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About Me

  1. I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world - the two of us have so much in common and are uncannilly linked in so many ways - however, we have this one nagging problem... When I first met him he told me about how he used to watch porn all the time which I figured was something all guys do from everything I've ever read on the subject. Not soon after we met and started being boyfriend/girlfriend did I notice something odd happening. First of all he lives in Canada, and I in the US, so when we aren't together we have "sex" on the webcam. Basically we masturbate for each other and i
  2. Ok so long story short.Ive done a couple of medium length jail bids since late 2014.Specifically Nov. 2014-Feb 2015,Aug. 2015-May 2016,June 2016 July 2016-July 2016,September 2016-Feb. 2017,and Aug.2018-Oct.2018I know it seems like allot but most of them were for stupid probation violations for dirty urines and things like that. I've been with my wife since I was 12 yr old I'm now 25 she's 27 and we have 3 daughters together. Pretty much every time I left I gave her an out and told her she could leave if she wanted, especially before the Sept 2016-Feb 2017 bid. I begged her to leave me before
  3. Hello everyone, This problem has come up in my relationship in the past, but just recently, it has happened again. Back in January or December, my boyfriend would fall asleep on the couch every night. Come to find out, he was talking to girls on instant messengers and saying that I MADE him sleep on the couch, which is totally false. I have never once told him to sleep on the couch. If anything, I beg him to come and sleep with me and he always says "I'll be in there in a little bit." Every morning I wake up with no one beside me... Not last night, but the night before last, I had just laid d
  4. ppp86

    Trust issues

    Hi I am looking for some advice possibly from someone who is in or has been in a similar situation to me in the past. I have been with my partner for 3 years and our life is almost perfect apart from one niggling matter that comes up alot when we have a drink.. mostly on my part. a year ago i found out he had been messaging a girl from his past behind my back, telling her she looked amazing etc. i believe thats all it was as he has promised me this. and to most people i guess this is nothing to worry about. but i do. all the time. before i met my oh i was in a relationship for 10 years w
  5. I am in the middle of a divorce (that my wife wanted). At first everything was my fault and I started to believe some of it until I found out there was someone else involved with her. At first she denied it and said they were just “good friends” and then I had proof of all the texting going on between the two and she couldn’t deny it anymore. She still said “he’s not the reason I’m leaving” “don’t tell anyone about this”. Typical cheater stuff. We’ve been together 11 years, married for 5. Both of us are 30 years old and we’ve known each other since elementary school. She had only known this g
  6. I know is a lot to read but please I need help solving this. If you have any questions just ask. There is this couple that started their relationship as an affair when they were both married to two different people. The marriage of her ended two months after not only because of this affair but also due to previous problems in the relationship. Everything started as just having fun but little by little, they both started falling in love for each other, feelings were very strong and they both realized they never felt anything like that for anybody. Even though he (P) had a background that ever
  7. Austino96


    I feel like I cannot breath in my relationship. My girlfriend constantly hurts my feelings by hanging up on me, blocking me, and saying just crazy things. We’ve been dating for a year, she caught me cheating 4 months ago. It took a lot for her to forgive me. I’m not sure if she ever had actually forgave me or what is going on. I told her I was sorry but I don’t think I did enough to show her as she says. A month ago I catch her taking to 10-15 dudes at one time in her phone. She lied even tho it was right in front of my face. She proceeds to blame me because I posted a picture o
  8. I am very conflicted. My bestfriend’s boyfriend, who happens to be my very close friend, has been doing sketchy things behind her back. He doesn’t know I know. But he’s been asking many people of our friend group to have sex with him. He even asked some people if he could have treesomes with them (him, and two other friends of his gf)! He even has resorted to caress their legs and such in public while he’s with my bestfriend(his girlfriend). What do i dooooooo? Fyi, everyone he’s approached with this is close friends with his girlfriend, wayy before they knew him. Idk what to do. Because i fee
  9. Good morning! Longtime lurker but my first time posting here. Have any of you ever dealt with a mistrustful or insecure/paranoid SO? What did you do? My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months and were friends for a couple months before that. I knew from the start that he had a rough, abusive childhood and his last girlfriend cheated, and he admitted that he had trust issues. I didn’t know how bad those issues were until a few months after we moved in together (his lease had just ended so we just quarantined together). He frequently sees “red flags” and jumps into accus
  10. Hi there , I'm new to this . I'm currently in a long term relationship with an amazing guy. How ever . I've had trust issues ever since we started dating. My paranoia and insecurities is overclouding things but at the same time I just want to ask advice on something over this platform. It would be helpful for me as an individual. My bf and his friend , let's name the friend Tom. Tom is very close friend with my bf. Before my bf knew me , he was one for parties , girls and drinking alcohol. Tom has met me a few times but I am not friends with him. Tom is a rich guy, has cars , into lots of g
  11. My girlfriend and i, both 27years, have been dating for 3years and hope to marry soon. A year ago her old schoolmate staying abroad got in touch with her prior to his visiting home. His conversations appeared flirty, i made my reservations known and was told by her im overreacting. During his 1month visit, they had a couple of outings(with other old mates) including a night out at the club. This was an issue because she refused going to a nightclub with me several times for some religious bs or whatever. Her excuse here was that another lady friend really wanted to go too and she didnt wa
  12. Hy, I am 23 and I have a girlfriend and we're in a 2 year relationship. We are about to move to a new country together for further education. We have planned our future and will obviously live together and even our families know about that. But the thing is that she has started to cheat, and I don't wanna go and start to new life with someone like that. My mental health is already at a bad state even before her and now she keeps adding to it. But here is the paradox, I don't know if it is 100% a good idea to leave her because over the last 3 years i have started to loose my hair and because o
  13. Let's take a look at the other side of "the affair", the circumstances that lead up to it and the affects on the one who cheated. After many years of marriage ups and downs my husband and I find ourselves focused more on friends, family, work rather than each other. We both faced some personal struggles (death of a sibling, job demotion, empty nesting). A job demotion affected his self confidence so he spends more and more time at work, 12-14 hour days, continues to develop bad eating habits and puts on weight. Overweight leads to heavy snoring. Night after night I find myself heading
  14. Just wanted to share my story and get some insight from people here. My bf and I had to break up because of his family's disapproval. Unlike most other stories, the disapproval was not really personal to me. We had been dating many months now, and he's honestly the most compatible partner I have ever met in my life. We align in almost every single way, and in just the first few months, we had reached the sort of levels people usually reach after a year or 2. I've had several relationships in the past, but none of my other exes even come close in terms of compatibility and the love I felt
  15. So I have been with my fiancé for over a year, we just had a child together 2 months ago. When I was pregnant I wouldn’t have sex with him however he said it wasn’t a big deal and it didn’t bother him that he would never go stray to someone else. Well a few weeks ago i went through his phone and found out that he has been seeing this older woman (42) he is (25) and they have been sleeping together. When I found out he begged me not to leave him, Cried freaking out and said he didn’t love her it’s just this older woman he used to work with and the opportunity presented itself. I do believe this
  16. So, my boyfriend checks my phone (not religiously, but here and there) I'm not allowed to have a passcode on my phone without him knowing the passcode even though he's allowed to have one. His reason is bc he's always had a password and when I got with him I didn't have a password on my cell so why do I want one now? He gets jealous and makes comments if I wear leggings to work, if I don't anwser my cell at work he will accuse me of cheating or caring more about work than him and sometimes leaves me voicemails calling me names or saying hell kill me and whoever I'm cheating with. I quit my las
  17. I have been with my fiancé for over 1.5 years, however I have known him for 10 years, because I am best friends with his sister so I’ve always been close to his family. I am F (27) and he is M (26) we just had a baby in June he is now 4 months old and he has 2 kids from a previous relationship and I have another from a previous as well. A few months back I found out that he had cheated on me With a Much older coworker F (42) while I was pregnant. I admit that I kinda understand why he cheated, I wasn’t having sex with him, I was being cold towards him, I was very depressed while I was pregnan
  18. Hi, will try and keep it brief but something is really bugging me and a few things just don't add up. Started a few years ago, I sat down to watch a movie with my girlfriend on Netflix and it showed she was half way through one, something she wouldn't necessarily pick so I asked and she claimed I watched it with her...I know I didn't so I wondered who it was with. She also had fingerprint bruises on both legs, again it wasn't me and she also recalled a conversation we had, again it wasn't me. Each time I've had to let it go, she's gone mad at me for even thinking she'd do something behind my b
  19. So....alittle background. My current girlfriend and have been together for about 7 months now. There is this guy she worked with and well....I didn’t think much of him. Kinda a and really creepy at some points. But never thought he was bad. The story: Today I was writing a paper(where both in collage) on her laptop. Well as I was writing it....Skype opened up on her computer. Nothing out of the ordinary, was gonna just close out of it and work from there. Well I see a whole bunch of messages to /from this guy (the guy above) and it looks like she’s cheating on me. There’s flirting in
  20. Two weeks after my wife told me she wanted a Separation, I confronted her about infidelity and the possibility that I would need to be tested for an STD. She confirmed she has been having an affair but will not say how long or who it is with. Instead of a separation I am now seeking divorce. I could use some input, and just someone to talk to. She refuses to leave the house because she doesn’t want to lose custody of our children. I want to get as far away from her as I can. It’s not as if we haven’t been having problems for a long time, but I still wanted to try to make my relationship with h
  21. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and have been with my boyfriend for 9 years. We have by no means had a perfect relationship, but we always had love and respect. Before getting pregnant, we had tried for about a year. When I finally found out I was pregnant, we were both very happy. Now the happiness is over and he has become very paranoid and has been seeing "me" cheating on him. He even took screenshots of someone on google maps that he is convinced is me. I have never cheated or even come close to cheating on him. He's totally convinced I am cheating and is demanding a DNA test while calling
  22. So hopefully you’ve seen my previous call for him about Bear. Well, what I didn’t say was that I’m in a relationship with my best friend, a female. I’ve known her, Dee, for our four years of high school and we started dating a year after. Now, I like Bear a lot. But at the same time I don’t wanna leave Dee! I will not cheat but at the same time Bear is on my mind the same amount Dee is. I don’t know what to do?! A little guidance please!
  23. After 2 years & over 30 occasions of my ex-girlfriend breaking up with me I called it a day! This was 4 month ago in 2018 & I am still finding it difficult. The last time she broke up with me she said she didn’t love me any more & her life was better without me. Previous to this I managed to set some boundaries & I told her that if she broke up with me one more time then it was over. She called this manipulation but I stood my ground. After we broke up she tried getting back with me telling me she had made a mistake etc. I stood my ground. She came back a few weeks later ac
  24. I am by no means proud to be the OW but I need some advice. My story begins back in 2014 with my co-worker. After a few months of us first meeting he added me on FB and we started chatting. He was supposedly separated from his GF and we chatted for awhile but I was enjoying the single life so we never met up and we ended up not talking as much. Then his GF got pregnant and I for sure left the picture. From here on out we continued to flirt at work but we didn't text anymore. Fast forward another year and him and the gf were having problems and we started talking again. She ended up messagin
  25. Hello, I'm in a pretty tough situation and want to gain some insight in how a person on the other end of this situation feels and thinks. I'll try to keep it short but complete. My (22,m) girlfriend (22) and I had been together for a year when she left to study abroad in Italy. Three months in, I planned to go visit her. Two weeks before I left, I discovered she cheated on me. I was angry, sad, frustrated and confused because our relationship was incredibly strong before she left, and she had a big anti-cheater mentality. We talked a lot after I knew and I knew I still loved her. She may ha
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