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  1. And what really makes me angry is that she knew my dad was in the hospital five days ago and she couldn’t friggin call me ??????? Five friggin days ago you knew this Marilyn and you thought you would tell me Friday right before my holiday . You’re a . Feel like calling her right now because she’s going on holidays today and telling her what her nice fabulous brother did. Do you want to know that your other brother is a rapist and a child molester I hope you have a good holiday .
  2. I thought I would give a go at this journaling thing. My friends do not partake in online dating and I don't really get feedback from anyone that does. Mostly my friends shake their heads and ask `why?' I've been out of a relationship since May '14 and without rehashing all that has transpired I will say that online dating has changed considerably in the past 3 years. I've taken several breaks, mostly after meeting men looking for casual sex and men who are too afraid to put themselves out there and seem to put me in the drivers seat to pursue them and breath life into the situation.
  3. Hi All, thanks for reading. I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years. We are engaged to be married next year and have just bought our dream house together. I get on ok with her mother but i am struggling to hide how much i dislike her from my partner. I love her dad though he is brilliant. Firstly, she (MIL) is rude, very abrupt, when i first met her she couldnt have been less interested in making a first impression. I have been raised to always be very polite. She treats my 26 yr old girlfriend like a baby, arranges to go to her medical appointments with her, still bought her underwear
  4. Hi I’m in relationship with over 3 years with a lady. And she lives abroad so different cultures etc. She always says things to hurt me and I keep telling her to stop. It’s like she don’t care. Now I do everything for this lady Financial support Holidays etc. If I say to her your words are hurting me she always says I’m not hurting you. Now we had o huge argument the other night and I hung up the phone. She message me next day saying good morning i saw the message but haven’t opened it. I hope this silent treatment will work. Because previous arguments I just text her back. And all is ok for f
  5. Hello everyone, Basically I have been online dating my bf for 7month now due to covid we havnt managed to meet up. But he has a habit when hes with his friends to not message me at all or reply to any of my messages. In the past if he goes away he wont tell me and just go saying it was last minute or that he was busy and only after not messaging for a few days and me sending angry messaged only then he will reply. We argued about this then and he apologised and promised it wudnt happen again ovcourse it happened again and the same story we argued and he promised never again. He has del
  6. Just looking for a bit of advice and possibly a way to clear my head. My ex partner (40 male) and I (31 female) split up 5 weeks ago and were together for just over year and a half. Whilst there was occassional bickering, i genuinely belieevd the relationship was going pretty well and was solid. He split up with me last summer after a drunken argument, saying that we just weren't good for each other, that it wasn't right and that we were bad influences on each other. However after a few weeks he started contacting me again, we started meeting up and spending time together and eventually jus
  7. Hi lovely people, In my last thread I talked about a guy I started dating again (last time was 3,5 years ago), who wanted to prove things changed. We started dating again for 1,5 months. In my last thread I talked about him being distant at some times, leaving me not knowing what to expect. I still wanted to see if it could go anywhere and talked about this with him. I told him that seeing him was always fun, but I didn't hear a lot of him in between. He seemed genuinely happy to hear this and said he was happy I told him this. He started texting me way more. He seemed more close to m
  8. I received an email from my ex boyfriend (7 years) during Thanksgiving and Christmas. He moved out when i returned from an overseas military deployment - he was supportive but grew very angry in my absence that I volunteered to deploy. His adult children, daughter especially, re-engaged with him during my absence and encouraged him to leave me. They were angry and mostly cut ties with him when he began a relationship with me (live-in). He became regretful after moving out but I was too shocked and hurt to respond to any attempts to see him and soon separated items. It was a very dignified
  9. Where to start........ I started seeing my Boyfriend just over a year ago, in the beginning it was nothing serious, but eventually evolved, we spend 5 nights a week together, (he has his Children the other 2), have been away together 3 times, going on holiday next month, Ive met his friends etc etc. We are quite domesticated and "boring" the majority of nights are spent cooking dinner and watching TV in front of the fire, but this suits me. He is very affectionate towards me, and I would classify our relationship as very good, he makes me very happy, however we have never exchanged "i lo
  10. Another post about the same girl I have been posting about... Cliff notes: -she is 26 and a PhD student. I’m 24 female in the industry -went on 3 dates with her over a span of a month. -very minimal text conversation in between dates. I am always the one to initiate text conversations and ask her out on dates. One week she texted saying that we should do something the next week since when I asked her to do something the weekend before, she was sick. She never texted the next week so by Thursday I texted inviting her to dinner and a comedy show. She apologized and said things were c
  11. I’m sure a lot of you can remember my 47 page thread about my guy a few weeks back. We have hit the 3 month mark. Since then, a couple weeks back I finally told him that I’m sensing things just aren’t the way they were and I feel like I’ve pretty much worn out my welcome. He was taken aback and seemed confused because to him, nothing was different. And he asked me what I thought was different. I basically told him I felt like the communication just wasn’t there and sometimes I just never knew if I would even hear from him or see him again if I wasn’t the one who reached out. He blamed it on th
  12. So I don't go out much, and I have a two drink maximum rule for myself. Three at the most, and that's only if it's a long day of festivals or parades. I went to the Halloween parade this weekend, and after we went into the Quarter to see some music. I had one drink at the club, felt completely sober. I left and was walking home when some people started calling to me from a balcony, it looked like a party, and they were like "Come up! Have a cocktail!" For those of you who haven't been to New Orleans, this a pretty common occurrence in the Quarter, especially around holidays. It looked like fun
  13. So I'll try and keep this short. I'm just a bit confused and unsure of a situation. Last Christmas a work colleague who I have never met before (he moved to Canada before I started in 2015) came back over for a holiday and came to our Christmas night out. We got talking and he asked for my number. We went out before he went home and told me a few times he liked me. So 5 months down the line we still talk, but he's so hot and cold. We've tried calling each other a few times but because of the time difference always seem to miss each other. Sometimes he'll message me asking if I mis
  14. Hi all, Just in need of a little help I will keep it brief, 12 year relationship ended, 7 months on I'm with a lovely new girl, the problem is I'm finding it difficult to do things with this girl that I did with my Ex , for example... Watching tv shows I used to watch, The idea of going on holiday, Eating in the same restaurants, Family gatherings etc Just keeps bringing memories up! I'm not used to being out of a long term relationship so just wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation and what seemed to help you? Thanks in advance
  15. My husband and I just got married, though we've been together for 5 years. Every other part of our relationship is fine, but we have one major disagreement that we can't seem to settle ourselves. He feels that it's absolutely necessary to spend holidays together and take turns with whose parents we see each year. His parents live in Wisconsin and mine live in Oregon and we can't afford two trips. Family is more important to me than the actual holiday, I just want to be with my parents. I compromised this year and agreed to see his parents in Wisconsin and it's absolutely killing me that I miss
  16. Ever since I was a kid, I knew that my parents aren't the kind that say I love you to each other, nor do they hug, or even like each other. They often fight in front of me and my siblings; in the car, in the bedroom where I slept in, in the living room, on the street when we were traveling. One time I was eating and they were fighting next to me and my mom was talking about my dad's affair. It broke my heart that they would let a children hear that. They fought a lot that sometimes when I'm in my bedroom in silence, I feel like I hear them screaming and fighting, even though there is no fighti
  17. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting and first time visiting this community. So - i have been with someone for the past 2.5 years. In the beginning things were great, but i always noticed that i felt as though he didn't always speak to me in a respectful way. Mostly getting short with me, aggressively saying my name like a parent would and kind of telling me off almost. However apart from this the relationship was really good. We spent a lot of time together and texted frequently, always telling each-other how much we wanted to be together etc. Normal relationship stuff. Fast fo
  18. Hi Really desperate for some advice please. I’ve been with my partner for three years. He was separated at the time, and had an amicable divorce October last year. 6 months prior to that he asked what the next step was for us as we were already living together, have decided we don’t want children and had our first holiday. He shocked me but surprised me by mentioning marriage and said it was something he absolutely wanted.....fast forward to years and nothing has happened and I don’t believe he wants to now. I’ve tried to talk to him and his response is dismissive or ‘I’ve not thought abou
  19. Hi, I'm new to this forum but have just managed to get my boyfriend of two years to talk to me about where he sees our relationship going. He got me into the relationship when I wasn't interested in anyone and would say things like "I'll put a ring on your finger". Then he became distant. A few weeks ago he said he was going on holiday because he needed some sun (alone?). Then he announced that he wanted to go out on Friday evenings with the lads. He's not meeting my needs and we seem to have gone from him wanting us to move in together to both being free agents. I think the relationship
  20. Hello everyone, If you'll read my previous posts, you'll see that I (28) have been around on this forum for 4 years. In this 4 years, my now ex-ex GF (24) broke up with me 2 times. The first time in august 2018 after a relationship of 3 years. After this break up, I was devastated, couldn't eat, couldn't laugh. I went to see a psychologist to try and become better. With time, I got better, I tried to forget her because she hurt my feelings too much. But I somewhere, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I managed to live my own life without her, but I always had the feeling I was missing
  21. Ok, this is my first time on a site like this, but it looks like a lot of people have decent advice. My question is in regards to this being the holidays and all. A little background: my wife (let's call her Jenny) and I will be married 10 years come the first of the year. We have 3 kids - 9, 9 & 2. Several weeks ago, I noticed her suspiciously on the phone a lot more than normal. I checked the phone bill and noticed many texts and calls to some unknown numbers. I asked her about them and she said "it doesn't matter, I'm not in love with you and I haven't been for the whole time, I want a
  22. Hello everyone, I'm in kind of a weird position. Two years ago I met a girl during holiday, because we were in a group with more people I saw her everyday and night. We fell in love with eachother in those two weeks. Back home we tried to see eachother as much as possible. The problem is that she lives 140km away from me. Also we both had very busy schedules so it eventually kinda bleeded off. We didn't talk or meet for about a year at that time. Last summer however, we went to exactly the same place again on holidy at the same time. The whole thing repeated again and we fell in love even m
  23. I am so low I have lost everything I never had a happy life, infact I think I was delusional and now im sinking so low that I feel so lost I had few friends and the ones I did have - I lashed out at They are all gone now except for a few of those that have took pity on me However, they live 500 miles away from me I ran away at the age of 27 and started hanging out with new people which was exciting and fun At the age of 28 I even met my first ever bf With total belief I thought I could better This beautiful man. Kind, focused and who had a plethora of friends I be
  24. Just a little confused and want some perspective as I've been out the dating game for a while, had the odd date or two in the last month, etc. This girl started talking to me on POF and we bantered back and forth, I got her number at the end then I text her the next day continuing that banter to then ask her out. We originally had our first date planned for last Thursday but she asked if she could re-arrange it for Saturday due to driving family to airport, so we did. Our first date was a little nerve wracking, but we played mini-golf, went for dinner then hit the arcades and a bar.
  25. So i posted a couple of weeks back saying how i'd met a girl on holiday and i thought she was going cold, well turns out she was going cold. She blames the distance, which is pretty big, even though i was happy to make it work. I am really gutted, although not anywhere near as gutted as my previous ex even thought i liked this one more (weird hey?). I'm just not sure i can really be that gutted even though we spoke nearly every day we've only actually seen each other twice since we came back so i suppose i'm just annoyed that i'm feeling like this. How is it some people can just brush off a fl
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