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Partners and my needs differ right now
For some background information, my partner and I have been together for a year and two months. We are both 18 years old. They live around a 5 hour's drive away from
Struggling with my emotions after a toxic relationship
Hello, The reason I'm posting is because I'm struggling to pinpoint why I'm so angry with my ex. We've been split up for 7/8 months. The break up happened about a
Does resentment towards an ex means i haven't moved on ?
When we met online, we hit it off. we met in person and the connection and chemistry was undeniable. He stayed at my flat for 2 weeks.And he asked me to be exclusive but
What would you do?
A woman and I were very much in love, but we ended up seperating because it was so hard to see each other. Years later we talked again, she and I both have feelings
Relationship Advice, by Talltom89
i can't leave but shouldn't stay
Hi all, heres a short backstory: our relationship at the beginning was like a true movie love story: all happy, giddy, and in lust and love. We felt unstoppable and
Relationship Conflicts, by butterfly252
I'm confused as to why he would block me now
We've been together on and off for a long time, he did get married during one split and I also moved on but we got back together when both our relationships broke down
Breaking Up Advice, by Ellie56
I don't know if I should break up
I've been in a relationship for 1.5 years. He is the most amazing guy, he is kind, caring and romantic and just a nice person in general the type you take home to meet
Breaking Up Advice, by llpkrmgt
I blew my second chance. I’m devastated
I’ll try to be quick and I apologize in advance for any typos since I am on my cell phone typing this out. My feelings are everywhere. I don’t know where to begin
Breaking Up Advice, by ConfusedLady21
He needs space - means I'm done with you?
Okay - question time: I have tried to rekindle things with my ex. It's been rocky to say the least. He reached out to me after being dumped by his girlfriend late Jan
I need help
Hi there. So just to give you all a little background about me first: I'm 30 years old, I live in east coast USA, I work full-time, I live on my own in a one-bedroom
Personal Growth, by Imawreck
An update on my saga
Hi all, This is an update on what has happened to the relationship discussed here: [url]https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=565191&[/url] I have
My uncle sexually abused me. What can I do in NYS?
So, I am now turning 23 in November 2020. My uncles sexual abuse included touching my bare skin, penetrating my vagina with his finger in one ocassion, and him touching
Why is he being so cold?
I know I shouldn't but I did. I decided to send my ex one last text just because I cannot understand why he has been so selfish and cowardly to end our relationship by
Breaking Up Advice, by What a mug
Getting fed up
Hi guys...not used this for a long long while. But I think I'm just not getting something. Met a woman on an App. Chatted for just under a week. We discovered
My dad molested me as a kid, but my mom chose to stay with him.
Hi again, thank you for your thoughtful replies to my previous thread. I found them very helpful and so I decided to request for more advice/thoughts. Something quick to
Parenting and Families, by chocolateyes
How not to tell a guy that you live alone?
Hi, so I've been exploring dating apps and I have been getting a lot of messages from guys there. One thing that is challenging for me to answer are questions like "who
Dating Advice, by snowpeachdoll
Unsure if I Should Break Off My Engagement
So, I’m a 23 year old female. I was proposed to by my 30 year old bf of 3 years a couple of months ago. Prior to this, I was a little a nervous that he might be getting
Breaking Up Advice, by Wellwhat87
Dating someone 4 months, fell in love, they didn't, she broke it off last week
It's actually a little more in-depth than the topic title, but here are the breakup messages... "Hey. I have been thinking a lot about us lately, and where our
Breaking Up Advice, by FeelSoAlone
How to deal with angry and hateful ex girlfriend
Thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe help out. First, I want to make clear that I am not trying to get back with her, but just want to close the
A desire for suffering?
Lately I have been constantly daydreaming about situations where I would struggle and have to be strong. Things like my parents dying and me having to deal with the
Trust issues/insecurity
Hi everyone, to cut a long story short in a past relationship he would like and continuously talk to other girls, flirt, you name it. In the end I became a shell of
Relationship Advice, by Kelly123
Should I keep trying?
I dated a girl for a few years in middle/highschool. We were obsessed with each other and said we were in love When we finally did break up it was mostly because we
Love Advice, by Talltom89

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