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Community Answers

  1. Sounds like you pushed his buttons a little too far and he had enough of it. People get tired when being nagged too much. Best advice would be to give him time to cool down and do NOT contact him and overload him with constant messages/text. Let him come to you (if he chooses to).
  2. Sounds a lot like she's coming on to you. She has no boundaries and is crossing a line (imo). How would the rest of your family view this if you two become an item? Would they approve? Some cultures have no problem with this. Other cultures it's a big no-no.
  3. 😲😲😲 Holy crap!!! You did it!! That explains why you have been missing for months, lol. Congrats.
  4. Don't feed the trolls people. Don't feed the trolls. Ignore, ignore, ignore.
  5. Why is her dad not working? You don't owe her mother any explanation. Her father should step up to the plate and discipline his kids. Go on your vacation. She moved out to live with her mother. So be it.
  6. To put a different spin on it, sometimes it's a case of when in doubt, don't. Tread cautiously.
  7. You come across as very intense and almost suffocating. And she is definitely not feeling it. This is one-sided. She told you where she stands and now it's time for you to accept that she's not that into you and time for you to move on. No point in waiting for someone who isn't even on the same page as you are.
  8. Is she not capable of bringing her own jacket? Yes, she's not kidding she's a spoiled brat. You sound like you're her slave/servant and she clearly treats you that way. What I fail to understand is why on earth you allow her to treat you like garbage. Why you stay. Why you enable. Seriously dude, only 4 months in and this is just nuts. Cut your losses already and be done. The sooner the better.
  9. I'm sorry, but all I see is an incredibly selfish and immature girl throwing a tantrum like a toddler. She really needs to grow up (imo). Does she always behave this way when she doesn't get what she wants? How old is she? Personally, if it were me, I would head for the hills so fast you wouldn't see me for dust.
  10. Yes, certainly very confusing. Hard to tell which ex is which. I had the understanding that he got divorced, then married the second wife and had a child with the new wife but still kept on and on about his first EX and reconciling (all while he was married to another). Now he posts and says he's back with his ex (first wife) and they have a child together. I have no idea. Soooo confusing. Who knows. Hopefully he can clarify.
  11. In July you were married to your second wife. So, you got a divorce and remarried and had another child all within 2 months? 😵 Spectacular miracle. Would love to know how that works.
  12. I think you crossed the line when you called him. He could be in a relationship. You're in a relationship and showing total disrespect for your boyfriend. I don't think you're ready for a serious relationship right now.
  13. I was thinking the same thing some time ago. OP, when you look at that full picture, it leads to you being the common denominator.
  14. All I can say if there's already this much drama after only "a couple of weeks" then cut your losses and move on already. Seriously.
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