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Found 11 results

  1. Heyho, I've (F18) recently met this guy (M23) when I was on vacation like 6h away from my home. I developed a crush on him and responded to his Instagram story. He answered pretty quickly for a few times (we were chatting via Instagram direct messages) and then he just stopped and didn't answer for like two days. I was bummed. But then, he replied to my Instagram story and asked me something about it, he complimented the drawings I upload on my insta and he even commented something on an old drawing of mine. Then I texted him back - he saw the message pretty quickly but hasn't responded for around five hours now. He's just giving me mixed signs, leaving me on read but then being interested and complimenting me? What do you guys think about that? Also, I'll probably get the chance to interact with him over discord soon (in a group) since he's 'gaming friends' with my sister. I didn't talk to him a lott on vacation so do you think it'll help if i talk to him more? Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. Hey :) So, because I (18F) am a very shy person (I've never been diagnosed with social anxiety, but I relate to a lot of the symptoms), I have always been scared to date - scared to put myself out there and actually TALK to the people I like (scary thing). But some time ago, I have visited a city which is like 6 hours away from my home with my sister and we met a friend of hers there. And well, we spent some time together. Even though it was mostly my sister who talked to him, I developed a crush on him. (I don't think he really felt the same, although he spent one hour editing a picture which only I was on - he's into photography) My sister and I have been home for some time now and I decided that I want to try and act on that crush - which I have never done before. But now I feel kind of powerless and miserable since he lives so far away. He and my sister know each other from playing games together, so she suggested I join them when he's there. But she also said that it'll probably take some time until she can arrange something. Now here comes my big problem where I hope u guys can give me some advice: How do I get in contact with him without being too obvious? My sister gave me his number, but texting him would be obvious, wouldn't it? I know he does live streams (sadly not that often), so would it be weird to interact with him via life chat? Or do I text him via discord which he uses sometimes? Is it a dealbreaker to make your interest too obvious? I'm so clueless honestly, and so scared of butchering it. Help :c I know this crush will go away as time passes but I've never felt so close to actually acting on my crush and getting out of my comfort zone. Thank you so so much in advance for your advice!
  3. I’ve been crushing on my best friend for a year and a half… Ive talked to him about other guys and he’s told me about other girls… Hid last relationship was with a girl who used to be my friend, she turned out to be toxic and really bad for him… The other girl was one of the people I knew, and she turned out to be a slightly different breed of toxic. I don’t know if he’s just sweet in general, but dang he is… Stuff like “I went because you went” ”Your my best friend” ”Where did you go?” XD last few days we’ve been talking till two AM, some people may not find this strange but we have veryyyyy different sleeping schedules. His ex is going to the next dance, with another guy to make my best friend jealous and get him back. so he says he’s gonna get a date just to get off his back, but not someone he would date date. He brought up two girls and didn’t know who else so I suggested myself as a last resort…^^’ We had been responding to each other right after getting texts…five minutes goes by and I send “It’s just a suggestion dude xD” cause I got nervous and he responded right after “I might actually… 😂 like if no one else works” He’s been sweet…saying I looked good in dresses I wore to the last few dances… And his brother dropped “If you ever feel like something is going on…he trusts you a lot, you two are really close.” a few days ago…^^’ I don’t know, I guess I needed to vent?
  4. I wrote to my old coworker crush who's resigning. I worked with him off and on since 2008 but haven't seen him in almost 2 years because his client base never recovered from the pandemic. In 2012 we had a mutual crush that I couldn't act on (wasn't single then). There were a ton of things that made his obvious but I want to keep this short. 2013 I transferred departments. Our goodbye convo was really sweet. I got layed off and came back right before covid. We had a nice long catch up convo and one awkward (almost crashed into him) run-in. Sadly our schedules never lined up again after covid hit. My crush still came back full force. I think he felt an attraction at least, because he seemed a little giddy towards me during our last interaction. I made my email extremely professional in case there's 0 interest but hoped my "keep in touch" would be enough of a hint if he is. It might have been TOO professional?: "Hi ______, I enjoyed working with you all these years so it's sad to see you go. I know I haven't worked with you much in recent years, but you were one of the first people I met at (company) when I started as a case worker years ago. Thanks for being a support during some of my more challenging cases way back in the day. I wish you the best and good luck. Feel free to keep in touch. (Auto email signature<-- with my cell # slipped into it. Not sure if he noticed that) He responded: "Garfish99, Greetings. It was so lovely to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. I remember meeting you and our early conversations as I was impressed with your intelligence and understanding of the work we do. I am working a lot for CBA along with XYX, LMN, RSHM, and RST so our paths may (hopefully) cross again. Best wishes, [Coworker] Does "we'll cross paths (hopefully)" mean he thinks he's closed a chapter on me or do you think my email was just too dry/professional for him to get my hint? The way he added (hopefully) made me think there's some lingering feelings. I'm just wondering if it would be a terrible idea to reply something like "I was wondering if you'd be up staying in touch? Here is my number. If that's not something you're comfortable doing, I would not be offended. (My draft is lame and obviously needs a lot of work) Thoughts?
  5. I (16F) am about to be a junior in high school, and I have liked this boy (16M) who sat next to me in my math class (and was on the track team with me) since the start of last year. I soon became a pretty big crush. He knew that I liked him because my sister's boyfriend told him. I eventually formed a connection with him, and we waved at the start of math class and talked as well. He was really sweet and of course that made me like him even more. Then, he suddenly and indirectly mentioned his girlfriend to me. This was right after an exchange we had through Instagram DMs that lasted a week, so it's likely he mentioned this on purpose to indirectly tell me he was taken. I was upset of course, but we still talked often and I thought we were building a friendship. Then, a few weeks later he started mentioning his girlfriend more and more to me, but I didn't really think that much of it. One day I asked for his snap (as a friend) and he proceeded to give me an account he never uses (he had a different main account he was on in class all the time). Then, he sent a snap to me of him and his girlfriend cuddling then proceeded to leave me on opened and never snap me again. I was devastated as this was a guy I looked forward to talking to every day and a connection I so valued. It was clear that this had to do with my crush on him and his relationship status, but I wasn't looking to steal him and just wanted to be friends as I genuinely thought we were, and I thought he'd know this. He was still always super nice in class and at track practices, and he acted as if he had nothing against me, so I believed this and tried to forget that anything ever happened. So we kept talking and on the last day of school I asked for his number. He agreed to snap it to me, seeming not to mind at all, but he never did. My sisters tried to assure me that he forgot, but in my heart I knew it was for the same reason he gave me a dead snap account. I was so sad, but I could not get over this guy because we did talk often and in my mind we did have a friendship. I sent him a reminder on snap, but remembering that he would likely not see it on this account (he left it on opened six weeks later), I sent another on Instagram (we had DMed on Insta multiple times before so this wasn't new), which he did not reply to (he's very active on Insta). I know, dumb move. I eventually decided to let it go. On his birthday, I sent him a birthday wish and insta, and he actually did reply to this. So a few days ago, I sent him a message just asking him how his summer is going which he completely ignored. I feel terrible about this now. I now realize that asking for his number and sending that message were likely overstepping boundaries that he already tried to establish with me. Especially since he has a girlfriend and isn't trying as hard to keep the friendship I thought we had, I feel like an awful person. Just for context, I am quite shy, moved through several schools, and have struggled socially for a long time. This boy is much more popular and attractive than I am, so my definition of a friendship is likely different than his. My question is, how can I move on from such a crush, who has a girlfriend and has little interest in being my friend? How can I move past knowing that I have been inappropriate and wrong with asking for his number and messaging him? I will very likely see him again next year, so is there any way I can clear this up with him, knowing he probably has a strong distaste for me?
  6. Hello, I have planned to text to my crush for the first time, since I am going to get his number but I am afraid of giving her a bad impression, I plan to tell her: Hi, I'm… we were at the same school and I always wanted to meet you And I don't know what else to add to her, at high school I always wanted to talk to her, but I always was nervous so I never spoke to her, now that I can get her number I'm afraid of giving her a bad impression. I would also like you to advise me what to answer if she asks me: Why do you want to meet me? How did you get my number? Among other hypothetical questions ... And well I'm definitely going to talk to her, I don't want to regret never having to spoken to her, she is a spectacular girl, since I saw her something attracted me to her and unfortunately I never spoke to her because I always scared of talk to her since I was an immature teenager but I have grown up and I want to take that step to meet her. And sorry English is not my mother language.
  7. Hi there, I have had a crush on a formal co-worker since March 2021. She and I went on walks three times and I started to develop feelings for her based on the conversations we had and similar values and interests we share. I had a gut feeling that she, too, had some interest in me. Unfortunately, she is visiting her family back in Japan, so she won't be in Canada until early July 2021. Initially, I wanted to hide my feelings for her until she came back, but I feel that I can't keep my feeling bottled up. If she were here, I would do it face-to-face, but not possible at the moment. So, I wanted to ask her out via Instagram DM. First Option: Is this a good idea? Do you think I should just wait? Second Option: This is what I want to say: "Hey (name), I wanted to wait until I saw you in person, but I just couldn't wait. I really enjoyed our time together and found myself gravitating towards you. Have you thought about us going on a date when you come back?" Do you think this is just right for someone whom already hung out on one-on-one sessions? Thank you in advance and I really appreciate.
  8. Hello, I have a crush on a coworker at the school I work at, which developed a few months ago. We both work together at the after school club and are a similar age (24). There's been some instances where I don't know if he likes me too or is just being friendly. He's French and moved here in October, and I've been helping him practice his English at work. Some kids at work said we're in love so planned our wedding and we got "married". I've often seen him looking at me and looks away when I catch him. He always makes jokes and laughs with me (again, probably just friendly but my crush brain wants to think otherwise haha). He told me that he always thinks about me when he sees / hears about a football player because we're from the same place. This is long but I'm just giving instances where I've wondered if he feels similarly.. He recently brought clothes shopping with him to work, and another colleague asked him why he had all of them and he said it was because he needed to impress me, then told me not to worry and that he was trying & getting there (said in French so might not translate the same). I know it was a joke but there was an annoying part of me that wondered if he meant it a little. He also repeats my name a lot to himself, e.g. after he's said hello to me he'll repeat it, or after someone else says my name he starts to repeat it to himself. An old friend of mine works at the school during the week and said she thinks he likes me. Not sure if that means anything but there we go 🙂 Sorry this is so long! But I'd appreciate any replies as I'm annoyed at myself for overthinking little things about our interactions haha.
  9. Actually i fall in love with my friends. We always chat and talk many things and l always asking what he doing almost everyday.But sometime he busy with his club activities but he always reply even though it's late n said sorry. He is a good friend n treat around him nicely including me.For me he like an angel, when people asking a help, he willling to help them even though he busy he always try to help other people.One day i told him i have a crush on someone and it was him.He kinda shock and just say Wow.I don't know but nothing is weird happen. We talk like usual.But i can see the changes. A long time ago, even though he was busy he will always see my status ws everytime i post it but now he never see it.Sometimes we on call, i always asking him whether he busy or not and wanna call.I don't know i just love him, every time i'm panicked his voice heal me.Sometime we talk about assignment and talk random things more than 1 hour untill the phone, the line get cut because too long on call and there are limit time.But he will call me back or text to hear my story or continue to hear him.This make we forgot the time and talk until 4 a.m.. I aaid to him if the phone getting cut that's mean we need to go to sleep n i think u shouldn't call me back. Sometime he also forgetful n promise to call me but he never do it, i got angry i know i shouldn't and he said sorry.I don't know i just hate this feelings.He continue treat me nicely and we call like usual we do if i have a problem, he will be there for me, but right now when the phone , the line getting cut, he not call me back even a text, and i ask him should we continues and he said ok n sorry he need to help his friends. i don't know if the changes or the way he treat me maybe a sign of rejection that i can't read.To be honest i want to ask him directly but i'm afraid making things hard and akward between us.If this was a rejection and he only see me as a friend how i become independent amd ignore him in my life.Thank u sorry for long text😅
  10. Okay so first of all I would like to start with I am currently in a relationship. My current boyfriend and I have been together for about 2.5 years. However, the past couple months have been rough. I don’t know what the issue is but I feel like I am loving him less and faking my feelings more. I don’t want to hurt him, but I can’t help the way I feel. I recently developed what I think I would call a “middle school crush” on another person. He gives me butterflies when he looks at me and his smile makes me smile. I get nervous when he gets close to me but I don’t want him to stop. He has a girlfriend. We got drunk together one night and he held my hand. Neither of our significant others were there, but our mutual friends saw. They know. I never told him about it because we were drunk, I didn’t know if he remembered and I didn’t want to make things weird. The next time we got drunk together, after everyone fell asleep and it was just me and him, he told me he did remember. At this point he was playing with my hair and laying very close to me in a chair. I was very tired so my eyes were closed a lot, but every time he mentioned it I didn't want him to go so I opened them, which revealed his face just inches from mine. I didn’t act on my feelings, I didn’t kiss him. He didn’t kiss me either. But I think if he did I wouldn’t have stopped him. He gives me the feeling that you see in the movies. Fireworks. I don’t know how he feels. I don’t know if what he was doing was intentional, or if I was just a willing body and he was lonely. I feel like if I ask him about it things will be weird between us, and I don’t want that to happen. Writing this out makes me feel like a really ***ty person, but I'm so confused. I need help.
  11. I'll put the TLDR at the top just to spare anyone who doesn't want to scroll through my ranting and raving (don't worry, I would too). In short: I'm in love with my best friend and he has a girlfriend. They seem really happy. But I've had multiple dreams about us together, fantasised about futures, written letters of confession that I've been too nervous to ever send, the whole number. Multiple days where I swear to myself that today is the day, that I'm going to tell him, and I never do. He lives in Australia and I live in the US, so if we do eventually have a spark it'll be online anyway. I keep finding more hints that he feels the same. Worst of all, I'm falling. Hard. Do I tell him or try to wait until it passes? In long: We've only really known each other since October, but we hit it off really fast. We would (and still do) chat online day and night, and in the first couple weeks he told me about this girl he liked because he didn't really know who else to talk to. I didn't think much of it, I told him I was happy for him and moved on. Now, when he came into my life I was at a really low point. I was nearing the end of a very toxic relationship that I'd finally get out of in early November, but when we met I was still blinded, I still thought I was in love with my soon-to-be ex. And then, in Mid-Nov, while me and him got closer all the time, I had a dream. I don't really believe dreams have prophetic meanings but I do think they can express your desires, and this one was VERY vivid. Like- to the point where I woke up, said good morning to him, and had to scroll up in our message history to see if what happened in the dream had actual happened or if it was just that, a dream. In the dream, he'd confessed he had feelings for me and I was surprised, but reciprocated. That's mostly how I felt then - just so surprised. I went through a period of denial, of course "I can't like him, why would I like him? He has a girlfriend. I just got out of a terrible relationship, and I'm desperate for something new. This'll blow over." Then it became rationalising, "He lives on the other side of the globe. Maybe you like him, but you'll never be able to have a future with him even if anything happens." To desperation. Making playlists, fantasising about what we could do, to crying over the whole situation, and to googling for advice and not being happy with any of it. It was too one-sided. There were the people saying just to go for it, and then there were the people saying to just not say anything and that you were a selfish a-hole if you said a word. I know it's early, and I know I sound naive. But I seriously think he might be the one. I've never clicked with somebody quite like I have him before, all of my relationships seemed deflated. I never showed the most energy from the start, it was rushing into it first, feelings later. And I've gotten hints that he feels the same way, too. Here's the thing, though. My brain needs to be told outright, a yes or a no, or it'll get so excited over the maybe that it just won't stop. On the other hand though, if I tell him and I do get a no, I'm afraid our friendship will just be awkward and I don't want things to change in that respect whatsoever. He's my best friend, after all. What do I do?
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