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  1. Let's see how our experience and relationship compares to others. Maybe we should make polls a weekly thing. Message me to suggest a question, topic for our next poll.
  2. We don't delete old accounts or content. Please email me (info@enotalone.com) the username or the email address of your account and I will try to find it.
  3. I don't know about five times, we received one email from you about an hour ago and replied to it.
  4. Thank you Seraphim. boltnrun see if that helps, also check the 'Content View Behavior' in your account settings.
  5. Thank you I will check the activity streams.
  6. Please note that we will start migrating journals to their own separate section on the website here We will migrate gradually. If you can't find your journal in the older journals' section check the new one. If you have a solo journal we can either convert it to public or private. For now all solo journals will be locked and moved to the generals journals section. If you will want your solo journal to be converted please pm or email me (info@enotalone.com) The Off topic forum will also be migrating to its own section.
  7. From 3000 it changed to 15000. Several times a year there is a major search update at google which changes traffic patterns. Overall, ENA is very stable but of course the internet is a dynamic ever expanding platform where new forums pop up every day. So market share changes and evolves to. I am personally not very concerned about any of that, it much more to me than a business as I believe it has a role and mission.
  8. I am sorry you feel annoyed Hollyj, but that is how things work. I asked the mods not to close the older topics. For the long time members please check the dates of the topics before you engage. For newer members it is ok, but we know how things work.
  9. Thank you. I will look into it.
  10. I don't see that as a bad thing at all. If it is a new topic then of course we would rather want them to post as a separate new question rather than post as a reply to an older thread, but if it is a reply they post in an older thread then that is not a big deal. More the long time members who know how things work here should check the dates before following the new members and starting to post in the older threads. As to why and how it happens there are several reasons. 1. the traffic is up, about 15.000 people visit the forum every day. 2. The new forum allows ENA to make registration a
  11. If you are referring to reputation comments, then no, now it does not work like that. The new reputation point system is different on many ways and much more used than the previous one.
  12. Thank you. Received and adjusted your account.
  13. For now at least there will be no annual subscription Seraphim. If you mean you a subscription you purchased then please email (info@enotalone.com) or pm me some information about the period it was covering, the email address it was purchased with and I will look and adjust your account.
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