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I (26m) texted to my ex
So I texted my ex today fIrst timeafter 2 years, but I have a gf. We texted about casual stuff, I do miss her someties but I do not want her back. I dont think this is a
2.5 years since breakup date
Hi, my boyfriend and I broke up 2.5 years ago and we are still communicating minimally. He usually repeats the same phrases like " Everything is fine" and " Good"
What the heck is wrong with him or his mind??
Hi guys, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and 2 months, but there is something that I cant quite wrap my finger about and it’s the fact that my
Relationship Advice, by Morninsun
Should I still remain friends? What’s he doing?
I have a male friend that has mental health issues, he can become suicidal and very depressed. We became really close last year (not in a sexual way) he told me he was
Dating Advice, by Rose00
I don’t even know what to make of our relationship
Me and my boyfriend started talking this time last year and we started talking and he made me wait a good six months until asking me out that whole time talking to loads
Breaking Up Advice, by Ellie666
How do I date a girl online?
[First of all, sorry for my English as I am not a native speaker] I am a 21 year old average-looking guy with a height 5'8 and an average and somewhat athletic body
Dating Advice, by Colonel23
Neighbor’s ex partner had covid-19
Hi everyone, It’s me again talking about covid-19! Hope everyone has been healthy. Not sure about this situation, but I thought I’d see what you all think. My
Faded and rejected by long distance love interest. Did I do anything wrong?
IВ’ve been living in my head thinking about what went wrong with this woman I fell for. We first met back in mid-2018, connected briefly, then went back to our
Left my boyfriend!
I have been with my partner for several months. He has children with his ex so i always knew she would always be a part of his life. Thats fine. I was prepared for that
Breaking Up Advice, by Hannah97
The Past
I have a girlfriend of 2 and a half years. We have gotten on well with a few bumps along the way. We are 29 and 25 respectively. Trust and loyalty would play a big
Dating Advice, by rolf12
I don't know if I've upset her, she's bored of me or if she is just being nice..
Hi all, thanks for reading. Let me just start off by saying that I've never been very good at communicating with women in a flirty sense and I really struggle to see
Attraction and Flirting, by MartinSeptim
7 Years Gone
So my relationship of 7 years just ended today officially. I don't even know where to start with healing my heart. I have had my heart broken before but never this bad
Faded and rejected by long-distance love interest. Did I do anything wrong?
IВ’ve been living in my head thinking about what went wrong with this woman I fell for. We first met back in mid-2018, connected briefly, then went back to our
Dating Advice, by confused9875
My girlfriend gets really angry about my past
My girlfriend sometimes gets really angry about my past (who I dated, slept with...) I have changed myself into a better person since I met her but these things came
Relationship Conflicts, by digitaljohn
Im (22F) too ashamed to leave my boyfriend (21M) and feel trapped
Hello I decided to make a throwaway/ burner account because I feel if anyone found a post like this it would cause more problems than solve. I have "been with" or
I think I have a problem with managing emotions
Hello. I am a female in her late teens, and I do a lot of things that indicates that I probably have a problem with managing my emotions. First, I have these bursts of
Emotions and Feelings, by chippie008
Do you ever feel like your partner is incapable of small tasks ?
I am wondering if I’m too critical but sometimes I feel as if my partner is incapable of small tasks like dosing medicine or heating up leftovers or making a sandwich or
How to move on after being involved in a triangle type situation.
I need some advice from some people who have been through the same situation I went through. I recently found myself in a bit of a triangle type situation. I don't want
Dating Advice, by ConfusedL
Case of break up, and painfull relationship after
Hi there, i was with woman for a five, or eight years... Do not remember exactly how long, i am a drinker and drug addicted in the past. Now we speak with each other
Upset at my gf for selling my ticket. How to deal?
Hey guys I’m in a long distance relationship with my gf for about 4/5 months. My gf and I were talking over FaceTime one day and she wanted to go to a concert that is
Emotions and Feelings, by poster566
Out of the blue breakup
Hi everyone, My boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with me and I was not expecting it at all. I am distraught. He said he doesn't love me anymore and wanted time to
How do I delete my account/thread
Can anyone advise how I can delete my account along with my only post? I'm checking all settings and I'm not seeing that option.
Forum Assistance, by Rae1988
im being bullied at work!
i have been working as a hair stylist in a local salon... it is a huge company that has shops all over the US and now abroad... my problem is that after 15 years of
I got played..
Hi everyone, I'm sorry to trouble you all during this pandemic but I am really struggling and I can't seem to turn to my friends and family for support. I was
Dating Advice, by Rae1988
Quandary Regarding Rent
I hope that this is the correct sub-forum for this. If it's not, please do move it! I've been renting a room in an apartment for the last 18 months. This is a sublet
Long distance..
Hi all To give some background I left to travel in October 2019 and when away met a girl who I spent a lot of time with and ended up visiting her in Singapore and we
Relationship Advice, by Izac1789
Anyone else online dating people in the Caribbean??
My mom is Panamanian so I'm technically Caribbean, but I'm from the states and everyone has been skeptical of my online relationships with Caribbean women. I've been
Heartbroken and lost
Hello, Hoping someone can guide me... I was dumped 4 weeks ago. It's totally rocked me as this was someone that had planned a future with me and someone that made
Why Do Ex’s Always Come Back When You’re Moving On?
I made a post previously about my ex and I. She broke up with me 6 months ago. She recently reconnected with me, but I soon found out she was only reconnecting with me
Relationship Advice, by Percival99
I'm incredibly stupid, want to improve but don't know where to even start.
I'm stupid; I heavily lack communications skills and the ability to hold strong, meaningful opinions...and have a terrible vocabulary. I want to improve, but where do I
Personal Growth, by iRawr
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