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To reach out, or to not reach out.........
I went out a couple times with this girl. Things seemed like they were going well.. we hung out.. had fun, and hooked up... she would reach out every 2 or 3 days in
Dating Advice, by Sixersfan234
Is there any solution for introverted people, anxiety, stress?
Hello, this may not be an exact relationship question but I really need help, and the main problem is I am finding it very difficult to create relationships. I ma a shy
Relationship Advice, by success123
Why is there this hype about dating?
Why and who invented dating and why though? You may be thinking why I have mentioned this is because of the following: I can't strike a conversation (meaningful or
Dating Advice, by BoroGuy40
Conflicted: Do I give up or fight for her?
My story is a complicated one to say the least... My ex and I broke up 5 months ago and it was the most unexpected, gut-wrenching and heartbreaking experience. She
Getting Back Together, by armadillo311
Looking for advice
So myself & partner have been together nearly two years. He works nights/I work days so spending time together is quite difficult - understandably. He expresses to me
Relationship Advice, by Crazycat1995
What to do next?
At the beginning of the year, i texted a girl that was my colleague a few years ago and with whom I had not talked since then. I always had a huge crush on her, but back
Dating Advice, by beeeteixeira
Just want an opinion
Ok, I have posted on here a couple of times before. This post is more or less a question. Again, the both of us were middle aged. So, here goes short story before the
Relationship Advice, by skysurfer
Advise please
So i need unbiased advice. I am a mother of 8 & 9 year old children. They have not seen their father in 3 years. My daughter definitely considers my bf of 4 years (off
Off Topic, by MLee1979
In love with a friend the consequences
Hey guys, itВ’s somewhat of a story and IВ‘m trying to find a solution everyone can be happy with, but IВ‘m starting to feel like there is no В„goodВ“ solution
Friendship and Friends, by ZeroXNoxus
He broke it off with me but i'm still so confused.
3 months ago I met a guy online and we agreed to be FWB (he wanted a relationship) but if we got good vibes we would see where things would go. I'm 27 and he's 31. A
"Rules" of texting after a first date
I rarely ask for advice on here, but I figured it couldn't hurt. You guys always help with grounding. Had a great first date with a guy on Friday. Ended up lasting
I think hes with me for my child
Hey,since entered into a relationship at a very rocky time if my life. I initially thought everything was ok (with me) and we hit it off straight away after knowing each
After a 4 month period of excitement and building up to something she decided to call it without much explanation. She (30) and I (36) met through an online dating site;
Diagnozed with AIDS and breakup
I met my boyfriend in April 2017. July 1st we made it official. I had been in a relationship for about 9 years. It was not a healthy one. Fast forward to February 2019
Financial issue - what thought /analytical process works for you?
The situation. Had the same housecleaner for about nine years, biweekly. She brings other people with her but she's not an official "company". Been mostly satisfied and
past abusive relationship coming back to rear its ugly head
Hi everyone, I am recovering from a past emotionally abusive relationship of almost two years. I recently walked away in december. It broke me into pieces where he used
Dating Advice, by caraviolin
Job/Career Crossroads - Desperation
I am a 40-something IT professional. I began in techie roles, then decided to move into project management a few years ago. I held two PM positions at two different
2 weeks past and was told she is already on dating site
First, this was a 9 year marriage. Very rocky one at that. Several break ups and miscommunications. 2 years ago I felt as if we had it all worked out. I made alot of
Divorce Advice, by Floorguy1971
I love him but our relationship is toxic
Hey! I love my boyfriend very much, don’t get me wrong, that’s why we’re still together to this day. We’re in highschool and we’ve been dating for an year. At first our
Breaking Up Advice, by Cristina26C
ex gf is suicidal and gave me an ultimatum, need advice
me and my ex-gf (has been like a month again that she broke things off) have kinda some big probem rn, she is very depressed and suicidal and she gave me an ultimatum:
Relationship Advice, by lilbutterfly
Difficult friend (very long, sorry)
I have this friend, I've been very close with for the last 4-5 years. She has helped me and I have helped her through some very tough situations (divorce, work problems
20 Year Marriage - Stay or Go
We’ve been married 20 years. I always had my blinkers on and thought we were solid and I always thought we had a pretty good sex life (he is the only man I’ve eve slept
Am I Being to Patient? Or Doing the Right thing...
Hi everyone - I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible, I could use some advice. Im 33, and have a history of being very needy and pushy in the past with
Dating Advice, by Kaldia
Unable to commit but now in relationship with woman he’s never met
He is a typical Mr Unavailable. We were close once and we’d text all the time. I was coming out of a destructive relationship and soon our involvement became romantic
Dating Advice, by blanchedrose
My boyfriend is from a very poor and low class family
Hi, I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now. He is a 30 year old man, with 2 master degrees from the college and a mediocre government job. His mother
Dating Advice, by jiji
Is this suspicious behaviour...?
So after being called “dramatic” and “crazy” and being told on numerous occasions that I am sabotaging the relationship or that I always jump to conclusions.. I have
Infidelity, by Devastated123
Is this normal for relationships, what should I do?
We meet online at the beginning on January and talked all the time, about everything. Our personalities, aspirations, career/family goals, are all extremely similar. We
Relationship Advice, by 098littlebit
Ask for tickets - break NC?
Never mind! It’s not even worth it. Decision made!
Suicidal after getting fired from my job of 11 years
Hi so I got fired from my job of 11 years because I said a joke to an assistant supervisor via IM that he did not want to ever help me because I was colored, well
Suicide, by Tab2n0
Delete thread
Can you delete my thread? Problem resolved.
Forum Assistance, by BeenBurned

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