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I don't want to ruin it
Dearest all, I need some perspective... Me and my man had a really good times. We celebrated my birthday than we celebrated his. After the latter, it was evident that I
Dating Advice, by irka000
Am I being stupid and jealous?
So I've been dating a girl for about 6 months now, we're taking it slow since it's the first same-sex relationship for both of us. I could be completely stupid, or
Relationship Advice, by JustMeEve
Is it really that serious?
For the last few months, my boyfriend flakes out on plans a lot. We have been dating for over a year and in the beginning he would always treat me as a priority. He’d
Breaking Up Advice, by Dtooth22
He sleeps at his exs house to see child
Am I over reacting or is my partner spending nights at his exs house to see their child wrong? He was cheating on her and they broke up. He says he sleeps on the sofa
Boy friend wants me to unfriend a from our dart league
So I guy I’ve been seeing for 8 months thinks there’s something going between me and one the guys we shoot darts with. I understand where he’s coming from he said a
Relationship Advice, by Saltbabe74
I give up on my dreams.
I'm not sure what's going on with me, or if this is the best forum for me to put everything out there but, here it is. Keep in mind this is a guy in his mid-30's
Personal Growth, by redmage22
Good friends for a year but its always been an on and off situation
So originally I met this girl just over a year ago we spent some time together, got kind of close then drifted apart and this happened from time to time with no
Dating Advice, by potatopower1
Jealousy in a complicated situation
Hi, I hope someone is willing to read all of this and help me out. It's a long one, sorry So I had been dating this girl for 6 months after summer break. I was 19 at
Dating Advice, by Djools01
My bestie is destructive in her relationships. How can I help her?
My best friend (early 30s) is a bit of an intense person - mostly in amazing ways. She is spontaneous, warm, delightfully cocky and the life of the party. But dear Lord
Relationship Advice, by julsiebear
Is this discrimination?
Me and my mates all applied to the same sixth form in October. A lot of other kids in my year applied too and the deadline was at the start of January. In the
Attachment issues?
Hello everyone, I need some help on my relationship with someone I know online... i'm sorry for any grammatical errors in this post, english isnt my first
What do i do with this???
So iv been in a relationship with this woman for 7 months. I no that a lot of people will think im being dramatic as its not that long for a relationship but this woman
Breaking Up Advice, by Danking
Bf wants sex, I don’t
My bf and I have been dating since last April. At the beginning of 2019, I had some circumstances which made me really stressed and depressed. We used to regularly have
Sex and Romance, by Churros
Should I break up with him? I don't know what to do...
So my boyfriend, of a little over 2 years now, has been on a trip with his parents for a few days and yesterday he told me that they were finally going to go to the
No longer wears rings
Hi. My fiancй is no longer wearing her engagement ring. She said she took all her jewelry off at work as she was cleaning the office but it’s never gone back on. She
We’re on a break... what do I do?
Me and my boyfriend of two years were in the process of getting a mortgage together and on Monday I could feel something wasn’t quite right and I told him I didn’t feel
Breaking Up Advice, by miserableem
Broke up after taking for granted
My gf and I split after 2 weeks of ongoing arguments during which I really persisted to have a conversation, but she didn’t want to and was just texting me back every so
Cant let go!
Hi Guys. My ex of 5 years and I broke up a few months ago and I cant seem to just let it go and move forward. This has to be the most difficult time of my life
Breaking Up Advice, by Ashley30
My relationship has lost its spark...Don't know what to do anymore...
Hi everyone, seeking some advice on my current relationship, any comments/suggestions/personal experience (from male and female perspective) would be helpful;
Dating Advice, by royalblue420
My boyfriend of 4 years cheated multiple times online. What can I do?
Going to summarise in points, else it will be so long I'll need two posts! Apologies in advance for the long post - didn't realise till I posted and saw how much I
Infidelity, by Shaorie
Questioning if i was wrong, when he lied about being married in the past
So I been dating this guy for almost a year, up until this january 2019. A brief history- We met at work in march 2018, and all of my coworkers who knew said he was a
Breaking Up Advice, by mizlemon1986
Chandler's Dating / Relationship Journal
For my own personal self to figure out the qualities I want in a man or for others to read for a little laugh. I am a 19 year old girl (despite the boy name :tongue:) in
Solo Journals, by chandler123
What a dilemma!
Ok so here’s my story I’m married for 10 years. I have 2 kids. I am a supervisor for an employee and had a sexual dream about her one night. After that I began
Emotions and Feelings, by jsmith19851
Short guide through the breakup
I spent countless of hours on this forum when my "the ex" left me (you can check out my old posts) and it helped me a lot,so I'm hoping to help somebody else with my
Abusive ex contacted me to apologize????? Mental torture
I'm feeling really confused. A recently went through an abusive break up from an abusive relationship. It ended terribly and in an immature manner on his end. He blocked
It seems like she’s pulling away. What should I do or say?
Everything has changed, I don’t understand how things could be so great one week and complete crap the next. We have been talking for a couple months and it’s been up
Dating Advice, by SirAlbertT
Boyfriend keeps in touch with girl he dated behind my back
I've been in a committed relationship with a man for 2 years. A few days ago, I casually happened to glance at his email while I was sitting next to him when I saw an
Too Damaged for a Relationship?
Hello, my name is Chandler, and I am a 19 year old female despite the boy name, lol. I joined this forum because I'm in need of advice, and I apologize in advanced for
Relationship Advice, by chandler123
Single and Alone as Usual
so 38 pansexual from Kentucky trans woman I have been single for 4 years now and it isn't getting any easier I've tried to find love I've tried to find a soulmate I know
What’s the next step?
My story starts like any other, I met a girl and although the circumstances are somewhat unique, the events after are not really that special. When I say that I mean
Relationship Advice, by Djneedshelp
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