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So what Is It?
Why do people get infractions? Why do people get banned? Why do threads get closed? Methinks it's the mod's favorites barking in their ears because these
Dating Advice, by Camber 2019
Hello, hyperspace void. I can't turn to any family or friends, so I hope you don't mind if I cry into you for a moment. I am fat. That's no secret, though my family
Boyfriend mom.
I feel like I am not wanted by my boyfriend mom. Since we started dating I feel like she never liked me. It started when she didn’t like me because I was never open (I
Should I just move on?
I'm going to try to make this as short as I can. My ex and I were together for 8 months. Everything was perfect, we never argued, we spent everyday together, my family
Relationship Advice, by Rusty1274
He says he doesn’t want a relationship. Yet he make sure I notice he is still a
! So he says he doesn’t want a relationship. So what else was there to do? Besides ,to except that was what he wants . As soon as I start to distant myself from him
Breaking Up Advice, by amyjmarchi
2 months relationship, sudden problems
Hi, Thanks to all who participate in this forum... it helps a lot! I am 38, male, and I am together with this woman since 2 months , and really in love with her
Relationship Advice, by hawkmoon
Trust Issues with boyfriend
Hi all, I really need some advice on how to re-gain trust, things which will mentally help me or just your thoughts. I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 months now
Trust and Relationships, by daniellejade
Oh the bladder issue fun never stops!
I have weird tissue growing inside my bladder that they thought was cancerous back in November. You all were with me on that journey. Luckily the tissue turned out
Feeling lonely in far away state I just moved into
Hey folks , feeling extra lonely and sad tonight. So I accepted a job offer and moved into a different country a week ago. The place looks nice, people are friendly
My wife is lying to me on her eating habits need some advice.
I’ll give y’all a quick or try to make it a quick bio so to speak about us. I’ve been with significant other for over 4 years now. Recently married been married to my
How me vs. my boyfriend spend our spare time
Hi! I’m frustrated and wanted to vent but also want to see what you guys think. How come in my spare time I do things like shop for us and run errands. And when my
Message to ex with Cancer
Dear lovely people We had a falling out and he has said he has cancer, in fact he has said it is terminal The truth is sadly that when we were together he was pretty
Life turned upside down… confused
Not sure if this is the right forum but here it goes. 20 years ago the person I was in love with passed away in a car accident. Took me awhile to get back into dating
Dating Advice, by Y2Jay88
Dating multiple people
Hi! So I have kind of recently started the dating app thing and it is very confusing and weird I must say. There's one guy who I've been on about 4 dates with and
Dating Advice, by LockerBunny
Is my boss interested?
I will start by saying I am NOT interested in my boss. I just want to know if what’s going on here is indicative of him being interested and advice on how to handle if
First post, please give advice on an ex with depression/diabetes??
If you had an immensely loving relationship, you guys enriched the each other’s lives had crazy chemistry ( both physically and mentally) but the other person isn’t
Breaking Up Advice, by StickyFlan
Guy Stop Texting After 2 Great Dates
I had a great first date with a guy a week and a half ago. Someone normal and nice, very funny. We had great chemistry. He kept saying how nice and normal I was. (We met
Dating Advice, by DaisyMayPorter
I continue to have hope when I know it's false.. when there should be none left.
I've had so many feelings over the last few months that I just haven't been able to turn off. Some of them have been things that I've never felt before. There's days
Getting Back Together, by Plntldy22
Should i ask my swimming instructior out
Hey! I am in desperate need of advice that should i ask my swimming instructor out or not, he is really charming and being a girl should i go for it or not, its just i
Ex begging to talk
Hi all, I need some perspectives/support. About a year ago, I met a man and had a brief (3-ish months) exclusive relationship with him. I really fell for him
When a guy doesn’t break eye contact when talking with you?
My school crush finally talked to me and he wouldn’t break eye contact with me. Before he would be hesitant to look at me or would look away. Is this a good sign that he
Can we improve “physical chemistry“?
I had been dating this woman for about a month and overall things seemed great. Then, she started pulling the slow fade act on me. I eventually sent her a very direct
Dating Advice, by dmveep
Being single in your late 20s
Hi everyone, As you can see in my previous topics, my ex dumped me 7 months ago for the 3rd time. She already had a new boyfriend one month later. But that isn’t the
An app for couples?
Hi! Do you use any relationship app? I have seen a lot of them, but they aimed for private messaging, setting special dates, providing quizzes to know each other
Off Topic, by validnot
Self conflict with trust issues with model GF
Hello all, firstly my apologies for the arrogant title; If possible I’d like some input from you guys regarding my thoughts and feelings. I’d very much appreciate all
What should my pregnant daughter do about her situation?
Hello folks, My daughter, age 36, became pregnant in July. She had recently graduated from college and has a son who is 8 years old. She was thrilled about finding
Different sex drives
Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost two years. We love each other a lot and want to be together but one thing we argue about almost once a month is our sex
Sex and Romance, by mitchehj
Broke up with me after his mom died
Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I were dating for six months. After the first month, his mother was diagnosed with a brain disease and the next few months she was in
Relationship Advice, by lostingrief
I feel like my old best friend isn't letting go of the past?
Hello, so I have come across something that I feel like is towards me and I want to see what people think about the situation. Anyways, some background info.. I was
Friendship and Friends, by katyfran45
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