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  1. Well, after going through the entire thread, the answer to your question "husband or daughter (kids)?" is clearly: Husband. You are choosing the put your toxic, abusive husband over and above the welfare of your children. No matter how much advice you receive, it still always ends in the same thing - husband over children. Husband is #1. Saying things like "I can't leave him" etc, actually means: I don't want to leave him". End of. We can only hope and pray you come to your senses and put your children first for once in your life. They don't deserve this. You are responsible for t
  2. If you're living together, don't you already have internet? (sorry, just a little confusing).
  3. ^ I agree with all of the above post. Delete your account and learn from this.
  4. What messages? Is she flirting with him? How long have they been friends? Do you trust your boyfriend, or suspect he's interested in her?
  5. I'd go for the chocolates any day! 😊 Flowers? No. Not me. Chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates, lol.
  6. ^ Could you elaborate on the above please? What company benefits is he giving her?
  7. ^ This was also my immediate reaction when I read your post. You've messaged him several times and still nothing. You're not going to see that money. I would block and delete permanently too. Lesson learned.
  8. If anyone sent me a message like that I would get the message loud and clear. It is more than obvious that you are no longer welcome and if that's the case, it's your cue to head in the opposite direction and stay away (imo).
  9. Was that pic of you and your girlfriend? Is she aware you are posting her picture all over the internet? Please do not post pics without her permission/consent.
  10. Well, going by what you have shared with us, this relationship is leaning towards the unhealthy side. Jealousy, tantrums etc - not good. I understand you are both very young but if she's already displaying that jealousy streak in her, believe me, it won't magically disappear as she gets older - usually it only increases over time and gets worse. It's very admiral of you to try and work things out, but never stay in a relationship just because you don't want to be single. That's setting yourself up for a lot of pain and heartache in your future if that's the road you choose to go down.
  11. Ignore. Block. Lose her number etc etc. Full NC. Forever. Trust me, ignoring her will really bug the crap outta her, lol.
  12. OP, you don't owe anyone any explanations about your family, parents, past etc etc. You have lived it. You have experienced the toxic dysfunction and abuse. You know exactly what they did and how you were treated. You have every right to cut them off from your life and live a life away from it all. Time for you to heal. I wish you well.
  13. OP, ^ THIS is what you're in for as long as you stay with her. This is who she is. She can't, and won't change. It's in her make-up. Add to that, definitely being very young and immature has a lot to do with it too. She still has a lot of growing up to do, but right now, she just doesn't seem to be capable of a mature relationship. As to your question: "Am I incompatible with my partner?" - YES. 100% Yes. This is going to be one those constant up and down, eventually dysfunctional relationships which in time will just suck the life out of you (imo). I agree with Wiseman's post:
  14. Great news Knight. Always great to hear some good news stories here. I wish you well.
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