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Lingering feelings
My ex and I had just broken up 4 weeks ago. This is not the only time i have mentioned to break up. But this is pretty much like the final so im still trying to get
I feel like I cannot breath in my relationship. My girlfriend constantly hurts my feelings by hanging up on me, blocking me, and saying just crazy things. We’ve
Dating Advice, by Austino96
Perspective Needed - Am I Just Being Insecure?
Hi folks. I'm a newbie - here because I need some outside perspectives with something I'm finding hard. I was married a few years ago.. no kids or anything, so when
December No Contact :(
Hello all. 36 yo guy here. I've been seeing another bi guy for 3 years. The last few weeks he started seeing this girl and i quickly felt him phasing me out. He
Breaking Up Advice, by Reflections11
Was that that bad?
So my ex gf has been playing a specific game for a long time. After getting to know some people through that game, they formed a group. After that I noticed that she
Relationship Advice, by yeshteso
Which do I choose?
I’m a freshman in college and I am five hours from my hometown. I had the same girlfriend since my junior year in Highschool. She still lives in my home town. While I
My bestfriend’s boyfriend is sketchy.
I am very conflicted. My bestfriend’s boyfriend, who happens to be my very close friend, has been doing sketchy things behind her back. He doesn’t know I know. But he’s
Relationship Advice, by WhatToDo2020
Is our relationship toxic?
[B][U]TW[/U][/B]: Self Harm So I've (22F) been dating this guy (23M) for 5 months now. The first 4 months were absolutely perfect, and though we definitely had some
Relationship Advice, by colorlessday
Joni Mitchell Wisdom
[COLOR=#050505][FONT=system-ui]A friend shared this passage with me, and I thought it worth passing along: “I don’t know if I’ve learned anything yet! I did learn how
Off Topic, by journeynow
What to do? Is she better off without me?
I'm after some advice, but guess I need to tell my story first. Thank you for anyone who makes it to the end. My ex and I met each other travelling around New
Will he change?
I just recently left a toxic situation a few days ago. Moved most of my things back to my parents house. He was at a friends place, and I've been feeling unsure
Getting Back Together, by jlfrank12
Should I Try and Blow Up?
Some background about me: I'm a 21F college senior, about to graduate with a dual degree in Public Policy and Economics from a prestigious university, and looking for a
Not sure if my fears are simply commitment fears or more valid
So I've been in a relationship with a girl for nearly 5 months. I'm a 29 years old and this is my first serious relationship. To give some context until age 23 I used
Relationship Advice, by Ralikain
Almost "roomate" problem - out of control
Hello again! Thanks a lot for anyone reading this and making time to answer and help me- I really need it. This post involves various relationships and I did not know
Why are guys asking for sexy photos?
I posted a few weeks ago about a 23 year old male who was pursuing me, begging for sexy photos, even masterbating on FaceTime in front of me. I haven’t been dating for
Here we go again
That smile melts my heart and gives me strength. I’m trying to hang on for you baby you give me strength. I’m sorry this happened and me and your mom couldn’t make it
Girlfriend acting strange
Hi all, I was wondering if someone out there could help me out with this. I’m sure it’s all in my head but would appreciate others thoughts. I’ve known my
Relationship Advice, by Carter33

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