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  1. I dated someone for a month and the chemistry just wasn't there for me. She's just not that into you.
  2. Yay we like the happy endings. I read through the discussion and I'm glad that you made the choice to move on. I know leaving someone, especially after 6 years is kinda scary/uncertain, and the guilt you must felt at first, but wow look at you all beaming with joy 🙂 good for you.
  3. You are who you are. One of those people that chooses to be closed off, and prefer to be alone in times of stress. It's about energy...you need low to no energy to recharge yourself, your friend discharges his energy by being all out there with affection. You are both polar opposites. If he is just too much, then limit your interaction with him or make new friends.
  4. Dude ask her what her problem is about this whole thing. No more BS. If she can't be straight with you, tell her to stop contacting you.
  5. This guy is play games.....hell I thought he was 15. So immature. Go find yourself a real man...too much bs to even bother with.
  6. Dude you are friend zoned. Let it go, move on. Your friends are just being nice with their advice. As soon as they say "lets be friends first"...it's a turn and burn.
  7. You need some self worth and never tolerate or forgive this type of behavior from any man no matter how much in love you are. This is why we date...to see what they are like and how they treat us. It's not your job to teach them how you want to be treated. He IS a narcissist. That is why he is the way he is and will always be. There is no cure for this personality disorder. It's always recommended you cut your losses and get the hell away from them. And please cut all communication. Block/delete his number, and don't answer any number you don't recognize. He's lashing out, beating you down int
  8. She is dating. She had another option to see what happens with him. Never assume you are the only one. Messaging someone should never be counted as time spend dating. You base it on having the one date. Her interest is wavering if not gone, back off and look for other options.
  9. Well what you can do is breakup with her, and let her have all the fun she wants.
  10. I know 3 people who also has this disease, one almost died from it. Please put yourself first and stay healthy.
  11. Com'on....you know the relationship has it's run it's course. And it's ok to break it off if you just can't feel it anymore. The poor girl needs to be let go.
  12. Cut out the caretaking....it's like taking on a second job....that's just ridiculous. And learn to say "No" Attending an event sure that seems fair, but all the other stuff he is making you do that isn't for leisure.....just stop. You are turning into a slave. I tell ya as soon as you give an inch they take a mile. I know speaking up may make you feel like you are being a B^&%$, but how else are people going to respect you and not take advantage of you? Right? Right. Now you go put your foot down, set boundaries, talk it out, carry on. He may seem like he is a jerk or inconsiderate, b
  13. It takes you 5 months later to find out she's a scrub? Tell her she needs to go back home or get a job within a two week period because house cleaning doesn't pay the bills...you can't afford her. Just say it. Enough is enough. If she gets mad well that should tell you she's a selfish lowlife. Now you know why she wasn't getting along with her sisters....they were telling her to get off her butt and get a job. Dude if you don't put the hammer down on this you get no respect.
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