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  1. I dont really think somebody would reach out or message you or express any sort of interest in any capacity if the goal was to lead you on. I mean, dont get me wrong, there are people who would, its just that they are very rare and the goal would be, I dunno, money or power in most cases. As for other questions, who knows. I had a girl that expressed very high interest but backed off on a date and didnt want anything. Only to find out week later that she has gone back to her ex before our date without even telling me. Maybe you didnt react on time, there is also possibility of that. Sometimes
  2. But you told him you want to date other guy? Again, I really dont know what did you expect his reaction to be? "Yeah, I am sorry that other guy didnt work come back to me"? Even if he was most chilled guy in the world ofcourse if he has even an ounce of self-respect he would say "Nah". Maybe if you told him that you are not sure and want a break and that now you regret it or something. But straight up telling him you want another guy and to date that guy? Again, no guy with self-respect would take you after that even if he hasnt moved on. There are people that forgive even stuff like that. But
  3. What did you expect? Him moping around over you? You were dating and said you want to see some other guy, ofcourse he thought you were done for good. Did you expect him to wait by the side to see how the date with other guy went so he could pick you up if that fails? As for the other question, yes, somebody telling you that she wants to see some other guy could make you upset and hurt. Maybe not in terms that he found somebody but enough to just forgets about you as a couple. His reaction after you reached out is very normal one. I do understand that you maybe thought it wasnt going anyw
  4. True, hence why I did what I did. Friends are just friends, they just look out for me and wish best. Just wondering if maybe they are right because as I said, am not "pushy" type and maybe I should have been in this particular case. We are both fully vaccinated so risk was minimal there. 😆 I dunno, I am pretty straight-forward guy. You meet somebody, go out and see if you "click", if you do then kiss and thats it. You cant always abide to that but its good system. This one went pretty much great until last part. She is probably the nicest girl I met in a while. From what Ive gath
  5. Hi, new here Anyway, long story short, I met a nice girl over mutual friends. We talked, added her on Facebook, exchanged few messages, she was pretty talkative. So I asked for a date and she said yes. We went out for a drinks, had a nice talk, even did pretty extensive walk afterward. Kissed her cheek when she was about to go home and tried to kiss her but she put the distance there. Said that I am great but that she see me as friends and that we can continue to go out like this. Now I have pretty bad experience with "friendzone" variants and didnt wanted to end up there in this case. So
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