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  1. Anyone else tired of life like me? I'm tired of life and waking up everyday. There are times I don't want to get out of bed, I just want to sleep and have a beautiful dream and never wake up. I do eventually get out of bed and go on with my day, which isn't always easy. I always ask myself, why did God put me on this Earth if I can't succeed in life and always failing? A few weeks ago I was let go from my job, it was a temp to hire position but they told me there are no more hours available. I was really bummed out and heart broken, I actually cried in my car asking myself "Why me?" "W
  2. The forest perserve and park, I dont think is a good place to meet girls. All the girls I always see have headphones on and they don't make eye contact when I look at them. I do say hi and make eye contact, with no response. I'm assuming they can't hear me with the headphones but I doubt it. Or majority of them are zoned out in nature.
  3. I've joined many clubs in the past and that didn't work. There were girls but many were either to young or to old or already had a bf. There was one girl that I was interested in but she wasn't interested in me. But I do go to the park and forest preserve just about every single day.
  4. No, I'm not nervous....Yes, Im born with MHE, on top of that I'm short, which both have destroyed my chances of dating or having a gf.
  5. It's been weeks and haven't seen her at the store. After reading all the comments, I agree messaging her on Facebook isn't good and is creepy. It sucks for me because opportunities like this rarely happens.
  6. I work in retail and this cute girl came to the counter to exchanged some transmission fluid. I helped her out getting the right fluid for her car. She told me she wants to learn to do basic maintenance on her car and she was asking me questions about what jack and stands to buy and where to place them. Its great she's into cars just like me. I was going to tell her that I get off in a few hours and I'd be happy to show where to place the Jack and stands under the car. I didn't get that chance because my boss came to me and said I had to go to the counter because there's a line of custom
  7. Nothing has prevented me from asking a girl. I've just never been accepted because of being different.
  8. I'm curious about how much does it cost to have a gf? I know cost will be different for everyone. But roughly about how much do you guys spend in a week/month? Thanks
  9. Your not alone. I'm 40 and going to be 41 in the summer. I never had a gf or a relationship and I never kissed a girl or been kissed
  10. Are there any free dating apps that anyone can recommend?
  11. I do go out all the time. I like being outside, I love nature, I go to the forest preserve and the park. I always go biking, running, roller blading, and hiking. I do go out with friends when they're in town or visiting. I don't do online dating anymore. I've done it before in the past for about 10 yrs and never worked for me. Online dating is a looks game, if you don't have decent/average looks or average height you won't get any responses, even if you share the same hobbies, activities, foods and interests.
  12. No, I haven't done the escort service yet. I'm thinking back and forth weather or not to do it. One side of my head says yes go do it!!!! and other side says no! I want to do it and have the experience what it's like to be with a girl and kissing and having sex for the first time. But the down side is very risky. I have bad luck in life and most likely something bad might happen. A few downsides if I do the escort service: * It could be a set up * I could be robbed * Might feel like a loser that this is the only way for me to be with a girl by paying her $$ * I might get attacked
  13. Are there any guys or girls here 40 or older that never had a gf/bf? If so what's your story and reason? Does it bother you at this old age of never having a gf/bf?
  14. Just curious if you can wear 2 condoms at a time?
  15. Those friends live out of state and they always like to play jokes. I have never heard of a dating coach, how can this help me?
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