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  2. I'd talk to a therapist about this. If you're not sure about this point or it puzzles you (mental block), I don't know why you'd be worried about a doll. The doll is a distraction for not feeling like you deserve human companionship. Everyone has a right to choice. What you do in your personal time is your business and with what as long as it's not illegal or harmful. Just get to the bottom of why you feel so undeserving of being in a relationship. I wouldn't worry about the other stuff right now unless it's just making you feel worse about yourself.
  3. I can empathize with the frustration. She has to learn to deal with things on her own and engage with her own support networks. Unfortunately you are there in the UK and both of you have broken up so resist the urge to swoop in and help. It does more damage in the long run to you and she already has someone else. Daily conversations are definitely not recommended. She is an ex. There has to be a boundary there so stop yourself and don't react to emotions only or what you're feeling in the moment. Her suggestion to remain friends is not realistic. Move forwards and let her go.
  4. What is an AMP? It sounds like you'd just be happy with a sex doll. Why complicate things with a girlfriend?
  5. I agree with the others... don't pursue someone that told you they only see as a friend. Look at it from they perspective. It's hard to be honest, but it's the right respectful thing to do. And everyone is always saying. "oh I wish they'd just tell me the truth! " So when they do, respect them back. Accept and go away. She isn't jerking you around. You're making yourself confused. Sorry. It does stink. You felt chemistry. That was your feelings. She didn't. It doesn't change. you still feel it. she still doesn't.
  6. How long did you date and see one another? The best medicine is complete no contact. This also means not following her on social media. I'm sorry, that you are dealing with this. Covid has had such a negative impact in every aspect of life. It has been six months, it is time to let go.
  7. OP cheating is NOT about any kind of unmet needs. Cheaters don't communicate because there is nothing to communicate on their end. They like the "arrangement" and will try to get away with it for as long as possible and will use any excuse for cover, be it "horse farm" or "working late" or "business trip". Cheating is a bit like having a quart of ice cream in the freezer at home. She wanted some, she ate it. But then she went out and saw an ice cream truck with different flavors and she had more ice cream even though she just ate some at home. It doesn't even matter if the ice cream at ho
  8. Since March 2020, me and my ex girlfriend haven't been able to see each other because of covid. She lives in Canada and I live in the UK. In October, I broke things off as I thought it was the respectable thing to live our lives and have the opportunity to meet other people in these unknown times. We couldn't see each other and I felt helpless. We remained really good friends after this, but as a coping mechanism for not seeing her, I definitely did distance myself. Over 2 weeks today, she told me that she's seeing somebody and that we should remain friends. It's been a rollercoaster of emotio
  9. Yup, I agree with all of the above. There will always be challenges when you fancy someone from far away. Nothing can ever be 'real'. You have no real contact... and I hope all of this has not been all thru text? And, if she is having problems, there is not a lot you can do about it... maybe she does need more professional help? We just cannot 'make someone feel better'. When you are into someone from a great distance, you can expect problems. ( btw, this is early 2021, so if you've been involved since 2020, it has not been 2 yrs yet). So, is up to you to accept, not muc
  10. Agree. Your off the cuff "rules" are silly and inconsistent with WHO/CDC guidelines. You and you alone are responsible for your health, covid testing, registering for vaccines, etc. Pointing fingers does not reduce your risk. She can do whatever she wants and if you find it risky, then stand back. Certainly you also realize you can contract it from just about anyone you come in contact with. This seems more like a relationship/control/anger issue than fact based covid issue.
  11. You two have been having a rough go for a while sadly 😕 A lot of arguments can be hard to deal with.... and to 'break up' and then get back to try & 'work it out', doesn't seem to be working for you. ( the reasons you break up & get back... those 'reasons' for the BU- have they been dealt with? If not, it'll be the same problems). - this is a real problem... communicating/understanding. Sadly, this is affecting her now 😕 I am not sure how you feel you can 'fix things'? If whatever is causing you two to break up is not being fixed then it w
  12. When you can, I definitely think it would be a good idea to get to the bottom of your issues so that you can live a more fulfilling life.
  13. You can't really be in a relationship, invite your SO to live with you, but then make that conditional as if they are just a tenant for x months and then get out. So right here you made a false presumption about the dynamics of relationships. This isn't even your first rodeo, so no excuse for not knowing better. On top of that you seem to be boiling over with resentment over this false presumption and the fact that she is still "in your space". You claim that you want her to feel welcome, but your attitude is opposite. You have quite a chip on your shoulder about "MY house". Yes it's your
  14. A better choice of words may have sent a kinder sounding message. Although on the other hand, you're placing yourself in the same position you're faulting her for, by allowing her to visit you at your place. If she's risking her health, she's risking yours, as well.
  15. Trophy wives are for sale, and men at a certain income level can buy one. This is much different than a young man trying to score a MILF. Now if you said lots of men working the Taco Bell drive-thru or riding a garbage truck (not that there's anything wrong with those professions, it's honest work) had trophy wives, that would be surprising.
  16. I have been thinking of going to therapy once I switch to better insurance plan that will pay for larger portion of the price. I feel like I have good friends until I have to talk about something deeply personal. I don't have anyone I feel comfortable talking to about these things and the few times I have tried my friend or family member either fails to listen properly, belittles my issues, or just throws solutions at me before trying understand how I feel first. And, I end up feeling worse.
  17. Today
  18. How could she not realize? And she was not proposing"double dating". She was proposing seeing other men "for fun". She knew exactly what she was proposing. The only naive thing was that she expected you to be OK with her seeing other men. Come on now! Why do you want to hang onto this relationship? Do you have reasons other than "but I LOVE her!" Or "we've been together X amount of time"?
  19. Wow -what you cut and pasted is so very negative and makes so many negative assumptions! It has nothing to do with her meeting this person -if it were not him it would have been someone else she behaved inappropriately with /cheated with. She didn't cheat because of "unmet needs". Much more basic. She cheated because she wanted to. People move towards pleasure and away from pain. She is a person who chose to move towards pleasure and her values justified her actions - she did not value being loyal and keeping her promises. I'm sorry.
  20. Have you considered talking to a therapist about your self esteem issues? Do you have a friend group? You sound very lonely.
  21. Ironically one of the biggest reasons was because I was terrified of stds. I never really put myself out or tried flirting or dating or anything. Than in college I didn't really want a relationship. And I never really been able to imagine myself being attractive to female. I have seen stuff online about what women want in a man and I have like only a small percentage of it. During my first date it was pretty obvious she was in to me, but I never felt like I deserved it or understood how she could be into me. Almost like there had to be something wrong with her for her to be attracted to me.
  22. First of all, do not get mad with him. He is supposed to be your 'friend'. If you get pushy, he will pull away. Second, he is trying to be a 'friend', which means he is trying to be there for you AND many others. We can only do so much - so don't expect so much from him. Maybe it is best that you just ask him.... but then you do risk losing him as a 'friend'. As, often if it goes further and does not work out, it causes stress on the friendship you once had 😕 So, choose carefully. if you can't handle how he is being with you now, maybe stop calling & depending on him so
  23. I agree. Kumar, I think you will end up playing detective.
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