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  1. smackie9's post in How do I discuss relationship problems with my mother? was marked as the answer   
    You are wasting your time looking at your mother as a last ditch effort to save your relationship. I believe you have it in your mind that you should leave, but you hope she or someone will tell you different. I am not going to tell you different, nor will anyone else for that matter. You have so much going for you...you are throwing all that away, all your hard work, just to stay with this guy. Know your self worth, you deserve and can do much better.
  2. smackie9's post in Why now? was marked as the answer   
    it's called infatuation. People fantasize, and I agree with the others he's just reliving his youth. These are just words, playing a fantasy roll purely for enjoyment, not a promise or a true want.
    Just play along and enjoy the ride while it lasts...there will be a day when he just stops answering your text messages.
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