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  2. No, he was already back peddling. His dialing back spiked your insecurity. Your insecurity didn't drive him back to her. Sorry this happened. One can assume he hadn't been single very long. Try avoiding men fresh out of relationships.
  3. How would you feel if your husband was confiding in another woman about your personal business, daily?
  4. Guy and I started dating for 3 months, everything was perfect and we were just right for each other. Then covid hit and I was stranded in a different city for 5 months. Over those five months we texted every single day, and grew really close. He texted me things like I really like you, I miss you, and he was a genuine guy. He offered to help me move when I got back, etc. we met a few times after I got back, after our last date I noticed a drop in texting, where we couldn’t go a day without texting, now 3 days would go by without a peep from him. I would initiate but the conversation would
  5. Definitely posted before under a couple of other user names.
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  7. I’m not sure. I don’t know how they get along but from what he’s told me, she probably wouldn’t like it.
  8. The story of this accident is very familiar. Did you post this previously under a different user name?
  9. How do you think his wife would feel about him talking to you everyday regarding details of their personal life?
  10. Well it is a bit more complicated than that too.. The past year has been crazy for me, ive been emotionally shut down for the past 15 years, and last june I broke through that and started to feel again, but this resulted in a week long panic attack. In this panic attack I started to learn about boundaries and protecting myself, but because I was in a panic attack couldn't tell the difference between an ultimatum and a boundary, and this resulted in a very scary situation for my wife. This is why she left the house, because she doesn't trust me to respect her boundaries. Being emotionally
  11. How old are you? If you are 19, then 24 could be a huge gaping difference on where you are at in life. But if you are 23 and he is 27 - that's not that bad unless he has expressed that he is dating to find a wife and you are just out to go on casual dates and are only dating him because there is no one else around. Then you are wasting his time.
  12. Well, if you agreed with me, you would not be so insistent on talking to her. I mean, that's not normal that it has gotten to the point of obsessing about it so much that you are in therapy about it. It should not have gotten to the point where your wife has to talk you out of making contact with a young woman who acted a s a predator to you when you were 9. Say it aloud in front of a mirror "I can't stop thinking about a time when you would pretend to sleep and i would fondle your breasts...and i wanted to apologize" . Are you really think you would go up to a woman and say that?
  13. @Hollyj I had my doubts about him but I wanted confirmation. So I’ll definitely be distancing myself from him.
  14. He is not your father and the is not a healthy dynamic. Bottom line, he should not be discussing his wife with you. Either you have boundaries or you don't. I am wondering what you were seeking when you started this thread?
  15. you only have been dating this guy 3 months and have only been official 6 weeks and you are already acting insecure. Stop it. So what if he doesn't have 1,000 pictures of a girl he just started dating.
  16. Yeah I think I agree with you on that.. but the question isn't whether or not I should apologize, its about my wife's feelings of it being a threat to our relationship if I did.
  17. @HollyjThanks for the advice. My father isn’t in my life so he’s really the only father figure I’ve ever had.
  18. I think that you should NOT track down this young woman to bring up what happened when you were 9. It was not right of you to do it, but you are going to possibly upset and disturb her life. Instead, I would write a letter that you never send - apologizing to her, writing down what you realized since then, etc. And then burn it or throw it away. its hard to say -- sometimes kids experiment/play doctor at this age - and its possible that this is not at the top of her mind/something that didn't stick hard in her memory - not because she is "repressing it". It could be she felt violat
  19. The dude should not be using you as his therapist. He also may be trying to set something up between the two of you.
  20. I can see it with the kids, but not the wife. It is inappropriate. I would consider him to be emotionally cheating- I'm certain his wife wouldn't appreciate it. It does not sound like you have known this guy for very long and so you would probably want to extricate yourself from this. You can also tell him that he should be working on this with his wife and it makes you uncomfortable.
  21. @HollyjVents about issues with his wife and kids. But also talks about normal stuff. He checks up on me
  22. When I was 9, I had some somewhat sexual interactions with a girl who was 12. It started off by her lifting her shirt and showing her bra to my friend and I. One day we were in a room, the three of us, and she layed down and closed her eyes, and my friend started to touch her breasts while she had her eyes closed, and I also started touching her chest. When someone walked into the room, she woke up immediately. This happened multiple times where she would "go to sleep" and we would touch her chest within like 30 seconds of her closing her eyes. This has messed me up a lot, and in therapy, my t
  23. So I have a former coworker that I worked with for a few years. He’s a lot older than me. We became close friends and started texting. A couple months ago, I left that job and we started texting a lot more. Like everyday almost. We usually talk about my work now and advice about life in general. He talks about his family and stuff. But sometimes I feel weird about I because he’ll vent to me about his family issues. I love being the person he goes to but I feel like I know too much at times. I love talking to him but want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong. Do you think he sees me as som
  24. Yah i have been in therapy once a month because I am really busy with my masters and my job. I do want to forgive him and move on but I just hold all this hurt against him.
  25. So she just didn't have her car with her, and was just carless. I still think it's bad to rely so much on a guy (was thinking hopefully the car needed to be fixed?). Relying on him in general, is not a good idea. It only makes the relationship more unequal and he's taking advantage of it. Edited to add: I did say she, "may" still have a car and it just needs to be fixed. Honestly it's all just speculation until she answers.
  26. I remember your story. You posted this a couple of times before under different user names. Forgiveness will help you. Of course it's going to take some time. Are you in any kind of therapy to deal with trauma?
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