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  1. I know that people make compromises. You can embrace a new extended family which would only be like once or twice a year, or just bail out, and see your family instead, or alternate. I get it you would feel the odd one out. So if you are not the type to make friends everywhere you go, don't bother going.
  2. If this is making you uncomfortable then tell him and end the relationship.
  3. How would you feel if a guy you were dating decided that you needed to get a make over, change the color of your hair and suggest clothing to wear? It would offend you right? Just date someone else.
  4. I hear that from a lot of people...if I had know I wouldn't have....
  5. Go get a makeover, ie: hair makeup wardrobe. When you dress for success you win people over with your new found confidence.
  6. He doesn't want to change but you sure can change BFs.
  7. I am a woman and I never wanted kids nor get married. I found someone np.
  8. Here is what you do....use "Private Browser" Click on file top left hand corner. In the drop down menu click on new private window. Boom you are there. Type in your favorite porn site. When you are done make sure it's all closed off. There will be no trace of it in your search history, nothing. I would recommend also using a VPN that changes your IP address to another country. That will prevent all those weird emails, etc. It might slow down the uploads but it's well worth it. I use surf easy...costs less than 8 bucks a month for a subscription.
  9. This side of him is a deal breaker....end it.
  10. Yup I would say it's a doner. To hell with his happiness, think about yourself.
  11. This relationship has ran it's course. Your are spreading your wings, and widening your social circle so you are finding her not fitting into your life anymore. It's way too much work, and you get very little benefit from it. Time to move on, be happier, and with the way things are going your will meet the right person to be with.
  12. There are women out there that understands the use of porn/masturbation/the need for variety/private time and really could care less about it. Dump your GF and find someone more compatible. Next time be honest about it, and work through a compromise. Lying doesn't make problems go away so cut it out.
  13. Keep looking. There are plenty out there that can be the one...this new guy is OK but he's not "amazing!" That is perfectly normal. There has to be chemistry right? and this guy doesn't have it. Only 8 dates over 3 months? There's hardly anything there. Time to move on.
  14. Sounds to me you feel you would be throwing away something special...I agree with that. Sure he may have had a few flirtations, but being young in college, that's gonna happen. He was young dumb and full of hormones. He looked a lot but probably didn't touch. The reality is, men fantasize about other women. They are very physical creatures, they like looking at body parts, boobs, etc. They like the variety of women. It's just how they are. Most of that they keep in their head, and what goes on in one's head is no one's business. So even if you toss him aside and move on, you will be faced with the same dilemma with any other guy you decide to date. If he was such a shady guy or wanted some strange, he would have dumped you ages ago. You are a grown woman now, you have knowledge and maturity to help you work through this. Getting all his pass words, snooping, etc is not the solution. All that does is enable your insecurity. I say start fresh, and go forward with him. Leave the past behind.
  15. I think you can make a compromise and help them out financially, like pay half their rent, have them over for dinner. That would keep the peace.
  16. Your son is an adult and should stand on his own two feet. Him and his GF can get a cheap place and make a go of it. They will realize if they want certain things in life, they will have to sacrifice and work hard for it...learn the value of a dollar as they say. They will appreciate it more in the long run rather than having a parent coddle them through it. There are plenty of people out there that can accomplish their dreams without the help of their parents. Time to cut the apron strings.
  17. Stop playing the victim here. You don't want to introduce him to your parent for whatever reason you never have disclosed in your post, you suffered through several breakups with him, and your bf is verbally abusive out of frustration with you because you are not getting along, you are stubborn as well as he is. You stay with him, you keep it toxic. Get off the pot, and dump him already.
  18. People who have OCD/hording are very manipulative and hypocritical. They will never listen to you, and have an argument for everything and anything, making it all your fault. He's making you emotionally ill, and that takes a toll on your mental health. Run for the hills.
  19. This is how he is. You don't like it so find a better BF that is more suitable.
  20. It's called time management. You set your major things up for the week. Then you set your times for eating, sleeping, showering, cleaning, shopping. Then whatever time you have left is what you have to go out, watch a movie, go to the gym, etc. Also you can train yourself to fill in those times when you have 10 or 15 mins to kill with folding laundry, do some homework or call your mom, etc, instead of twittling on yer phone. The trick is, is to use every bit of your time productively.
  21. It's over. he is anti-social you are not. This should have been a deal breaker after the second date when you discovered this. Tip: people don't change, nor should you change to suit their expectations. This is why we date. To see what they are like and if they fulfill our expectations, and are compatible. You too are out of balance, time to go. I agree relationship doesn't just end for lack of love or arguments. It's just not working out, you two are too different.
  22. She wants kids you don't...deal breaker. Cut your losses and walk away.
  23. Ya he's lost interest. The writing is on the wall you need to move on. gosh you are at uni, is there not any guys there to date?
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