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  1. My mom was is a similar situation, a friend stopped talking to her after 15 years of friendship. She's sometimes still a little upset but learned to accept it.
  2. Hi Sherry, maybe she is upset because she wasn't invited to the wedding? It seems to be she needs some space, maybe she just doesn't feel like talking to you, I'm sorry. Could she be jealous of you for some reason?
  3. I like this, especially about the expectations, thank you 🙂
  4. I think she’s one of those people who just can’t be on their own, she needs company all the time, so she either hangs out with friends or random guys from tinder or bumble, and maybe overschedules. I think I told her I prefer to make plans a little in advance, not sure if she understood. I feel like for her it’s not a big deal to make plans and then not follow through. I tried to accept her as she is but this year she became even more flaky, and it’s just too much. As I mentioned, when we hang out, we have a lot of fun, and I have good memories with her so I don’t want to avoid her comple
  5. I don't mind if my friends cancel at the last minute, or if they sometimes forget to reply to my message, I think we've all been there, but I think it's a little rude to make plans, and then just disappear, only to send a message a few days later that she was busy. And she does this often.
  6. That gas station story made me laugh, thanks for sharing 😃
  7. Thanks everyone, I needed some time to reply, it was really hard to write this thread, I guess I still feel a little guilty that it happened. Good news is that I've been searching for a therapist.
  8. Thank you Rose, this sounds reasonable. I never told her anything about her being flaky, I just let it be but lately I've been tired of it.
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments. I do have other friends, it’s not like she would be my only friend, she just lives in my neighborhood, so it was easy to hang out. I wanted to know if I am overacting, or if this is something that just happens all the time. Rose – makes sense, I’ll try to expand my circle, as hard as it is right now. I’m also a nostalgic person so I tend to hold on to memories, and it makes me sad to leave this friendship behind. I don’t know this is not the best thing, I’m trying to work on this.
  10. So I have this friend, we’ve known each other for almost 3 years now and we get along pretty well. I like spending time with her, it’s fun but what really bothers me is how flaky she is. I’m someone who likes to plan things, like what I will do on weekends or after work, even though it’s pretty limited these days because of the restrictions. I completely understand that not everyone likes to plan things as much as I do, and I’ve tried to understand my friend too. She barely plans at all, she makes last minute plans, or cancels at the last minute, or replies to my message 1 week later. Sh
  11. Hey everyone, This happened some time ago, but I think it still haunts me in a way. I never really told anyone about it but maybe it’s time to finally to do it. This was my boyfriend for several months and it wasn’t a good relationship because I found out he had been cheating on me, long story short he was a player. The part that still haunts me is that once we were having sex and I told him to stop because it hurt me, and he didn’t stop. When I told him afterwards that I didn’t want it, he got mad at me and said he never had a girl who wouldn’t want to have sex. I was so l
  12. Maybe he's not that into you, sorry. Usually men are not huge fans of texting, they obviously text more at the beginning of a relationship, but I think it's weird to be pulling away after 1 month. Maybe the two of you are not compatible. Try to pull away too, don't text him too much and let him make the effort to talk to you.
  13. This man is just weird, sorry, I'd back off and see if he contacts you, but I wouldn't see him as bf material. Maybe casual sex, if that's your thing, just don't fall for him.
  14. Message her on the dating app, approaching her somewhere on the street is a little creepy to e, but maybe other women don't mind. Good luck 🙂
  15. This guy is wasting your time, I'm sure there's someone else who will treat you much better, and won't be super rude to you.
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