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  1. The difference between chasing vs pursuing a woman comes down to one main thing, but it affects your every action! Let's look at how this one thing shows up in 38 rapid-fire examples of how you interact with women you want to date. Plus, the one thing that must be present for her to you!
  2. Adultery happens in some marriages. And both men and women are offenders. Are there specific traits that lend themselves towards committing adultery? Dr. Rick explores these traits and reasons why people cheat.
  3. While it is ideal that relationships would result in mutual regard and meaningful connections, avoidant people are committed to patterns that cause relationships to collapse. (BTW, this is not the same as keeping your distance as a matter of legitimate self-preservation.). Dr. Les Carter describes how avoidant people operate and how you can save yourself from undue heartache as you come to terms with their manipulations.
  4. In this video on social psychology masters we are going to show 16 ways to be a high value woman. These 16 psychology signs will reveal to you how to become a high value women that men love and respect.
  5. Herein we have compiled some of the most interesting psychological facts that will blow your mind! Human psychology explores the mind and behavior, and while there’s still a lot that we don’t know, there are some fascinating and surprising study findings about the secrets of the mind.
  6. When doing trauma work in therapy (especially EMDR) it's important to stay present to give our brain another chance to process what we went through. In fact, in EMDR we know that it doesn't work if we are dissociated or overwhelmed, so we are going to have to have coping skills (otherwise known as resources) to help keep us present. In today's video, Dr. Alexa Altman walks us through what types of resources we need when preparing to do EMDR, and how she helps her patients get ready to reprocess and heal from their trauma.
  7. Reflect on this time one year ago and today. Have you changed? Do you feel like you’ve become a better person than you once were? Are you looking for tips on how to form great habits? This video might help!
  8. When it comes to the topic of why men pull away, ghosting and dating advice for women, it's important to understand that men pull away even in good relationships. In fact, most relationship advice for women doesn't really make it clear that the reason why guys pull away might not be a problem at all, it might even be a good sign for the health of your relationship.
  9. Your ability to love yourself is a reflection of the love and respect you received as a child. Healing from low self worth happens the moment we understand more about WHY we may have trouble loving the self in the first place.
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