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  1. Well, OP... I'm sorry. It seems your youth and inexperience betrayed your good judgment. And the only thing you can do now is learn the lesson and use this experience to set yourself up for a better future. I would not contact the wife. Let those losers have each other. Focus on yourself and your kids. Recognize that people will lie to you. So its on you to walk away... not understand, not give more chances, LEAVE! This guy is a user, a liar and a cheat. That is all he will be. He accused you of cheating, because that's what cheaters do. They know they can't be faithful, so th
  2. Hi I'm sorry you're hurting 😞 Give it some time. You might not see it now but some losses are actually gains. It doesn't sound like you were being supported by him and the blaming you, really shows he is not all that. I'm glad your mom is OK. In the long run, you will be comforted in knowing you did your best by her and that's what really matters. What a jerk he was. Hang in there and keep posting. it helps.
  3. I would probably be annoyed by this. too. The moodiness, not planning dates, the cheapskate attitude, but ok for what he wants. Is he always like this? I can understand money can be tight at times or you're not in the mood to go out, but be an adult and say so. I don't like passive aggressive pouting and then the 180 attitude adjustment when you get your way. If this is his pattern, I'd dump him. You're buying your own dinner, begging for time together, & he's a baby... those kind of guys are easy to find. it's been 2 months ldr... he should have been excited for y
  4. As painful as rejection is, everyone experiences it. If you've been rejected, and you have been a few times... the most important thing is to take time for yourself to heal. Spend time with your family and friends. Get involved in your own interests. When you feel better and think n you might want to date, take steps to protect yourself. Don't let yourself fall for a person until you're relatively sure they are actually true blue for you.
  5. I'd try to stop thinking about it. Be comfy with yourself. you will find better local friends. until then enjoy your own time. focus on yourself.
  6. How did you respond to this? I guess this changes my original advice. I would just ghost this girl and if she asked me, I'd say flat out- I didn't appreciate the way you treated me on our such & such plans. So I pulled away from you. If she doesn't ask- even better.
  7. Girlfriend.. what are you doing? And what is this nonsense you are putting up with? I'm not trying to shame you... but if all this is true, you need someone to call it out! This is not a healthy man. How could he give you a healthy relationship? Especially, when he doesn't want help or to change in the least. If you want anything to be different, you have to leave this guy. This is who he is- damaged, confused, emotionally disconnected & unavailable... you're begging for scraps at an empty table. Find a therapist. You need to understand why you tolerated this. Can you g
  8. We all are... I remember thinking, this kind of stuff doesn't happen as you get older. but it does. Some people never mature, evolve, grow... its amazing. Some people never face their own BS. It's sad really.
  9. You can't change the past but you can make a better future. Sure it sucks right now but you can also decide right now to heal yourself and do better. Your life. Your choices. Continue to suffer over what is done, he is gone and you're just living in the past. Or decide to start over and improve yourself with professional help, become the better person you know you could be.
  10. Right and if she brings it up, don't go there. An "I don't know" with a shrug is a good thing. Especially, with new friends. You never know who likes to stir the pot ... In time you'll see who is a friend, who remained an acquaintance and who is to be avoided.
  11. I don't think there is any way to politely end things. it's either something happens (like an argument) or you just stop. Sometimes life takes us in different directions... like old high school friends. It's not that you're not friends. But if you don't like her and don't think she is your kind of people, just keep blowing her off. you don't have to be rude. Decline invitations (don't say I'll let you know and then not let her know.) let time pass when (she contacts) you before responding. Don't worry about the mutual friend. never mention it to her... letting things fade i
  12. I think what you can learn from this is: matching on line means nothing. One or both of you could: have swiped or liked or whatever by mistake, be a catfish, already in a relationship, just looking to chat with someone for entertainment, met someone they like better, just not that interested. If the conversation is going no where, a person is going to bounce on you. If you are really interested in someone, don't assume just responding is going to keep the back and forth going. If you're truly interested, put more effort into the responses/ questions. the old how 'bout you an
  13. Can you start setting some boundaries? - stop explaining yourself, your actions, your family, providing excuses? Text her back that you can't make it. wish her a good day but don't give a reason. At times I have felt people did not respect my time or boundaries. And I just decided, I'm allowed to do what I choose to do. I'm not rude about it... but I do reply to a text - "hi. I can't text right now" or I let a call go to voice mail and if it takes me a while to call back or I don't call back, then they can just live with it. If it's important and they leave a dire message or somet
  14. Sorry. I tried to read this very long text but it was hard without paragraphs. From what I read, it seems you spent a lot of years with a man that is married and it severely messed with your head, heart, self esteem, confidence and just about every part of you. You need a therapist and to find a way to never talk to this guy again for your own good.
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