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  1. Husband and I got our vaccines yesterday! We're both doing great. Our arms are a bit sore where we got the injection, but nothing major. Happy, and relieved.
  2. Sorry I'm a bit late to the game. But I'm here now!! 🙂 Very happy for you once again, Knight! You have the most wonderful updates and it's truly a joy to see. There is so much dismal in the world right now, and so many hearts being broken, it's uplifting to read a story that worked out for the good. It's a ray of hope and sunshine that you take the time to let everyone know that even in the darkest days, things can still turn around and a happy life could still be waiting down the road. You're a good person, Knight, and your partner sounds like she matches you perfectly.
  3. You're right, it's not the porn that is the biggest reason to leave this man, it's the lying, hiding, pretending, keeping things from you, disrespectful etc. Those are huge reasons to leave him and to never look back. He has proven to you over and over again that he does not deserve your trust, he is not loyal or faithful, nor does he want to be. He has little respect for you, for a relationship and furthermore for women in general as he is treating them like pieces of meat. He has little to no self control and let's be honest here,....he doesn't give a damn. He wants
  4. SherrySher


    You told him the problem, at least give him a chance to change. He has said he would, he is making changes now see if he sticks to them. If he doesn't then yes, it's time to leave. But I would at least give him the benefit of the doubt. I normally wouldn't advise that, but in this specific case, I think giving him a chance might be worth it. But I would give him ONE chance and once chance only.
  5. And OP, if this man does actually have a porn addiction, he should be seeking help asap. If he refuses to, it only shows how little he cares. But to be honest, how he treats you is far worse (imo) then just porn. He has disrespected you in more ways than just one. You need to leave.
  6. I'll just say that I have never been addicted to porn, so I am out of my depth when it comes to how badly it can affect someone. But it can potentially cause a massive amount of hurt and pain to women who don't want this kind of stuff to occur in their relationship. The porn industry has damaged so many relationships. It really is a damn shame. I respect that you acknowledged it and are getting help. I hope it works for you.
  7. That or he's just the type of man who can't keep his eyes to himself and has zero respect. Women get tired of excusing this kind of behavior over and over and trying to find reasons. Life is too short. Men know the difference between shutting it off and not. It's a simple flick of the switch. Most just plain don't want to stop.
  8. When respect is no longer being served, it's time to leave. This man has shown you repeatedly that he does not respect you. You point it out and he will change, but only for a short time to get you to stay. That kind of behavior is no different than fooling you, but it's not his true feelings. If he truly felt sorry and if he truly loved you, he wouldn't revert back to behaving in ways he knows hurts you. There is nothing wrong with him, other than he simply has little respect and treats you badly and he doesn't seem to care. You have to stop excusing it or making up excuse
  9. Wow, you and I are living the same life right now, seriously. I could have wrote that word for word. I started having palpitations/arrhythmias about a year back. It was only now and then, but it's become a lot more frequent lately. It is frustrating to go to ER and it doesn't show up! I too an booked in for a holter. It really does feel weird for your heart to either skip a beat, or go too fast for a few seconds, doesn't it? I have never had it happen in my life. I just hope it gets sorted. The sooner the better. Yes, they mentioned SVT's a few times, so I am thin
  10. 1.) No I don't think he's ashamed that you were married. But it does look odd for a new girlfriend to still be displaying her ex and their wedding. One might think you're not over your past. 2.) I personally wouldn't have had the pictures up to begin with. I am a firm believer in clearing the past so there is nothing in the way for the future. Once a relationship or marriage ends, then I put things away. I'm not saying I delete completely, because I don't. But I don't keep old pics of any ex's hanging around social media. It cramps a persons style. Keep the old pics in a file on your comp
  11. If she is suggesting this, then she is not satisfied with you, and she is also not ready for any kind of serious relationship. You need to tell her that you and she are over. Her curiosity will never leave and if you remain with her and tell her 'no' and expect her to stay loyal, you really would be fooling yourself. She will eventually cheat. Let her go, so she can go find out what she thinks she's missing out on. But don't take her back.
  12. Retracted. Didn't realize until now that this is an old thread.
  13. It really is a guess once again. It could be interpreted in a few different ways. I mean, at this point...you either have to decide if you're just going to go for it and ask her out and see what she says, or leave it. But again, if you do ask her out and she declines, you may have to look for another place to live. As long as you are aware of all the risks, do what you're most comfortable doing.
  14. They're really cute shoes! I hope they fit too, great looking shoes.
  15. If she is flirting with you and you're having a good time together, there is nothing wrong with leaning in to kiss her. I realize that others may not agree, but that doesn't mean they're right. You can gauge the situation pretty well, and you can tell if she is giving you signals. Obviously you don't want to startle her or be aggressive. That's not okay. Just gently gauge the situation and if you're sitting together having a nice time and she seems open to you, then no harm in attempting to try. The worst she can say is no. However you do have to keep in mind, tha
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