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  1. He communicates well with people he knows well, and I was told he is approachable -- which is somewhat true. He's also a private person and inexperienced in dating. Some of our conversations have been filled with awkward silence even though he is receptive and pays attention to what I say (so far as to putting his phone away as we speak). I totally get what you're saying though.
  2. I don't have his number. He still stares and acknowledge me. He's also a type of person that keeps himself busy. I'm not sure what he thinks about me but all I can do is be patient for now. A colleague has told me he's been through a lot in his life but didn't go into detail.
  3. I know. It just sucks though because I wouldn't have met him at all if I didn't get rehired at my workplace. 😞 I understand though
  4. He hasn't mentioned a GF to anyone, but you may be right about messy workplace romance.
  5. Okay, so long story. There's this really reserved guy at my work and at first, I didn't really give him much attention. Then one day, he turned around and looked at me and I looked down from him. He made me feel shy. After a little while I noticed he'd always glance at me and smile and at other times when I looked at him to say hello, he'd always look down. Some time after that he started greeting me by waving and smiling at me. I started talking to him with little conversations and he seemed like he didn't really have much to say. But he was really enthusiastic about the conversation, teeth smile and all. We had awkward pauses but I didn't mind. There were times in the beginning where he'd initiate or say something but after a while, he retreated for some reason. Then when I would wear cute clothes to boost my confidence and feel good, I noticed he'd always make heavy like breathing/sigh sounds when he'd walk by me and it made me feel like he despised me because he always done it around me only. He's also avoided eye contact and avoided me at times.. I haven't done anything to him, but it hurt my feelings a bit. Every time he's saw me, he'd look down. Made me feel like I was a problem. Next, I've continued to talk to him because he would still wave and acknowledge me, so I thought things were okay for the most part. He's still polite. After some time he opened up a little. He would laugh nervously at almost everything I've said, looks at me in a "deer in headlights" sort of way, a few times he's actually gotten tongue tied and mixed up words when talking to me, and when helping me one time, he's bumped his head under my desk (lol). In my computer screen reflection, when he'd walk by -- I would see him have his head down until he passes me and lifts it up again. I thought he was into me so I made a move and gave him my number and he looked genuinely happy with the same trademark teeth smile. Told him I would like to talk more. Now fast forward to now and although he hasn't reached out, he doesn't ignore me in the slightest. When he's passing by I look up and he's already looking at me ready to acknowledge me. This happens every day and if he doesn't see me all day, he makes an excuse to at least once. We've also said bye to each other. He still sighs as well around me. I told him I was switching shifts and we wouldn't see each other as often because he worked 1st shift. He then asked with puppy-like eyes, if I was still going to work in the office. My guess is to still see me around, but then again I could be wrong. He always seems happy to see me, so what's the deal here? What should I do? Sorry for the long post, guys.
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