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  1. Maybe he's not that into you, sorry. Usually men are not huge fans of texting, they obviously text more at the beginning of a relationship, but I think it's weird to be pulling away after 1 month. Maybe the two of you are not compatible. Try to pull away too, don't text him too much and let him make the effort to talk to you.
  2. This man is just weird, sorry, I'd back off and see if he contacts you, but I wouldn't see him as bf material. Maybe casual sex, if that's your thing, just don't fall for him.
  3. Message her on the dating app, approaching her somewhere on the street is a little creepy to e, but maybe other women don't mind. Good luck 🙂
  4. This guy is wasting your time, I'm sure there's someone else who will treat you much better, and won't be super rude to you.
  5. I don't know if I'd like to stay in touch with an ex who slept with my best friend. I'm a little confused, did the two of you actually date or were you just hooking up?
  6. I feel the need to comment on the reputation of Eastern European women moving to the EU/Western Europe, and I can't tag the person who started this discussion, sorry. We're not moving to another country to marry a rich man. Most of us study and/or work. Do you know how hard it is to move from everything you know, learn another language, understand a different culture and do this on your own? Sorry for the rant, I didn't expect such a comment in 2021 🙄
  7. She broke up with you, let her go. I understand it's hard, you might want to temporarily block her on social media so you don't feel tempted to contact her.
  8. Hi Vera, it's good to see another Eastern European here 🥰 I'm so sorry that this happened, but to be honest, this man doesn't seem to be husband material, I'm sure you deserve more - a man who will actually work. Hope you will feel better soon.
  9. If you feel he's being too friendly and you don't want to meet him and his wife outside work, you should tell him. Maybe it's time to take a step back if this makes you uncomfortable.
  10. I don't think ma father will ever change, I think I gradually accepted the situation as is. I used to be a little upset I was never daddy's little girl, but it's okay now, I chose to focus on different things in my life. Lost - I think being in a committed relationship would help me, whenever I had a boyfriend, I didn't feel the urge to flirt or seek male attention. However, I have a hard time letting someone in, after a few bad experiences, so recently I only had flings and 'situationships'. I met someone last year who I really liked but sadly he had a gf 🙁
  11. Just ask for his Instagram or phone number so you can continue your movie conversation 🙂
  12. I like the part about having the right mindset, I think that's something I could do, to shift my attention to other things in my life.
  13. Thanks Batya, I'll try to remember this, it's really hard to talk to my father about anything related to emotions, I gave up a long time ago.
  14. Yes, it's good to know I'm not the only who feels this way. Therapists are expensive here, but I'll see what I can do, it gives me hope that you feel better now 🙂
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