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  1. It depends really. If both are used in moderation long-term, weed is worse due to the mental health implications, i.e. psychosis, mood problems including manic depression and depression, and cannabis can alter the effect of any anti-depressants or tranquilizers, in addition to aggravating any already present mental problems. Physically, assuming you know the contents of the cannabis, it can be worse for lungs than cigarettes, as the tar sinks to the bottom of the lungs rather than being evenly distributed. However, tobacco contains a variety of ingredients apart from tar that are terrible for health pretty much throughout the body. If cannabis is mixed with tobacco in a joint then cannabis is worse. Alcohol, when drank sensibily can't do much damage, although alcohol is a poison and an anesthetic, and alcohol can be pretty fattening and isn't good the the liver. When used in excess, alcohol is very dangerous indeed. You can quite easily die from just one night's binge drinking (the brain becomes so subdued that no message is sent to the lungs to breathe, so the body, and the person, doesn't realise that they are infact suffocating), and alcohol is far more addictive then weed. An alcoholic will go through the same, if not worse, withdrawal symptoms as a heroin addict. Alcohol forms a strong physical and psychological dependency, and whilst you can become addicted to marijuana this is a psychological depenency alone. Alcohol has been linked to heart disease, strokes, long and short term memory loss, mouth, throat and breast cancer, liver disease, and fertility problems.
  2. Because the whole idea of a monogamous relationship is that sex is shared between two people who love eachother. You can 'emotionally' cheat on your partnertoo - it's anything that breaks the trust and imtimacy between ou and your SO.
  3. I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I'm a vegetarian, not a health freak. I love fries, cheese, potato chips.. Basically if it's yellow and fatty, I love it. And there are MUCH better sources of protein than red meat. Nuts and soya for example have more protein and good, nutritious fats. And 'more normal'? What is normal? I'd rather have values than be called normal. I don't judge you for eating meat. I could call you cruel or heartless but I don’t. It's your body, you eat what you like. I expect the same basic courtesy back, please. Plus you spelt weird wrong; this is funny when you’re calling people it.
  4. I'm a vegetarian. Yes, I know that eating meat is natural, in reasonable amounts can be healthy, and yes, I do slip up once in a while. My problem is with how meat is produced. Meat should not be mass produced. There is no dignity dying on a production line. There is far too much room for mistakes. There are two many stories of chickens and pigs being immersed in scalding water to soften their skin when fully conscious. I have very little issue with organic, free range meat, once in a while. It's when meat becomes like a 'crop' the problem arises. What’s more, it becomes so easy to forget that an animal made the ultimate sacrifice to give you sustenance. We have robbed animals like cows and sheep of their natural existence. The record age for a domestic sheep is 15 years. I worked at a farm for a while when I was doing a countryside course, the average age of a sheep there when they were sent to slaughter was 9 months. Genetically engineered battery chickens breed for meat now have such large bodies when they reach full height their legs can no longer support them. They spent the last few weeks of their lives unable to walk, crawling about in their own excrement. This excrement is highly acidic, and actually scalds their legs leaving horrific scars. The next time your about to buy a cheap chicken, please check its legs. You may see all this as irrelevant - people come first. However people are massively affected by meat production. Meat is expensive to produce; you must feed it and water it. This means precious water and grain that starving people need is being fed to animals. It is depressing to consider that throughout the last big famine in Ethiopia, that country was exporting desperately needed soy to Europe to feed to farmed animals. The same relationship held true throughout the famine in Somalia in the early 1990’s. All things considered, is it really worth it? (Please no one answer 'YES!' coz otherwise I've just wasted my time. Say it to yourself and punch the air though, if you so wish.)
  5. Your girlfriend wants you to stop cutting yourself and you think she doesnt care about you.. So what would you think if she let you hurt yourself?
  6. If my boyfriend asked for a 'kissy-wissy', he would just get an odd look. However, it's lovely to relax and be silly. I am 17, but I love hugging, eskimo kissing, tickling and teasing. More importantly my boyfriend loves it when i'm 'cute'. There is a line when playfully kitch just becomes sickly.. but why not have a little fun?
  7. Diet coke causes acid erosion in your teeth. Diet coke frustrates me, coke its self is like 56 calories. If you cant bear the thought of that, drink water..
  8. I often say that people are to quick to divorce, but this is one of those times when you should just run. This charming bloke has commited adultery and various other naughties. The bible states this is when you can get out. On the whole 'turn the other cheek' issue, this doesn't mean be a doormat. Did Jesus turn the other cheek when people were gambling in the temple? No. He tossed over a few tables. Did Jesus ignore his critics? No, he didn't. Just get out. Just get out.
  9. You were a little harsh, but theres no nice way to say 'I would like more sex please, you have a problem' really. I agree with the others in saying that you shouldn't get married until this is sorted out. Explain to her that you love her, and you understand that she feels this way, but shouldn't you be able to find a compromise? If all else fails, fill the house with roses and perfume and go with the massage approach.
  10. cybersex = dirty talk with an internet connection. i'm sorry, but its not sex.
  11. If he was kind and sweet, said you were perfect and wonderful, then I'd understand.. But waiting two years for a guy that said he wants other women? No no no no! What if he turns out to be a (..or even more of a) jerk? thats TWO YEARS of your life chasing a very expensive dream. If you want to use the internet to meet guys, feel free. Just be selective. Dont bother with guys that wont say anything concrete. I think this is all about your self-esteem. You dont think that you can do better. Believe me, just by what you've said in this post I know you could do better. You could have a wart on your face the size of your left leg, and sweetie, you could still do better. Your worth more than some guy thousands of miles away that isn't quite sure. Quite frankly, he's taking the p***.
  12. My complete self obssession. The idea that everything must be perfect with my appearance. I'm unable to accept that though I dont look like a model, I'm attractive and healthy. Some people wont like me. It doesnt mean everyone hates me, or that I can't like myself.
  13. White flowers, minus a card. My aunt who was very close passed away a few months ago, and the cards filled with kitch poems just reminded me of the loss. When people left names it just made me feel embarrassed that i didnt have the energy to respond. Its touching you care so much.
  14. The guy came here for help, not to be told he's not a real friend.
  15. If he leaves his girlfriend for you, your always going to feel uncomfortable in the relationship. Do what every sensible girl would do, spy on him when he's in the shower.
  16. You've had to put so much effort into this, twice she's hurt you badly. Relationships (even frustrating long-distance ones) are meant to make you feel good. If I were you I'd take a break from online gaming for a few weeks, or at the very least block her/stop talking to her. Stop chasing her. She might realise what she's missing, she might not. As horrid as this is, it's better leaving this now than chasing her and havign something similar happen in a few months. Sorry, I wish you the best!
  17. Hair works in three stages; growth (Anagen stage), transition (Catagen stage) and then falling out (Telogen or resting stage). Then new hair growth starts over again. Whats the condition of your hair like? If it's brittle/dry, its likely that you need some more protein/fats in your diet. Do you flat iron/vigoriously brush your hair? This can cause alot of stress to the hair follicle. While it could be thyroid/stress related, I'm more inclined to think its just the hair in the shedding stage, all the same it couldnt hurt to improve your diet and see your GP. Hope this helps! x
  18. forgive me, but when i was your age as far i was was concerned all guys were perverts. sigh.
  19. I'm not a 'relationship expert' at all, but I can see she shouldn't have gone and sound this little playmate, but it's not the problem - merely a symptom of the problem. It's quite obvious you've lost the intimacy and she was just looking to be cared for. get some counsilling, cut off contact from the guy and move back into the same bed.. have you tried snore strips/drops/pills?
  20. As awful as I think aborion is at that stage,she made her descision and thats that. I separated myself from a friend a while ago because of something she did, and it eats away at me. I hate her, but I wish I didnt because its so much effort to hate someone.
  21. Little tip I wish I learnt a while back; You can fake confidence. Laugh about the situation to yourself. Secondly, talk to her by talking to everyone. Coz she's pretty young she wont but telling you if she does like you, so your going to have to find this out for yourself. Flirt a bit. Not in a 'Hey baby ' way, but tease her a bit. Find some excuse to touch her (innocently mind, she's young and innocent, so are you) and see how she reacts. Finally, stop it with all this 'I'm not the best looking guy' nonsense. In my experience looks can be greatly improved on by a sense of humour, and believe you, your looks will also improve with age. I was 14 three years ago, and thank god, my god, I've changed!
  22. Writing her a poem would definitely appeal, are you musical at all? A song would have a similar effect. The thing about valentine's day is that you can get away with doing very lame things and it's seen as cute.
  23. Personally I wouldnt mind if I was 25+. My 19 year old friend is going out with a guy thats 29/30, I dont like him much, though I can see he loves her. The issue is emplyment, a girl wants to date a guy that has ambition and is going somewhere. Then again, the romantic in me says none of this really matters, does it?
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