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Community Answers

  1. Who cares if things shut down at 9pm. You can still grab an ice cream and go for a walk, or go for a drive.
  2. Is this a cyber type relationship?
  3. can't take these things so personally...ya I know it's hard but, put yourself in their shoes. If you weren't interested in someone but they kept messaging you etc, how does that make you feel? When I feel a blow to the old self esteem I just think about people who have problems way worse than mine and feel blessed with what I have.
  4. 8pm too late? What is with you young people? I used to go out til 11 or 12, then start work at 8am. Have a nap before you go out.
  5. You turned into a crazy person, and it sucked all the air out of "what we have." If you would have been the kool laid back chick with lots going on in her life, you may have been more appealing to him....by not concerning yourself how much attention you should be getting from him, etc. We can't say if he was into you or not. Only he can say, but being obsessed definitely contributed to him scampering away. here's a tip: to be desirable is to be less available. People desire most what they can't have. That's how it works. But unfortunately you were the one chasing with your desire on over charge.
  6. All I can say is, this is not normal. This is debilitating. It's stopping her from doing things, enjoying things, enjoying life. She needs to get a medical assessment/treatment. This is no way to live.
  7. That sounds bi-polar. Just giving you the heads up, most of us have dealt with mental illness more ways than one.
  8. well then just tell her, if she is moody, she can tell you to give her some space. You leave her alone and go do something else with your time until she snaps out of it.
  9. Obviously he has met someone, so that part he's just moving on. Your agreement was casual, and it was. He did the decent thing and broke it off instead of ghosting or whatever. I think you have an expectation issue...you will take anything, and hope it will turn into something. You invested when you shouldn't have. Was it unfair? Only to yourself. Casual mean no obligation or promise of a future. Next time stay away from "casual" or any guy that says "I'm not ready for anything serious"
  10. Egad set him straight. Obviously he doesn't know boundaries. True story: my friend hired this DJ for her wedding. I guess he saw me there. Later he tried to add me on FB obviously through my GFs page, and messaged me, hitting on me. My friend called him and tore a strip off him. "She's married for Christ sake!" "How dare you stalk women my friends list!" Now that's no boundaries.
  11. just suck it up when you are at home... and move out when you are done with your studies. Don't communicate your plans with anyone...quietly slip out the back door and leave the dysfunction behind.
  12. When it comes to a partner with this type of mental illness...you have absolutely no control over it. This is your future if you stay with this person. Even with medication and therapy, there's still going to be real rough times over and over again. Sorry but there isn't anything you can to to "fix" them. Things might be better later on, but it's temporary. You can't stay with a person like this if it affects your own mental health in a negative way...this is toxic. That's why your therapist is gently telling you to back off and take care of yourself...they are concerned for you.
  13. It's a sad thing that it turned out this way. To be sure you can do much better on your own.
  14. Liar liar pants on fire...you will be needing to call the fire dept on that one.
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