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Does she like me? [18F, 18M]
At the very beginning - I'm sorry for my mistakes, but I don't speak English on a daily basis, let alone writing anything. So I met this girl in January. At first it
Love Advice, by malygryzon
Going to AA...
Hi all. I made the decision to give up alcohol fairly recently. I’m not an every day drinker..but I binge drink and when I do I’m just not someone I like, and it
Personal Growth, by JA0371
Over a BJ
My boyfriend and me have been together for 4 months/5 nearly, we see eachother 4/5 times a week. We have alot of sex but sometimes i dont want to so i repeat it till he
Sex and Romance, by Nabz123
Just broke up, in need of some thoughts that arent my own
Hi guys, Yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend. It was fine up until now when the moment has finally come that Im alone in my little appartment. Ive had a rough
Quick Question! Dating Two People at Once
This is Just a quick question. I will call the first person B and the second person N. Me and B met through a mutual friend-- she had been trying to get us together
Dating Advice, by ohdora
Deciding what ex’s say
If an ex told you that her values and preferences had changed all of a sudden in a long distance relationship and she did not love you anymore, would you assume that
Dating for 1 year - Boyfriend is unsure about me/marriage/future
Hey guys, so I normally post these kinds of things to reddit, but he is on there quite frequently. I thank you in advance for reading this. So my boyfriend and I
Relationship Advice, by somuchlove19
Preference or stereotypical? (Can be controversial topic)
I dated this girl, and I had been wondering if i have been overthinking it. Ill save you the long story for another thread, but I just want to get other people's
Dating Advice, by phillyphill
How did you move on and found love again?
The "Getting back together really does happen!" has tons of posts where people tell their story on how they got back with their ex. In the beginning of a break-up this
Anxiety about giving oral
So I've always had anxiety when it comes to oral sex. It makes me hesitant to even receive oral because I don't want to feel bad if I chicken out with giving oral. I'm
Sex and Romance, by lovetrap00
Hes Not in Love With Me
I've been in a relationship with my SO for almost a whole year now. We've said I Love you and i really thought he meant it. His actions cemented the idea that he
Breaking Up Advice, by PerfectMoron
Dealing with a breakup and the strange phenomenon I'm experiencing
So I asked for some advice a couple of days ago about how to heal properly from a long term breakup, and while I wanted to get over her and it, going NC, trying to build
Breaking Up Advice, by theostix
Girlfriend Advice!! Help is appreciated
So I am pretty good at handling situations and reading them with my GF but I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I have been seeing my GF
Has my relationship peaked?
Hi everyone, My mind is a bit scattered so I'm hoping all this makes sense. I've been with my boyfriend for about 3.5 years now. I'm 25 and he is 32. Everything is
Relationship Advice, by KatesTalk
Gf mother died wants a break
Recently my gf of two years we were pretty damn serious mom just died April 29th... for two months she has been grieving but we were together I did anything and
Breaking Up Advice, by Joeriordan2
How can i stop being jealous for no reason. Please help
Jealousy, by denniscalica
Facing abortion or loss of relationship
I'm a 43 year old woman who is just over 5 weeks pregnant. My partner does not want this child. I have no children. If I have the child then my 11 year old
Relationship Advice, by iamjustme
She gave me regret to go beyond...
It's a lot less complicated than I make it seem but I left my mark and now there is no way back to her unless I show up by surprise next wednessday. Nobody can know
Dating Advice, by Jonagoldappl
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