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About Me

  1. Basically I've been seeing a girl for a bit we're not official or anything, Hopefully soon I really like this girl, I don't want to rush it. Anyway I suffer from bad anxiety and I stress and overthink things like crazy, I find myself stressing a lot because of this girl, Shes not doing anything wrong. I stress when she doesn't reply for awhile, However I don't swarm her and she always gets back to me eventually however I can't stop stressing. She is still getting over her ex and she tells me I'm helping a lot with that. So basically how do I stop overthinking things and making up things in m
  2. For some background information, my partner and I have been together for a year and two months. We are both 18 years old. They live around a 5 hour's drive away from me, but I cannot see them often at all. We are both very depressed, have ADHD, and have/likely have autism. We had an honest talk tonight over the phone about where we are headed. They've been extra stressed recently because of college, and haven't been able to express as much affection as they would like in addition to venting to me a Lot. I've been left feeling exhausted and having my emotional needs go unmet. This has been
  3. Hello all Im sure this isn't a new unique situation to some people, and I'm sure everyone will be screaming the same answer at me. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years now and things have been getting progressively worse under the surface while remaining happy in the outside. I'm in a total rut right now and honestly, the prospect of what I have to do terrifies me. Arguments are a regular accurence now, and honest communication between us is impossible now because I have to be so careful about what I say as she gets very verbally aggresive towards m
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I thought it would be a good idea to get some other opinions... So I've only been married for 3 months and we're very happy and in love. My husband's work has sent him to complete a project in another city about 2 hours away, so he's only with me during the weekends. Even when he is here, he's focused on studying for a licensing exam that he's taking tomorrow. I'm trying my best to be understanding and to remind myself that it's only temporary but I can't help but feel lonely and frustrated. I mean...we're newlyweds! I don't want to blame him for this because
  5. Hi Everyone, So my GF broke up with me 4 months ago now. She said we're both very young (20) and she was overwhelmed by how serious it was + not experiencing life independently yet (we'd been together since school). For the last 4 months we've been in limbo, seeing each other most weeks, sharing a bed, kissing etc. but none of it has worked and we're still not together. I said last week that i'd had enough and i wanted to do NoContact until she comes to a realisation/ decision about our relationship or I am comfortable seeing her solely as a friend (and not trying to win her back like i
  6. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a long time. My girlfriend is a pretty anxious person and I am practically always happy/optimistic. I know that’s not normal, but my gf is anxious about 30% of the time and worries a lot. She also gets overwhelmed pretty easily. We aren’t getting any younger and I know I have to decide to go all in and marry her or breakup. It’s hard for me to commit myself completely knowing I’m potentially walking into a anxious/stressful life when I enjoy the opposite. Because I have never really dated anyone else, I don’t know how anxious/stressed other people are.
  7. Hey everyone, I’ve been having this recurring dream for the last couple of weeks. It’s not every night, but at least once a week. I’m dreaming about being back at high school and it’s not pleasant. Usually it’s the same situation, I’m really stressed about my biology class, I either find out I missed a class or didn’t do an assignment. It’s a short dream, yet extremely vivid and stressful. I rarely have recurring dreams about the same thing, and I don’t understand why I have dreams about high school now that I’m an adult. I usually don’t care about my dreams, they are short, and I rarely re
  8. hello, idk how to properly start, i just really need to rant right now stuck in quarantine, I have to do college thru online meetings and unfortunately im doing it from home, with my family. which doesnt necessarily unsupportive, BUT this house dynamic just went banana when I'm home. I mean, basically I've never stay at home more than a month (because I study in other city) and now its almost 6months, I really feel like this house is full of people who needs therapy. my mom lash out everytime i do OR dont do chores. If I do, it never meets her 'standards' if I dont, she questions my purp
  9. I have been married for almost 2 years now but I have been with my husband for 8 years in total. I feel like we are still getting in the same fights since we’ve been getting from near the beginning of our relationship. We are very different people. I like doing things and having plans for things, especially big events. I like preparing gifts or food or events for birthdays and holidays. My husband is the opposite. He doesn’t care about holidays, let alone having a plan for one. He likes doing fun things by himself and does not consider asking me to join him or create things to do for us togeth
  10. So my ex and I have been broken up for 2 years. We have 3 kids together. We still care deeply for each other but can never seem to make a relationship work. She had an affair a few years ago and we tried to make it work after that but couldn't because she still lied and hid things from me (nothing big, but still showed me she hadn't changed) and I'm not one to let betrayal slide. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as Ovary cysts and I know she wants me by her side while shes going through this. She has family but they're not as supportive as they should be. I know
  11. So there's this guy I've known since 6th grade but have been close friends with since June. We used to hang out in a small group of boys and my one female friend, whom we later found out one of the guys had a crush on. She then stopped wanting to hang out around him, and I was too embarrased to talk to just boys (I was 14) so our group kind of drifted apart. After half a year of ignoring each other during recesses, I got a message from one of those guys that he had a crush on me. I remember that I found him really smart and from the conversations we had he seemed really cool and we had sim
  12. Hi I'm 28 years old. I am in a relationship for the first time in 5 years. We got together in February 2020. I am having trouble knowing whether to stay in the relationship or leave. I want to get married and have a family someday, so I don't want to waste time. I understand relationships take time and effort, and this relationship is very new, so I am not sure what to do. In the beginning of the relationship, he was great. He was always wanting to spend time with me. He was always texting me. He would plan us special dates. He wanted to spend the weekend with me. He wanted to make me happy. T
  13. We have been together for 1.5 years and recently moved in. Last night we were randomly talking and somehow he told me he’s given some thoughts about long term commitment with me( marriage, mortgage, family, kids etc) and feels scared about it, scared he may change his mind in the future. The thought of being with me forever stresses him, as he doesn’t know thats what he wants yet. To clarify, I never said I want to get married or anything like that. He is completely thinking about these things on his on terms (no pressure from anyone). I don’t expect a ring, but when I hear that he’s sc
  14. So a few months ago among the pandemic my girlfriend broke up with me. She said on top of personal things going on in her life that relationship stress started to get to her and a main reason was because she’s bi sexual and found other girls attractive and at times would feel confused/bad for it. She told me I was the only guy she wanted and the relationship still meant a lot to her but that other part of her still liked girls as well and at times I would even assure her as long as I’m the only guy in the picture then I had no problem with her exploring the other side of her sexuality. I’ll
  15. Hi, I am looking for suggestions and opinions on what to do about uni. I am 32, work full time in a field related to my degree and study part time from home My degree is self funded, currently studying my penultimate module which is double credits so twice as much effort as my last module will be My job is ok, pay is low for the field but is plenty to survive on I have opportunity for progression in my career without my degree, just not as much money or with the most sought after employers Getting my degree has always been important to me, it's been a main ambition to me since I
  16. So there’s this guy at work that I am interested in, and I was able to talk to him in the early morning. Which we had a pretty decent conversation. I was pretty bubbly and happy. Well fast forward to the afternoon I was feeling stressed at my job and was leaving the bathroom area, he shows up and he asked me how my day was going and all I could say was good, and walked out. I feel bad that I didn’t say more. I I wanted to elaborate but I physically couldn’t talk because I felt drained and tired and stressed out. Do you think I was being rude to him? I was just in a really funky kinda mood that
  17. It’s been almost three weeks since we broke up. Being so overwhelmed with all the emotions, I decided to take a break and spend a week of rest in my hometown. I left the city on Saturday. It was a 3-hour drive to my hometown. I called up my high school girlfriends to meet me Sunday. I picked the time, I asked them to pick the place. I arrived at the place an hour earlier than the agreed time. I thought, why not enjoy a little me time. About noon time, my friends arrived. In the middle of our conversation I spotted a familiar across the garden. I saw my ex. With his new girl. And her mom an
  18. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and have been with my boyfriend for 9 years. We have by no means had a perfect relationship, but we always had love and respect. Before getting pregnant, we had tried for about a year. When I finally found out I was pregnant, we were both very happy. Now the happiness is over and he has become very paranoid and has been seeing "me" cheating on him. He even took screenshots of someone on google maps that he is convinced is me. I have never cheated or even come close to cheating on him. He's totally convinced I am cheating and is demanding a DNA test while calling
  19. Hi all, Lately I have found myself not coping well at work when the pressure is on. It is more the paperwork side of things. There have been instances when I have been loaded up with paperwork which affects my ability to put time into other aspects of my job. There is no control over the amount of paperwork you receive. I have sent some abrupt emails which I have been put on notice for. Just wondering how others deal with the stress. I find I go into work sometimes on my own time, not often, just to tidy up and catch up. This helps. I feel it is a bit of a character flaw
  20. Hey everyone, I'm at a crossroads, I'm hoping you all can help me figure out the best decision. I'm going on about 4 years now at my current job. Earlier this year, our parent company chose to close down our location because of budget cuts like many businesses. If we wanted to keep our job, the employees now had to travel about another hour north to work out the main facility. My travel was about 25 miles 30 to 45 minutes one-way before, but now it's alittle more than double that distance and time on the road, ONE-WAY. I'm going on almost 5 months doing this drive now. I wasn't opposed to m
  21. I’m sure a lot of you can remember my 47 page thread about my guy a few weeks back. We have hit the 3 month mark. Since then, a couple weeks back I finally told him that I’m sensing things just aren’t the way they were and I feel like I’ve pretty much worn out my welcome. He was taken aback and seemed confused because to him, nothing was different. And he asked me what I thought was different. I basically told him I felt like the communication just wasn’t there and sometimes I just never knew if I would even hear from him or see him again if I wasn’t the one who reached out. He blamed it on th
  22. So my SO and I are going through a rough patch atm and long story short, when we first started dating, everything was really intense, saw each other so much to the point i felt myself being so dependent on him with everything. If i went a day without talking to him id feel so lonely and it just wasn't healthy. & he started to feel a little trapped and he felt he was ignoring his friends and his hobbies for me to make me happy and i agree with him, i felt cos i depended on him so much, my whole life was revolved around him. (This is a fairly new relationship, 4 months) and we basically had
  23. Hey everyone! It's been so long since I've been on here, for those of you who remember my previous posts roughly a year ago as I was going through a rough breakup. A year later I can happily say that I took months off for soul searching, healing, and learning to be 100% happy without a man. The best things happen when you least expect them, right? Flash forward to today, and I've been seeing this guy from my college for about a month. We talked over the summer via instagram after finding out we live near eachother and would be going to the same school. The first time we met in person, my he
  24. I don’t know what to do in my current relationship or what more can I do. Normally I try to talk things out if there’s anything wrong so it doesn’t build up for either of us so.If I try to talk things out calmly to even giving him space or ignoring him I get yelled at and he’ll continue being angry as well as cold to me. I’ll admit I’m not perfect I’ve snapped once or twice for a split moment, out of hurt but instantly apologized after. That of course made him even more angry with me but I can’t seem to be able to talk to him, the only time he isn’t angry or yelling at me is whenever I act hap
  25. In the last few months but particularly the last few weeks I have been experiencing high levels of stress. There are a few important contributing factors - feelings of grief, impossible workload with little managerial support, heartbreak and reaching 40 without kids and a partner. I am looking for some suggestions on how to handle it better. I have felt a variation of stressed, depressed but mostly overwhelmed. When I feel like this I end doing MORE rather than easing up. It's like a compulsion I struggle to control. I will end up listening to someone's problems even though I have little
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