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  1. First off she's a grown a$$ woman...she can go herself...she doesn't need you to be there. That's call compromise. Just like your daughter shouldn't be restricted because she can't eat the food there...pack a lunch and snacks for her. As for toxic cousins/family...you can't protect the kids all the time. It's best to just communicate with your kids about it to help them understand their dynamics. Can't shield them from everyone and everything...they have to learn to navigate through this world so a little exposure of dysfunction won't kill them. Work with it, not against it.
  2. If you have to explain yourself like this....dump this guy already and stop defending yourself...you should never put up with this crap from anyone. You can address this with him all you want...it's only going to make you look even more guilty to him. Stay with this guy, and the same bs will occur. Get out while you can.
  3. He may not be cheating but could be interested in someone else. He's doing the coward's way out by making things difficult that you will breakup with him.
  4. Mom talk: Instead of the knee jerk reaction and block someone because you are pissy about it..why not just pick up the phone and CALL them and ask what's going on and let them know how you feel...like COMMUNICATE instead of reacting like a 13 year old girl. You want a man to treat you like a mature woman he can respect, then present yourself like one.
  5. Age can make all the difference too. If I was dating now at 60, I bet money on it most if not ever guy that was 60+ would pay for the date because that's how they were brought up. Young people have all these different views/ideas due to SM influence, etc that we never had. IMO it's become a more complicated world out there making dating etiquette more confusing. That's why everyone needs to brush up on their communication skills to make this work better for them.
  6. OK so look at this as a lesson learned...don't date someone that keeps you a secret, or sees you only once a week, makes you question yourself when YOU KNOW something is not right. You will figure this out in no time.
  7. Communication, and body language can get that message across better.
  8. The best thing you can do going forward is to stop telling your GF about how you were interacting with other women because no matter what you say, she's gong to twist it around to make you feel bad due to her insecurity.
  9. We had this thread many times. Everyone is different. It's up to you in how you wish to be treated or pay.
  10. I just read the first two lines....you need to end it. This is all the guy can do for you or anyone else he would be dating. He has a busy life and the both of you have different expectations. There is no point in analyzing it, or complaining about it. This is why date...to find out if they are suitable partner for us. If it's not working out, then it's not working out...that's all folks!
  11. If it's casual...you should be expecting them to be dating/sleeping with other people. Yes some people date one person at a time, but not everyone does this, especially when they are attractive and a good catch. Opportunity is opportunity. Maybe having a clear conversation about expectations/sex, etc would have made things easier than just assuming. As for this guy, just break it off. You don't own him any explanation, no argument, no lecture, nothing....
  12. Giiiirrrrl Give yourself a break. You don't need to be so focused on this stuff. Go with the flow, and just enjoy your life and what you are doing for yourself.
  13. This should be a lesson learned....don't invest so much of yourself that your expectations give you angst.
  14. Well it could very well be true he is bored and so he gets stimulation from the attention of others. It can be quite addicting (emotional cheating), and some people end up living a double life.
  15. well at least you got your head cleared, and saw what happened. There are people who seek out vulnerable people to manipulate. You got bamboozled. It happens. I hope you find happiness and peace.
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