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  1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, I messaged her twice or thrice over the last 15 days for very short focused convos and it seems like she didn't mind. She also sent me a post the other day about something we talked about last time we were out together. I think the balance is good and we'll quickly reconnect once she's free.
  2. Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking about! I wouldn't text her because I need her attention, I would do it to show I care.
  3. Thanks. She didn't request anything specifically, only said that she can't hang out before things are done. I don't have the "urge" to text her in any way, I just didn't want her to think I don't care about her. But I'm leaving her alone, maybe I'll just wish her good luck the day before her final exam.
  4. A girl with whom I've been out a couple of times over the last two months and felt very connected to told me she needs space for her final exams so we can't see each other. She told me that she'd like to go out when all of it is over, in a bit less than a month. I completely understand her because she has a ton of responsibilities. So in the meantime, do I stop texting her entirely to let her do her thing and build more tension for our next date, or are occasional texts from time to time to show I care ok? Like sending a beautiful picture or a song, or even a meme to make her happy...
  5. Thanks. I didn't mean literally asking "do you want to be my girlfriend?", only letting her know that I like her and I'd like to start moving in the direction of dating if she feels the same. The thing you said about seeing her more often seems good too.
  6. I've spent a lot of time with her over those 3 years and I think we know each other pretty well, and I wouldn't literally ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend, I'd just tell her that I like her and I would love to move in the direction of dating if she feels the same. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I've given her ample thougthful compliments last time (not too many, of course), but I'll do that again. We didn't touch that much but we did try each other's ice cream last time. Maybe I'll move it up a notch now. Thanks.
  8. I'm going out with a girl on Monday. We went out one month ago (didn't have time in between), it was great, she asked me tons of questions about the smallest details of my life. We texted a lot in the meantime, I also sent her a song I like and she replied "where have you been all my life?" (referring to my taste, but still not an everyday message). We've known each other for 3 years and we were always close, but this is our second time going out 1 on 1 just for the sake of it. I've liked her a lot even before, but didn't know if she felt the same and I also had two (unsuccessful) relationships in the meantime so I haven't tried anything. I really like her and I'm thinking about telling her about my intentions on building a relationship together, but I'm a little scared. I don't know how to read girls. Will it seem like it came out of the blue if I do it on our second date after not seeing her for a month (even though we've known each other for long)? I don't want to lose our amazing connection, she has invited me to an important event for her coming very soon and I wouldn't want to make it uncomfortable just before. How should I proceed?
  9. I appreciate your suggestion, I was just saying my thoughts. I don't have a lot of time either because of a lot of exams coming in two weeks, so a walk and ice cream would be the best I can do. I'll try that. Thanks.
  10. I mean I already sent her a post for a concert and told her it seemed interesting and she didn't react. She declined when I asked about going to an exhibition because she doesn't like them (fair enough). She also won't come to my performance because of "obligations". What I'm getting from that is a sense of general unavailability, so asking for an entire week feels more logical than one specific day. Besides, if I even have to carefully plan the way I'm going to ask her out for a simple walk, I think it's safe to say she's not interested.
  11. Thanks for your response. I guess I'll ask her tomorrow if she's free next week, that should put the last nail in the coffin if it's not meant to be lol
  12. Thanks. However, maybe I wasn't so wrong in my analysis because she started replying less and less last week. I feel like this thing is just going to fade out by itself and there's nothing I can do about it.
  13. Thanks. Maybe my overthinking wasn't completely baseless since she started responding more and more rarely to my messages. When I asked if she'd like to go to an exhibition she said she doesn't like them and doesn't have much time so no, but said "yeah sure" to a walk and ice cream. Haven't set anything up, but it seems this thing is just going to fizzle out unfortunately. Which makes me pretty sad because I felt a strong potential that evening and she was always dear to me.
  14. Thanks. I hope it really is as you say, but things don't seem to be going in that direction. She's responding rarely, seems a bit distant. When I asked if she would like to go to an exhibition she said she doesn't like exhibitions and she doesn't have a lot of time right now so no, but when I asked if she'd like to go for a walk and grab ice cream again she said "yeah sure". I'll try asking her out next week, but I don't really have a lot of hopes.
  15. (This is a follow up to my last post about our concert hangout, in short it was great and she seemed very interested) One week has passed and her responses started to be more and more sparse. I asked if she'd like to go to an exhibition, she said she doesn't really like exhibitions and she doesn't have a lot of time, so not right now. When I asked if she'd like to just go for a walk with me and grab ice cream again when she has time she said "yeah sure", whatever that means. I invited her to my performance this evening (I play guitar) as she invited me to hers, she said she had some obligations and she couldn't come unfortunately, I said that's ok becaude I'll be playing again next week, to which she didn't even respond. Yesterday I sent her a post about a concert tomorrow saying it could be interesting, she just liked the message. This distance feels very weird after all our very warm close friendly interactions over the last two years. I'm waiting for an opportunity to tell her in person that I like her just to make it clear, but that opportunity may not even come. She really opened up to me recently, talking about her feelings and her life in general. Now almost complete silence. I don't know how to feel. I know she has a lot going on with her reasearch paper for graduation and her entrance exam to the Music academy coming soon, but again... she could show a little interest if there was any.
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