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  1. He communicates well with people he knows well, and I was told he is approachable -- which is somewhat true. He's also a private person and inexperienced in dating. Some of our conversations have been filled with awkward silence even though he is receptive and pays attention to what I say (so far as to putting his phone away as we speak). I totally get what you're saying though.
  2. I don't have his number. He still stares and acknowledge me. He's also a type of person that keeps himself busy. I'm not sure what he thinks about me but all I can do is be patient for now. A colleague has told me he's been through a lot in his life but didn't go into detail.
  3. I know. It just sucks though because I wouldn't have met him at all if I didn't get rehired at my workplace. 😞 I understand though
  4. He hasn't mentioned a GF to anyone, but you may be right about messy workplace romance.
  5. Okay, so long story. There's this really reserved guy at my work and at first, I didn't really give him much attention. Then one day, he turned around and looked at me and I looked down from him. He made me feel shy. After a little while I noticed he'd always glance at me and smile and at other times when I looked at him to say hello, he'd always look down. Some time after that he started greeting me by waving and smiling at me. I started talking to him with little conversations and he seemed like he didn't really have much to say. But he was really enthusiastic about the conversation, t
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