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  1. If anyone was curious I have since ended things with her, after a very boundaries pushing/breaking final "date." Long story short, I had been feeling poorly from allergies and it had been a week since the last date. So I figured with advice in hand I would give it one last go or end things. While we were sitting and "talking" (more her pressuring me increasingly to go exclusive while saying "Well you don't know what I could be doing in town"); she kept grabbing my hands and trying to kiss me, while I told her no I felt slimy (I had vomited at one point during the visit) and didn't want to
  2. Both of us work full time, 8-5; I travel for work from time to time but that is less regular these days. No kids for either of us. I keep busy regularly, but not to such an extent that it's always a time crunch to see each other. I do have a nagging suspicion that she's involved with someone, perhaps an open relationship that I've not been made aware of kind of situation. As when I have suggested going to her place she balks, and when we're out those rare times it's to specific places. Now to untangle myself and Press On.
  3. I'm at a bit of a loss, to really put a finger on why this bothers me as much as it does. Background: Myself (M 37)and the woman (F 36) in question started casually dating about 2 months ago. She turned it very sexual very fast, not my usual speed. We do some activities together, but most of it revolves around her coming to my house for sex (and lack luster at that). Never her place, never out with friends (hers of mine),.... The Biggest Problem: There are a lot of compatibility issues I am thinking of while typing this, more than I realized honestly. The biggest one is her regular u
  4. Fluoroscope illuminated Lance, through electron radiation. LEMUR
  5. Unless the shirt and hoodie were the gifts from a dying relative, let them go. Otherwise these little incidents of needing something back will drag out the process for you both. Saw a friend's ex wife need one last item for over a year, all it did was make them both miserable.
  6. As someone who was in a similar position once upon a time... It's a delightful self delusion to cling to her. It took me over a decade to get untangled, even to the point she invited me to her wedding!! Glad you got the emotional burden off your shoulders, it's a terrible weight to carry around every time you see her. Now that it's done however, it is time for you to look for a direction to put your energy into. She is not available, and until you allow yourself to be open to new experiences; you aren't available either (even with her). My best piece of advice, start looking for
  7. It's going to be a long one, also hi all been a while. In another social media platform, I saw multiple cases of various individuals making a bad joke or poor comment; then it seems get coerced into an "apology" by the moderators there. Usually leading to bashing and piling on by members of the group; it was uncalled for and close to abusive. It became more and more common, and then the straw the broke the camels back one guy who was a bit abrasive; then the head mod posted screen shots of a private conversation to humiliate the guy. I had enough. So knowing that any private conversation
  8. Seems like so many people are just ready for a fight, and taking any opportunity to lash out at anyone who rocks their boat.
  9. You can whine and complain, but only if you have a solution; that's my philosophy.
  10. I am supremely irked with my boss right now, that is dumping all sorts of things on me and never told me about it. Things that until January had been exclusively his domain, now I am getting threats about the future of my job. that jerk! If he'd told me about taking up these duties and him just playing on his computer instead of working, I could deal with that. But this ? Nope! Can I do the sales and proposals writing in addition to the engineering? Absolutely. But when I don't get the emails, when I'm not told that these are my new duties; he can go himself. Just some communication
  11. Just returned from this amazing trip. Excellent advice about the Meaux Museum!! Surprisingly I was never assumed to be a Yank, rather amusing. Haha
  12. A librarian (it's important) I met at a wedding and I seemed to click over the phone and other conversations; things on paper seemed really promising. Same humor, complimentary interests, and she was quite a looker too. We settled on a proper first date; and things went amazingly well. We decided to go for a walk after dinner, there was a slight drizzle so I donned my cap and did all the gentlemanly things to keep her dry. We duck into a book store, me thinking my hair is a sopping mess now leaves the cap on. Things are still going well, but she decides to call it a night soon after. The next
  13. Having been through something similar recently, I can say that she did you a favor in a way. Ending things via text sucks, especially when it blindsides you this hard. But the fight to get closure isn't worth it. She's not someone who is worth more of your time, if she were she would have discussed things with you before just pulling the plug. I think you are more in love with the idea of a relationship, rather than her. Do yourself a favor, cut her out of your social media and don't contact her further.
  14. Pretty good! Been doing a lot of positive soul searching, new directions on some things. It definitely been a minute since I've been on here.
  15. I have been watching a bit of Rick, I like his style of presentation. I've just about filled out my rough schedule (that's all I ever really do any way), booked what needs to be; and now counting down the weeks. Over a week in Belgium, Champagne, and Normandy, then another week in the British Isles (priming the pump for a future visit). All rather exciting.
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