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  1. It means nothing in a romantic sense. Just part of the conversation. she would contact you directly if she wanted to rekindle anything.
  2. Tell him since there is no prospect of a relationship, you are ok with just hanging out as just friends, no intimacy. Keep your options open for the real deal. If you are lonely, get a dog to fill your heart with love.
  3. Basically she is telling you she doesn't feel a connection and has no interest in dating you. Just leave it at that and move on. can't win them all. When you reached out, she had to try something else to shake you off. Sux but for next time, don't contact them again.
  4. Confessing is a stupid move. That puts a lot of pressure on her especially when she's still trying to emotionally get over her last relationship. Back off. If you get intense, it's going to scare her away because she won't be able to handle it. Dude she's emotionally unavailable. Let her be for now, be a little aloof, cool, laid back....let her breath.
  5. Dude take a buddy and hit the clubs/have fun. Having her there is going to ruin your trip.
  6. You got friend zoned. It may seem like a romantic connection but to a girl who probably does like the attention and how you get along, isn't chemistry to her. I had met plenty of guys that I got along like gang busters, but no interest in dating them. I say dump her. Tell her you already have enough friends and you are looking for a GF.
  7. I tell you this, there is no guarantee you two will continue the relationship after you meet. Meeting someone in person is way different than what you see on a screen.
  8. Long distance doesn't work. Girls need attention and if there's a guy they can physically touch, they are going to go for it eventually. Your options are very slim here. You are best to invest in a local girl. Having someone by your side is way more satisfying than fretting over what your girl is doing with new guy.
  9. Both are poor choices....you can do better than that.
  10. Just go as something that doesn't require stripping down to take a pee, drink, sit, drive, or over heat. Just go to a costume store and buy something funny like a wonder woman costume. Or, like my friend did, dressed up as Santa Claus. He had women sitting on his lap all night.
  11. The only way an alcoholic will get help is when they hit rock bottom, and that means losing everything. If you give them comfort/support, they will get right back on the bottle. That's my experience anyways. Stop drinking is only the first step. They need to discover the reasons why they drink, learn coping skills, and possibly deal with their mental illness. And this will be a lifetime of going to meeting, therapy/counseling. It's a heavy task.
  12. Forgiving doesn't make the problem go away. What you need to do is to work out the source of the issues together. You want to save your relationship you better start communicating with him.
  13. She's just craving attention and you just happen to give it to her. If anything does start, you will be a rebound anyways. As soon as her ex comes sniffing around again, you will lose your flavor.
  14. He showed you he shaved, he's not cheating he's trying to spice things up. If he was hiding something he wouldn't be telling you anything about his activities.
  15. One look at you and they are going to figure it out anyways. What they see is what they get.
  16. Things are falling apart indeed. She's escaping with this guy, and you escape at work. Fighting is NOT the usual for couples in a healthy relationship. Healthy is communicating honestly and with respect. You want to save this you two better learn how to talk, not argue, learn to listen, and work at it with honest effort with care and attention.
  17. OP let it slide for now. YOU KNOW when it gets bad, and that's when you get out quick if it starts to happen.
  18. He's got you as a place holder when the well runs dry. Dump this chump.
  19. If you want to score big ….wait and take your time. Talking and maybe pull out a board game or go for a walk and get dessert. Have a nice goodnight kiss then call it a night. Let things build over 5 or 6 dates.
  20. I know that people make compromises. You can embrace a new extended family which would only be like once or twice a year, or just bail out, and see your family instead, or alternate. I get it you would feel the odd one out. So if you are not the type to make friends everywhere you go, don't bother going.
  21. If this is making you uncomfortable then tell him and end the relationship.
  22. How would you feel if a guy you were dating decided that you needed to get a make over, change the color of your hair and suggest clothing to wear? It would offend you right? Just date someone else.
  23. I hear that from a lot of people...if I had know I wouldn't have....
  24. Go get a makeover, ie: hair makeup wardrobe. When you dress for success you win people over with your new found confidence.
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