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  1. You'll never earn anyone's respect by presenting yourself as someone who accepts crumbs. It takes more than sex to secure a relationship in the long term. Obviously he's sees you as someone who is disposable while getting his needs addressed. As soon as he meets a person he wants to date, he'll chew you up and spit you out, (no offence intended). It's all in your hands.
  2. It sounds like you're at war with yourself in regards to holding on to hope, or realizing there's no future with this guy. I'm sure it's not easy, but once you come to terms with what you're up against, you'll be ready to move on and leave this behind you.
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  4. It's time to dump this chump, and send him back to his sandbox. Apparently, walking away is the only language he understands.
  5. For the last messages, he said his mate used his phone to send the messages. I can’t prove otherwise but the spelling mistakes were his way of writing and I don’t know how literate his mate is whether he too can’t spell either. That excuse is classic, and used many times over. Ask yourself how you could go the long term with this hanging over your head. My guess is he'll continue to do this same dance, while messing with your head. Your call...
  6. Because he can, and because he knows there are no consequences to be had. I'd take him off that pedestal, file for child support and leave him to face the music. There's no future with this guy, I think you know this yet you seem to be in denial. Rather than blaming a clown for acting like a clown, ask yourself why you keep going to the circus. You can do better...
  7. I think he saw this as a golden opportunity to score a roll in the sack, without as much as costing him a cup of coffee, so to speak. What a deal...Mission accomplished! (no offense intended). Since we teach people how to treat us, how would you view yourself as relationship material after this scenario? I'd take this as a lesson learned followed by raising my standings.
  8. He's one sick puppy. How old is this clown?
  9. One thing that comes to mind is, with her being a stranger how do you know this isn't a set-up? In addition to that what are your plans should this result in a pregnancy? Birth control is not always 100%. All in all, I wonder if the offer of sex is more appealing than using common sense. Keep in mind that this is a stranger, and she doesn't seem to present herself as a catch, so to speak, (IMO). Your call...
  10. It looks like things are heading in the right direction, Vic. Congrats! 👍
  11. Since it takes a professional to diagnose ADHD, I'd be careful with making assumptions. Either way, did you notice any of this behaviour prior to moving in? Also, can I ask why did you move in together after only one year? Other than that, he has to recognize his issues before he can even attempt to address them. Not to sound harsh, but you can't be his therapist.
  12. HeartGoesOn


    We're waiting for you reply, Anonymous.
  13. It sounds like he's using you for backup, in the chance of hitting a dry spell. He knows you'll tolerate him returning, because he has no fear of losing you. Keep in mind that there are times where the people you'd take a bullet for, are the ones behind the trigger. I'd tell him to take his **** and hit the road. After all you wouldn't want to stand in his way from finding himself. 😮 In short, start by respecting yourself.
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    What is the problem with calling him?
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