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  1. Get rid of this Bozo before he drags you down with him. Raise the bar, and realize your self worth.
  2. Looks like this is for his own entertainment, AKA, Having his cake and eating it too. What's in it for you?
  3. I agree with others, and I'm sure you'll find other women who will agree to participate in your hobby.
  4. I agree with Batya as in if DCYF were to get involved, you're likely go down with him. Keep in mind that this girl is a minor, and it's your job to protect her. No offense but why are you allowing this, along with letting it go on for a length of time?
  5. As they say, "be careful what you wish for." This situation has a strong potential to backfire, resulting in coming up empty handed. I'd give this more thought, slow down and be honest with your husband.
  6. Where do you see the prize in a man who cheated on his SO for twenty years? Keep in mind that history has a tendency to repeat itself.
  7. Sooner or later his luck will run out, and he'll mess with the wrong person. This is not meant to minimize your encounter with him. At any rate, I agree with others as to documenting his antics as they happen, and hopefully others will participate. Oh course, if it gets to be too much, no one would blame you for leaving.
  8. I have a hunch this will go right over your head, but rather than trying to win her back, why not focus on being more independent and making better choices? On the other hand, it appears like you're in denial which seems like a safe place, yet it's only temporary.
  9. Before intimacy. Otherwise it's FWBs, which is not a relationship, (imo).
  10. Her disorder is called, "I need to get a life." Seriously, as others have said, "Stay out of her path". How much more time are you obligated to stay there. Did you sign a lease?
  11. I can certainly relate to your pain, feelings, etc, as I lost a sibling when he chose to take his own life at the age of 17. Unfortunately, and it makes no sense at the time, but you have to go through the stages of grief, and at times go back and forth through the stages in order to find acceptance. There are no time lines nor rules while you're going through grief. One day at a time, one minute at a time, and be kind to yourself. You'll get there, yet you'll never forget. Take care...
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