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  1. I don't know why you think "I want to get to know you more" is some cryptic message. She doesn't know you all that well yet and she's not going to "assume" what you are looking for. In most women's minds, talk is cheap, actions speak volumes. Go out on dates and spend time getting to know her outside the bedroom. Pretty simple.
  2. If you don't trust him, you must trust her no? Nothing can happen unless she follows suit. If acts he like a total idiot and steps out of bounds, would she not reject him and tell you? Then it would mean she did you a favor and have every reason to dump him because you now see the kind of person he is. Does any of that make sense?
  3. When she's out on one for her dates, you move your stuff out and into storage, get a hotel, and leave her on her own to fend for herself. I'm sure she will have np finding a place to live. So many willing men on her app will lend a hand.
  4. They are like having a dog... a place to sleep, food and a quiet area to take a dump.
  5. Here's your answer....it's a no brainer any one that has better access to someone else is going to go with them. He reached out and now they are hitting it off. She said she would cut him off but hasn't. You are being a damn fool. They are in cahoots with each other.
  6. I know someone who's in the same boat. If he gets properly diagnosed, he can probably go on disability. It may not be a lot but it's some income. Suggestion to work on: Since Covid, the needs of both the worker and employer has changed and adapted. There is more opportunity for people like him that can be productive and make a living working from home. Something to look into.
  7. Maybe he did it hoping it would entice more sexual activity between you two. Why does it have to be for another woman? Why not for you? hand that baby over to the grandparents with some diapers and bottles of your milk for a night and get busy.
  8. Ok stop with the "He could be using me". No one is being USED if you a willing participant. You can say no at anytime. Sex is not currency or to be used as currency for a relationship. If he isn't fulfilling your expectations, which one is you would like a relationship, then you simply stop seeing him. It's doesn't look like it's going in that direction so be done with him. Next time, make sure the time you spend together is out on dates, not in their bed.
  9. Ding ding! Immature is your answer. This would be a deal breaker for me. Not sure why you are stalling on kicking him to the curb.
  10. Not doing things for him, and cutting him off is not the answer. Communicating to him how you feel and how things need to change by standing your ground firmly is your answer. Get in his face. He needs to know his tactics will no longer work so he better stop it. It won't work anymore. If he don't like it then there's the door.
  11. I think time away from him might be just what you need.
  12. That's why he stuck with you, because he knows you have low self esteem. He can easily manipulate you and continue on with his lies and cheating. I think you have given enough of yourself to this marriage. You deserve better. I suggest you seek out therapy, and get away from his grip of manipulation.
  13. You can't govern someones behavior long distance. You are not there so you really can't see what she chooses to do, or what she is doing. She could still be dating others. You are going at this blind and naive. I suggest not to get in over your head, and keep your emotions in check. Pay her a visit first. Spend real time with her before deciding uprooting universities/your life for someone that's a stranger.
  14. Think about it....he can go on youtube and learn anything. His story is a lie.
  15. You need life experience and confidence. Girls don't like guys who are too afraid to talk to them. They like smooth talkers. So you need to get practicing by chatting up girls, to get over your fears.
  16. Either he's thinking of having it another go with you OR he's trying to siphon you back for sex, or he's just bored/lonely trying to get the chat/memories going again. The best thing for you to do is ask him. If it's a stupid excuse, block/delete him.
  17. Contact her parents and let them know she is being suicidal and needs help asap. It's up to her family to take care of the situation.
  18. If you dare to make that step, you need to get more in his space like finding moments to get close/ lean in, wear feminine/softly sexy outfits, be a little coy, posturing/body language like tilting your head, looking up at him, smile, pull hair behind the ear, light touching, etc.
  19. So you go from having an emotional hole in your chest two days ago to, let's move on, you found supportive guys, you feel sooooooo much better. What changed?
  20. Punishment for infidelity is guilt and the possibility of ending the marriage, not getting your brains beat out. When a man uses violence like that, he will most likely fulfill his promise to kill you. Dropping the charges is not going to smooth things over, it's a death sentence.
  21. Give her space but don't let that stop you from picking up the peaces and enjoying life.
  22. Do lets get down to it.....you really don't see a point of staying married because there is no longer any fulfillment with each other. That being excited about someone new who enjoys everything you like to do, would be the icing on the cake because life is getting short. The next step would be to talk to your wife about your desire to move on with your life because you are bored and feel life has so much to offer being single again. Hey people do it all the time, the marriage runs it's course, and they amicably separate.
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