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My fiance left me.
Hi everyone, I wanted some advice regarding my recent relationship. I have been on here many times when looking for advice and support and found you all so helpful
Breaking Up Advice, by JLove2019
Is it worth staying?
My husband and I have problems. It’s not all terrible and I feel like these are petty, stupid little issues. But I don’t know for sure and don’t have a lot of people I
I'm hurting
This is my first time in some time coming on here. I'm going to just say that I don't want to live anymore. Living hurts and I don't matter. I'm sorry for taking
Suicide, by saku
Just friends?
Not exactly looking for advice as much as the 2 cents of others. So there was a woman at work who I was pretty flirty/friendly with. I like her but I wasn’t going to
Dating Advice, by Tomthumb88
Friends who are flaky/ don't show up
Hey! I have a friend who I love very dearly, however recently she has been very flaky. The last few times we have arranged to meet, she changes the location or
Friendship and Friends, by flatsquirrel
Recent IG post but we've now broken up. Should I delete the image?
Hello all! 2 days ago my boyfriend broke up with me after a year together. I've gone straight into no contact which I intend to keep for the rest of my life. There were
Breaking Up Advice, by Darlington
Asexual and being in love with a heterosexual male
Hi everyone, I feel like I’m in a tough spot. I think I’m in love. Something I don’t experience often. I’m a guy nearing my 30s who is still uncertain about his
A make believe relationship? PLEASE HELP ME
Hi I really needed to talk to somebody about this and I just found this website. To whoever is reading this I wanna thank you in advance. Here's my story: I used to be
Cyber Relationships, by missyj002
Why does my wife do this?
We were about to watch one of our shows together. At the time, the remote was misplaced (fell in between the cushions) and she “couldn’t find it”. So she sat on the
Sex and Romance, by Plzhelp123
Doctors think I have cancer (Lukemia). Should I tell her?
Hello. My doctors think I have Lukemia. I will know for sure this week after a slew of tests. It’s pretty scary but I’m hoping for the best and trying to keep my head
33 year old boyfriend dumping me , I’ve been heartbroken for three weeks
Hello everyone. Okay so my boyfriend and i have been together for two years. I am 22 and he is 33. For the past four months he has been going through financial
Dating Advice, by Twelve1212
sickened by the thought of being with anyone else, even after months--i'm broken
Ex ended things with me in December. He choose to be with someone else. Took him more than a year of indecision and back and forth but he choose her and they live
Toughest challenge of my early life.
Hello guys I'm new in here.. Found this page while looking for breakups advices and thought this was a cool place... Love seeing stories of different people... Hope you
Breaking Up Advice, by Joep10plo
Advice on Dating girl not over her ex
I'm in an odd predicament. I am dating a girl who is not over her ex. We've been dating a month and a half. I really like the girl but her behavior and everything has
Dating Advice, by RoninX
My old friend and I
right. I have an amazing husband, we have been together for 22 years. He’s so lovely to me, we have a daughter aged 9 etc and on paper everything is good. Apart from
Infidelity, by Debby39
Breaking up with someone when they've done nothing wrong
Hi guys. So I'm in quite the predicament at the moment with no one but myself to blame and I'll try to keep it as short as I can. I met a guy almost 3 years ago and
The first guy I loved is moving to another continent
Hey guys. So, something has happened that has me so sad. I met this guy back in 2016, and I haven’t seen him for over a year. The last time we saw each other we had a
Love Advice, by Plllover
Wife may be lacking commitment to us
This goes hand, and hand with my most recent post, except this time its about my wife herself. My wife and i have been together 2 years (married). Anywho my wife
Relationship Commitment, by a_lifters_life
Why will my ex not give me peace even after blocking end ending it?
I have posted on here a few times before. As an update in regards to my previous threads, I feel much, much better. I was in a very turbulent relationship and as a
Breaking Up Advice, by Chloej123
I'm so messed up please help
I'm sorry if this is a bit of a ramble but I need to get this out. I'm sorry if I appear shallow in places but I'm trying to be as honest as I can. I met a guy from a
Emotions and Feelings, by Queenbee85
Devastated by Cheater
Hello everyone, kind of just venting here. I'm a 23 year old male. My ex girl is 20 and we were together for 3 years. I consider myself very good looking and
Breaking Up Advice, by eickhoffj11
Girl told my mate it's too early after 7 dates + doesn't always respond?
I met a girl at the beginning of May so over 2 months now and since the meet up we have had 7 dates, the most recent of which being last Saturday. Things seemed to be
Dating Advice, by Liv9943
I’m growing apart from my fiancй because of the strain of his family
I’m relatively new to this forum. I’ve been reaching out because I don’t really have any other outlets. This will be kind of long: I’m 26 years old and my fiancй is 24
Being fair?
Currently I give my daycare parents 3 days a month free of charge for illness or holiday. When my new contract comes out I am thinking of going to one day a month. Many
I think we're done...thoughts?
I'm 43, he's 48 and 10 years out from a nasty divorce. We met at work as co-workers 12 years ago and were strictly friends with many mutual work friends. We always
Relationship Advice, by Anonymous903
Keep having dreams about an ex
Hello all, I'm new to these forums. I've been trying to seek possible answers as to what is going on lately, was hoping anyone could give me some input or advice (it's
Friend that talks smack about her significant other...
I have a dear friend who has been a friend for almost 10 years. She is very quirky and unique and that is part of what I love about her... she is in a relationship of
Friendship and Friends, by Nebraskagirl14
Meeting with ex?
I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago. We'd dated for almost two years. I ended things because I no longer felt that spark anymore and questioned whether he was
Relationship Advice, by TimeEsq2345
I want to start strength training, but i don't have a gym membership
exactly as the title says, I've heard many fitness gurus and forums tell me that strength training is a great way to build lean muscle mass and lose weight. I would like
Having MAJOR doubts about person I'm dating
This will be incredibly long, I will try and shorten it. I have been talking to someone whom I met a month ago - we met online, and have had three dates so far - two
Relationship Advice, by Shylight
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