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Girl i was seeing goes travelling
So i was seeing a girl for 6 weeks recently and it went perfectly. We both got on so well and it was amazing, but ahe had already booked a trip to go travelling for 6
Relationship Advice, by Izac1789
3 1/5 yrs in
So I've been with my "husband" for 3.5 yrs... He choose the husband and wife term... He's 13 yrs older than me and treats me like his child... At first we couldn't keep
Relationship Advice, by Ntbatiste
Does he like me ?
Hello ! this is my first time posting here I am really confused I think my friend likes me. I am 23 F he is 24 M but im not sure ok heres the
Attraction and Flirting, by gossamer4448
I can't tell.
So I have this coworker that I'm extremely attracted to. I didn't develop these feelings until he started poking me. After that, we've been poking each other a lot. It's
Messed up bad on spring break
My bf (22m) and I (21F) went on separate senior year college spring break trips. I was pretty upset over it, but he convinced me that it would be okay and we would keep
Is this normal?
My bf came over today and had to leave about an hour later cause his contacts started to hurt his eyes. I let him go with a hug and a kiss and told him I love him. But
Age Gap Relationships, by egyptianmau
Are my friends secretly dating?
Ok,look,first of all,I'm aware I'm a jealous,sad,crazy,neurotic person,I'm treating that,it's just that I'm not in contact with my psychologist. You see,I'm pretty good
Any advice on approaching a new girl at church?
I went to church tonight and I noticed a new girl that looked super cute and I want to talk to her. I think I've seen her before a long time ago but I'm not sure. We
Dating Advice, by BrokenGator
My cousin brags his grades and I can’t stand him
I study computer science in the same university as my cousin does. He is a year younger than me and he aces every single course with a perfect score. I’m glad for him
Boyfriend constantly discussing our relationship with his ex
I’m so hurt....and I don’t know where I stand in this relationship. I’m 40 and my boyfriend is 69. We have been together for 5 years but our relationship over the last
Accidental plagiarism
I'm in university and I accidentally submitted an assignment that I forgot I didn't finish rewording and it's totally on me. I talked to my professor about it and
Emotions and Feelings, by egyptianmau
Following up on new friendship situation...
As some of you may remember, I posted a while back about meeting a friend (we are both women) at the gym. I'm gay. She's not. That ultimately doesn't matter but it did
Friendship and Friends, by Soulsister2010
Red Flags or Jealousy?
After being apart for 14 months, my ex called to let me know one of our best friends was in the last stages of death. He asked if I wanted to visit him in Hospice with
Getting Back Together, by ArtLover51
Wife wont allow my kids to see my family
Hello everyone it has been a long 5 years of marriage where there has been turmoil between my mom and my wife. I am going to try and break this down as easy as I can so
I like her a lot...
A quick bit of background... I was married for 10yrs and separated from my wife about 18months ago. A year after separation I felt ready to get 'out there' again and so
Dating Advice, by newly
How to repair reputation/relationships after oversharing about my relationship?
I'll try to summarize, but lots of factors and moving parts here. Im male, 50s, and living in another country with very different culture and have been trying to keep my
Is this really 'space'?
Hi, I'm not sure if I'm over reacting here but I know I probably have at some point due to shock. My boyfriend and I have been on/off for 5 years. In that time we've
Relationship Advice, by Icedgem1234
"I Am Not Responsible For My Family"
Dear, long-lost ENA'ers! (Or am I the one long-lost?) It's been many, many ages since I posted a question on this forum, and I have missed this community greatly
Parenting and Families, by tiredofvampires
Moving in together
Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted here. My last posts revolves around someone who is now my boyfriend and we have been seeing each other for about
Relationship Advice, by Maddyb12
Don’t want to lose him
My husband and I have been together 20 yrs, married for 13, we have 3 children. i have focussed on the children and neglected my husband some what, we have always got
Infidelity, by Munchkin76
Should I feel guilty?
Hello all. So, I just recently started a new job a few weeks ago and now I secretly miss a few things about my old job like mainly having off days and time to
Cutting things off or not
So I have this friend, I've known him for something like 8 months. Now we've never actually met IRL, as we live very far away from eachother and we're both students so
I'm not sure if my guy friend likes me or not
I have this guy friend who's known me for nearly a year now. We have worked together on many projects and share almost all classes together. I'm not really the kind of
My bf can’t have sex with me
So my bf and I have been together for 2.5 years and when we first started dating we had sex all of the time. I have a very high sex drive so I like to have sex whenever
Sex and Romance, by Gardenghoul
Life upside down
I honestly don't know what I am doing here but I just need to say this, Basically I am a male and I'm around 18 and I like the same gender, I can't even say the words
Emotions and Feelings, by LewisHidden0
My (F/23) boyfriend's (M/28) mum wont let me visit him in hospital.
Advice please! Me and my boyfriend have been together almost 2 years, and he is having a major surgery in a hospital near his parents house, who will be looking after
How to deal with elderly demanding parents who were not perfect growing up?
For adult children who now have elderly parents, how do you deal with their demands of your time and energy when you just feel exhausted from their constant neediness?
boyfriend contacted escort...
My boyfriend and I live together. We have had a great relationship, with a few bumps here and there, but generally speaking everything has been great. We have been
Breaking Up Advice, by timmyyyturn
Was in the wrong for sending my ex’s mom flowers after surgery? Why would he tex
A couple months ago my ex’s mom had surgery and I decided to send her flowers because I knew that would make her happy and recovering wasn’t going to be easy. Her and I
Breaking Up Advice, by Lulumee
Should I let this relationship go
I am in a very weird place right now. I have been with my significant other jack for about 3 years now. In the beginning of the relationship I will, I made him go
Breaking Up Advice, by AveryJohnson
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