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  1. Met my crush from high school (from 15 years ago) on facebook a few days ago... We started texting again... Me and my brother went to the cinema yesterday to see the new Dr Strange movie... By coincidence she was there too with friends... Today during texting I told her the tall guy in front of me was my younger brother... (he is only 15 and 186cm tall lol)... She then replies "Wow your brother is very different... handsome and tall..." meanwhile making no comments about my own appearance. This made me a bit jealous... She even asked me twice if I told him anything about her... 😞 So... my crush has a crush on my brother?!
  2. I have been divorced from my ex husband for two years now. We were together for 20 years. I have since remarried. My ex husband dated around a lot and has finally found a girlfriend he thinks is serious enough he wants her to meet our kids and me. I don’t know how to prepare myself for the meeting and I am anxious about it. My current husband is very jealous and bothered that I even seem to care. He feels like I shouldn’t care about it because we are married and I’ve moved on. I have tried to explain to him that it’s not a jealous feeling that I am feeling. I do not miss being with my ex in any way, he was not good to me. I am adjusting to the thought of a new woman in my kids life and being compared to my ex husbands new girlfriend. But I feel like my current husband is being very selfish by starting arguments about this. He is more worried about what this meeting is going to make him feel than how I’m going to feel. I don’t know how to explain this to him. He has never been divorced or even had a long term relationship.
  3. ! : English is not my primary language. Some texts that i write here are copied from another person that express exactly how i feel but in a better way that i could write myself. I am a bi guy and I get these feelings of jealousy with regard to lesbians. So much that nowadays I don't even watch movies or tv shows with lesbian characters. I don't have the feelings when it comes to gay men. For example in the show "Arcane", i really enjoy it, is great, i like the character of Vi and the one of Caitlyn and they are cute together but, I wouldn't call them intense feelings, I just feel a bit uncomfortable and jealous. Is this a form of homophobia ? How can i work on it ? Other informations : - I think i'm okay with my actual gender - It is not particulary from that show but in all show, note that i have no female who is in a lesbian relationship actually - I have a lesbian friend and i never have this kind of feelings towards her
  4. We've been dating for year and a half. It never was perfect but now I feel like I'm suffocating. My gf's jealousy is killing me. Back when I trusted her, I told her that I had porn addiction when I was 14 but haven't watched porn for almost 5 years since. Worst mistake. Now she constantly says that I haven't changed, that porn addiction can't go away, that I still want to watch it (I do not), that my mind is changed forever. And she's not saint, when she was a teen she liked yaoi manga and anime, BDSM. I never bring it up, never call her pornsick or a cheater, why do I get called a pervert and a liar? I don't get it. In the beginning of our relationship she asked me to delete all friends from social media, and I did that because I didn't talk with them anyway. This summer I started to study Italian and wanted to find some native speakers to practice with but she said that it's not alright and she doesn't want me to talk with anyone online because "all people on these apps are looking for sex". This June she started to looking through my playlist (quite often). She found some Greek songs with a woman in bikini on its cover. It caused a massive, massive fight. She said that I search for such songs on purpose, that I masturbate looking on songs' covers and that I'm cheating on her doing that. Of course, I don't do that, I don't even care what cover a song has. After few hours she forgave me but said that I have to make sure I have nothing sexual on my phone and computer. Okay, deleted all the songs that have naked or semi-naked people on the covers. A month later, another fight. She doesn't even say what's wrong, just screams that I cannot keep my promise, that I cheat and I only think about other people. Turns out she was checking through my facebook and found a group about ancient Greece. As you know, some of Greek statues are naked. That's why I was called a cheater. I said that I like Greek culture and it's a lot more than statues' penises. Nah, she says that it's just excuses and I purposefully look for stuff with naked people. Later the same story happened with a gaming group because someone posted a semi-naked female character. Lesson learned, I deleted all the media. She gets super mad when I want to go for a walk alone. She asked why I want to walk alone, I said that's because I enjoy listening to music while walking. Her reaction - "you imagine sex with other women while listening to songs, maybe even cheat on me pretending you are walking". The worst thing is, she doesn't even listen to me, everything I say is "just an excuse". That time she said that I do not like anything but naked women and porn. Last weekend we were watching some kpop unboxing on YouTube, she asked if I like Blackpink, a kpop girl group. I said that I liked it two years ago. She immediately gets mad, asks why I liked them. Well, because I liked their music. No, she says that I'm lying, because everyone who likes female kpop groups likes them because of hot members and their nudity. Either I say what she wants or I'm a liar. Today I was buying Christmas gifts. Bought something for my girlfriend - a rare Donald Duck comic book because she likes Disney. Told her that her Christmas gift is ready and her first reaction was "Is it something bad? I mean, is it some sex toys?" I calmly said that no, it's something cute, not sex toys. A hour later, again. The same question. I know she doesn't like sex toys and of course I never would buy her one. "But you like them, maybe you want to force me to use them". Sigh. I feel like I'm going insane. I cannot enjoy songs, games, movies, nothing, because the only thoughts I have are "avoid looking at screen when there's a female". The appropriate reaction when there's a woman, any woman, is saying how ugly, fat and stupid this woman is. That's the only way my girlfriend doesn't think I want to have sex with that woman. I wanted to leave my girlfriend many times but can't. She starts crying when we fight and I simply cannot leave her and keep suffering more to make her happy. What should I do? How can I convince her that I'm not cheating on her? What should I do? How to convince her I'm not a cheater?
  5. My bf gets jealous very easily and dislikes the fact that i have one gf and all the rest are guys. I don't like girls... i don't like how they are two faced and the conversation topics that they have. I LOVE my bestfriend with all my heart though she's great. However he really hates the fact that I'm still good friends with ALL my ex bf's as well and that I still hang out with them. 2 nights ago i called him and he asked me wat i was gunna do all day. i said well i might be going to brians to help him clean up his house that got trashed after the kegger. he got upset, so i told him i wouldn't go. Then on msn brian's name was thanks so much Phil And Sara u guys rock! he got REALLY upset (he was at his friends at the time) and discussed it with his friends. Hes like so wat did u do yesterday... i said nothing i stayed home. He said you're lyin to me now i saw ur name in his msn name. I was like yah it said Phil and Sara.... I have an H in my name. I think he believed me but his friends didn't quite. And I was telling the truth. Ne wayz it wasn't that big of a deal... but I still want to be able to hang out with my ex's and have my bf realize that i love him and that they're just old flames that won't reignite themselves. How can i reassure him?
  6. So I have never really been the jealous type, but recently I notice I have been having issues. I cheated on my husband (never actually having sex, but its still considered cheating) now everytime he leaves I think he could be going to see another woman. It's like I expect him to pay me back for what I did. I don't think he knows about this, but what can I do to stop? I know that if I keep thinking like this its going to push me further and further away from him. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance.....
  7. Here is the story I have been in this relationship for a year and a half for the last four years he hasn't been in a serious relationship the last relationship before me he fell head over hills for this girl although there relationship lasted less then a year she was the one to end it and break his heart. he has remained in contact with her over the four years my concern is I dont think he ever really has gotten over her and for the most part he calls her often and texts messages her little notes saying how much he misses her and other similar texts. I have questioned him about it, he assures me that there is nothing to be jealous of and that its just an insecurity. But on Valentines Day she was the first person he called not me and last night when he went out with his friends he text messaged her kinda drunk miss you unbearably. shouldn't I be concerned. need advice what would you do.
  8. Hey people.... Em... i think i have a really bad problem with jealousy. It's just my bf talks to alot of girls and i know he's in contact with his ex's eventhough he tells me he's not.... and i don't know why i just feel paranoid and jealous. Well i'm not sure if it's more paranoia than jealousy... just when things got bad and i took him back as my bf... he emailed his ex like straight away and told her... like.. as if its any of her business! i just dont understand it
  9. I wrote this one last year... Prison How long must I languish in this prison? My soul lies in a cold, dark place, so Twisted even the wind laughs at my plight. Walls of confusion, disappointment, fear, Disenchantment and pain vanquish every Last tiny drop of hope. I've spent so long in this place, that I seem to have forgotten my fondest dreams; I seem to have forgotten my self... Through rusted bars, I see the world Spinning, everyone seems to live Free, while I just exist - Alone - for an eternity, but when The night comes, I feel even More forsaken... The porridge I'm served poisons My soul - life force-feeds me Images that test my soul... ...a plot to enrage me, to make me jealous, make me explode, make me a real offender... Images of held-hands, warm Embraces, touching mouths, Merging bodies, uniting souls... ...that which I yearn for so Much, with all that remains Of Me. I want to go on hunger strike, But the tiniest echo of compunction Doesn't let me euthanise. Even Papillion would not have Withstood this level of harrow for Long. Melancholy is my only visitor, And she is not there for my health. What did I do to warrant this Punishment? Through the bars again, I look at So many who deserve this prison Much more than I. Those will half-a-heart, with guile On their mind, and with carnal impetuses. This world praises them and all that they do. But now my heart is colder and Harder than theirs' ever was. I've been on trial all my life, Yet no advocate has come To my rescue. Every day I'm questioned even more, I cannot defend myself - I have Nothing left with which to plea. Down I go, deeper and deeper, There is no jury, and this trial I endure has no connection with fair. I'm in a prison, from which I cannot Escape - I have condemned myself To a life sentence of loneliness. I'm guilty, of course! But of what? Of gentleness, honesty, sensitivity, and being true...
  10. I began to like this boy at the beginning of the year... i told my friend because she is good friends with him... she told him that i liked him and they both tried for a while to get me to talk to him {well she said he wanted me to talk to him} and he even told her, so she says, that next time i seen him i better talk to him!! But all i could ever say was hi... when i tried to talk to him i froze up!! Now, he's going out with this gurl and one of her friends told me she is also trying to get with another boy... i dont want to say anything to him about it because i dont want him to think that i'm trying to hurt their relationship, but i dont want him to get hurt!! I've sworn that if she hurts him that i'll beat her up so bad and everyone says i'm just jealous!! Am I Jealous?? Is it ok for me to be protective of him?? Should i tell him? or should i just leave it between them??? I really like him and i dont want him to get hurt...
  11. Hiya there everybody! Ok, I'm in a kinda weird situation. I'm bi-curious, and last night my best friend came round to sleep-over. She has done "things" with girls before, and I had too, but not very much. I was very curious, so, to cut a long story short we got into bed together and enjoyed it very much. Today, whilst she was still here, my boyfriend came round, and we somehow found ourselves in bed with each other, all cuddled up and touching each other. Nothing serious happened, I mean, he only touched her upper-half under clothes and lower-half over clothes, and I enjoyed watching him do it to her at the time. She seemed to be enjoying it which was a turn on for both me and my boyfriend. But later on in the day, when we'd long finished and I was cooking lunch for all of us, I started feeling really REALLY bad. Sick with myself, and I just wanted to escape the knowledge that I had let my boyfriend touch my best friend sexually and enjoyed it, and I wished more than anything that it hadn't happened. I felt jealous too, and worried in case he liked her body more than mine. He kept on about how "nice" her breasts were and stuff, and said that to see her and me together was a real turn on, though he felt a tiny bit jealous. So basically, what should I do? I never want it to happen again, but at the same time I do, but I don't want to feel wretched and stupid like this. What should I be thinking at the moment and how should I, a person with a very low esteem and low opinion of myself, whose boyfriend cheated on me once before and I could never trust again, whose now done this with my best friend, be taking this? Please, any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks Lottie xxx Ps: He said afterwards that he didn't do it to hurt me or because he fancied her or even liked her in that way. They only met today, so he'd only known her for an hour at the most. He said he preferred my body and said some funny, if a little insulting, things about her. He kept kissing me and cuddling me close when it was going on as if to reassure me and felt really bad about it afterwards apparently.
  12. well where to start. At the beginning of this year there was a new girl at our spot. no one was really talkin to her, so i sat with her pulled out my mp3 player and we chatted about music and stuff, her names Emma. And yeh eventually she got some friends. After the first time when i was all nice to her and stuff she got a lil mean like walkin away from me when i walked up to the group. She never went out anywhere, kinda anti-social, so i invited her to my place a couple of times, coz she wanted to learn guitar so i said i could teach her and she jumped at the idea. She was actually kinda mean to me alot of the time and stuff but she was cool and yeh, i like her she's kinda just like me. When i asked her for her phone number she wuldnt give it to me (to annoy me) so i geussed it (and got it right talk about luck). then i got her email addy in a game of hangman hehe. Well we talked great over msn and i kinda liked her more and more. Alot of ppl at my spot thought we liked eachother at first, then they decided it was just me who liked her. despite everything i could do to try and convice them i didnt they kept thinking it. but now everyone thinks i dont, but they still tease us about it. Well she never came over my place till one night on msn where i invited her to come get coffee with me (it was like 8:45 at night) and apparently she thought every time i invited her to do stuff i was joking, but when she realised i was serious she said 'yes!' and i went and picked her up for the night. We had a wonderfull time, joking and laughing all night and stuff and talking for hours. then i walked her home and met her mum and sister (hu are really awesome). Apparently her mum thought straight away 'aww he likes u so much emma' and her sis had no opinion. Then the next day at school it was worse than ever with everyone goin 'aww robb n emma r goin out' and yeh. That night i put on my webcam and mic (she didnt hav either) and we talked for 4 1/2 hrs. i said iw uld give her my old webcam so the next morning i delivered it (she lives 1 street away from me) and her mum thanked me for being so nice last night for entertainin her saying 'she was laughing all night and seemed really happy'. at this point i was the only person to hang out with her outside of school and to meet her family or go inside her house. Liked her alot more, i like her so much now. We have sooo much in common. Then the next monday we had an excursion and she was tired and got pissed off at me. So i didn't sit with the group for the next 2 days cause she was so annoyed. She apologised with 'u lookr eally good in your jumper' and yeh we talked again for a couple of hours, then talked on webcam again with both of us for 2 hrs. then she came over my place yesterday night for ages with my 2 other friends. shawn and reece. I should mention i invited her to a party at my place, it was a couples party and since i had no gf i asked her to come so we could han gout while everyone else 'peeled off'. Well shawn's gf didnt come, so he hung out with Emma all night, and i had no one at all. so i was sittin outside alone the entire night. So last night when she came over with reece shawn and me again she did the hang out with shawn thing again..and im getting really jealous, since he alrdy has a gf. and yeh, she came over again today for 3 hrs just us. and we played pool and watched a movie and it was fun. I like her, does she like me? I dont think so and its getting really depressing, especially when everyone else i kno is with the person they really like. and i dont get to hang out with Emma. I mean, i dont understand to much while i like her so much, its amazing, shes not extrememly attractive, not always nice to me. but..i still think shes the most beautiful girl ive met. [sorry for this long post but i need to say all this]. She's been more mean since today aswell, barely talking over msn, askin questions about shawn and stuff. talkin to others of my friend. she even drew up a plan for a band that took in all the musicians in our group except me. and im feeling so left out. Everyone outside our group thinks we're 'destined to be', everyone in thinks i like her but she doesnt return it. Her mum likes me, her sis likes me, i like them, i like her, she kinda likes me but not in the way i want and well, advice, any advice please
  13. Would you be jealous if your bf/gf would be talking to other girls/guys online? Just want people's opinions.
  14. This girl in my school recently broke up with her bf. She always had a crush on me and I kind of liked her, but now she seems to pay alot of attention to me. Well this only happens when I'm not near her, if I am on the other side of the room I would see her constantly looking at me. But when I am close to her she seems to flirt with other guys. Like if she is standing next to some guy and I come by she would instantly start a conversation with that guy. Is she trying to make me feel jealous? Cuz at first I thought that maybe she just likes that guy, but now she seems to flirt with every guy when I'm near her, I'm sure she can't like all those guys. Another reason for this, I think, maybe that she just got out of a long relationship and she feels free, she feels like she can now flirt with guys. But that is just my opinoin, I want to hear yours. Please. And I've also noticed her talking to her friends about me alot, but again this happens when I am not near her. I can sometimes read their lips, or hear a few words. And sometimes they would all look at me.
  15. hey basically im so jealous and basically being stupid over nothing. before me and my girlfriend went out she had sex with this guy, it was her fast time, and basically he used her for sex, he didnt use protection and he hasnt seen her since (this is six month) he knew she liked him and thought itd be easy sex. anyway my gf still talks to him on the phone, and i get so jealous and paranoid shes gonna meet him and theyll have sex again. i told her my weorries and she cried and said she feels so dirty about it and its the biggest regret of her life, she also write me an eight page letter saying how much she loves me and saying how she regrets it too much, shes also told me she never wants to meet him again, as he has mentioned meeting up again. what gets me is that she still talks to him on the phone, i mean its only every so often and not regually, butshe recently changed her number and she gave him the number. she said she wants to stay in contact cos it would be unfair on him to just disappear also shes scared he may tell her family or start harassing her. anyways i keep on getting images of my girl with this guy in my mind and its driving me crazy, when im with her i know she loves me but when were apart i get so paranoid, and i hate it, why cantt i trust her! also wht makes me worried is when she had sex with this guy she was in a 'so called relationship' she knew this guy online and they decided to get together but he never met her this went on for four months, so its nothing like our relationship but im scarred she'll cheat on me if temptastion comes her way. has anyone got any advice? should i be worried? Thanks Adam
  16. I'm 17. My mom just had a baby and I'm very happy for her and I love them both and all. But my mom yells at me without a reason like once or twice a week, talks to me like I did something bad when all I wanted was just to talk to her. Just now I walked into her room to check on her and the baby but she was rude. Then I asked something about my baby sister because she spitted up 3 times today. She statred yelling like "damn it she's fine!!" Ok, I don't know know babies. I know that they spit up but she's never done it this often (2 weeks old). So I was worried! And she was so rude to me like I'm supposed to know it all. She's never going to admit that she's at fault. Tomorrow she's just gonna start talking to me like nothing had ever happened. But I'm sick of this! I'm a person too! I never talk back to her, just try to be polite and want to stop her from talking to me like that. Sometimes when I ask questions like "when is my sister going to start smiling, walking, etc..." she just gives me an eye roll as of she was some jerkish girl in school that hates me! What's going on? I can't handle it anymore! I cry all the time!
  17. I am so jealous of my boyfriend and his friends and ex girlfriends. I dont know why though. A lot of his friends are girls and for some reason I have a big problem with that. Whenever he talks about them or something that he did with them or how much fun he used to have with them I get really mad and jealous. I don't want to bet his way, but I don't know how to keep myself from being the jelous person that I am! I really hate getting mad at him for doing the things that he did in his past, but I can't stop! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I'm new here (been reading for a long time, only just registered) I'm a female and I work in a nearly all male environment and get on well with everyone. I've got a couple of good friends there whom I speak to a lot because I sit next to them all day. About 2 months ago a new guy started and I helped train him. He seemed nice enough and we got on fine. I noticed over the last month he has become more friendly/bold with me i.e touching my shoulders as he walks past, poking me in my side and even making snide and childish comments about my male colleagues. He makes jokes about them as though they fancy me and saying that they want to kiss me and that they stare at me (now, I'm not even interested in any of them so why would he say this? I'm not a flirty type of person, I just act myself and am friendly with people). I noticed him the other day purposefully place himself between me and a workmate - almost like trying to split us up! He also asks a lot of questions about a particular workmate who I know well but nothing has ever gone on between us, we just get on as friends. The thing is that I've seen him playing around with another female when I'm nearby (I just pretend I don't notice and carry on doing my work as I don't have time for games). Anyway, we were talking on MSN (I've moved to another department so can't talk to him face-to-face that much) and after he tried to make out that one of my colleagues fancied me, he then admitted that he likes me and even said he loves me (I hope this was just a joke cos he hardly knows me!) I asked if he likes the other girl and he was like "What? Er NO!" so do you think his flirting with her was a way to try and get me to notice him? I do quite like him and he has a wicked sense of humour which I like but do you think he is likely to be a bit overly jealous if I were to go out with him? I'm quite independent and don't like clingyness from anyone and I was wondering if him being snide about my workmates is a red flag. Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any advice.
  19. Hi, My girlfriend just went to stay at some student rooms for a while, today was her first day. So i call her up about an hour ago and she sounds all funny and is laughing and she didnt sound like she normally does, she didnt tell me she loved me till i asked her (she normally does this a lot) and kept on gigalling through the conversation. I ask her if she was drunk, she said no, I asked her why she was sounding strange and not like she normally does, she said she is around new people and dosent feel relaxed... but all the time she was relaxed enough to keep laughing at something... Now i call her and there is no answer on her phone... so right now she is somewhere else out of her room and left her phone behind... arrrgghhhh i am going crazy with i guess jealousy and wondering what she is doing.... This is her first night there and she has never left her phone before, i have alwasy been able to talk to her. Bu tnow it just rings ad goes to answer phone so she is somewhere else in the student rooms... at 1am in the morning.... I dont know what i expect anyone to say, im just sitting here right now going crazy thinking about it...
  20. I keep having funky dreams about my ex. (not really bothering me too much, just trying to understand.) In the dream last night her and I we're talking, she was crying saying she coulden't believe I wasn't jealous of her and her new/old guy. In the dream I said I wanted her to be happy. Then for a moment it's like I could feel what she was feeling. (I want to say it felt like she loved me still, but keep in mind these are only dreams), I'm just looking for any meaning behind the them. Another before that one was 3 of us in a car. I was in the passenger seat, and she was sitting on his lap (her ex). Jealousy was a factor in this one. I remember feeling jealous, but at that moment I realized that was wrong, and no longer was. I felt like I should be, but still coulden't. Don't know about that one either. There are more, those are just the ones I've had more resently. Not sure if you interprit dreams or not, but if you can see somekind of sub level or a message to these I'd like to know. If not just your genreal thoughts would be great. I don't dream a lot of her, but I seem to remember them when I do. Thanks for the time, Deja
  21. I am in college right now and started dating my boyfriend a few months ago. We both go to the same school but we are both busy with school work and jobs. We usually just see each other a couple of hours each night and spend nights together on the weekends. Every time I spend time with him, my 2 roommates make me feel so guilty. They make it seem as though I'm always with him, which in reality I spend a whole lot more time with them. I don't understand why they are acting this way. i don't want to lose their friendship burt I don't understand why they are being immature about this. Could it be that they are jealous? It has also been affecting my boyfriend and my relationship because I feel like if I spend more time with him they will get mad. I know this sounds childish and it is considereing we are in college. I just don't understand them. Should I confront them and tell them that they make me feel so guilty and make me feel like I have to choose between them and my boyfriend?
  22. My girlfriend of 4 1/2 years decided that she wanted some time to herself 2 months ago. You can read the full story [link removed . Well, some time after we "broke up" I started doing the NC thing, which worked pretty well. As soon as I stopped bugging her she started to show more interest in me. Yesterday we finally met to discuss what we should do. She told me that while we were away she made new friends and had been having fun going to clubs and things like that. She said she missed having fun like that as while we were together she almost never did them. The problem is that to speak the truth I am very insecure and that kind of behaviour from her makes me feel really bad and even more insecure... She used to complain a lot that I am too jealous. The fact is that I really do have trouble fully trusting her because she has hurt me so many times (this "break up" is one of those things). I am always afraid of "what can happen" and of ending up alone... Well, she also told me that she liked me a lot and she missed all the qualities I have... And that she wants to start being with me again to see if we manage to get along again like we used to. But she has warned me that she won't tolerate my jealousy and that she will be going out with her friends regularly. Of course I still have deep feelings for her and I care a lot about her, but I'm not sure if having her back in my life is the best thing to do. I really do have a problem with her going out with people I don't even know, especially in places like clubs and discos. So although I could do my best and not show that to her, I know that inside I will be suffering a lot. On the other hand, she isn't a very warm person, she doesn't demonstrate her feelings for me very well... Sometimes all I needed from her to make me feel better was a bit of care or a little kiss but she is usually a bit cold and doesn't treat me like the way I think I deserve to be treated... I'm not saying that she doesn't love me, because I think that she really does... It's just that I need her to be more affectionate towards me. To make things even more complicated, I'm studying in a different city from where we live (both of us used to study there but she's finished college, I will be finishing this year). We only get to see each other on weekends. And I don't quite like the idea of being with her for only a couple of hours on saturday nights, right before she goes out to the clubs with her friends... I think that being as she is, she won't have much patience to be with me and will be more interested in going out after being with me for that short time. Well, tomorrow I'll meet with her again to tell her my decision. What I have in mind is telling her that I need to "feel loved", that I have the need of more of her attention... And that if she isn't willing to do that "effort" for me then I don't want to suffer any more (by putting up with her going out to clubs with her friends) - even though I love her. So I'll let her go and have fun as she wishes and maybe when she grows up a bit we can start things all over again from ground zero. Would anyone kind enough to read all of what's above tell me if they think I will be doing the right thing? I know I have faults of my own, as I'm too jealous, but maybe things wouldn't be so bad if she let me know that I am important to her more often, don't you think? What really saddens me is that she no longer seems to be the same girl I fell in love with 5 years ago...
  23. This is somewhat long, so thanks for reading if you do. I don't know where to start. It all started last year when i met this girl. I'm jealous of her boyfriend. But i'm not "jealous" of him, just the fact that he got the girl that i really like. I'm also really angry that she started dating him when she liked me and knew i liked her. Just thinking about this makes me rage. She apparently wanted me to ask her out, but i didn't know. So what does she do? She goes out and finds some 15 year old child (no offense to anyone here) and is still dating him to this day...9 months later. She's 17 now, he's 16. We're just friends now. I just can't believe a girl would go for a younger guy! He's tiny! And he's really, really immature. I'm 19 and she knows she likes me, but she's too involved with this kid. And she's been having a lot of problems with him. She never gave me a chance and that makes me feel really bad about myself. I can't get over it. The story gets worse... Now she might be pregnant with his kid, and i'm helping her deal with it. She decided she can't have the child and turned to me. She hasn't told anyone else and she won't - not even her boyfriend. We've gotten really close lately. I've liked her for over a year, and i think i'm falling for her. I've never been closer to anyone in my life. She feels the same and said she trusts me more than anyone else. It just angers me to know that not only does she have a boyfriend, but he got her pregnant, on top of many other bad things he's done to her. I can't take feeling this way! That should be ME she's with. None of this would've happened if she made a move and did something to show she likes me. We're perfect together and i can't do anything! We have something really special and i can't be more than a friend right now. I'm hoping she'll dump him, but i don't know. I can't imagine her not feeling something for me because of how close we've gotten, and because i'm helping her do something extremely serious. A while ago she said she wants to be with me but its too late, and stuff like that. I just hate feeling so jealous, so helpless. I think about her all the time. Please don't flame me for wanting a girl who's taken. She wasn't when we met and i can't help how i feel about her. I feel like a jerk but i know i'm right, and she does too. Now, i have to bail her out and help her stay with him once again. I know i have to be a friend to her and i want to be. But i'll always want more with her and i don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking about how things could've been and i still hope that one day soon i'll be with her. Thank you for reading
  24. Ok, im going out with this guy and we both like eachother a lot. We have been going out for 2 1/2 months but been ''together'' for like, six more before that. Before we were going out my best friend (sally) would always flirt with him, just him, in front of me. She has attention and jealousy problems, but it would really make me sad because he would just go along with it, sense hes kinda a big flirt. Her attention and jealousy problems - my other good friend (betty) liked this guy, and sally told me one time that she wanted betty to ask him out and he would say, ''no..i cant.. im in love with sally.'' When she said that i was just blown away because of how pure evil that statement was, because its not like she liked him or anything. awhile later i told betty that because i felt like she thought the same thing about my boyfriend. she wanted more then anything for him to like her unstead of me, even tho she didnt like him. at lunch she would always sit next to him, and a lot of times she would end up sitting between us. once he was writing something on a piece of paper and she was like, oooo is that a love note to me?!!? and one time she like, was trying to talk to someone on the other side of him and would lay accross him. During open hour, although i wasnt there and betty would tell me this, she would always ask him for a massage. and she would be all crabby to people and then once he came she would be like ''HIII BOB!!!!'' and be all nice to him That started to go away once we got more serious because she probly relized she had no chance of stealing him away or anything. Now, the last couple days my boyfriend and i have kinda been fighting, or not getting along as much (everything is taken care of now tho) and she has been taking advantage of that. one time just him and i were laying on the hammock and she came up and asked if she could lay with us. she layed down and then in a few minutes he said i need a headrest. so i put my hand there as his pillow, or something, and then she was like, here and she put her arm around his neck. they started flirting, like, right in front of me! he was like, i just wish it has a massage! shes like, too bad i cant massage out of my ELBOW. oh, well ill just do this and she started moving it, then i didnt really listen cause i ddint wanna hear them flirting. Another time when we were still laying she came up and pretended to be giving him a handjob as a joke or something. i know these arent much, but it just all adds up and she only seems to be flirting with him! no one else but him! Its not that im over reacting because my friend betty came up and kissed both of us on the cheak and both us kissed each other and her on the cheak and i didnt care at all, it didnt bother me. but then i thought, wow if that were sally i would probly go and cry. Now no one tell me to break up with him cause he shouldent be flirting with my best friend. i like him a lot and i know he likes me a lot, so thats not an option, and its not that easy. when im around both of them everything she does bugs me and everytime they talk bugs me.
  25. hello, to make a long story short, i had been hooking up, being together, however you want to call it, but not "dating" a boy for 3 months. We started the day he ended it with his gf who truly messed him up. The relationship btwn them was that she was controlling, over-protective, jealous..everyhting a boy doesnt want a gf to be like....then i came along, a breath of fresh air...no fights, no games, loved eachother's company..everything was perfect...Recently, his friends have been telling him, "you're so lucky, shes amazing, we're jealous...why aren't you DATING"....at this point i think he was led to look at our situation from outside the box, realizing that it was turning into something too serious for him. He approached me about it, saying he loves spending time with me, he wants to take me out and do things with me, but if we continue doing what we're doing at this "middle-ground" it will eventually turn into something serious as our feelings will inevitably grow stronger for one another, and this scares him. His previous relationship really screwed him up. The bottom line was that he "ended" what we were doing...during the convo he sounded so disconnected and almost as if he was forcing himself to end it when he didnt want to...he used the reasoning of "being able to hook up with other ppl..." altho it wasnt that he had ANYONE in mind..and i can be completely confident that hes not searching for anyone else since i gave him everything he could imagine and the best quality in that. He was just illustrating the idea that he didn't want to be commited (since comittment ultimately means that its something serious) I of course reacted naturally...saying "this is inconsiderate of you, i thought i knew you better than this, enjoy other girls, goodbye"..i think i was understandalby upset since his actions were truly out of nowhere. He spoke to my friend who told me he said "it sucks, because i like her a lot"....and i saw him today, he said hello and i smiled...in the end, i do want him to return to me...because after all what we had what so good for the both of us and there was potential. how can i get him to overcome this fear he has of being more than just a hook up? right now im not initiating contact, but acting friendly if i see him... im confident that distance will work to my benefit since he DOES like me..what do you guys think i should do? please help me!
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