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  1. I'm moved into my new apartment. It's tiny and on a super busy intersection and there's noise all hours of the day and night and the Command strips I used to hang my wall clocks failed (TWO broken clocks...) and I am HAPPY! Yes, so far I really like it here. Unfortunately my cousin is angry with me. I guess she thinks I just bailed on them when the truth is, there are very few rentals in the price they are willing to pay in the area they want to live in. We searched for 3 months and found nothing. But she seems angry. Oh well. Hopefully she can move past her anger. I love her and I hope
  2. Really? And you want this child abuser back around your kids why? Because you "miss" him? You are your children's guardian, tasked with protecting and loving them. Do that instead of pining over a child abuser. And please get counseling for your poor kids.
  3. Some of those books are OK but others are unintentionally hilarious. Like Dr. Barbara Something or Other who said in her book that women should bring a paper and pen to every first date so you and the guy can make a list of what you want the relationship to be. On the first date! Talk about jumping the gun! And she didn't mean discussing general relationship goals but specifically you and first date guy. If someone pulled that with me I'd have gone running for the nearest exit. But I do feel it's a good idea for you to learn some skills to manage your anxiety and depression. You tried to
  4. Please learn that "don't contact me, it's over" does not mean "contact my brother, contact my parents, show up at my door, call me, send me emails and text me". You keep that up and you may end up in legal trouble. I also don't understand why you think you need a drug to gamble. Gambling and drugs? Yeah, I would have "trust issues" too. That being said, she also was trying to fast track the relationship to soothe her own anxiety. Bad idea. You two have a lot of individual work to do before either of you will be able to have healthy relationships. Time out is a good idea, so you
  5. You could choose to stop reading the emails. How long do you want to keep yourself in this ridiculous situation? Ten years? 20?
  6. Why won't they let him go to the hospital? Are the hospitals too overcrowded with Covid patients?
  7. At my last job when someone gave notice they would walk them out of the building that same day. Even though legally they had to pay them for 2 weeks. They got in a snit and had the person leave immediately. Lol
  8. Sorry, not a gamer. But my brother is and so is my brother in law and they both are married with children. So one can conclude gamer women have sex!
  9. And you never will as long as you keep clinging to toxicity.
  10. Your obsession with trying to hang onto this toxic relationship is unhealthy.
  11. You want to get back together. He doesn't. How long do you want to be stuck in this situation? How many years do you want to waste?
  12. I have a large surgery scar right down the middle of my abdomen, vertical. It's ugly, to be honest. I often wonder how a man would react to seeing it for the first time. I'm not currently dating but I figure someday. I hope you find a wonderful woman to spend time with!
  13. Ugh, I'm sorry. The young couple in Nova Scotia whose YouTube videos I watch will be so disappointed. They are itching to travel.
  14. How would you react if this "ex fling" said to you "You know, I don't feel like you and I ever really got a chance together. Want to try giving it a real shot?"
  15. Her husband isn't the children's father, thankfully.
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