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  1. , This just seems like too many head games. Get your head straight, figure out what you want, and don't play with peoples' emotions. You seem a bit unstable and all over the place, I don't think it is a good idea to get involved in a relationship. Don't be wishy washy.
  2. .. Thank you. i am an only child,/ now adult. I have always been with myself only. I just feel no one likes me. And, they don't. I am non religious per see, but believe in god. Most churches I attend are way too traditional for me, I volunteer at our animal shelter it just seems as people are self absorbed, not exactly in a defensive way, They are just mentally full. Marriage, kids, work, volunteer, there just isn't any room for them to welcome someone into their circle. I joined a meet me local meet and was bombarded with and by idk, just people I had nothing in common with, And, I mean noth
  3. I always wanted my mom and my dad.both. their approval, it never materialized. I can't make friends or even acquaintances. I have been myself. I have followed advice such as..hey, trying to engage in conversation, or whatever. Most people already have established friends , which is just a normal thing..They don't have time and space in their lives, to, now. cultivate a relation ship with a semi stranger
  4. Daddy issues, mother issues, all go way back when. Some have been addressed, some have not. I have a very hard time making friends, I always felt like I didn't belong. I had friends during elementary school. I am pretty sure that I was just going through the motion n did what was, I thought was expected from me. I never wanted kids but I wasn't totally opposed to it, because my then husband wanted another child. He and his previous wifes share a daughter, all the visitation back and forth all worked out. It has a lot more, I am trying to condese as much as posxible, sorry for the non paragrap
  5. Thank you, everyone, for replying and purple paisley think you nailed it . Our lifestyles just clash and whilst we are attracted to one another and have great fun it will not work out in the long run,.Danzee, he wasnt really angry but thought I blew him off and he tried to accomodate me by putting the kids to bed early. It is hard to establish a connection with someone, especially when one is of mature age, so we both were delighted to have found one another. I know it sounds silly, but we were. I can't change the situation he is in and I am not interested in raising a one and 3 yr old, well
  6. Can an admin please delete this post, I can't figure out how to do it, thanks
  7. So, not sure how to start. English is not my native language so please excuse any errors. Since my divorce about 18 years ago I have had 4 long term relationships. 4 yrs, 4 yrs 3 years and 2 years. They were all unhealthy in one way or another, yet they were good in other ways. I am not a fan of online dating but I briefly gave it a try. I don't really "need " need a man in my life but it is nice to spend time with someone who has similar interests and just have some sort of a companion. Recently, I was invited to a Birthday Party where I only knew the host and I was hesitant about going, but
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