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  1. I met a guy through an app not related to dating. It was just to make foreigner friends. We starting texting everyday on Instagram and later on whatsapp. We texted like four hours at least everyday. He is Indian and I am Spanish. I feel his values and morals are similar to mine, unlike most guys in Spain. We similar mindset about life about many things, although we may differ in certain things too of course. After like four months talking we confessed we liked each other although it was obvious before. When we had been seven months talking my cousin asked me if I wanted to do volunteering in
  2. So here's the situation; I and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years now. This year is our 3rd. Here's what transpired: My boyfriend has a private Instagram account. So evidently sometime last year around the summer, he followed or she requested to follow him. I'm not certain who followed who But I noticed that they had messaged each other. I need to provide more context first my boyfriend has a past, He used to be promiscuous with women, some case would have multiple girlfriends simultaneously. He used so many dating apps and in fact he followed a bunch of them on social me
  3. This is my attempt at expressing and consciously choosing to move forward in life, one smile at a time. It's been almost 4 months since we have been separated and it still lingers on, as it naturally should. We were together for what would of been 9 years this past new years and my life at 27 has definitely changed since. This will be a bit in depth but I want to get out all of my thoughts, failures, and fears and have them publicized to you all for mutual support, respect, and counseling. Reading others past experiences and current emotional mindset has really been an eye opener into the impo
  4. Hi, everyone: My boyfriend (of almost six years) and I hit a rough spot a few days ago. Here's the background first: My boyfriend is 12 years older than me. He started working with this young woman, who I have actually met many years before they started working together. We were in a young professionals organization together. She's about three years younger than myself. I was like a mentor to her. We stayed in touch via LinkedIn and have been acquaintances ever since. I always thought she was the go-getter type, very ambitious, in a way where she makes networking a priority and forge
  5. Hey everyone. My boyfriend and I always have arguments about Instagram. He just has multiple accounts of girls in the area he’s following along with Instagram models. There are even accounts of like hottest girls on the gram amount other questionable accounts. He tells me he followed them all when he was single. It just bothers me because I don’t want to be married to someone who is going to always be looking at other girls online. I’m not sure what to do. He has unfollowed some after we talked but there is just so much on there still... he doesn’t view it the same way as me. I believe you
  6. If you were a dumpee, did you ever get closure? If so, when? Did you actually get to sit down with your ex and talk it out? I'm 21 and my ex is 24. He dumped me back in October after I (yes, I was an idiot) called him up and got into a heated argument on the phone and then all we had was a 30min phone conversation the next week. I haven't seen him in person since October 18. He said that with his last girlfriends he never gave them an explanation but said that I deserved one. I told him I wouldn't feel closure unless I saw him in person and talked it out. He told me that he didn't know when
  7. So next month I would have been with my bf for 1 year. So I’m very nosey so I decided to look for his ex girlfriend/baby mum online. He is a very private person and has never shown me her nor told me her name lol. So me being intrigued I found her Facebook then followed her on a fake Instagram [emoji23]♂️. She accepted it today and I see she posted a pic of my boyfriend mum saying ‘celebrating my mother in laws 60th’..... mother in law?? You don’t refer to your exs mother that way even if it is your child’s grandma. Most annoying part is I can’t even mention it to him cos he will be mad about
  8. Greetings! I have read several articles and seen YouTube videos advising to NOT reach out to an ex on Christmas or the Holiday Season. However, my goal is not to get my ex-wife back, but simply to re-establish a bridge of communication for a potential friendship in the long-term. I absolutely have no intentions in a long-term reconciliation. A bit of history: my ex-wife left me 5.5 years ago to ''find herself'' after a 6-year marriage (she has been single since then). We have been divorced now for 3.5 years and have been in No Contact for nearly 2 years. She is still single, bitter, and
  9. To make a long story short here we go.. My senior year of high school (2006-7) I dated a girl a year younger than me. We were our first boyfriends/girlfriends. We were our first makeout and foreplay. We didn't have sex, basically because she was scared of getting pregnant. We broke up because she thought I was being too serious and looking back I was your typical high school anger fueled jealous type. Shortly after our breakup he dad moved out. She got a new boyfriend a few months later, quickly had sex with him and basically went nuts with guys through college. Throughout all of this I
  10. Hello everyone! I don't know if you remember me... I'm just gonna give a quick summary of everything that's happened so far. If you already remember the story feel free to skip ahead to the last few paragraphs and sorry it's sooo long. So we were classmates back in college since the year 2012. I always liked him but never let him know. Back in 2014 he started dating this girl and he was REALLY into her. They were about 22 back then. She was his first real girlfriend. They dated for a total of nine months and about 3 months of their time together she got a scholarship to Italy so it was kind
  11. I'm after some advice, but guess I need to tell my story first. Thank you for anyone who makes it to the end. My ex and I met each other travelling around New Zealand, she's from Germany, I'm from the UK. It was such a magical time, this incredibly kind and special person falling in love with me, as we were both falling in love with our surroundings. I've never met someone so honest and pure, she cannot not lie and see's things so positively. She changed my whole perspective on the world, from eating chicken hearts because it was the cheapest meat at the supermarket, to going vegan over
  12. Some background about me: I'm a 21F college senior, about to graduate with a dual degree in Public Policy and Economics from a prestigious university, and looking for a life in academia. Recently I've solidified my goals of getting my Ph.D. and doing research and/or being a professor. I'm very satisfied with that, I just want to read, learn, and come up with mind-blowing theories to solve global issues. And I want to share that with others. My path won't be easy, like any college student I struggle with anxiety about my future and all of the uncertainty that comes with it. Some more back
  13. Long post - but I really need advice, so I’m going to tell the full story (including his side). My boyfriend (P) and I met through a mutual friend in our junior year of high school. The first year was amazing - butterflies turned into love, and I was extremely happy. Things took a turn when we decided to attend colleges 12 hours from each other. During our freshman year, P made a strong circle of friends very early on. In that group was a girl ©. They spent a lot of time together, and eventually I became suspicious. I asked him over and over if something was going on, and he alwa
  14. Hello all, My husband is what I’ve now come to realize is a FA. I knew nothing about attachment styles until after he left. I’m more of an anxious-preoccupied for sure. The backstory is, my husband of almost 2 years suffered a horrific sexual abuse when he was around the age of 9. He also didn’t have his father in the picture and his mom had to work a lot to support him and his sister so he was a caregiver for his sister. We met while he was deployed (military) through some mutual friends. I didn’t want anything more than a friendship with him at first. He pursued me very hard for m
  15. Hello first time poster! I have been with my partner several months now and he's fantastic, he really is. The other week I found a stupid comment on someones instagram profile who i also follow (yes, a stupid instagram model) after a few days I approached him about it, (in fact, i said i saw something on instagram, and he knew instantly and we spoke about it and it really was nothing) However, I cannot let it go, and last week I looked through his inbox. I KNOW I KNOW (i'll accept the abuse) Of course I found nothing. nothing at all. Im not actually angry about the situation anymo
  16. Hello everyone, The other day my boyfriend and I were looking at photos on his phone to make a contact photo for myself. He went to the bathroom and I scrolled back to October. We have been together for over a year since July 2019. I found multiple nudes of other random women. I asked him and he said it was just his friends sending it in the group chat and he didn’t even know they were still there. He apologized and said it’s nothing my friends and I were just messing around with each other. I also found screen shots of other girls Instagram photos. He said his friends sent those as well and
  17. It's been about 3 months since we have been broken up. I have gotten a lot strong mentally and emotionally. Although, I do have some days when I miss her. She was such an outstanding person. Before we broke up, she started to be distant with me. When we would spend time together, she would be on her phone half the time. There was a lot that went on that made me feel uncomfortable. One day, she told me she felt overwhelmed with our relationship and she needed space. She continued to say, if I can't respect her space, she would understand if I ended our relationship. I told her I'd res
  18. So I have been in a relationship for the past 3 years now and it has always been hit or miss and our main issues come down to my boyfriend he has no communication skills what so ever ,no time management, listening skills aren't super great either, in the past 2 years since the birth of our child things have been getting worse he doesn't seem to prioritise me or his child, he doesn't help us financially, doesn't work , very rarely helps with house work and will only do any childcare related things when told to (just to name a few) I know he loves us both and is the funniest guy and when he actu
  19. Hey, So I’ve been talking to this guy I met on Instagram for just over a month now, and haven’t had the chance to meet due to covid. Nothing special about how we started talking, he followed me, I followed back and then he DM’d me and since then, things have been going great. We exchanged socials from there after talking for a week or so. We have loads in common and get on like a house of fire. We were texting and calling everyday, talking for hours etc etc. All that good stuff that comes when you’re first getting to know someone. He was very mature and communicative, so all around no pr
  20. Hi everyone, I thought maybe I could get some clarity and spark some discussions. Ok firstly my view on social media - when I was young everything was up on Facebook and twitter, I then dated a VERY insecure man who made me delete all social media and for about 3 years I got into the habit of never using it. Never felt the urge, even when we broke up it took me 2 years after to remake social media accounts - I felt at a loss on what to actually post. Luckily I worked in a high corporate job where posting anything other than charity/ events or sports related pictures was very 'frowned
  21. Basically I met this boy through my friend, who is his flatmate. I met him on his own 4 times after meeting him at a party. We were supposed to go on a date but he cancelled the date and he invited me to his the following week. After that, he only invited me over his. Never out. We spoke almost every day. After the 4th time seeing him, I asked if he actually wanted to go out and do something and then he replied saying he doesn't want to lead me on (bit late for that). Anyway, the following week I was with my friend and he turned up, he was talking, said hi etc and then was all over o
  22. Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I posted here & I have been through some relationships that really taught me a lot.. Some of these things were to really be careful with trusting & opening up to just any guy.. I’m going to tell you briefly about my past relationship just so you could judge better for the present one! (I’m really sorry this is going to be looong but I’m a sucker for details..) I don’t know if I mentioned before that I wasn’t the type to be that serious in relationships (although I’ve always really wanted a serious one) & the reason I was like that is beca
  23. My boyfriend (32M) and I (29F) have been together for 3 1/2 years. He is currently in grad school and will graduate in May 2021. I will be the first to admit that I have been insecure about our relationship and the commitment. I have brought up marriage 5-6 times in the past year, because I wanted to know where he stood. I dealt with serious doubt and insecurity over whether or not he wants to be with me. His family is very traditional and doesn’t believe in spending the night or living together until marriage. He still lives at home with his parents, so he follows their rules. So t
  24. So I’m in a bit of a conundrum. My boyfriends daughter almost 15 now, has become a real nightmare. Her father isn’t easy either, and there has been a number of issues in the past, those of which we’ve tried to work on. I’ll bullet point this out so it’s easier to follow: I should note we are NOT married. We did talk about this in the first year of dating, but with me being financially set bc of my family (I have a trust), I have way more to lose than he does by marrying anyone... anyway... 1- boyfriend and I have been friends for 10 years, now dating for 2. We live together and his d
  25. Me and my girlfriend were dating for 8 months. Things were great, saw each other almost everyday. She told me she loved me first, I already knew I loved her but was scared to run her off. We had so much in common in life, and what we wanted out of life. We like the same things and had so much fun together. We never fought or really disagreed with each other. Almost 6 weeks ago I was at her house on a Friday night, we were hanging out, watching music videos and just talking like normal, she told me she loved me and how thankful she was we had each other, I told her the same. As the night
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