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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I'm new here and I made this account just for this! I want someone's insight on this situation I'm in right now if it isn't too much of a bother. 🙂 ⚠️Wall of text coming through ⚠️ Around the end of October, my LDR boyfriend told me that he might be busy during November since he got a job, his friends want to hangout and I know he'd be studying for his upcoming university entrance exams this December. He told me this means that he'd have less time for me and I said I understand that, but he should at least keep me updated if he's still doing well. Well, yeah, before November even came, he started talking to me less, way less than how we usually would talk. It was fine with me though, I figured it was nice that he still manages to respond despite his hectic schedule. The issue started when he'd stop responding altogether. I'd see him online and his Discord status would state that he's playing a game for hours. I thought that maybe he's just taking a break to shake away the stress for a bit and didn't want to socialize with anyone. He's an antisocial guy. I waited for days, still no response. I decided to ask him if he's doing alright and assured him that I am not pressuring him to respond if he's still busy and that he can respond whenever he can. Almost immediately, he responded and said he didn't respond to my message because he has nothing to say. We voice called. Throughout the duration of that voice call, he barely said anything. Sometimes no response at all as if he didn't hear me say a thing even if I were to ask him a question, but he'd randomly laugh and tell me he's laughing over a funny video. I decided to shift the topic to whatever it is he's watching, but he'd tell me it's nothing interesting and we should talk about something else, so I'd find a new topic to mention and again, little to no response. I thought it was nice that he's having fun though, I wasn't upset about it and still am not. What I am upset about is the weeks following this event. After that call, we had another one, but in this call, it was silent. I'd talk and he won't respond at all, not even laugh over a video, nothing. It felt like I was talking to a brick wall so I got upset and asked him if he can hear me, he said he wasn't saying anything because he has nothing to say. He did kind of make up for it by being sweet before the voice call ended, he said "I love you" then we both went to sleep. And that was the last he ever said that. After that last voice call, he almost never responds to my messages anymore. I also noticed that every time I'd go online, he goes offline. Thought it was a coincidence until it kept happening every time for almost a week (I still think might be a coincidence, but my gut says otherwise so I'm confused on what to believe). I confronted him about it, asked him if we're doing okay and if something is wrong between the two of us, he said everything is fine and I left it at that. And then for almost a week, he didn't respond to my messages at all or went online. I got really worried so I discreetly checked up on him by telling him about my day in hopes he'd tell me about his. He hates it when people show him they care, he's not used to it, so I thought that checking up on him discreetly would be the better option. He responded almost immediately and we had a short conversation. After that, he stopped responding again and I just decided to give him time, he did say that he'd be busy that month. We didn't talk for days until I striked up a conversation with him and we talked normally like how we used to before he got busy. We didn't talk for days again after that since he won't reply or go online, apparently he was asleep. I messaged him during out monthsary and he just replied to tell me he's going to sleep. I told him I feel like he's avoiding me and stated pretty much everything I'm saying in this forum right now. He told me that he's not avoiding me and that he's just busy and got nothing to say. I was also upset about him ignoring my monthsary message and about how he won't talk to me so I told him I'm sad about it, he kind of got irritated that I was keeping him up from sleeping when confronted about it, so I apologised since I figured he might be tired from a busy day. I tried to talk to him again during his birthday because I made a present for him and wanted to greet him, but he never responded. He never returns the I love you I tell him or the goodnight messages or the good morning messages anymore. He told me he wants me to tell him good morning after I wake up and goodnight before I sleep, so I stayed consistent even when he doesn't respond. I want to ask him if he's still happy being in a relationship with me, but I want to ask through a voice call at least so I kept asking him when he'd be free, his responses are very vague. Just a couple days ago, I saw him online and messaged him if we can talk since it's important. He said he's going to sleep and immediately went offline. I messaged him goodnight with an "I love you" to see if he'd return it. None, he went online and read my message, but then immediately went back off. I suppose that it wouldn't really be fruitful if I were to ask what I should do with out relationship. Whether I should break up with him or not. I just want someone else's insight regarding this pickle I am in, that's all. I suppose I want a different perspective regarding this, I could be wrong and he could really just be busy while I'm over here overthinking after all. Thank you for your time! 🙂 I unfortunately can't really give a tl;dr since I don't know I can possibly summarize this mess lol, sorry.
  2. Hi, I've been dating my boyfriend for about 11 months. We're in a long distance relationship, his hometown is 2 hours away from mine. We have been seeing each other every other month because he was studying for college. On October he's going to a completely new country for 1 year because of college to get his diploma. He said he can't promise me anything how often we'll see each other. I honestly don't know how to deal with this. He's my best friend and my boyfriend and it is so difficult for me because this is my first long distance relationship, he had long distance relationships before so this isn't something that's new for him and he's dealing with it much better than me. I'm afraid because of lack of physical touch that he'll lose feelings for me. I've been cheated on once and I can't help but to think that there's always a possibility that he might cheat while he's away. I want to trust him fully but the past always haunts me and that's my fault. I really love him and I want this to work out. If someone has any advice i would be much happy to hear it. 🙂
  3. The gist: Male and Female, mid to late 20's and 30's. We’ve started our long-distance relationship 2 months ago - We spend a lot of time playing online games. In the past week, we’ve spoken about two guys that bug me in one way or another. And this morning I woke up with a heavy heart and clouded mind. I thought and hoped we closed this matter last night… Should I, How do I drop this? forget this? ? guy1 who flirts with her while I’m in the same game lobby. I noticed when we play with him, her signs of affection for me disappear. I’ve expressed that I wish her signs of affection wouldn’t lessen when he enters the lobby. She expressed that she only did that because she thought he wouldn’t like it. I translated it like this… Affection towards her from guy1 is ok. Affection FOR me in front of him - is not. In her defense, she says she loves me and would be more expressive next time we play with him. Then the other guy… A parasite. guy2 who whispers into her ear of his failed marriage while confessing romantic emotions to her. He disparages her in game… And she goes back. I’ve expressed my concerns and feel he’s attempting to manipulate her. My girlfriends solution to my heavy mind and heart is… well… She’ll “distance” herself from him. In my minds eye I see myself in a similar situation… her concern expressed as she typed and spoke would not be ignored nor would I wait aforementioned concerns to fester. Cutting ties with individuals that would bring her such discomfort would be easy for me. Should I wait for her to “slowly and politely" let them fade away? What can I do to not feel this way? Be brutal. Really lay it into me… Feel free to judge me.
  4. So that you understand what is going on, I need to explain the story behind my situation. I met a girl on a platform we used to write. We wrote short stories together, and it was quite fun. After a few months, we began to speak more outside of the story itself and somehow we developed feelings for each other. We are in different countries so, even though I had never been in a LDR before, our relationship was doomed to stay that way for a long while. I'm a very physical person and most of my relationships were heavily based on appearances, and physical bond. Though, with her it was different. I didn't feel that attracted to her looks, she was probably the least attractive person I had ever been with, yet somehow I enjoyed her company a lot and we couldn't help but text all day and sometimes call each other to watch series, movies etc. It went on for a couple of months, yet something was missing. Probably the lack of touch, and the fact that our schedules were quite hard manage and match. Two days ago I talked to her about it and she said she felt the same way. We decided to get back to where we were before since it wasn't really working out, and I thought we were doing the right thing. The next morning she sent me a good morning text, saying that it had became part of her morning routine hence we she still did it. We talked for a while that day trying to get back to the "friends" stage, but something feels off. I feel like I miss her even though we keep talking (just in a different way). I can't help but feel sad and sometimes regret being upfront about it with her. Should I try to get her back? Should I try to explain how I am feeling to her? Should I suck it up and wait for covid to disappear and go get some rebound sex? I would appreciate any income on the matter, Thank you for reading.
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