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  1. No. Moving back home isn't a option for me. Moving out once I can is the best option for me rn Hes going to have to deal with it Hes the one who invited me here in the first place so he will have to give me time to move.
  2. We had a discussion because we both thought he cornered me and was acting agitated wanted me out asap because she wants to buy a house which means he will need to sell his house to give her money. So we thought he was stressed because of that. I didnt realize he hated me so much all of a sudden.
  3. I know but I am going thru an appeals process with my school to see I can continue, in a few weeks I should know better what direction It will go. When I get a decision I will 1. stay in chicago, move out 2. move back home. It doesn't make sense to move out to a new rental agreement in Chicago if I may have to move home in the next few weeks. And he told me he wants me OUT. He knows I have alot of stress on me rn and the fact that he was so inconsiderate about this shows his true nature.
  4. When I confronted him through text messages about the fact the should stop spreading my business around, he even told his parents. I dont get it either! I dont know why he needs to tell everyone about it i think its really strange. I did confront him rudely, and he said he wants me OUT. He said he doesnt want me to stay in his place anymore. But as soon as his ex-wife found out about the situation, she called me and said therewas no way he was going to kick me out, i should move when I am ready since my professional life is breaking down right now. She was understanding of the situation
  5. I didnt expect anything from him. I already knew it was going to work out. Its how he treated me afterward which I did not understand or expect
  6. you're right. i have never expected anything from him. The least he could do is keep it between us. But he can't even honor that.
  7. NO its not anything like that. Right now im in the East Coast. my mom is far. Yes I pay rent its lower for my area, but higher than what he initially told me. Im in a safe area of Chicago and like i said its difficult for me to consider moving right now. Its not like we were together 24/7 He was completely fine having sex the first times we did it, now hes burdened with guilt? Don't really understand. Not trying to change his thought process, just trying to understand him.
  8. No, not yet. Yes-thats true. I have told him to respect my wishes and not do that!
  9. I posted a while back about finding myself in a situationship with a 47 yo divorce with 4 kids. Much of the advice for myself was to steer clear and find a new roommate which for various reasons did not work out. I stayed, and yes-i did continue to sleep with him from time to time, mostly because of validation, being somewhat attracted, feeling insecure doesnt really matter at this point MONTHS AGO A small part of me thought it would lead somewhere, it did..basically into an wildfire that burned everything down. First it was him getting more and more distant, no conversation (hes very
  10. I just wanted to thank everyone who commented with their wise words. I wanted to give an update on how the situation unfolded. As many would have guessed, it turned out to be a bad decision. We ended up sleeping together after that a few times. The reason why i did it is because I confused attraction and expected him to change or to appreciate me more. I ended up just being a baby sitter, mentor, at times cleaning his apartment. I thought he would see everything I did for him and open up to me. It backfired, he gave me the cold shoulder in the end. This was strange for me because h
  11. I didn't go all the way with him. I don't want a relationship right now or anything. I'm not sure why I did that. I moved in with him because I wanted a place closer to where I work. I am trying to figure out why I did what I did. I have these intense feelings of guilt so I texted him he agreed it was wrong, but still Its usually me initiating and he just goes along with it. Its easier not to feel guilty about it when you don't have the responsibility of initiating it. Moving out may be an option in the future as of right now no.
  12. I met J (47) at the gym. I'm 30. We became friends and shortly after due to a different reason I moved in with him. Along the course of our friendship I have been blurring the lines a bit. He is a recently divorced Dad of four and I don't have a relationship I am currently working. Anyway I promised my mom that it wouldn't go beyond a platonic friendship because his kids visit a lot and I am working hard on some upcoming exams. Unfortunately we have almost had sex. I have mixed feelings about this. I think I have been doing so out of needing to be wanted and he probably is doing th
  13. This is a difficult and upsetting situation. Did you have any intuition that he may have been talking to someone else? I have my own obstacles in love but I think that since you know he has moved in with her you should accept the situation. You've won in a way, your time and peace of mind. What kind of looser plays two people? Plus you are alot younger than him. I think you should focus on yourself. Never depend on a man to give you want you should be giving yourself.
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