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  1. Hi all, How can I move forward from this? Has anyone gone through something similar - do depressed people come back to you if they get their head straight? My boyfriend left me recently. He has been through a lot of trauma in life, and I always knew that his self esteem was extremely low and that he had that type of personality where he didn’t feel like he deserved help or support from anyone. He tried his hardest to open up to me, and he did open up a lot, but I could also tell he was holding back a lot and putting on a brave face. He was always used to facing life alone. Lately life
  2. Hi! This is my first post in here, a friend of mine recommended this site so I'm still figuring things out but okay here it goes: TLDR = the guy I'm seeing is likely in a depressive spiral and pushing me away and I'm not sure what to do. The read I started dating this guy in late September who is amazing! Like a breath of fresh air. Conversations flow naturally, he's someone I always want to be around. I really like him and I think we have a great connection. He has said he really likes me, too. It could really go somewhere and for the first time in a long time, it's not someth
  3. So I have been whining a lot about my anxiety, depression and fear. I would like to try to turn it around. So I am going to drop some happy/cheerful/funny thoughts here. My first one...I think it's a hoot that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are friends. It's so awesome that two people who come from completely different walks of life can get along so well. I also am a fan of Fred Chang who was a contestant on Master Chef US. Just adore him. Anyone have anything to add?
  4. For some background information, my partner and I have been together for a year and two months. We are both 18 years old. They live around a 5 hour's drive away from me, but I cannot see them often at all. We are both very depressed, have ADHD, and have/likely have autism. We had an honest talk tonight over the phone about where we are headed. They've been extra stressed recently because of college, and haven't been able to express as much affection as they would like in addition to venting to me a Lot. I've been left feeling exhausted and having my emotional needs go unmet. This has been
  5. I just need some fresh eyes on this because I am pretty upset and depressed and in a tail spin. My daughter, grandson and I rented a home together to cut back on expenses. We had spoken about buying a home together but wanted to wait a year or two to get some money saved for a down payment. At the time, she just started a new job in town and it was a great job at that. I was working Full Time too. We've lived here for 2 years now and its actually been okay. Its been nice for me to have people around and spend time with my grandson that is now a young teen. When it was time to sign
  6. My ex (29, M) left me (28, F) about a month ago. Our relationship was great - very respectful, supportive, etc. We had the connection that you see in movies. We had our lives planned together. He left me because life has been hitting him really hard lately, and he’s grown pretty anxious and depressed. He said he felt guilty everyday because he didn’t have the mental energy to give to the relationship. He said he couldn’t be what I deserved right now. He said he needed to get himself help and in a better place before he could think about being with me again I’ve given him space for now bec
  7. Hi lovely people, Ive come to seek out for some advice again. Its something I could discuss with my therapist, but she is on holidays for a month. I wonder what the experience or opinion is from like minded people. Ive been coping with depression for a while. I remember starting with therapy was a new step in to a positive direction. Still I do feel depressed and very negative. We started processing trauma therapy some months ago. Talking about all this makes me realize that its not weird to think negative, but on the other hand its so hard to see the world in a different view. Ive
  8. Hi, I looking for advice. I am a 39 year old male and I have recently started dating a 35 female. On our first date we really clicked and had such a great time together. She has a young daughter and there is about an hours drive between us so we messaged a lot and planned a second date, several times she had cancel the second date due to having no one to look after her daughter. We did eventually make it and again had such a good time. After this we kept in touch and started arranging our 3rd date, this proved difficult again and she had to put if of a few times, during this time she mentioned
  9. I know this is a long post. I’ll put a TLDR at the end for anyone who doesn’t want to read the whole thing (TLDR=Too long, didn’t read.) I have OCD, clinically diagnosed. I was in therapy for about 5 years until very recently when my therapist retired. A lot of people don't understand this disorder. People think it's all about cleanliness, even numbers, etc. I suppose it is that for some people but not for me. Intrusive thoughts are more my thing. So anyway, back in 2006 I had the worst episode of anxiety/depression of my life. I was married at the time and I kept having dre
  10. I’ve been with my bf for 8 yrs. About 3-4 yrs into the relationship he said he couldn’t be with someone who was sexually assaulted. He made how he feels clear and was upfront about his experience with molestation as a child by males and females. I was raped but never told him or anyone just kept it a secret, it happened in the later part of my teenage yrs. Recently I’ve been dealing with depression (change in jobs and moving) I saw the guy who raped me on Facebook and it triggered old feelings about the situation. My boyfriend was helping me through the depressed episode by coming to stay with
  11. I’m in a newish relationship with a guy I’ve known a long time. Everything has been great. We have such a great time together and have genuinely clicked. I can tell that I genuinely make him happy and have been told by his friends and family that they’ve never seen him so happy. He’s not nor has he ever been the most affectionate person but he never hesitated to let me know I was special. At the beginning of September he was in a bad accident and had to undergo extensive surgery and was immobile and in a lot of pain. I stayed with him in the hospital as much as possible and he reached out to
  12. I was with my ex for 2.5 years. We had an amazing relationship filled with many happy times and rarely fighting. We took care of each other and often were talking about a future. She kept she really sees a future with me and kids and so forth. She has been battling severe depression and anxiety for several years after her first divorce which lead her down a dark path. The depression popped up a few times in our relationship and I was always there if she needed anything. I had been reading up on how to be a strong partner and how she feels when she is depressed. She was always thankful that I w
  13. My boyfriend is going through rough patches. This is the second time I'm dealing with this but it seems much worse. He has depression issues which makes it difficult on me because he just completely shuts down. I've been supportive and understanding. But now he's told me he doesn't want to text as much. Fine.. I'm taking that as he wants space. I've stopped contacting him because frankly I'm lost on what to do. My situation is different because i do not work at home. I'm alone for weeks on end and it's just nice to have someone out there. Now I feel completely alone. Do I just forget him or tr
  14. Hi all, heres a short backstory: our relationship at the beginning was like a true movie love story: all happy, giddy, and in lust and love. We felt unstoppable and we felt like we were the only two people on this planet that could experience this love. My boyfriend and I have been together for 1.5 years. The first 7 months of the relationship were amazing, it was nothing i've ever had and everything i wanted. We were slightly long distance (3 hours), so we would go back and forth visiting each other until I started my last year of college, where we went back and forth (30 min) between my a
  15. Lately I have been constantly daydreaming about situations where I would struggle and have to be strong. Things like my parents dying and me having to deal with the grief, or being hit by a car and recovering. In these daydreams I’m not afraid. Instead I feel almost like I desire the suffering. And it’s not that I desire pain itself - I don’t want to be hurt - but I want to be in a situation where I can be brave and strong and be a fighter. Generally I struggle with depression which usually causes apathy and lack of interest in life, so I thought maybe this was me imagining dramatic and li
  16. Hi, thanks for looking. The last week or so I've been contemplating whether I need to break up with my gf. Maybe you can shed some wisdom on me. I've been seeing this woman for about 4 months now. I'll call her Jane for the sake of the story here. Jane and I share some of the same friends and our friends suggested we try to meet and see if we would be a good couple. So I was intrigued and met up with her and after courting her for 2-3 weeks we shared our first kiss. Now I wasn't incredibly attracted to her physically but I figured thats not everything so I gave it a shot regardless.
  17. Hey ya’ll! Hope everyone is well with what’s going on with, y’know, THE VIRUS! I don’t mean to be sarcastic or disrespectful, but I am officially through with being so depressingly serious for so long I must release some cheeky humour into my life again! Bit of background to my trivial debate! I want your opinion on this, fellow readers, book lovers, fans of the written word! I adore books - always have done and always will! Always wanted to be part of a book club. I imagined a group of kindered weirdos like myself, from all different walks of life, like this secret societal underg
  18. My ex (29M) broke up with me near the end of July, his main reason was that he had lost feelings for me and thought it would have lasted longer?? We've been dating for 5 months and never had any arguments that would drive him away. There are other reasons too that causes this break up according to his words such as lifestyle and personality differences (which I found to be BS because our personality aren't majorly different). He just couldn't see this relationship in long term but yet he doesn't know what he wants in a relationship or what to do in life career wise. He said he doesn't want to
  19. Over the past year, my drinking has taken a turn for the worse. Over the last few weekends I have got absolutely black out drunk. I have humiliated myself beyond belief, I have drank so much I have done awful things. I have stranger texting me asking me if i was okay because 'I was bad' the night before. This past weekend I did it again, I have absolutely no recollection and I am honestly so so scared of what I did, what I said, I really don't know what to do. I am so humiliated and this isn't the first time, I ended up in hospital after feeling so suicidal and embarrassed after substance abu
  20. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on here for a few years since my last relationship. I broke up with my previous partner of 2 years after a health issue and him not being supportive, there were also other issues including him being unfaithful and gambling - he had debt collecters chasing him and I decided it was the best thing to leave the relationship so I ended it and blocked him on everything and never spoke with him again. I met my new partner soon after who I have been with for a year and a half and he is very supportive, there have been no financial issues between us and I comp
  21. Hey all, First thread in a really long time. I will keep this short and simple. Recently I met someone who is amazing in so many ways. We were acquaintances for a while. Then she was looking for a place to live, and my previous roommate had just moved out. So I messaged her and told her I have a spare room I rent out if she is interested. She moved in about a month later. Well, in the time she's been living here we have gotten really close. There are nights we've sat out on the porch until 4am talking. She is my age. She's lived a really interesting life. She is intelligent
  22. I broke up with my ex a few weeks ago. He was the one to finally end it for good but I probably should've left several months ago. I hung on to a false sense of hope. The relationship was full of ups and downs. I know I deserve to be treated so much better. My head knows that it's for the better because one sided love is just not worth it and very painful. My heart has not caught up. I've probably made every mistake in the book. I was very angry and upset in the beginning because I was still holding on and just so mad because he was very uncaring and rude and did not care to listen to anyt
  23. Good day, everyone! My family has gone into a lot of conflicts like money issues and trust issues. I have been praying that one day our family tree will be healed. Everything is on the way to going better. Although I must admit that there are some of my granny's children have not changed but yet I can see the progress. Currently, I am in a state of depression. I believe that I should be happy right now. But it seems that I feel the contrary. My aunts and uncles have mistreated me in the past. I cut off communication with them because I believe that I deserve respect even though I am
  24. So I have been hooking up with this guy since April. At first, we were just well, a hook up. We didn't really care about each other's lives on the outside of that. But as time went on, I guess we kind of developed a friendship. He told me he's felt comfortable the most with me out of almost all women and that I understand him and I don't judge him. We can talk about anything. He said he sees me as a close friend. This was discussed last week. Well, in the midst of all this, of course I was developing feelings. And I have been ever since. I've been depressed for a few days because he told me he
  25. I’ve been trying to find myself, what I wanna do or not necessarily do like for a living but something that drives me and gives me a reason to get up. I’m not depressed or anything. Though I have hit depression cause of just things that happen in life. I’m just writing cause I’m trying to do new things in my life because I wanna grow to be better and hopefully this may lead me to what I’m looking for or at least close to it.
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