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  1. I would imagine that in all those years she's probably been in a long term relationship, or maybe a few by now. That would be enough of a reality check to get over a crush (imo).
  2. All this shows is someone who is living in a fantasy world. One can only say ..... dream on, it ain't gonna happen.
  3. ^ This pretty much answered your question. I agree. If all you aim for is casual dating, then there's no need to mention it.
  4. I guess you still haven't asked either one of them out yet. Makes me wonder what exactly is the point of all these threads about asking a girl out. All talk and action. Rinse. Repeat.
  5. Ok, to use your own words: Be 100% honest with me right now. Will you ask her out now? This weekend? Next week? Next month? Six months time? When? Or will you find some more excuses? Remember, be 100% honest now, ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. You want honesty? I have been with my husband since age 19 and yes, he was 26 (7 year difference) and we've been married way way way longer than you have been alive. Yikes, what a "delicate situation"! ~shock/horror~ Bet you still won't ask her out, right?
  7. I agree. If you think she's too young and it's such a "delicate situation", then look for someone your own age. I mean ... common sense and all that good stuff. But seriously, this has nothing at all to do with her age. It has everything to do with you lacking the guts to ask her out and finding every excuse in the book to cover up that fact.
  8. ^ This. I totally agree. And I think yes, it is a bad thing to want to change someone. You either accept people as they are or you don't. There's a lot more to people than just their looks.
  9. I have to admit I have a major problem understanding any of your posts. His mom is close to his and your age and you think he's interested in his mother? ๐Ÿ˜•. Can you please clarify because nothing makes sense (to me).
  10. Oh please. It's not like it's the end of the world. It's not like you're 60 dating an 18 year old. Get real already. There a millions of people with an age gap, 7 years and even way more. Who gives a fig. Why agonize over something so ridiculous. The only thing that counts here, that is relevant, is what her response is to you, IF you eventually ask her out. That will answer your question.
  11. Only 30 days in and already showing incompatibility - which is the writing on the wall for it won't work. Cut your losses and move on.
  12. I agree with your boyfriend. You treat him like he's your servant. Why can't you go buy your own ice-cream? You sound extremely selfish and very entitled. Do you work?
  13. That was my instant thought too. Glad you said it first, lol. Seriously, I'd be out the door so fast you wouldn't see me for dust. What a creep!! Who knows how many times he has done this to other little children over all the years. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
  14. ^ I totally agree. Deliberately falling pregnant when knowing he doesn't kids right now will almost always backfire on you. He will NOT stay with you and it's unfair to the child. This is a time not to be selfish. That said, this relationship is going nowhere. He wants to live a single life. You two are on different wavelengths. Incompatible.
  15. Multiple accounts not allowed.
  16. I totally agree with the above. I wouldn't push it. Sometimes we have to accept what life throws at us and learn to live with only having one child - that is a blessing in itself (imo). Make a good life for the child that you do have.
  17. ^ This. No disorder. Simply an annoying, irritating, bossy flatmate. Maybe move out and find a more compatible roommate.
  18. At least you recognize it. Time to "get out of your head" now and enter reality. There must surely be plenty of other women outside of the workplace, right?
  19. I was just about to say almost the identical thing but you beat me to it. Agree 100%.
  20. You two are incompatible. On completely different wavelengths. It's not going to work (imo). Children and mortgages are a huge thing in a relationship and if you are not ready for any of it, then do not let him change your mind by putting pressure on you. Ever. You are still very young and you should go ahead and live the life you had planned for yourself. If that means doing so without him, then so be it. I also agree with melancholy123 above - I think he is way too pushy and that's a big red flag. Take heed. I would head for the door.
  21. Not much you can do other than to recognize that it's all fantasy and keep reminding yourself that she has more or less made it clear she is not interested in you - therefore it's never going anywhere anyway. Focus on living in the real world, not in dreamland.
  22. The writing is on the wall here. He's going to continue messing around behind your back and you are going to continue to stay with him because you "love him". Then you're going to be sad, upset, miserable and never trust him and you will become a shell of yourself with the life sucked out of you. OP, this is no way to live. This guy shows disrespect to you and your relationship and even worse, he really doesn't care. Always remember that he will continue doing this and treating you this way because you allow it. As always, there are only two choices: 1) Stay with this toxic cheater, but then you can't complain about him, OR 2) Show you have some self respect and dump his sorry cheating a$$ by walking away with your head held high and your dignity in tact. Choice is yours.
  23. All that happened was that she felt no chemistry after meeting in real life - and in a way that's a good thing for both of you because at least you know from the get-go not to waste anymore time and move on. No connection = no chemistry. After meeting she didn't feel as into you as you were into her.
  24. You wrote this letter decades ago and want to send it to an ex? ๐Ÿคจ I agree with Lambert's post above: "I think this is a cruel thing to do to someone. It's manipulative and leaves the other person with more questions than answers or stirs up past emotions with no benefits or recourse. Why would you do this?"
  25. Sounds like you pushed his buttons a little too far and he had enough of it. People get tired when being nagged too much. Best advice would be to give him time to cool down and do NOT contact him and overload him with constant messages/text. Let him come to you (if he chooses to).
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