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  1. So, are you saying she's doing this because she wants to get back together?
  2. She enjoys your attention, and is weaning herself off of you slowly. She shouldn't be doing that at all after she's broken up with you. Tell her to please stop.
  3. OP, just leave it. It was one date. It stings, I realize, but you are going to need a thicker skin if you're on dating and hook-up apps.
  4. Kumar, you don't really believe she is this clueless, do you? The fact that she even suggested this indicates that she has checked out of your relationship. I personally would not continue dating someone who had the gall to approach me with such a ridiculous request, because it would tell me that we don't feel the same way about each other at all anymore.
  5. There's always the chance that he wasn't honest about why he was ending it, too. Maybe it has nothing to do with his parents, but is using that as the excuse.
  6. Indeed. In this very thread, I urged OP to ask her exactly who she was staying with, for this very reason. It was clear that she was lying and trying to deflect to cover up what she was really doing. OP, I'm very sorry that you've had it confirmed, directly from her. She doesn't love you anymore, and does not respect you at all. It's time to walk away from her forever. She's already gone, emotionally. You deserve much better than this.
  7. Well, societal expectations were also quite different then. Marrying quickly was not necessarily a result of being sure the other was right. I don't doubt there were many true love stories, but the idea of dating several different people before settling down was not really the norm, and being unwed past a certain age carried stigma. Another thing we need to remember is that in past generations, when people married and were unhappy, social pressures often meant that they did not seek divorce. For as many decades-long happy marriages that resulted from these generations, there are li
  8. This is your cue that she does not want you to pursue this. So, I think you are best to move along.
  9. This is the sign of an unhealthy relationship, OP. What are you still doing there?
  10. And that's where I would keep your focus. She hasn't been as into this relationship as you are, nearly from the beginning. It's not a question of forgiving her, really, but recognizing when someone just isn't on the same page as you.
  11. OP, what you need to understand is that you don't get to "allow" her to do anything. You are her boyfriend, not her parent. She doesn't need your permission for these things, so it would be wise to re-think how you perceive this. However, I also think she's being a typical teen in many ways. She's immature and not great at this relationship thing yet. Neither are you. You are both fumbling (telling her to imagine you're her girlfriend so she would "vent" to you about another guy? - dude, no, that's not how real life works) and you've both made mistakes. But, you're also both very young a
  12. OP, maybe I missed it somewhere in the thread, but have you had the opportunity to visit her at her home in Ukraine?
  13. No and no. Unforunately, it appears he is not willing to go against his parents' wishes and doesn't want to communicate anymore, so you have no choice but to let go.
  14. Can you elaborate on what he does, exactly? Are we talking physical affection, too many compliments, insisting you cry on his shoulder, or..?
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