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  1. A series of "one of those days", those feelings of "me and you against the world, babe" and lots of drives out in the middle of the night has got me back on here feeling compelled to start splurging to myself, anyone, everyone, and nobody until its all out and I can rest for awhile in peace. But I fear that will never happen, and as always, I have too much to say. And everything has changed on here I see suddenly, oh God, not this as well as the rest of the world. What did someone clever and famous once say... something like, those that survive can adapt or something like that? Well, it l
  2. Jibralta! I missed you so! I always wondered - what is the meaning or reason for choosing your username? I always thought it was cool and I always wanted to know! And very well thank you darling! How are you through all this madness? Lo x
  3. Dias! Hello! Oh my God, I kept meaning to write on here but honestly I hardly had any time and when I did, I just ended up not feeling much like it. Lots happened! Will go into it I'm sure if anyone would even care to know ;) I had the cutest baby girl on the 11th September! I can't believe she is 8 months old now. Time is going faaaarrr too fast. Lo x
  4. And another question out to everyone! What is your favourite book of all time? What would it be? And why? Lo x
  5. Also, my first quibble with book club has begun, and YES THE KINDLE IS TO BLAME AGAIN! Is there no end to the suffering these horrible, tasteless devices derive? ;) This is why: I put to you this - is this fair?! We have loosely a month to read our book. These heathens have gone and ordered the thing on eBook or whatever you do, just download it and pay with your account or card or something and me, the idiot, is waiting for it to arrive in the post. Will probably take over a week. And instead of waiting for me, these KINDLE PEOPLE are just going ahead and reading it! And I'm the one wit
  6. Again bluecastle, such an original response. You really are an articulate thing! Do you have a journal on here? What do you like to read by the way? I'm very nosy! I'm pretty curious what everyones tastes are now, book wise? What does everyone dig? And don't say everything! I hate it when you ask someone what music they're into and they pause and put their head to one side and then come up with, "Ohh, I like everything really" Erm, biggest anti-climax ever. If you like everything, you like nothing! ;) And very interesting about your Tesla friend. I would like to say my husband is a mash
  7. J.man! By the way, I know this is off topic but did you recently get married? If so - a huge congratulations darling! Now that is an institution my poor romantic little heart believes in! And a physical collection of things is very true. I am exactly the same. I am not a maximalist at all, I do like a certain amount of minimalism everywhere in my life but I do gravitate towards being a bit of a magpie. We have a section of our living room with books up to the ceiling and I think if my husband had his way he would love a reading room but, that's a little too much in my opinion. I also
  8. Cherylyn, This is impressive and admirable! You are obviously a true book worm and very generous! And also... great at having a clear out? ;) And your point about making it easy on everyone - thank you, I completely take that. It's something that is playing on my mind! I want to make this a really sociable fun thing as well. Yeah, we'll discuss the book but then we can tail off have some drinks, y'know, unwind, talk about other things. I am not a book Nazi, definitely not. I'd feel terrible if everyone couldn't stand it and I was the one who'd suggested the thing in the first place. L
  9. Hey Greendots, This seems to be part of the physical ritual of book lovers too! Just another aspect to adore. Thank you for your response! Lo x
  10. Bexcy! Oh my God, you are a Texas gal! This is beyond cool to me, can I just say - I want your life! And OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! What do you think, could we do a virtual eNotAlone book club? Would that work? Why not?! And how tenacious and bright you are, especially as a child of 10 to do that. Wow. Massively impressed! When I was 10 I was busy being hyperactive and lip synching to Madonnas 'Material Girl'! Hahahaha! Puts me to shame. A true lover of books though, you have a beautiful lifelong relationship there which will never leave you and will always be there for you. Its just like a
  11. Batya, At the moment our first meet up will probably be video, virtual, WhatsApp something or other. But I hope after that I can host! I am more than happy to host. I keep having ideas about hosting it in different rooms of the house each time. I've asked everyone what their favourite tipple is and I'll put some food on. Nothing too formal, just snacks, mostly drinks, and somewhere comfy. I am happy to host each and every time but also, I don't want to take over? I would be very happy to alternate houses or the idea did cross my mind of meeting up in a coffee shop or restaurant for a cha
  12. Sarah! This is the thing! I understand and can deal with the idea of an audiobook a bit better - it doesn't offend my senses so ;) I have actually listened to part of a Stephen King novella on audio. It's when I was about 16, my parents lived near a river and a golf course and I used to walk along there in the summer and have my headphones in. It was a nice time, and better read than I ever could've but at the same time, at the same time! There was a hitch for me! As imperfect and dorky as my internal reading voice is, it's still the familiar voice I hear narrating my own life everyday
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