woman with a four year old. My 9 marriage isn’t great and it hasn’t been for a while although we are doing better this year. I also don’t have
Friend scraped another friend's car; just a scrape
Everyone involved is autistic. Ok, so my friend Jim was leaving a party when he accidentally backed into his friend Bob's car. Just made a barely noticeable scrape
He says I'm moaning & I want to know what you think
Where to start. Im currently pregnant with our first child, third trimester. My husband has always been what I would call unreasonable at times (his close family are
Why do I feel so low, after what she's doing?
Hello. I made a post a week or so ago about my situation, but I wanted to come at it from a different angle. Basically, I've been with my wife for just over 6 years in
I feel unloved in my marriage
My husband and I have a 10 month old baby. We are currently living with his parents in Hawaii ( we live in Los Angeles) to get away from the craziness in LA. Since

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