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Help Needed please
Hi All, I am desperately seeking advice from your own experiences so I can make a firm decision; I have known my wife since 11 years now, we got married in 2014
Just the basics - is he into me?
I suspect the answer is no, but I'm sure ENAers will help me out. With the help of MANY on this forum, I'm slowly purging myself of the desire to be with my ex. I'm
Ghosted by the guy who said/showed he wanted to marry me? Will he come back?
So just needed a little advice, I’m an Indian girl who comes from a traditional Indian family whereby arranged marriage happens and which I’m completely okay
I am in a relationship but miss my ex
I am in a relationship with a girl (1,5 years and live together) and we made up when I was deprresed aboutbreakup with my ex. My ex wasnt a good person, she tortured me
I have been with my husband for ten years, married five. We have a great loving relationship. We are a blended marriage, raising our three children together (19,15 and
Abuse and Violence, by cholsen69
just wanting a second opinion
ok I was in a serious relationship(3 years)with my ex girlfriend and I do love her very much but she then got this new job and after about only a week I found out that
Thesis-based Master's program v. Course-based Master's program?
I'm currently looking into the possibility of obtaining my Master's, and I recently came across a Master's program that I'm interested in that is course-based rather
Off Topic, by milly007
I'm not sure he has healed from his divorce...
I started dating a man who I met online. We have been seeing each other for 2.5 months now. He had a divorce 2 years ago and has a 10 year old daughter. In the
Relationship Advice, by luciamts
Thrown off by one word and my own insecurities. Help!
Hi. My name is James and I’m a first-time poster. I need help because I’m in a situation that is totally new to me. I have been completely thrown off by one word in a
Dating Advice, by JimmyS
In Love or Having a Nervous Breakdown
I am currently working abroad and met a man on Tinder. This has been a hard transition for me. Moving to a new country, a new job, the loss of an old job, losing one
Relationship Advice, by JuneBUG77
Ex broke up with me because I called her out on flaking?
She would't have said anything otherwise. My ex-girlfriend And I were supposed to hang out one weekend but she canceled 30 minutes before we were supposed to get
Breaking Up Advice, by DerFeind1940
Signs woman is interested in you
Alright guys I feel I really struggle here and don’t know how to know if a girl likes me. Most female friends I’ve ever had have talked to me first so it’s easy for me
Dating and Shy People, by Calikid321
Hopng to get back with my ex
It's been just over 2 months since this girl broke up with me (amicably). I did two weeks of no contact afterwards and seemed to move on for a while. But recently we
What does it mean ?
So, I hooked up with this guy two years ago and were just friends. It was just that one day and we constantly were texting each other and eventually I started to catch
Attraction and Flirting, by cristina2011
Confusing situation with my girlfriend and her ex.
So we met online and dated(not officially) for approximately 2 months things were amazing. I thought we were going places she always told me how much she liked me and we
To date or not to date
Was married for 14 years. Unhappily 10 of the 14. Ugh. After legally separating, got on a dating site ... yeah, but honestly I was ready. Met this amazing guy, long
Need Some Realistic Perspectives to Help Me Out
So I’m really into my coworker and I need some realistic perspectives on what I should do. I’ve been working at the same place for a couple years now and have known
The Ruminant’s Almanac
I’ve not been very good at journaling this year! I’ve been dating someone for almost a year - we met last December. I do wonder if we’ll make it into the new year due
Journals, by hidden_kitten
This is making me crazy!
Hey everyone! So I had this crush on a guy for a few months and when i saw that he was interested (at least that's what i thought), I added him on facebook. He
Graduation gift dilemma
Hi guys! I would like to ask for your opinion on the following: First, let me say that I have had such amazing support from my ex MIL and my ex SIL throughout my
Worried for my husband
I've been married to my husband for 1 year, together for just over two. It came out early in the relationship that he suffered from anxiety, and so do I so I didn't
Outgrowing friendships
Hi all, I just wanted to post because I'm feeling a bit off. I've been having issues with my current friendship group lately. I have had a really busy year this year
Friendship and Friends, by LockerBunny
Does she like me or is she stringing me along?
Hello all, I will try to be brief. Long story short, a girl and I go to college together and are both seniors. We didn't talk or hangout at all until this semester. We
Dating Advice, by ajanderson32
Girlfriend flirting with someone else
Hi, I will try to be brief. I am 46, my gf is a 37 single mom (2 kids)...few months ago she went to a bachelorette party (in a club) with some girls, i found out that
Infidelity, by Joe13
Confused on what to think with this pastor's daughter
I had a pretty huge falling out with this girl--she was the pastor's daughter. the thing is, I'm not really sure what to think. We had been friends for 5 years or so and
Relationship Advice, by drivenfuture
Scared of messing up... I've become a nervous teen again. *sigh*
[B]Background[/B] In 2019 I ended two relationships. Jane and Kathy, whom I wrote about on this forum... With Jane, essentially my heart wanted to love her and be
Dating Advice, by MirrorKnight
Good thoughts or if you pray
Can you give good thoughts or prayers that we stay in our present location and my husband gets the position he wants? If not we get posted out this coming July.
Lamenting my last relationship
Well, it’s been a few months since I broke up with my ex. It’s definitely getting better, but today was a rough one. I deleted her number last month so I can’t text or
Emotions and Feelings, by Skeptic76

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