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  1. I told him that I got in a difficult position with his question, he apologised and we agreed to stop seeing each other.
  2. He said one hour ago that he's giving me some time to think about it and now he's sent me a message telling me to call him in order to discuss... I don't think there's anything there to discuss...
  3. I feel like he's the same guy as before. He's too on antidepressants for anxiety disorder, he says big things too, wants to go fast and is super pressuring.
  4. I'm going to tell him to stop seeing each other. He said that he's going to forget what happened today if I stop going out with the other person. He's given me some time to think about it.
  5. He's asked me if I'll continue going out with him or the other guy... He wants me to choose... Something like that...
  6. It's not like he wanted us to go out together. (We've already planned a date for tomorrow.) He just wanted to know if I'd be going on a date with someone else. That's why he asked directly if I had planned a date with someone else.
  7. No, I've said that it's too soon to consider exclusivity, and that I would like us to get to know each other first.
  8. The truth is, before going out with him he said that he wants to take things slow and more casual. He might have said that to sound cooler though.
  9. I literally don't know! I feel a lot of people my age (25-30) are like that. He says big things too. Like in the last 3 years he has avoided going out with girls on dates and that I'm the only one who he's been interested to go out with on a date.
  10. I tried changing the subject but he was too pushy. And I don't like lying to people.
  11. I just told him that I'm planning to go out tonight. He explicitly asked me if it would be with another guy. And I prefered telling him the truth. It's not that he didn't make me a good first impression. It's that I didn't know he wanted us to be exclusive since we've just met yesterday in person. I used to go out with one person at a time, but I've seen that those people who ask for exclusivity too soon are the ones who tend to lose interest too soon.
  12. I've met a guy the day before yesterday through dating apps and yesterday we went on our first date. Today I have made plans going out on a first date with another guy I've met through dating apps. When the guy asked me what are my plans for today I told him that I'm planning to go out. He asked if I'll be going out with a guy and I said yes. Things got awkward after me telling him that. He said that his actions showed that he wanted us to be exclusive and that I could cancel my date. We never agreed to be exclusive, plus I think it's way too soon for that talk. We've only been on one date. He said to call him and tell him how the date went... We haven't talked since then. My question is: How do I handle situations like this? Would it have been better to avoid telling him that I had planned a date for today?
  13. I agree with you on that. I just have one question: In a time where people are going out with multiple people simultaneously how can someone keep progressing with one person while being occupied with several others? Just asking out of curiosity.
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