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  1. Speaking for myself only, words can be cheap, while actions show a much more detailed story. On a lighter note, your intuition can speak volumes.
  2. Rather than getting involved in a "Don't shoot the messenger" situation, you're better off staying out of it. In scenarios such as this, you have a chance of becoming the enemy, where the other person comes out smelling like a rose. Another way to look at is, give her enough rope and she'll hang herself.
  3. This sounds like a loaded question, with her intention being for you to roll out the red carpet while you profess your love and make it clear that you can't live without her. It's just a silly immature set up.
  4. I may be off base, but if she was worried about losing you why did she meet up with him not only once, but twice? If you read between the lines, it appears there's more questions than there are answers, (imo). In short, I'd proceed with caution while keeping my eyes open...
  5. Not meant to minimize your concerns, but I think this pandemic is making everyone a little loopy.
  6. The (above) are simply excuses we go back and forth with in order to soften the blow, so to speak. He knows exactly what he wanted, and rather than using confusion or the "escape" excuse, it was a conscious choice. I'm sorry this happened, but the chances of remaining together after this betrayal are slim to none,(imo).
  7. Yet he doesn't have "too much going on in his head" to keep you between the sheets. What does that tell you? As long as you continue to accept the demotion to FWBs, he'll keep the crumbs flowing. It's time to raise the bar, and send this clown packing.
  8. I'm not sure what you find attractive about a married man showing you that level of interest, AKA emotional cheating. He's clearly demonstrating his disloyalty towards his wife, the woman he exchanged vows with. What a catch! In short, you have nothing to gain while remaining in this situation. Time to think...
  9. As for losing your boyfriend, that's on him and his choices. I'd also ask myself why I'm allowing these so called friends to drag me down. Choose wisely...
  10. Not that it matters at this point, but did you ever use skype or have a phone conversation with him? Either way, all of this seems to point to him either being married, or having a g/f. Easier said then done, but I'd write him off. Keep in mind that if someone wants you in their life, they'll find a way.
  11. What were your plans prior to moving in with her if things were to head south? After all, you've only known each other in person, for 3 mos, which was a risky move overall. At this point you're more than likely better off by moving back with your family. I'd do just that ASAP before they connect the dots, and ask you to leave.
  12. I miss your writings, Lo. Be well...
  13. I'm sorry, Vic. I've had to put a few cats down, and it's never easy. I hope you can find peace and comfort in your memories. *Hugs*
  14. This thread has run its course...Closed.
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