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  1. Oof, so many red flags. Even if you disregard the kids thing (which is huge and she probably already has few on her own and dont want one with you even if she could), cheating, not seeing lately, headache before bed, texting exes, that one is definitely doing something. Cut your loses and find somebody closer to your age to build what you want from life Thats BS. Its not the age, its just that you stumbled upon a person that just wanted younger guy to have fun. She already has gone through what you need to go through, love, marriage, kids. She doesnt need you except for sex and even th
  2. I dunno, maybe he likes you to do it from some reason. Maybe power thing, maybe just your touch. Relationships and marriages are often about compromises. That means that more often then not one side doesnt get what it wants. But you both seem stubborn to do one. I mean its really not a good reason to fight. Massages? At least there one side can be less stubborn about it.
  3. Once it falls through, it never gets back as it was. I explained it with analogy of throwing feather pillow through window. You can maybe recollect some of the feathers and make it again, but pillow will never be the same. Same with relationships. Hence why you dont see many people who hang around their exes(at least those who were meaningful ones). It falls through, people get dissapointed and move on. You are on the good path with this So continue with that mindset and move on.
  4. Serious about him being your SugarDaddy and you being Trophy Wife? Yes Serious about him loving you and being commited to you? No From what youve told, it seems like a type of SugarDaddy/TrophyWife trope. That means him buying you expensive stuff while you sit at home and take care of his children. While he would most probably cheat around with anything that moves and wants him. Neverthless you seem to agreed to his game(breast augmentations, horses, even talks about his plans for you etc) so good luck leaving now lol.
  5. You fell for a classic "Its not you, its me" speech? Yeah, its almost always you. People just say its them to make it easier for another person who they are breaking up with. Make no mistake, in this case, its you. She was furious with you and broke up. Anyway, that one is lost. She lost her feelings a long time ago, she just waited to break up peacefully probably because of your anger issues. Loss of feelings, "its not you its me" speech, heck even "I want to stay friends afterward" just suggests that she wanted that long time ago. And this all is just to soften up the blow. Forget abou
  6. Kwothe28


    Dont do discord, you both need real dating experience and discord is not that. Go for a coffee at the mall and walk afterward. Talk, have fun, kiss when you see appropriate time, everything normal couples do.
  7. As somebody who has been in a similar situation(I even wanted to move to her country if it all goes well after we saw each other), yes, you are kinda ridiculous. Its nice to have somebody to talk, feel, share dreams, even express love freely. But its not real. You maybe see each other over the phone, but you live across the ocean and never saw each other. You need to spend the real time together, maybe even live together for a while before you get to know that person enough. Phone calls, even if they are sweet and full of love, sorry, that is not real. If you cant commit to that, then you are
  8. Kwothe28


    Yeah, no. If profile or app is deleted I dont think you get notifications. He didnt deleted it.
  9. Why dont you suggest something else? Maybe coffee and then walk? I like walking lately. Coffee or restaurant are fine for talk. But walking afterward lets you maybe put on some moves that you cant do in so public places. Also, walking maybe wouldnt feel less special. Maybe he wants to buy flowers or something else on the way. Also, also Yes, coming to your place is way too forward. Is he afraid of Covid? Maybe thats why he wants just walk...
  10. I dunno, it sounds you worry over nothing. I had mostly female college group. You get close but that is "friendship close". I even lived with one of them for some time even though she had a boyfriend in same town that lived separately. After college, well, your boyfriend is right, you rarely stay close. We all almost were from different towns, afterward everybody goes separate ways, you dont stay that close, I rarely hear from some of them and we were so tight that one of them told me about sexual experiences with her boyfriend or lack there off because she firmly decided to stay virgin until
  11. Is there something else by riverside? For example can you buy or win her plush toy or baloon or something? Also, try physical contact. When you laugh about something touch her upper arm/shoulder area, or hug her with one arm when you walk and see reaction. Also, also, does she knows its a date? Or she thinks its just friends walking?
  12. You werent cheated, she broke of with you before that. But her behavior is quite cold and calculated indeed. That is some high school level stuff. She saw some guy, broke off with you and then started talking immediately with him. While keeping you on the leash if that doesnt work. That is the thing you do in high school, not in commited 2,5 years long relationship. Again, there are no emotions there if there ever was one to begin with. Block this girl and dont look back.
  13. You are still at shock and denial phase. You need to move to anger. Because you have every right to be angry at her. Sure I understand that what doesnt work it just doesnt. But for her to freely talk to you that way about some guy she saw while she was with you at the wedding? Yeah, that is unacceptable. People usually feel regret and need time. She clearly got over 2,5 years pretty fast which means she either didnt feel anything at all or planned to dump you long time ago or both. First of all, tell her that she hurted you and block her everywhere. The only reason she is even talking to you i
  14. Yes but you are dating for months. So that is not casual. Sorry, just confused with that statement. Is it just the lack of interest with sex or just with this guy? Anyway, as he is clearly looking for sex, then its for the better. You dont "put up" so he seeks somebody who will. As you are not looking for somebody like that, get away from that now and move on. Also its OK that you stop talking to others when you find somebody you want to be exclusive. Just make sure its somebody worth your time next time.
  15. Was the other friend male? Could be just "marking the teritory" if other one was male. Its not really that bad of a joke but yes, its clear he wants more the just casual kiss. Anyway, if you dont want more then you should stop all of that. Or set up some boundaries regarding it.
  16. His issues aside, that is not something you can get behind. Verbal and physical abuse? Accusations? That is not something you should live with. Not now, not ever. Get away from that. Even involve police if neccesery and if he tries something after you leave.
  17. No, you did fine. You want to see her more and that is OK. She seem rather busy but on the other side she makes time for you and introduced you to family. After 1,5 months that is kinda a big deal. So she does regard your relationship as serious. But maybe manage you expectations better. You cant expect her to go out more if her pace is like that. However, if she cares she would make time after you said that to her. So give her time and maybe it gets better.
  18. I dunno, I understand being young, but making out with basically your whole group of friends before you hooked up? That is something hard to shake by and something that I would consider before dating someone like that. Not because of friends, screw them if they are making fun of you, but because I would always doubt morals of somebody like that. Tomorrow if you break up would she get back to some of your friends? How about if you piss her off and she gets drunk? However, you decided to have a relationship with this girl. So, you alone need to get passed that thoughts in your head. And to
  19. You need to define what you have. Are you just somebody who talks? Or are you in a relationship? Because there is no point in pursuing a relationship with somebody who just wants you to be there for him to talk to everyday without any commitment. That is what friends are for, not romantic partners. So, try to define that soon and act accordingly. Meaning that yes, you will have to let him go if he doesnt want relationship and find somebody who actually does wants to be with you.
  20. Wow, just wow. Does demands really seem like something friend does? If she is a friend(or even SO) you should be able to call or text whenever and whatever you want. That is not something that is limited. If they cant answer, they can call back or text later when they can. Point is, people that you call friends or SO dont do that. So she seem to not be either hence you have no obligations toward her at all. She wants your attention. So I would suggest to not give her that satisfaction and move on.
  21. That is not bad, but yes it doesnt mean too much. School is almost over but ask for a date and see where it goes. Be specific that it is a date though. See what she says, she would probably tell you if its a good idea or not. And I am sure your family would get if you want to take her out for at least a walk.
  22. If you feel like it, sure. To me just talking even with inner monologue helps. Grandpa and Grandma are burried at local cemetary together. Grandpa was a local sports fan so I like to tell him about that. To Grandma just about life in general. I am not very religious person. But do believe that even in afterlife they can hear stuff like that. So if letter helps you express better, go fot it. However, if you cant heal and overcome grief in time, I would suggest to find a nice grief counceling in your area to work on that process.
  23. I dont think he minds that you are different in that way. Heck, he probably even prefers it after his ex bled him dry lol. She probably asked for stuff, you work for yours. He sees the difference and probably likes it. There is nothing wrong with you in that way. You work and educate yourself and that is crucial. Because it seem to me that you have a problem with that more then he do. So its good that you are working on changing that. But again, that is your blockade, not his. From what you told he would probably even help you with that debt and wouldnt mind. I wouldnt reccomend some "bi
  24. It seem to me that the first guy is keeping you back. Meaning that as long as he is in the picture you wont move on. So you need to resolve that. Dont get me wrong, I dont think there is too much to resolve(otherwise you would be together now) but you seem to developed feelings there. So it stops you. Not meaning maybe stops you to feel for second guy, but overall, yes. Second guy likes you. Casuals dont care enough to convince other side that her wannabe boyfriend doesnt love her. But you wont be with him because of first guy or just dont like him enough. So you are in a triangle were first o
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