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Just a vent :/
I posted about this guy before on here, and have since been getting therapy for my assault, but I was foolish and kept in contact with him. First a backtory: I broke
Dating Advice, by caraviolin
Is it time for me to leave
Hey guys me and my girlfriend have been together for 15 months and things started off perfect, or it seemed. Early into our relationship she cheated and flirted with
Relationship Conflicts, by HoplessTeen4
Post break up - acceptance- moving on
I have accepted that the relationship is over! It’s day 16 since the break up and I already feel stronger than I have in past break ups at this point!! NC is definitely
Chronic Stress, how to cope?
I got this heart rate monitor and it says I'm stressed, chronically stressed. Which if other factors are present puts me at risk for a heart attack. It says to change my
Relationships with ghosta
Hi, to help understand the context... 4 years ago; I met this girl and we dated for roughly 8 months and I sired a son with her; we did not last; a lot of factors
Should I reach out?
Okay so I'm in a friend group of 5 people 3 of which I'm extremely close too. I go to a different highschool then all of them but 4 of us have our licensed so we catch
Friendship and Friends, by Anon6942069
Seeing a Married Woman for over a year - completely in love
Hi all, I'm posting on here because i'm truly hurting. I am madly in love both emotionally and physically to a married woman, and she will not leave her husband
Infidelity, by ajrau
Can’t believe this “relationship” is still going on...
Met a guy 6 months ago when we were both having problems in our marriages. My husband & I are now actively going through divorce, & I had a baby in the meantime. His
Dating Advice, by Gb83
Being 24 and not having one girl interested in me is depressing.
Wasted all my time on dating sites been on 3 dates in 5 years of trying. I have aspergers and tonight while at the mall I saw a pretty girl and she looked at me but gave
Dating Advice, by Single1995
Heavily In Like with Silver Fox
Have anyone ever asked you what you wanted in a partner? Chances are that you will run down a list of what you desire in the person you would like to be with. Well
Attraction and Flirting, by ConfusedLady21
Is she into me?
Hi everyone, OK so without going into too much I am not the most confident guy around women. Never have been. My two relationships have been with women I knew as
Dating Advice, by Carter33
Wife had an a affair and still won't show me her ig.
She won't accept me still after I forgave her so still haven't doubts should I pursue this or drop.it? Anyone please help!
Relationship Advice, by Beingstrong1
Am i bad for my girlfriend?
I've been with my girlfriend for a year and a half. we love each other and intend to get married in the future. but i let her walk away during an argument, eventhough
Do I smell? I'm confused...
So I'm honestly not sure where I should even start. My boss at work is a notorious bully. He picks on people, he demeans them in front of others, and most people at work
Help. I got back in touch with her?
I got back in touch with the girl I cut contact with. I didn’t think she would reply, but she did and it was quite long. In it she said that all the pain and hurt
Stalker ex won't stop following me online
Over three years ago I got a restraining order against an ex (in Canada/Ontario it's technically a peace bond, but same basic principles as a restraining order: no
Post break up closure meet up - GIG Syndrome
Met with my ex today! I was able to let her go and told her that it was for the best! She told me that she was sorry for stringing me along! She said she had realized
Turning 40!
I expected to feel a little twinge here, like I did when I turned 30. I haven't really, I feel grateful and happy. Life is good and I intend to celebrate this up! I
Off Topic, by itsallgrand
Vacation Situation
Hi, Please offer an unbiased opinion here. Basically please don’t be on my side just cause I posted this. I have been in a relationship with a woman who has a
Relationship Conflicts, by Healthaddict
Interview Questions
I just had an interview for an Assistant position with a company I'd very much like to work for. I met with the hiring manager and another assistant who has been with
Career, Money and Education, by DaisyMayPorter
He keeps reaching out, am I doing right?
So long distance guy that lied about being “single never married “ keeps reaching out. I told him on Friday that I had no interest in pursuing anything further and
How to mend things when he doesn't see himself marrying me
My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now and sure we've had quarrels like any couples do but him and I have always been happy together. We have always just
I, 27/M, went on a few dates with a woman, 24/F, and need some advice/support!
Hello! I met this girl online - she was out of a short relationship (it ended long before it did because he had decided to pull the "slow fade") that somewhat
Relationship Advice, by KoolPiko
Any Advice for loss of a mother?
My Mom passed away recently. Any tips on coping?
Personal Growth, by Chuckyd123
I just dont know whats next
I have had a crush on this girl, for about one year now. We went out for 2 times last year. I don't know. It was like "friend date", just the two of us. When I went out
Dating and Shy People, by krypton97
She Called, but Didn't Leave a Voicemail after 2 months NC
Hi everyone I'm (23M) new here, My Voicemail issue will be in Bold, the rest is context! My girlfriend (21F) of 1 year broke up with me 2 months ago. We were friends
Meeting Ex for the first time in 2 weeks
We broke up a week before our trip with her family to Greece. I was going to propose to her there, and ask her to move in with me. She never gave a clear explanation on
I'm meeting Ex, its been 10 days since week broke up!
Me and my Ex have been dating for 2 years. We are both 24. She wanted to break up because she wanted to figure out her life for herself. (A week before Me and her family
Second heartbreak
This is a bit of hurt venting and sharing for support and it feels like a second heartbreak. It might be longish so TL/DR summary ex told me after breakup that she had
Should I break up with him?
Hi there I’m facing a big decision right now and it is whether I should break up with my partner or not. We live together, and at the start he seemed perfect and gentle
Breaking Up Advice, by michaela514
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