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  1. I'm a woman in my late 30's and my partner is a guy in his early 40's. I've been dating him for just over three months, but I also dated him briefly 20 years ago and then lost touch with him until last year. I've been in a few serious relationships before and been engaged. He has been in one serious relationship before for about 6 years and he was married to that woman. I actually know this woman, she's an acquaintance of mine that I got to know before I ran into my partner again after 20 years. His ex-wife has really bad mental health issues and in their marriage she didn't work, didn't take any care of their pets and didn't do much around the house. My partner did everything. My partner told me that although he hadn't been diagnosed, he suspects that he has high functioning autism. I have actually noticed this because he gets sensory overload, is a fussy eater, interrupts people. But overall he's a nice and kind person and even his ex-wife only had good things to say about him and highly recommended him to me lol My partner had been very sweet to me, giving massages, cooking for me, buying gifts I like, writing me poetry and songs, making origami for me, things like that. Our sexual chemistry is also incredible and this led to an unplanned pregnancy only 2.5 months into us dating each other. Right now I'm nearly 8 weeks pregnant. My partner was really happy and excited about the baby and definitely wanted to have it and be with me. We said to each other that we love each other. There is a huge problem however and that's that I feel really uncomfortable about his relationship with his mother. I think his relationship with his mother seems very co-dependent and inappropriate. His parents knocked off his grandmother's house and built two houses on the land. My partner had lived with housemates or his wife before, but thus time he moved into the house right next door to his parents to "help" them. This was just before we started dating. I straight away noticed that something was going on with his relationship with the mother. His father is from Asia but his Mum is Caucasian Westerner. The Dad has actually never been an issue, it's the Mum. Every time I was over at his house, his Mum kept coming over, usually unannounced and often not even knocking. She would just come in (the door was unlocked or she opened it with her keys). I also noticed that sometimes she came in the house while he wasn't even there. One time we went out and when we came back, we saw signs that she'd been there. She said she came in because "the dogs were barking", but she never told us about it. His Mum would also call on the phone and message often just to chat, or to ask my partner to go over to her place and help with random stuff. I want to point out that the things didn't seem urgent. One time my partner invited my friends and I over for dinner and his Mum knew we were over. She came over twice and the second time asked my partner to come over and help with something. My partner left us, his guests, for about ten minutes to go help his Mum. One time his Mum came over and rang the doorbell and we were in the middle of having sex! My partner didn't tell her it wasn't a good time but put his clothes on and opened the door to her. I have already spoken to my partner a couple of times about this and to please have boundaries with his Mum. He did speak to her and she stopped coming in as much, but she still kept doing it. I also noticed that she's messaging my partner a lot and informing her about everything he's doing, where he's going, etc. Also sometimes she buys him clothes. My partner asked me to move in with him and I felt I really needed to be honest and told him I felt about the Mum situation. My partner was visibly upset but he wasn't rude or anything like that at all. He said that living somewhere else could be an option but he didn't really seem to truly understanding how I feel. He said that in the Asian culture you have to take care of your parents when they're older. I know he grew up in Asia until his late teens. However as I said, his Mum is white Westerner. And the Asian father has not been any problem at all and never calls or comes over. My partner said he feels responsibility as the oldest child to help his parents, but he's not an only child. He's one of four siblings. I really want to make this work and especially for the baby, but I feel like there's nothing I can do? I feel like he's actually fine with this relationship he has with his mother and he's enabling it.
  2. I have been living in a different country to my home country for the past 3 years with my boyfriend. Was only meant to be for short amount of time with his job, ended up going permanent and we stayed. I have always been homesick and wanted to move back and he doesn’t. We have a toddler and I am currently 6 months pregnant. Our relationship is not good, can’t agree on anything, he is not very supportive. I had postnatal depression with my first, and scared I will get it again with this baby. I want to move back and have baby in home country where I have more support as have none here, but he feels I am taking our kids away from him and making him miss out on the birth. I need some advice!
  3. How soon can a person know that they may be pregnant? I am kinda freaking out about the fact that I may be but then again, a lot of things are going against me for that matter... things such as I am on the pill and have been for over 6 months, we were using a condom but during sex it slipped off... but I'm not sure if it saved us in this matter. It's only been about a week since this happened but I was wondering if you could have signs as early as this -- breast tenderness, belly aching, etc. Thank you.
  4. First of all, I am a super paranoid person. . . my boyfriend and I have had sex about 6 times so far. . . everytime we do, we use a condom, and he pulls out before he cums. Before he puts the condom on he rubs his penis... and his hands may have "precum" on them, then he puts on the condom, If the condom doesn't have spermicide on it, could that little bit of precum get me pregnant?? My period is due soon, and I'm really worried. I'm starting birth control the next time I get my period ... What are the chances of me being pregnant? How effective are condoms, and condoms with spermicide, when used correctly (no holes, put on right) Any help would be great. I'm stressing out. tanned_production I realize that I've posted before, I was just hoping someone could come up with statistics.
  5. Many of you have read my previous post about me and my GF's recent scare. 2 days ago she took a pregnancy test and it was negative. She still hasnt had her period though. She was supposed to get it on the 12th. Today is now 7 days late. Why could her period be late??
  6. i had unprotected sex tonight. i pulled out. i know it was a stupid thing to do. i will never do it again. please, i am just asking for advice,i don't need anyone to tell me i'm a moron. anyway, she just got off of her period not even a week ago. is it LIKELY that she will get pregnant? i'm gonna see if we can get a morning after pill tomorrow...thanks guys. i appreciate it. condoms from now on.
  7. Well...I was with this drunk girl last night and I put it in with no condom on. Well, after about 5 minutes I was about ready to bust, so I pulled it out, but I was still hard so she put it back in. At this point it finally hit me, I needed a condom. Now i'm paranoid as hell about an STD and there is a slim possibility shes pregnant. (Of course the pregnant thing is just a guess.) I'm thinking I should go get tested ASAP for an STD, just wanted some insight.
  8. Hi guys, quick question for your opinions. My girlfriend and I are in love and have been together around 13 months now. I plan on asking her to marry me this next year. Anyways. We have a sexual relationship, she is on the pill. I try to make sure that she is on time with the pills, because to be honest, neither of us like condoms. I know it's not the "safest" way to go about avoiding pregnancy, but so goes our selfish decisions. Last week, she had just finished her period and we were together for a special dinner together. We had planned on an evening encounter and she had forgotten to take her first pill on time. She took it a few hours late and we slept together. She then took emergency contreceptives within the 12 hours after...according to the instructions. I don't like her taking these pills, because you never know what they do to a womans body...I hope she can have my baby one day...just not now. Anyhow. She told me today, that she had some spot bleeding and I got massively worried, because she said that hasn't happened to her before. Now yesterday, we were wrestling (playing with each other) and I accidentally knee'd her in the lower abdomen very hard. I felt so bad. Anyways...do you think that spot bleeding is a sign of pregnancy or could it be my accidental knee to her overies? Should I be concerned? Thanks.
  9. On saturday me and my boyfriend had sex for about 45 minutes...but he never changed condoms between cumming and starting again....im worried because i recently read that this can lead to pregnancy. Its also around my fertile time..does anyone know how likely i am to be pregnant..im really scared.
  10. Well my friend had sex with a girl about 17-20 days ago and it was the day after she had her period and now she is claiming she is pregnant..... they did not use protection now she says that she is seeing signs of pregnancy like spotting tender breasts sick ta your stomach like pukey and she thinks shes preg. But she really likes this guy alot and dont wana loose him think shes messing around?
  11. i have had a couple of pregnancy scares lately. even though i do make all my partners wear condoms. but i really wanna stop that happening and so i want to go on the pill. but i have a boyfriend that i see if he comes to town and im thinking of goin on it for hi. but is he worth it? i mean he is sweet and caring but it seems he only likes me 4 1 thing and if i try t talk about anything else he goes all quiet and unresponsive. or maybe it is just me cos people have already said that i am over analytical and hyper paranoid. So is it hi or is it me? and is he worth it? Catie xxx
  12. I am in my mid-twenties. I was dating someone for 4 months but he left for this summer (he'll be back in 3 weeks). Before he left we decided that we could date other people if we wanted to. So after a few weeks and no phone call from him, I met a guy who was in town only for the summer (he's only 21). We hit it off and immediately started sleeping with each other. He was really sweet and we had a lot of fun together. He left for back home (which is the other side of the United States) two days ago. I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago. I tried to ignore it and tell myself that he was better off not knowing since I had already decided that I was going to have an abortion (for many reasons...I am not financially secure, I am single, I want my baby to have an active father and I had been taking antibiotics that could harm the baby). But now that he's left I have been having guilt dreams and nightmare dreams. I do not know if I should tell him or keep it to myself. My friends tell me not to. I don't want anything from him. I am capable to pay for it by myself and he wouldn't be able to be there I just feel guilty for not telling him since its his baby too. I also don't want him to freak out on me and never talk to me again on the phone because we remain friends.
  13. Hey guys, I have a girl friend and she is a virgin, neither I or n e one else has penetrated her vigina. The last couple of times a 2 weeks ago.. litterly only like 3 times with one time underwear being on we surfaced. I didnt put my penis inside of her only to a point where my penis was touching her vigina. and i am 100. percent sure . that i didnt ejaculate while it was over there. She is a little nervous cause recently she is feeling nausiated and she never feels like that even on planes or boat rides. She said she felt like throwing up but hasnt yet. She also hasnt been sleeping properly. SHould i be worried ? if she is pregnant then how soon or when is it to late to get an abortion ? how soon can i do a pregnancy test ? whats the best ones ? please reply asap
  14. I broke up with my girlfriend, near the end of the relationship she was acting very moody, and to be quite honest i could'nt trust her, we were together for two years and two weeks after the break up she calls me back wanting to talk again. We were talking at first as if everything was alright, like she wanted to get back together, but then she tells me shes talking to someone else and that the last three weaks of our relationship she was pregnant with our child which she then aborted after the breakup without my opinion. I had no idea she was even pregnant in the first place so i told her to f... off and i walked out on her, she's like "how could you just leave someone like that, after all we've been through, why can't we be friends, i don't wanna lose you". and thats something i'll never do, i'll never watch her be with another man and i won't keep it as friends, so do you think it was completey wrong for me to just leave without a goodbye and to never come back?
  15. i've been dealing with anorexia for about 5+ years now, and i was doing so much better, until about 2 months ago. then, suddenly i just couldn't eat anymore without feeling so sick afterwards, i actually puke without sticking my fingers down my throat or anything. for the past two weeks, i've hardly been able to eat anything, but even if i don't eat anything, i've still been puking. my dad now thinks i'm pregnant (i'm not) and i don't know what to tell him to make him stop worrying. he doesn't know about my eating disorder, and i really don't want to clue him in on it. but at the same time, he's been making getting better hard, because he's been obsessing with his weight and fitness. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! ~Scar
  16. OK, yestarday i posted something similar to this. Now the problem is, she supposed to be getting her period, but instead its brown blood. she got that yestarday, it was a little, and today was a little more. Now can anyone help me.
  17. A few days ago, my friend (who i posted about before and have feelings for) confided in me said she might pregnant. She's 17. Here's the story - she's over 2 months late, which is around the time she had sex with her boyfriend. Apparently the condom fell off. She hasn't taken a pregnancy test yet, but i'm going to help her and make her take it very soon. I've heard that stress and nerves can delay a womans period. So, could worrying about being pregnant cause her to miss it? Or does it sound like she's pregnant for sure? I know we won't know until she takes the test, but i was just curious. I can try to give more info if needed. I'm sure i'll be posting about this situation again very soon. Thanks.
  18. Okay, I met a girl online one day this summer. We met, had fun. She thought I was the greatest and I thought the world of her. I have been married once, with a 5 yr old. She's 25, I am 30. We are both teachers. She's white, I am black. I moved into her place. We split the bills. She drives her car, I drive mine. My child visits w/ us every other weekend, and they get along fine. Her parents are from the deep south, and think otherwise on her relationship w/ me. Last week, we found out she is pregnant. She's unsure about the baby, but wants to get married. She's not interested in seeing a doctor of any kind. She wants no one to know about her pregnancy until we get married. She bought our rings, and wants to fly out to Vegas pronto. So far, I have been agreeing until today. I feel like I need to end this fantasy, but not sure how to handle it.
  19. Hey again. So yeah, ive had a really crappy weekend, i got completely wasted on saturday night (before people say im too young thats not the issue, my parents let me drink, i dont do it much and usually im ok) but anyway, i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time (with him). We were both drunk and we didnt use any protection but from what i can remember it was alright and he took it out before he came. I spoke to him about it the next day because i was worried and he said he thinks it was ok too, but im still really paranoid about it now. Plus im angry at myself for my first time with him being so stupid. Do you think i should get a morning after pill? and what are the stats for like, how likely you are to become pregnant at different stages in youre menstrual cycle? Please dont just reply telling me not to be stupid or say that im too young to have sex, i am really careful when it comes to guys but i just messed up this one time. But any other advice would be great, thanku. x
  20. Here is my story, a week ago my gf and i had sex, after an hour she got really tired and wanted to stop, (i take a really ling time to cum). So we stoped I took the condom off, but after a while i asked her to do it again, but i did not have the condom on. Could she get pregnant even if i did not cum? Does the condom have a type of substance that kill sperms?
  21. Hello, This is going to start off like a ton of the posts on here but here it is. My girlfriend and I are very worried right now about her being pregnant. She is 12 days late as of today. I have been looking around and have been seeing that stress can play a big factor in a woman's period being late. But how late can it really cause it to be? And now she is REALLY worried about being pregnant so that is probably really throwing her off. But can it really cause it to be this late?
  22. Me and my gf has been together for 5 and a half years. We are each others first lesbian realationship. I am 30 and she is 23. I have one son 8yrs old and he has grown very close to her over the past 5 years. For the last year she has been wanting to have a baby. We decided to find a donar. Who was willing to inpregnant her with no strings attached . Then the only way we knew was to find a guy or the expensive way. I thought we she go to the bar and pick up a guy (like a one night stand). But, she didn't want to feal cheap, or to get any deseases. She then thought she could find someone she Knew that didn't want any strings to us or the baby. She had menchand a man a couple of times. The next thing I knew she brang him home. They had sex a few times. I was a bit worried because sex if very personal. I felt uncomfortable and talked to her. She asked if it would make me more comfortable if I were in the room. So then It became all three of us. Then he started coming over when I left for work and leaving before I came home. This was like 2 wks into the pregnancy plan. A mutal friend of his and ours was telling me he wanted to be with her for more than to just to get pregnant. He denied wanted anything more than what we had agreed on. She always reacured me I had nothing to worry about. "This was for us it was going to be our baby" she told me. One month into it ( 2wks ago) we were at home and they were talking and flirting (like tickling eachother and stuff) that is when I told her they needed to quit denying their feeling. To make a long story short she left to find out what she really wanted. She was gone for about 2 days (with him). Then she returned with him. I slept on the couch they on the bed (in our room). Two nights of this and I had enough. They came home and I was sleeping in the bed. She said " That was find she could *%$#% in the frontroom. It ended up to be a huge fight and they went to stay at her mothers. Three days ago they went on a road trip and ended up at her uncles house. They have no money and no way home. She called me for help.......They have some nerve.........What should I do?>>>>>.How should I feal>>>>? Is it my fault?..........She doesnt talk to my son anymore........! He don't know what to think?........What should I tell him?.........Will she come back...........? Should I take her back.............HELP...HELP...HELP...HELP............>>>>>>>.. . . . . 0X CONFUSED[/size][/b][/size]
  23. I have this friend who is pregnant right now. She has already given me the title of Godmother, and asked me to videotape the birth. I am aware that this means I will be on-call in the weeks before her due-date. But I have still agreed to do it. Well, she lent me this cd and called me about 20 mins ago to ask if I was done with it. I told her yes I was and she said she was coming over later to pick it up. The she told me she needs it for her baby shower that is tonight. Okay, godmother of the baby who is videotaping the birth, and this is the first I have heard about a baby shower, and I was never invited. I'm angry about this. She just said it so casually too, like "Oh yea I want to play it tonight at my baby shower, so I have to come over and get it." What the hell? Please give me some advise on this...
  24. Hey guys i havn't posted in a while...and i have some questions. 1) My friend has been getting involved with his girlfriend and he is now to the fingering stage... He's got some warts on his fingers and wanted to know if that can give a girl genetal warts. 2) Does the patch mess around with orgasims. This link said that the pill has an effect. The pill and the patch do the same thing but do they have the same effect? link removed,,284446_289087-7,00.html 3) If two people dont have STD's can an STD be created by something? Like blood fusion? Or something? 4) Are there any home pregnancy tests, like ways you can find out if your pregnant without taking a test from the store. alright i might have more later i can't really think... but any help would be great thanks guys!!
  25. has anyone or does anyone know anyone who was on the morning after pill, took it correctly to the tee and still got pregnant?
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