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  1. This guy has no self esteem or way too sensitive. He is cowering from your last conversation....lame.
  2. Heather I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the grief that you have been through. BUT now it's time to take that picture down and go forward as a new single looking for love person. They bounce out of your life because 3 is a crowd. No one is telling you to forget him. The key thing here is your happiness, and the only way to do that is to tuck him away without feeling guilt. I know all about guilt after such a loss, it's hangs on up like an anchor. This grief/guilt is what is scaring them off. Don't let your BF's death define who you are because right now, that's what you are bringin
  3. if you want older women to notice then dress more mature/sharper. If you dress the part, you get more confidence from how you look. College kid, backpack and running shoes ain't gonna cut it. Dress for success.
  4. They only dated for a couple of months and she had to go see him twice??? She is lyinggggggggg to you. While you were gone he reached out and she went on a couple of dates with him is what happened. Hell with that buddy, that's a dealbreaker. She be cheaten.
  5. Depends on how you feel about them I guess.
  6. I'm sure in a few weeks you can figure out what to do.
  7. I don't think anyone suggested this but...maybe the ex has something to do with it.
  8. Well now that the OP knows he needs to grow a spine and stand up for himself....hopefully with therapy she will realize how he actually feels and acknowledges she and him both need to change how they treat each other.
  9. Guys will do and say anything to get sex or sex related things. He's trying to make it appealing to you.
  10. That's a bold face lie....this is only for his own satisfaction, whether or not you get turned on by it isn't his goal here.
  11. If he wanted this experience he should have done it when he was single. It's not fair to suggest it with someone you are in a committed relationship with because it can cause all kinds of trust issues. A girl I went to college with told me about her experience. Her BF got so jealous, their relationship went downhill from there and it was HIS idea.
  12. Ya not everyone speaks up first if the fish tasted off or the soup was cold. So looking at your expressions of sadness or stress, the waitress had assumed there was a problem with your dining experience.
  13. They saw one before they were married and one now.....the reason it's not working because he wasn't honest about how things really happened and how he really is being treated...he just sat there and apologized and took all the blame. He's afraid of her wrath.
  14. It was none of her business to know the personal reason, that's why your mother said everything was fine. The waitress asked because she was wondering if you guys had an issue with the service or the food, it's part of her job to ask. I doubt she was asking for personal reasons or being a busybody.
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