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  1. Just step back a bit so she doesn't feel as suffocated or overwhelmed.
  2. How long have you been dating? Do you live together? Is your GF on board with "we" knew it wouldn't last?
  3. It depends. Are you the person he cheated with? She may be planning her exit or maybe she doesn't even know.
  4. Agree. Very confusing. He has never married because he doesn't want to. He has never lived with someone because he doesn't want to. It's unclear why leaving a change of clothes there would turn someone in midlife into someone else who wishes to be married when it was crystal clear that this is Not who he is.? You're doing fine and happy being single and free. So why is there a need for heavy talk if it's about leaving a toothbrush there for convenience?
  5. Sorry that wasn't my post. My advice was to free yourself until you figure out what's going on with the crush/friend.
  6. Sorry to hear this. Ask him to get his own place. Don't be a crash pad for someone who's in the throes of divorce and custody. He's the problem, not his kids' mother. He's still treating you like the bed and breakfast mistress. Nothing has changed except he's a parasite your home, life, headspace. He's a liar and a cheater. That's his nature and this you already know for a fact...he uses people.
  7. News from an ex usually means a hookup. You wouldn't feel confused if he were interested in reconciling.
  8. Ok, so you don't want to make the same mistakes twice. What does "working on a ring" mean and why would he tell your friend yet not talk to you? You may want to view this as hearsay until he asks you to get engaged.
  9. So your ex is trans, your partner is female but non-binary and the woman you want to cheat with is female and identifes as female? You're unhappy with your partner however she views herself, so free yourselves and find your happiness with someone you care about.
  10. It's strange he's whispering in your ear. Do you wear a hearing aid? I knew someone who had your same problem and would hear all sorts of things such as music lyrics blended in with conversations. The only time you hear all these fantasies from him is while you're dancing?
  11. Sorry this is happening. Delete and block her and all her people from ALL your social media and messaging apps. That way you can move forward and stay out of trouble.
  12. Sorry this is happening. It's great you ended it and live apart. How do you know this and monitor this? Make sure you stop the on/off drama and stay with supportive family. Also make sure you have court ordered regular child support for your child and court ordered custody/visitation schedules. Don't "be ok" with this pretending to be the "cool GF", when it's unseemly and hurtful to you. What you do need to do is get tested for STDs because what you found was the tip of the iceberg. Also ask yourself if someone wasting his time and money on sex workers is someone
  13. How long have you been dating? When someone demands sexual acts, as if you are a hooker, run 👟👟
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