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Maybe this is the wrong place - but Russell Brand advice for breakups anyone?
I was going down the youtube rabbit hole experience when I came across Russell Brand's advice channel. He's got some interesting
Haven't been on a date in a long time
Hi, I'm not sure if this thread should be under "Dating Advice" but I'll explain myself. TLDR; 24 year old expat living in Amsterdam. Haven't been on a date in a
Dating Advice, by dg9159
What does it mean when an ex says they are not "ready" to get back together?
I'll try to make this brief but I previously posted a thread about how my ex and I are in contact. I've had a serious conversation with her since then, where she
Are these texts from my ex "breadcrumbs" or do they mean more? Coming back?
We're both 20, lasted ~7 months and I was her first love. She was co-dependent and I never thought she'd leave. She moved in with me about 2 months in because of
Getting Back Together, by newguy6802
Is he interested in me or using me to get over his ex
There is a guy with who I share a good friendship with. He told me that things where bad with his girlfriend. After they broke up he has become more touchy with me and
Dating Advice, by Nathalie91
Terribly shy and afraid of the letdown
Ok so I'm slowly starting to attempt to get back into the dating scene. I like a friend of mine that I've know for a good while. I want to ask him out but I'm so afraid
HECK of a saga, and im feeling more and more ready pull the trigger on divorce..
Many of your already know my story, but for those unfamiliar here is a quick run down: my wife of (~3 years) and together for ~13 years. We now have a 6 month old child
Divorce Advice, by a_lifters_life
Magnet of Success
I've not seen it mentioned on here but i think this blog is brilliant [url]https://magnetofsuccess.com/blog/[/url] I hope it might be of interest or help to people
Breaking Up Advice, by misterjister
Did you ever reconcile with an ex you never thought you would get back with?
Did you ever date someone for a period of time then due to whatever reasons you broke up and no longer saw a future with them only to get back together again? Did it
Getting Back Together, by Hydroappa
Why is Ex gf mad at me when she broke it off? Should I do something?
My Ex (18F) and I(20M) had a breakup because apparently she has not warmed up to the idea of being in a relationship after being in a relationship for 3 months. I gave
Breaking Up Advice, by DerFeind1940
Friends with a male coworker
I have been friends with a male coworker for about a year. We are about the same age and we are both married. We have a great friendship, or so I thought until recently
Friendship and Friends, by amandamichel
overthinking it?
Saw a cute girl in the library last night so i decided to go talk to her. I had to run to class and she was also working on something so i got straight to the point and
A few months dating
I met this guy online, everything checked out, was looking for a relationship, our connection was amazing, communication was wonderful. Two not so great features: He has
Dating Advice, by username111
When Exes Rebound Goes Wrong
and they start regularly initiating texts and calls saying sorry they've made a really bad mistake and they want you back. Any advice please? thanks
Getting Back Together, by misterjister
How to be positive
Hi ENA, Its been a while since I posted on here, not really sure where to turn today. In a nutshell my negative thoughts are causing depression and ruining my
What should I do
I have a wonderful girlfriend who I've been dating for almost 5 years and she is my best friend but I can't stop thinking of the girl I used to date before her over 5
How do I go about this?
My ex and I broke up 4 years ago, we were still in love but I was very immature and hard to be with at that time and it just fell apart. We have spoken/saw each other
is this normal (no) what should i do, long term boyfriend says this to me....
hey there. so me and my boyfriend have been together for about 4.5 years id say, we have had our ups and downs and trust issues in the past like most couples. however
Relationship Advice, by sailormarsam
What should I do about this friend of mine?
Hey all! First thing I want is to praise this site and the people on it. I have had a couple posts on here before and it has always helped to be able to write about
So... it keeps happening.
I feel so stupid. If you search for my started treads, you will find out i’ve been played for the same person for almost a year now. She breaks up with me and then we
Dating Advice, by Lauralatifa
Need her messaged deciphered
Starting to believe that I am bad at love after looking at my past post... Briefing , we dated for a few months.. It was a going well.. Didn't like how she was
Breaking Up Advice, by AtlasFink
Lost a friend of 10 years...feel hurt and used
Hi guys, So I am trying to make sense of this friendship that started in college, then we went to university and were room mates, and continued our friendship after
How to Make Sure My Needs Are Met in Relationship with Commitment Phobic Guy?
I've looked online for advice on this issue but articles are often superficial and/or focused on initial stages of dating eg "Make him wait before replying to his text"
Relationship Advice, by glitterrainbow
How to start something with a worker in a store?
How can I get a conversation going with a retail worker in a store when I am just a random customer among many? There is a very beautiful retail assistant at a book
Should I stay with her after finding out she has a child
So I have been in a long distance relationship with a girl for a few months and I have really started to like this girl to the point of almost loving her. I was looking
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