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  1. I mean he just suggested it and said "what if" and he asked me only if I want to. and I did told him what if I don't want to because I don't want to. there was silence which triggered me a little but we were okay after the talk. and I thought it was good we had the talk because i came to a realization and probably he did too.
  2. Recently I noticed lately my boyfriend has been down so am I but we don't have a problem. I mean we're not even fighting or anything. So I thought we're probably just both physically tired. Then of course as a women I always overthink sometimes. and my mind just went to like what will happen to us. Should we break up or should we take a break. on my mind it was so easy. Then one afternoon we both sat down and talked. I didn't brought it up but he did "what if we take a break" he said. and I was like what, huh in my mind but during that time I just looked at him so blankly. My heart was poundin
  3. We’ve been dating for 3 years now. You’re right I am. I mean I realize that too sometimes but like how do I start. Like if I end it. What happens next. Also at the same time. I’ve said to myself I’d fight for this. You’re definitely right on all you said but how. Just how would I let go. Like I want myself to be prepared.
  4. I just had this realization recently. I can’t/don’t want to be alone. I tried but my mind think the craziest things ever. Since i was a kid when sleeping I sleep with someone besides me. It’s either gonna be my parents or my grandparents or my cousins or my siblings and recently my boyfriend. I recently got my own room. I was happy. But it suddenly hit me one night. I can’t sleep like it never happened before. A night becomes two nights becomes 3 nights and so on. I would sleep like morning morning like 5am in the morning and wake up @7:30 for work. I didn’t like that so I invited my boyfriend
  5. I have this going on in my mind for a long time now. I have nobody to talk to. I don’t want to tell anybody as well that this is what I’m thinking. I still love the guy I’m dating but I don’t like him anymore. Like it feels like it’s too much already. I’ve given all myself and invested a lot already. I know all that but like I don’t want the relationship anymore. I still love the guy I do and I care a lot but I feel like since the beginning I’m not benefiting on the relationship. I felt like I became the worst me since. I want to let go but not yet. I want that reassurance in my mind and my he
  6. Ger

    I’m okay to die

    Why does it always go in my mind to die. Especially when I’m driving or outside or even home. Like if I don’t wake up. I’m okay. Like if i get to an accident I’m good. But not like I don’t want to do it myself. Like I don’t want to harm myself but like anytime I’m good if my time is up. Like I want it to happen already but I don’t want to do it myself. Is this okay?
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