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  1. We don’t live together anymore. K.
  2. I don’t get my sister sometimes. We are extremely close, but sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Whenever we get in an argument or disagreement, she insults me and my character. For example: there would be miscommunication and she would insult me by saying “well you should have listened in the first place” or “that’s why you’re failing at _____”. I am confused because what does me failing at something have to do with our miscommunication??? I am not sure if she is trying to upset me but I’ve had it with her. Then shes the one who gets mad and stays quiet, ignoring me for hours or the rest of th
  3. I have my own room. I agree, I do believe fighting is not the answer. She initiated it. But okay
  4. I Never said felt sorry for myself. But okay since you think you know me.
  5. I live with my sister and mom. After I graduated from college last year, I returned home to save money for my own place soon. Today I realized I need to leave immediately. My sister and I (who is one and a half year older than me) got into a physical fight over something so stupid. She was so mad because I “yelled” at her. After that she started throwing my belongings. I told her not to keep throwing my things and she didn’t care and started calling me names. I was very calm to the point where she pushed me to just yell and scream at her. She always thinks she’s right about everything and sees
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