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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I started dating this angel since the beginning of covid-19. it has been hard for her specially she is younger than me 5 years younger. and we are from different countries and so far away from each other like there is an ocean between us. but i really love her and she does too i had so many relations before her so i know this one is true we are together for almost 2 years now since 2020 as i said. the problem now is in the distance i am planning to meet her when i can but this can happen so late cause i still have military or army to go to also i am feeling helpless cause i
  2. My ex and I were together for 2 years, long distance (even though his house is just 30 mins away from mine). We met in high school through a friend and I liked him since we met. I have to admit our relationship was toxic back then since he was going through a tough time in his life. He called me names and cursed at me but I still loved him. Even my friend told me to dump him but I didn't. I decided to take a break from him for at least a few months and after that, I got to talk to him again and he told me "Thank you so much for loving me all this time." and he got a little better than he was b
  3. Hi all! I'd really love some advice on a confusing situation so here's what happened: Ex and I dated for five great years, doing distance the last year and a half. We're both moving soon to new cities and were excited to make that jump together. Then last year, COVID hit, he lost his job, and started struggling with mental health. I've known before that when he gets stressed or overwhelmed he retreats from everything. I think when we were doing distance he'd take that lack of feeling and just assume it meant he doubted our relationship or that we were a bad fit. He ends things last s
  4. I work all around the country and I started dating a girl about 6 months ago. So I wake up and we talk on the phone for about an hour, then we text every few minutes all day at work until I get off then we talk on the phone or video chat every day until I sleep. If I have. Day off away from home we will talk for the entire day with the only time when we are not in the phone or in a video being when I use the bathroom, shower, or when I can convince her to go to sleep. Then I will stay up every night to relax and read or watch YouTube. When I am back home I spend every night at her apartment. I
  5. I (25 M) like a girl (21 F) from another state. I met her about six months ago in a group for theater nerds that is run by one of my best friends. For much of the time since I've known this person, she was just someone my friend and I would occasionally watch movies with over Zoom. Unfortunately for me, that has changed. Last month, this girl told me she liked another of my friends who is also in our theater group. Alas, he rejected her because he didn't feel the same way. I tried my best to be there for the girl and make her feel better; consequently, I had to hear all about her interact
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