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  1. Hi everyone. Throwing in an update. @boltnrun you were right. Since I've left him, I've felt like a weight came off of my shoulders . As if I'm back to myself! Free and more energetic. It's been tough with the stress, healing, and new life, but I'm also so excited. Today he tried(for the third time) to send me a message on WhatsApp through a friend of him I've never met/had his contact number. He's so desperate and I see it. He wants to "fix" everything and show me he can change. I simply told his friend to stay out of this and blocked him. I no longer feel for him. I just want to move on.
  2. @HEXAGONS how did you find out about her fling? Anyways, it does sounds like you guys need to have an open conversation. Keep us posted.
  3. Good point. OP do you help out in the house? Give her the attention she needs? You said she had a fling, so she could have some unmet needs from your relationship.
  4. So you just bang the wall? Sex is an act of two in a relationship and it concerns both of you and your needs. Both of your needs need to be taken into account. Could you have an honest open talk with her about why she doesn't want to have sex anymore? Cause there could me some factors; unresolved postpartum depression, anxiety/insecurity, hectic chores because of the two babies, stress, work,... Make her feel comfortable and show her that you really care and are craving her. Again, let's be clear on one thing: you are not being selfish. Sex is an important part of the relationship and sho
  5. Hey! It's not the birth control. It's your rose-coloured glasses that are gone now. Now you can see him as a whole. Can you see yourself living with that man for the rest of your life? I mean, his mom checks his bank accounts? That's a huge red flag right there. Well, now you know what your deal-breakers are, and that you need to listen to yourself (been there too). And, you definitely will find someone that'll fit your criteria.
  6. I feel so sad having had to leave what was our apartment because of you, for the second time. I feel sad we never invested in buying a few stuff for any apartment we've owned, because you always told me "next year we'll be leaving the country". I feel disrespected and hurt, because you never took my feelings/needs into account. I know it's my fault too however. Should have been more assertive. I feel pity to see you reach out to me, after I've given you a chance and you blew it. You've left me broken, and hurt. Your threats, abuse, and manipulation show how needy you are, and ho
  7. @Hollyj I'm meeting someone else next week. I won't be going back to my home country, and my only friend from there has moved back to the US (she helped though). When I started working online, I kind of became shut off from the world. So, now I'm realising that it's important to have friends. If my mom wasn't manipulative and emotionally (previously physically) abusive, I would've talked to her. But even my therapist knows how complicated that is 😞 Soon I'll be moving my business to my current local phone number, so that old sim card with all its contacts will go. I think it's time to rea
  8. @boltnrun thank you for your encouragement. I feel so suffocated. It's as if he's following me. @Hollyj thank you. I feel so alone in this.
  9. Hello everyone, I have been trying to move on... Today I went out with a new acquaintance and it seems we can be good friends. However, my ex sent me this night messages through a common friend/acquaintance we've met once on a trip. He sent me a poem, a text, a picture of him.. and, I feel like I can't breath and I want to burst out in tears. Why? Why does he do this with someone we barely know? I feel followed and as if I'm suffocating. I blocked the common friend. I feel like I can't catch a breath 😞 I'm not going to go after him. No worries. I need to be strong for myself.
  10. @Cherylyn I felt like I was reading a speech. So inspirational 😊 A change in perspective and taking control of your life can do wonders. Thank you!
  11. Thank you @B.S. . I really advise you take in consideration the advice you get here as well. You deserve better. As someone told you; what you see is what you get. Do you want to have it for 10 years? I'm very sure you don't. Otherwise, you wouldn't have came to this forum for support. You can do it too ❤️
  12. @B.S. thank you for your encouragements. I broke up with him yesterday. This too shall pass ❤️
  13. @LotusBlack thank you for your kind words. I will keep them in mind. I will do my best to not worry about him, and move on. I really appreciate your input, specially considering your stressful situation (I've read your post the other day). Your son has an angel mom ❤️ he'll be proud.
  14. @Hollyj I have already set up an outdoor meet-up with some expats from fcbk next week. Looking forward to it!
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