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  1. Got off the boat today, duck huntin in the morning. Life is good
  2. North Fl, I would recommend pretty much anywhere north of the beach towns is nice, close enough to go to the beach on a whim and far enough you aren’t right in the tourist trap area. If you want to live on the coast, I’d look around Apalachicola, East Point, Carrabelle, Pannacea,
  3. Nah, I don’t care. I live in Covington county. Promise, you couldn’t find my house on purpose. You might get lost and stumble across it, but it’d be pure luck
  4. For the weather and price you are lookin for I’d look around South Al, Ga, Ms, or North Fl. We have a few cold days come winter, maybe 4-5 days highs in the mid 30’s, most of the time in the winter you are looking at mid 50’s up to mid 70’s. Me personally I wouldn’t do the big towns, strange folks live there. Yea we get some hurricanes, I live about 80 miles from the coast, worst I’ve seen was several years ago one came in as a Cat 4, we lost power for a couple days then everything went back to normal. If however you do move to the South, there are some things you’ll have to get used to. 1) We talk to everybody at the store 2) sweet tea is served for all meals and snacks 3) Y’all is both singular and plural 4) life moves a little slower down here 5) our accents, you can tell what state or even what part of the state they are from by their accent. 6) past times, in order- huntin, fishin, football (not soccer), goin to church, goin to The Walmart, 7) our words, example Fixinto- that don’t mean we are going to fix something, that means we are about to. Example- I’m Fixin to go to the Store 8) Drinks- the cold, carbonated deliciousness we all love, is called a Coke, don’t matter what kind it actually is, example- you go to the store, somebody asks you if you want a Coke, you say yes then they ask what kind. 9) Gas station food is unbelievable!!! Nothin better than a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from the store for breakfast, Hunt Brothers pizza for dinner or supper or some fried chicken. 10) Our meals, y’all may call them Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Down here they are called Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. 11) the “G” in ING is silent. It’s pronounced, riddin, drivin, singgin, etc. 12) If you get stuck in the mud/snow (on the 2 days a year it might actually snow) don’t worry, somebody will be along here directly with a tow strap in their truck and they’ll pull you out.
  5. Harvest was good. Corn cut 200/bbl/acer, rice avg cutting 160/bushel/ acer, beans cut 40/bushel/ acer
  6. Made my decision, submitted paperwork to apply to test for my big license. Hopefully test in late March / Early April.
  7. Yea I figure why not. Go take a gander, don’t like what I see don’t go back
  8. Nope still out here like always. And you know what they say about the best way to get over one right?
  9. Don’t know even if it’s not I’m not going to stress it
  10. It’s nice right now, seas are running 3-5’ we are heading southeast on a course of about 125. But come Wednesday it’s going to go to crap again. Yet another cotton pickin hurricane. Done rode out 3 this year, may as well make it 4.
  11. My son has been going to the biggest church in our county. Last time I was off I just spouted off a smart remark about him finding me a singles group. Wasn’t even serious at all. Little turd shoots me a message last week sayin yea they have one I’m going to get you some information I really think you need to go. I swear between him and my dad they’d marry me off to about any woman that’ll look twice at me. Seein as he put forth the effort to find one, reckon I’ll go check it out.
  12. Well ain’t this just a thread full of awesomeness!! Glad to see it on here and lots of folks in it that have been on here a while. Lemme see, my son is doing great in college, work is steady, few more classes for me and I’ll be upgrading my captains license again, bigger boat = more money. I’m buyin me a new double wide after the first of the year prolly a 32x80 3-4 bed / 2-3 bath. Not sure what I’m going to do with all that room but it’ll be nice to have. If 4 bed 1 room will be used for hanging waders and decoys, another room for my guns, bows, fishin rods, huntin clothes and trail cams. Coal dog is doing good, just pure spoiled rotten. Early teal season was epic!!! Had 4 good days of huntin before a front rolled in killed 112. Deer season opens this weekend, good thing bc I’ve been out of ground meat since July and sausage since May so it’s time to break out the grinder, mixer and smoker and restock the deep freeze. Oh and that boy of mine has decided I need a wife so has found me a singles group at his church. Smh!!
  13. Yea so I went on a date. Great idea right? And I liked the lady. One big problem, actually several big problems. 1) I almost called her your name on more than one occasion 2) I like her but liking someone means letting yourself have feelings, letting yourself have feelings means opening yourself up for possible heart ache again. I’m not over you, it still hurts. Badly. Like I said last time I posted in this thread, everybody has that one person you never get over. For me you are that one person. I love you
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