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Submitting two weeks notice of resignation
Hi all, I have a question in regards to submitting my two weeks notice. I recently accepted a new job offer and I am preparing to submit my resignation. I was
Am I a lesbian?
Hi everyone. My name is Lucy, I’m 25, female and live in the UK. To put this into context, I was in a five-year relationship with a guy from the age of 18 to 23. We
My Past Is Haunting Me
Hello, I have been married to my husband for 4 years and I can't stop causing problems in our relationship because I can't seem to let go of my past that I regret. I
Full Disclosure - Is honesty the best policy?
A year ago I met a guy and so the story goes... We dated, which progressed into a loving relationship, and now we are living together. We are "normal" couple with our
Trust and Relationships, by PollyBaker3
Is it normal to think about a certain ex even if you're over them.
I have had a few dates with someone and I'm not sure why but I still think of an old ex regularly. He was the only guy I have loved the last 5 and half years, but I'm
Dating Advice, by Honeycomb8
Early dating and sexual health
Hello friends, I need some advice or at least some insights. I've been seeing this woman for about 3 weeks now. We matched online and 'clicked' right when we met
Dating Advice, by Morello
Is it cheating
I met a guy a year ago. Perhaps my life with kids and corporate life was too isolated. We went through a very passionate secret sex and further into love but we stopped
I met someone online but don't really understand what is going on
Hi. I recently met someone over the internet. She's 29, I'm 23, and we live quite far apart. Opposite continents in fact. We started talking 5 months ago, and I grew
Dating Advice, by AgeofAlucard
5 years later. An update, and what I learned from eNotAlone that WORKS.
I haven't posted here since a few months after I joined 7 years ago. At that time I was recoiling from a summer fling and looking for any bit of advice I could find to
Getting Back Together, by PurpleSmash
Girl from work
Very good looking girl (?F) (not sure of her exact age but definitely around 18-20) started working at the same grocery store as me (20M). We’re both cashiers and I’ve
Broken up, need advice
Hi all, Recently my ex and I split. She said she didnt see a future or have any love left for me. I wasnt planning on proposing or anything anytime soon. Towards the
Dating Advice, by tonyd927
Am I a bad friend for being jealous?
I have a friend that I've known for a few years now, he's like a brother to me. We've always had a good time and never really had problems or conflicts. One thing about
Friendship and Friends, by MrIncredible
Relationship of 4 years ended.
Hi everyone, I am in a confusing situation and do not know how to get out of it. I am a male 23 years old and I started dating a girl when I was 18. We had a good
I beg your advise
Dear friends I need your advises ASAP. I am a French men (45YO), married to an American girl from Chicago for 9 years, we had a great relationship. I love her so
Infidelity, by patrique
I am uncomfortable with my husband"s female friends
I have been with my husband for 3 1/2 years and married for almost 2. I sponsored him and his daughter to come to Canada. I relized that I have made a big mistake with
I found out some dark things after (21 F) breaking up with my (24 M) boyfriend
Hi all, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of 4 months due to his lack of commitment, porn addiction, selfishness, perfectionism, superficiality, and overall
Breaking Up Advice, by petrichors
I caught my partner looking at escort sites.
I caught my partner watching an escort website and the truth is that I'm afraid that he wants to go with one of them or worse, that he already has. I've talked to him
Sex and Romance, by giavana
I'm chronically sick and just found out my girlfriend is going to cheat
I've been chronically ill for 5 years. To the point where I'm mostly bedridden and can't even talk or kiss. My girlfriend said how sex with me has become a chore since
Infidelity, by seanscott242
Fed up
My husband has always been quite an angry person. He's not violent towards me just gets angry very easily. He was diagnosed with depression maybe three years ago now
Relationship Advice, by Smarie15
How to politely tell an ex stop contacting me?
We met on Face book back in 2011 and met in person a month later.We had strong connection but the distance eventually took it's toll and he broke it off since neither of
Confused and hurting
Hey guys, I need some advice. I’ve been in a long term relationship for about 8 years now. I think I’m in love with my co worker, he just moved away and I feel
Emotions and Feelings, by EmilyRose95
My fiance left me.
Hi everyone, I wanted some advice regarding my recent relationship. I have been on here many times when looking for advice and support and found you all so helpful
Breaking Up Advice, by JLove2019
Is it worth staying?
My husband and I have problems. It’s not all terrible and I feel like these are petty, stupid little issues. But I don’t know for sure and don’t have a lot of people I
I'm hurting
This is my first time in some time coming on here. I'm going to just say that I don't want to live anymore. Living hurts and I don't matter. I'm sorry for taking
Suicide, by saku
Just friends?
Not exactly looking for advice as much as the 2 cents of others. So there was a woman at work who I was pretty flirty/friendly with. I like her but I wasn’t going to
Dating Advice, by Tomthumb88
Friends who are flaky/ don't show up
Hey! I have a friend who I love very dearly, however recently she has been very flaky. The last few times we have arranged to meet, she changes the location or
Friendship and Friends, by flatsquirrel
Recent IG post but we've now broken up. Should I delete the image?
Hello all! 2 days ago my boyfriend broke up with me after a year together. I've gone straight into no contact which I intend to keep for the rest of my life. There were
Breaking Up Advice, by Darlington
Asexual and being in love with a heterosexual male
Hi everyone, I feel like I’m in a tough spot. I think I’m in love. Something I don’t experience often. I’m a guy nearing my 30s who is still uncertain about his
A make believe relationship? PLEASE HELP ME
Hi I really needed to talk to somebody about this and I just found this website. To whoever is reading this I wanna thank you in advance. Here's my story: I used to be
Cyber Relationships, by missyj002
Why does my wife do this?
We were about to watch one of our shows together. At the time, the remote was misplaced (fell in between the cushions) and she “couldn’t find it”. So she sat on the
Relationship Conflicts, by Plzhelp123
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