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  1. My guess is she's got a crush on someone (who she considers a "thug") and since he's got her motored up, she wants you to be more like him. In other words, I would not be surprised if you found out there is another guy in her mind. I don't necessarily mean she is cheating, but she I highly doubt she's randomly developed this attraction to thugs out of nowhere - especially considering it appears to be quite different from the man she's known a long time. Having said that, it is beyond frustrating to have to ask someone several times to get something done. It shouldn't take "needing"
  2. Well, that's a pretty hard thing to mistake. How does she respond when you suggest spending time alone together? Does she only really say yes when it's a group outing/meet-up?
  3. Yes, I agree. I don't see the harm in dropping her a line, just to take her proverbial temperature and see how she responds. I would not recommending inviting her to your city to spend your birthday(s) together, though. That's too much and raises the expectations too high when you haven't even been on a date with her yet.
  4. Does she have no social life at all, apart from you? Other friends to talk to?
  5. Yes, that's exactly what it means. And jokes about getting her pregnant? This guy is horrible. He wants to have sex with her, badly. I think you're seeing that did have a problem with the lack of sex, and handled it in the worst way imaginable. He should have done the right thing and let you go if he felt your sex drives were this incompatible. This guy is not in love with you, and I don't think he ever has been. It's a good thing you left because this was not going to end well, regardless. If it hadn't been his ex, it likely would have eventually been someone else. His explan
  6. Not matter how you word it, he wants to sleep with another woman. He wouldn't have suggested it if that weren't the case. It doesn't particularly matter why, or if he only wants to proceed if you do. It's a common fantasy, and for some couples, it's a shared fantasy. For others, the idea is unthinkable. There is no universal "right" or "wrong" - only how you feel. Your first reaction was not enthusiastic. That's perfectly okay. Again, having had this experience more than once in my life, I can tell you this: listen to that first instinct. You will not enjoy it all otherwise, and r
  7. Speaking from experience: only do this is you already had an interest in having this experience. It will be a disaster otherwise. Only you can decide if him even suggesting it hurts your feelings.
  8. Maybe a couple hours, maximum. And that was simply meant as a cooling-off period so we could talk an issue out without emotions getting in the way. It wasn't ever the "silent treatment." This is a very immature way to deal with problems, OP. All it does is increase resentment and magnify the disconnect between you two. Is this typical for her when she gets upset?
  9. I don't think there's anything else you can do. You already did the right thing apologizing to her friend, and taking ownership of your insensitive remarks. You explained this to both of them. Is your girlfriend the type who stays mad for days and essentially gives the silent treatment?
  10. Bingo. OP, you are in serious denial. This has never been a solid relationship and I would bet any money he’s got someone else on his radar. You need to wake up and find your dignity, girl.
  11. Confronting her is pointless as it won’t break them up, so to speak. She already knows he’s with you, and she’s doing this anyway. She doesn’t care. And neither does he. They will probably get back together, and good riddance to them. They’re both shady people. Find somewhere else you can stay, and get the heck away from him.
  12. Exactly. I still don't get what exactly he is asking her for, and what she is not doing. You need to be a lot more specific, OP, or ask him to be. Does he want to eat dinner together every night? Go to bed at the same time? Spend some quality time together on weekends? Have a date night once a week? Put down your phone during dinner or while you're relaxing in bed? What?
  13. The fact that your own boyfriend didn't share with this with you, and you had to hear it from his friend, is your indication that you two are not really that close. It seems that upon spending more time together in person, you're learning that you two are not that compatible and you're seeing sides of him you didn't know existed. What do you mean when you say he was behaving very strangely on NYE and he got extremely angry? What did he say or do?
  14. The above suggests she hasn't changed, OP. She was happy to take advantage of you as long as you were still coughing up the cash and perks. As soon as you voiced your concern, she flipped out. You need to accept that this woman was not into you for the right reasons.
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