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  1. You've all totally got the wrong end of the stick here and again cherry picking comments and ignoring me saying I am 100% sure I know I have down right thing (see other posts) I give up on this forum tbh, as has been said on other posts, this place has gone downhill
  2. You have missed the point and cherry picked. I've quite clearly put in the post I know I've done the right thing and don't feel sad at all about breaking up and looking forward to future dating life. My main concern is not upsetting someone. If you can't relate to that then you're not much of a caring person imo
  3. Thanks for the positive comments Just as a side note - I don't think being mindful of someone's feelings just because you've broke up is a bad thing. I think some on this forum recently are way off with their views and are almost poisonous
  4. I've been officially single over a week but in reality after not seeing my ex since September Ive been emotionally single a lot longer. To summarise breaking up came about due to covid restrictions, growing apart during the lockdowns and just not being the right fit for me. We started dating around this time last year but haven't spent tons of time together due to covid. She is heartbroken and I'm upset about that part of her being upset but personally I feel fine about breaking up, I know I made the right choice and I'm on the right path for me and excited about the new chapter in my life once this virus is in check. With all this in mind I'd like to take up online dating over next couple of months, chat to some people, hopefully make a good connection and go on a socially distanced walk or some safe activity for a date. My worry is upsetting my ex, I know she has friends who are on these apps and they would have no hesitation in telling her and stirring, I'd hate to upset her even more and think I should maybe wait a little longer, but then at the same time this year has shown life is too short for that, I should be doing what's right for me, or is that a very selfish way to look?
  5. Yes I've left if be, i hate the idea of people thinking I have cheated/treated her bad but I'm hoping those that know me will know I wouldn't do anything of the sort. I wouldn't say my friends have come running, they are just looking out for me and gave the same advice - leave it be and bite my tongue. Definitely does make me realise I've done the right thing. Also noticed she's posted some pretty revealing pictures and is enjoying the comments on her picture, something I predicted would happen, of course this doesn't bother me thankfully and just reaffirms what I've done is right
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm really getting a lot of passive aggressiveness from her now and it's way below the belt. She has since blocked me on twitter but I have been told shes tweeting things such as "snake" , "how I considerate can one man be, wow" , "being sneaky behind someone's back is the worst" Now I could be wrong and not aimed at me but it looks like it is and my friends have even asked if I have played away, couldn't be further from the truth, not spoke to any other woman or met any since her. Should I message her and call her out? Just feel like people will start to think Ive been cheating or something in this relationship. I find it very childish
  7. 2 months on from this I have finally ended this this week. I did try to fight it and make it work but the virus along with "something" missing in the feelings department made it difficult. I've been on the end of many breakups and know the feeling all to well of being the dumpee but only once the dumper. I feel awful causing upset, partly the reason it's been drawn out, she took it ok on the surface but i know she will be hurting so much and says she's "heartbroken" Any advice how I'm to act here? It sucks
  8. Wouldn't say I was ok, I started noticing the more time we spent together that things weren't quite what id say is normal behaviour
  9. Possibly but I'd say majority are not, this has been an issue going back her whole life before she met me (she has since told me this) she worries her friends don't like her, panic attacks over little things, but yes maybe she does sense it, who knows
  10. Things got a bit better here as cases dropped, we had a pretty decent summer as restrictions were lifted and not much covid about Unfortunately her anxiety carried on, almost to a weekly point she would have quiet periods and just be off with me for no reason, she said she should have "come with a warning" She hasn't been working all summer, signed off because of it, she has no intention to go back, her family think she should be assessed for bi polar because of her mood swings (not an expert but don't think she has it) I tried to work through it, but I realise as much as I care for her I don't see myself marrying her, I'm like on egg shells not knowing what character I'm getting day to day. We had a great Saturday and woke up together on the Sunday and she was off with me all day, then Sunday evening top of the world. Back to covid, unfortunately it's back with a vengence here now, I actually had to get tested last week (negative) after being quite rough with symptoms. Her family are continuing to mingle together (they all work in schools, so are picking up all sorts) and that is a huge worry for me. I know I have to end this, but I am being a huge coward I know, it's going to break her heart, obviously I will be upset too but it's just so hard. I don't know how to even start this
  11. I feel for you, I'm in exact same boat as you, although I'd say it's 50-70% for me. Things can be going well then out to the blue a panic and anxious out if nowhere that also brings me down, then I get accused of all sorts (not showing enough love, saying something insensitive etc) then next day back to normal. It's no way to live. My OH goes to therapy and is on meds, I haven't seen any improvement. Also with the whole covid thing that's amplifying it all
  12. Thanks for all your replies, obviously a few weeks on from this now and a few things have changed. Thinks have relaxed a bit more here now in terms of the virus, we haven't had many cases so we are now going to each other houses and apart from going to places like the cinema, eating out we are pretty much a normal couple although being wary still. Still things don't feel right to me, every day I'm having doubts, and was about to end things last week but she has been suffering from bad anxiety, going to the doctors for medication and been signed off from work long term. I feel terrible doing it now. I just feel sick with the thought of upsetting her , I look at her and she's so beautiful and a kind soul to me, treats me well and I have no worries about her cheating or turning cruel, I almost feel like I'd regret it down the line if I ended it , but then again if I'm being honest I can't see myself with her forever, there's just "something" missing.
  13. Thanks for your replies everyone. It is sad how things are going, it was all really good to start with and we were sure we would get through it, I was still feeling as strong for her as I ever did but yes the social distancing has taken its effect. She works in a pharmacy, her parent she lives with is a teacher, they are also having her sister , her husband and child around, and tbh I think they have since day one. Cases in my town are zero however, they have been for a few days niw. But I'm still wary. My mum wont have anyone in the house, I don't blame her, she is warming to the idea of me interacting with her more but she still gets very anxious and upset, I don't blame her at all, I feel guilty, I should be protecting her. I am almost petrified to touch her, we have kissed and held hands but the feelings of love has gone from that now and it's pure anxiety. When we do go for a walk or a drive it's now like I'm doing it with a friend rather than my girlfriend. She suffers from anxiety so her moods have been up and down, and selfishly this is bringing me down too, before the pandemic I helped her through, now I can't help, even though she is only a 5 minute drive from home.
  14. I do yes. The only interaction I've had with other people is going to the super market once a week, keeping social distance as much as possible as well as wearing a mask. Me getting it I'm not so worried, just passing it on to my mother who's in her 60s and has diabetes.
  15. Yes, she lives at home with her mum and her little girl. This wasn't an issue at all before the pandemic, but her mother is also seeing her other children and having them around now too (goes against the law here) so even more of a risk of virus spreading
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